Published May 26, 2015
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    Tongue twisterShe sells seashells on a seashoreHow much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood Rhymingend soundsmind, kind, blindcat, fat, matcouplets humpty Dumpty sits on a wallhumpty dumpty has a great fall holiness = 聖潔noun There is an atmosphere of holiness in the chapeladjective The chapel is a holy place. righteousness = 公義noun The judge ruled with righteousness.adjectiveIs the judge a righteous man?brokenness = 摧毀, 捨棄noun The brokenness of the school is severe. adjectiveThe school is quite severely broken.transform = 轉變The landscape is transformed by the hurricane.‘The Transformer’ is a movie about robots that can transform. form = 形成, 建立The students have formed a new club in the school.I have formed my opinions based on facts. 聖潔,conform= 符合We must conform to the rules of the society.He cannot conform to the principles of the company. what I needwhat I long for what you want for me 我需要的東西我渴望的東西 你想我得到的東西
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