Amazing Grace
Published March 23, 2015
29 min
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    奇异恩典Present participle adjectives解釋infinitiveprogressivepast past perfect 死die dying died died睡sleep sleepingslept slept工作work working worked worked流血bleed bleedingbled bled跑run running ran run開始begin beginningbegan begun 奇思amaze amazing amazed amazed1.The old man is dying. (verb) The dying man is suffering. (adjective)2.The baby is sleeping (verb) The sleeping baby looks so sweet (adjective)3.She is working in the office now (verb) She is a working mom. (adjective)4.My knees are bleeding. (verb) My bleeding knees hurt a lot. (adjective)5.Water is running from the tap. (verb) We have running water in the building.(adj)6.He is beginning to write a book.. (verb) The beginning chapter of this book is great. (adj)7.Her typing skills amaze me. (verb) She is amazing, she can type 70 words a minute.lost (adj)迷失 found (verb)找回I was lost in the jungleThey found me after 3 daysI was looking for my lost keys。They've been found in the drawer lost and found department失物認領部saved 拯救active voice passive voice I saved a dog from drowningA dog was saved from drowning.Doctors save lives Lives are saved by doctors. begin 開始present We begin with ABCcontinuousThey are beginning to understand the conceptpast She began the lesson with a poem. perfect I have begun a new job.perfect He had begun working when the boss came.
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