Mike Rowe
Smith Law
Interview with Mike Rowe was superb!
lenthro lenti
James I have been listening to you since 2015. I just wanted to say great job over the years.
Don’t fall for it.
This side hustle Bible book is a scam. It is not for free. It says it is for free but in reality if you buy $50-$129 of other goods it’ll be free.
Ryan Holiday Interview not Good
Paul in Houston
Ryan showed his true colors we challenged by the Lady in the audience about his Trump comments. His abusive F bombs were not endearing. Handled poorly. Hey James, please stop using the term Pro Choice and call it what it really is, Pro Killing Un-born Babies. Sounds different when put in real terms, doesn’t it?
Dear James,
Is your dad Garfunkel? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Too much stand up talk.
I used to like this podcast when it was focused on life and business. But now, most podcasts are about the stand up comedy business. If I wanted to learn about stand up I would listen to a stand up podcast. Get it together James. If your podcast is supposed to be about life and business then it should be about LIFE AND BUSINESS!
Good, but...
I really enjoy this podcast, but please stop talking about your “free book“. It’s behind a pay wall which means it’s not free. That seems kind of like a slimy bait and switch. The kind of thing that makes you seem a little dishonest. I don’t think you’re a dishonest person, so you may want to rethink that tactic.
A different level of reliability
Everyone has a podcast these days. As well as a agenda. James simply gives more value. Is more authentic. He almost feels bad about monetizing his base. He literally wrote a book you would buy on Amazon just to pitch u something that costs money. That I gladly bought.
Deep and insightful content, top guests
Always a pleasure to listen to the conversations. Guests are top of the top, with always inspiring insights.
James’s Episode with Brian Grazer
Will Rosenfeld
Brian Grazer is so awesome. His talk with James really shed light on how connecting with people authentically will set you up for success, in business and in life. Brian Grazer is a master story-teller, hilarious and insightful. Don’t miss this episode.
Fantastic episode with Brian Grazer
James has a unique way of getting people t share original thoughts, diving deep into their minds and having a good time in the process! This episode is awesome!
Mixed Feelings
SouthernCal Listener
I’ve been listening to James’ episodes on and off for around a year. Some interviews are great. Many are not. Most are simply too long. Also, he frequently promotes “free” offers. But, his websites are lengthy get-rich-quick hype videos that will give you all of the details for the “free” book at the end of the video - which are between 30-60 minutes long. Then, of course, there strings attached. Typical ripoff sales tactics.
Such wisdom!
I always love listening to James. He’s so genuine and honest and real. I always learn when I listen to his podcast too
Likes taking long walks with James
I love plugging into James’ podcasts during my morning walks — I always end up feeling I’ve learned something new and find inspiration, even if on subjects I didn’t think I would find interesting. There’s always something to take away from the conversations. They don’t feel forced, but rather like friends catching up with each other, which is why I enjoy this podcast over other podcast interviews. 👍👍
James is Great
I’ve listened to James a long time. I subscribe to a lot of other podcasts but the way James interviews is so refreshing and raw. He’s not canned or uninterested like other podcasts and doesn’t just respond with moans as replys (looking at you Joe Rogan and Lewis Howes). Never stop interrupting James it’s what makes the podcast so unique.
Awesome information!
There are only 2 podcasts I always catch and this is one of them. James’s style can be a little off putting at first. (I actually stopped listening initially, but then caught the one with Macaffey in its entirety a couple years ago, been hooked since) But he asks completely different questions than any one else and pulls out stories you’ll only get here.
Accessible, funny, insightful... so, so good!
Refreshingly and funny, then a big concept hits you right between the eyes! Great podcast!
Simply the best interview podcast
Tucson Contractor
This podcast is the only one that I never miss. James is amazing!
I just love you and love the hell out of this Podcast. 🙌🏻
Good Until It's Not
After listening to all the episodes up to #460, it's time to leave a review and unsubscribe. Contains great value early on, but less so now. Though Altucher is a bit unconventional in his methods of interview, he does ask some poignant questions that catch his guests off-guard to spill the beans. Really enjoyed most of this podcast, and it helped me build a great book reading list, but as Altucher's focus turned to standup comedy and started interviewing more and more comedians, I'm getting less and less out of it. BTW, don't make the mistake of joining his email list like I did. That's where he shows his snake-oil merchant side.
One of the best thinkers and interviewers I’ve heard! I listen for tips on being a better podcast guest AND for the unorthodox success tips. Thanks for everything James!
Quora brought me here!
So, I read one of your contributions on Quora and I instantly knew you were brilliant. I looked you up online and found your podcast. Thanks for the solid advice, I look forward to learning more and more!
Love love love
Marsh Buice
I’ve been listening to James for years and love his curiosity and vulnerability. I listen to many podcasts but have very few shows on my list. JA is #1 on my list. Thanks James 💪
Don’t listen to them
James, I just found your podcast and I am dancing on the ceilings it’s so awesome. Interrupt guest all you want, talk about yourself, do whatever else these dumb comments are suggesting you do. That’s the point right ... choosing yourself. You are literally sitting across the table from greatness. I suggest you try to get all your questions answered. Plus I hate when the guest goes on too long without your comments. I’m learning a lot from you and your guest. I started a note page in my iPhone titled “ things I’ve learned from the JA podcast” . Like yourself I try to implement suggestion from your guest into my life. I’m using it not just for entertainment but as a class to improve my life. All the best and don’t ever change dude.
Love this podcast - Santi
Santi Espinosa
I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and I really enjoy it! James is incredibly smart and he has provided actionable advice. His guests are great and the flow is always great! Santi
becoming increasingly more worthless
This used to be a good podcast, he had great guests with great ideas and thoughts to convey. Yes, his constant interruption is annoying, but talking over guests with his babbling has become unbearable. I continue to download episodes that have good guests, but then just get angry. The latest episode was 45 minutes of babbling word salad between him and his producer.
Dear James
I hope you read this - this is the first review i’ve ever written. I have been listening to your show for about one year now; I am 21 years old and am currently finishing my 3rd year of college. Your show started out very good for me with good guests and everything. When I first started listening you would ask good questions - yes you would interrupt a lot but it was still focused on your guest. I took a break from podcasts for a while but have started back recently. I listened to the alter ego author interview the other day and knew I needed to write this review. Then I just listened today to the de clutter your mind podcast and I honestly couldn’t finish it James. Your interviews are incredibly hard to finish now because it seems all you can do is talk about yourself. Guests must be beginning to resent coming on your show these days because it seems to just be all about you you you. Not only do you start trying to interrupt within one sentence of an answer but it’s just to talk more about your self. I’m not trying to be mean but after reading a few other reviews I know i’m not out of line. I hope that you are able to read this and improve upon your interviews for your listeners, guests, and ultimately yourself. If you want a good point of reference on good listening, study Guy Raz. Anyway, I know this is long but I wanted to explain why i’m unsubscribing. I will check back periodically to see if you have decided to actually have a good show.
So much fun
I love the way James interviews- he is so curious and well prepared that you will learn more about his guests than any other source.
Genuine, Insightful, and Entertaining
James is awesome! Over the years I've listened to his podcast, and read his books and blogs and they've changed my life in a positive way. The interviews are are a lot of fun with AMAZING guests and James is always redirecting the conversation on how this could be applied and helpful to the listener. This podcast is a must listen. Thank you James!!
Deleted an episode
elle j 13
I used to like the podcast. James keeps getting shlockier in his message; and less informative Whatever self he is choosing now, Nyet
I listened to the first 10 min of one episode. Within those few minutes he 1) mispronounced the guest’s name (she corrected) 2) got the title of her column incorrect (again, she corrected 3) got the title of her book wrong (and yes, she graciously corrected). Also within the 10 minutes he was introducing his guest, he managed to mention his own therapy and insecurity. This display shows a lack of preparation, respect for his guest, and professionalism. If he cares so little about his own podcast, why should I continue listening?
Interesting guests you’ve probably never heard of
podca$t li$tener
James interviews a wide range of guests from all different industries. He always provides brilliant insight. Definitely worth the hour’s listen!
Love it.
I found James Altucher's blog/website a few years ago when I was going through some rough times from a relationship that ended.. I most recently had another failed relationship & was digging through some of my old bookmarks that I knew had helped me get out of my slump. I came across James again but this time I didn't even know he had a podcast, let a lone an amazing one that is so robust & with plenty of episodes. It's helped a lot & get's me excited about the future again. It's unncanny how he asks so many similar questions I would want to ask if I were interviewing his guests. It doesn't bother me the episodes are long at times - heck I even prefer it in most cases. Thanks James & crew for putting this together. It's working & helping so many people like myself :]
Unique Guests...
interviewed with a unique perspective, by a unique guy! Gets better each episode!
Among the Best
I listen to podcasts almost every single day, and this is one of the best. James has a way of pushing past the fluff and getting to the meat of the issue with some of the most brilliant minds in different areas of expertise. The conversation flows so naturally on this show. You don’t feel like you’re listening to an awkward promotional effort for some author’s book like you do with so many other shows.
The James Altucher Show has become part of my daily routine and I cant get enough of it. The second I wake up, I get a litter stretch in and cook breakfast. This show comes on as soon as I roll out of bed. There’s a valuable lesson learned in every episode, no matter the guest.
Inspiration, truth, and information
James is a great interviewer who does his homework and asks his guests deep, thought-provoking questions. Some shows are mindless motivation, some are informative, and others are just entertaining, but James manages to do it all.
Infinite learning
Stoic Cider
This podcast is a constant stream of inspiration and ideas.
My #1 Show for Personal Growth
The James Altucher Show is my #1 go-to when I need to hear an uplifting podcast. His podcast is listed under "Business / Investing" but it's so much more than that. I've learned more from James Altucher and his guests than any self-help book I've ever read (okay ... full disclosure: I have a hard time reading personal and entreprenurial self-help books). I save many of the episodes to go back and listen to them again. My #1 take-away from James is try to be 1% better every day. Thanks James, for being authentic, your inquistive interview style, and for providing consistently great content. Lynn
Modeling Curiosity
Ken - - - -
It took a while for James to grow on me. I simply listened because of his great guests. After about two seasons, he is now among my favorites. I love how he simply models curiosity, wise questions, sincere preparation, putting himself out there, and trying new things.
Thanks for the practical advice!
cary munk
James, I listened to how you process positive and negative times in your life on ‘The Moment’ podcast. I listen to your podcast and have read a few articles that you have published on LinkedIn. You are genuine and engaging. I enjoy the abbreviated 6-11 minute podcast clips as well as the longer ones. Thank you for your candid and practical advice as well as intriguing quests! Cary
Extremely Helpful
For me, the James Altucher Show has everything that you're looking for in a podcast. Interesting guests, entertaining interviews, and of course, information that you can take and immediately apply to your personal life. Thanks for putting out such a great podcast!
100% awesome
James I really love your show, Your story inspires and motivates me to live and be my best. Thank you!
My favorite Podcast
I’ve been listening to all of James episodes for the last couple of months and loving it! James is so curious and asks such great questions. I’m a fan of 99% of the episodes I’ve listened to but my favorite it the one by Ken Langone! It was amazing! I never heard of him so thank you so much James for having him! His insights were life changing! 🙏🏻💖
He allows mistakes
I think it’s great that he allows mistakes, like when got got stood up by the guest. I feel like most people try to hide the downside or the “ugly” or the not so successful moments and it makes them seem perfect and intangible. Seeing him making mistakes and accepting them makes me think that maybe it’s not so bad to lose once in a while and that it really is part of the game. I allowed myself to make more mistakes and to be ok with it. It’s a valuable lesson. Thank you James!
All Around Great Podcast
Mike Refling
James does such an amazing and unique podcast. I have gotten so much value from the wide variety of guests he has on the podcast and the style in which he interviews them. Definitely one of my top five podcasts not only for self improvement but also for entertainment. Thanks James!
James is amazing! And his podcast is even more amazing!
Cast no shadow
If you are looking to improve your life, and have about three hours than listen to The James Altucher Show. His show will make you a better person! Thanks James for alll that you do.
Great Stuff
James Altucher's podcast is incredible, but he might produce too much content. I find myself several shows behind quite often, so there are some I never listen to. If he releases one which immediately catches my interest, I listen right away; however, I am certain that I am missing some great stuff. Recently, he announced that he would be dropping down to two shows a week -- that's good, becasue maybe I can keep up, but bad because he's probably not covering everyone he wants to. The recent conversation with Jordan Harbinger was great. James asked many of the questions I had been wondering about, e.g., what was the "rest of the story" regarding the change at the Art of Charm. Jordan provided excellent information and insights, especially when he said that A.J. Harbinger is NOT HIS BROTHER. Blew my mind!!! James, keep up the great podcast; it's greatly appreciated!
Loved the Jordan Harbinger episode
Mitchell Porter
I've been listening to James for years and I have to say that the latest episode with Jordan Harbinger was one of my favorites. You two clearly click and have great vibes between you two when it comes to stories and advice. Have him back more often!
just started and loving it
I'm new to the show and think this is promising. James is so funny!
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