Hear my prayer
Published April 20, 2015
29 min
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    听我的祈祷Comparative and superlative of adjectives One-syllable adjectives Comparative Form Superlative Formtall taller tallest old older oldestlong longer longest large larger largestwise wiser wisest big bigger biggestthin thinner thinnestfat fatter fattestTwo-syllable adjectives Comparative FormSuperlative Formpeaceful more peaceful most peacefulpleasant more pleasant most pleasantcareful more careful most carefulthoughtful more thoughtfulmost thoughtfulhappy happier happiestangry angrier angriestbusy busier busiest narrow narrower narrowestgentle gentler gentlest Note: Two-syllable adjectives that follow two rules. These adjectives can be used with -er and -est and with more and most.clever cleverer cleverestclever more clever most clevergentle gentler gentlestgentle more gentle most gentlefriendly friendlier friendliestfriendly more friendly most friendlyquiet quieter quietestquiet more quiet most quiet simple simpler simplestsimple more simple most simpleThree-syllable adjectives Comparative Form Superlative Formgenerous more generousmost generous important more importantmost importantintelligent more intelligent most intelligent Irregular adjectives comparative superlatives good better bestbad worse worstfar farther farthestlittle less least many more most
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