Can’t live without this podcast!
Love this podcast!
Amy 💩
Explores the furthest reaches of the paranormal universe and everything in between through a pleasing assortment of expertly orchestrated interviews. Unmatched in consistency, quality, & content. Simply put, Jim Harold has mastered the art of podcasting and The Paranormal Podcast is the ultimate evidence!
Great interviews
Jim Harold has fascinating guests on his show and is a wonderful interviewer. He asks the questions I would ask if I was interviewing a ghost hunter or psychic. One of my very favorite podcasts.
The best!
The best paranormal podcast out there. I’m unsure of why I didn’t find it sooner. Jim does a great job interviewing his guests and the topics are very interesting.
Love this podcast! Just sad I didn’t find it sooner!
My favorite podcast
Super interesting podcast covering a huge range of topics. There’s a little bit of everything which keeps it fresh, and Jim is just a phenomenal interviewer and a treat to listen to. He always asks the questions I would ask and keeps the conversations flowing in a entertaining way. I love the guests, the topics and the show! It’s a gem!
Excellent and Enjoyable
Panther City Baker
I work in a kitchen for 10 hours and started listening to podcasts several months ago. It makes the day go by so much faster, and I love learning about new things. Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast is one of the first podcasts I tried, and I was immediately hooked. It covers a huge range of topics from properties of crystals and theories on Lemuria to interviews with other podcasters and theories about coincidence. No matter the topic, I'm always engaged and interested in listening (and have a rapidly expanding list of new books to read). Jim Harold is a seasoned, professional interviewer who engages his guests with a warm and friendly disposition and thoughtful questions. It's one of my first go-to podcasts now, I can't wait for new episodes. My only (very minor) complaint: there's a strange "YEEEEAAAA!" screamy-thing as part of the regular ending, and because I listen with headphones it's very uncomfortable and really makes my skin crawl. It's a stupid thing to dislike, I know, but I could do without that horrible sound.
A Legend of Podcasting
Thank you Jim for all the stories and experiences you share and have shared over the years! I have been listening for so long I dont even remember when I started. I mss the old podcast that you and Micah Hanks did as well. Keep up the paranormal and spooky story telling! - Chad
Greatest podcast ever. I am a stressful college student and this podcast is my outlet. Always interesting material that I can’t get enough of. Thank you for this!
Jim Harold’s podcasts
Jim Harold is THE BEST. Get his podcasts The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire. Jim is absolutely a down- to- earth, nice guy. Support him. He is worth it!
Great show from the OG
The OG of paranormal podcasts does it all! I’ve been listening for years and I plan to continue as long as Jim produces content.
rly cant find nickname
Once again, another amazing episode!!!!
Once You listen, You’re Addicted!
I first came across the Paranormal Podcast in 2017 and I was impressed with all the great guests and , of course, the content. Then I became aware of The Campfire! Then I truly became an addict! Great, true and personal stories that if you’re listening in the car, make sure it’s in the daytime or you’ll be checking your backseat! Jim’s content is incredible! No one should miss out!
N.E. Ohio Love
Jim Harold is undoubtedly one of the best hosts/interviewers in podcast history. He continually draws interesting guests and approaches each topic with class and dignity. Thank you Jim for keeping me entertained and enlightened! I owe you a beer! Dustin V Canton O-H-I-O
Excellent Broadcasting ! - an updated review
Crankin Robin
Congratulations on a great show. Sceptic or believer, there's certainly a lot to think about. Keep up the good work Jim! My review is getting longer but it’s 2019 and it deserved an update. Jim’s excellent work continues to evolve and sets the high water mark for podcasting in general and coverage of the paranormal in particular. This show is one in a group of shows that Jim provides and they are all first class. Jim has become one of the leaders in the new generation of students of the paranormal. Well it's 2016 and The Paranormal Podcast goes from strength to strength and its stablemates are also thriving. I've been listening regularly since 2008. Jim gets some great guests and the subject matter is always engaging. Jim has a very calm and intelligent approach to the inteview process. He does not take sides or allow his personal agenda to interfere with objective dialogue. He has been accused of not asking difficult questions: I do not think that's his mission. These are very diverse and complex subjects covered by people who have often spent years researching them. People who often have advanced educations and/or related qualifications. How can we possible expect one man to master all of these subjects and "grill" the experts? Instead, what Jim does so well is to use the interview process to bring the subject to us, the humble listener, and give us enough to whet our appetite and heighten our awareness enough to form our own questions and take away information that we can follow up on if we desire. Perfect This is very high quality broadcasting, both technically and from a content perspective. We need more of this kind of programming but unfortunately the "Mainstream Tedia" treats these serious subjects with scorn and bombards us with soundbyte content and sensationalist garbage that is directed at the prime time crowd. Well done Jim, keep up the good work.
Jim is THE Legend!
Max Branding
Jim built his paranormal podcast empire the right way and features the most fascinating guests and stories you'll ever hear. Once you start listening, you won't be able to stop. The spookier the better!
Thought provoking entertaining
I love that Mr. Harold brings a wide variety of guests and topics for his audience. Lots of interesting perspectives. Some more out there than others. I like that some shows are light and some Godey. A nice mix. Ronda Del Boccio Award winning author, Psychic Medium
Entertaining and Thought Provoking
Gandalf the Alien Grey
Jim has a variety of guests and covers a lot of topics. I enjoy most of the topics, and while Jim lets each guest tell things from their own perspective, he personally keeps a level head. Some episodes are more about entertainment, while others delve into deep topics and big questions. He has the best combination of credibility, integrity and entertainment in this genre.
Just don’t...
Boring and not worth your time
Tom Hanks, is that you?
Listening to the How to be a Paranormal Detective and listening to Greg Lawson, I realized he sounds similar to Tom Hanks :D Love the show!
Love this show!
I love hearing everyone’s stories about the paranormal and everyone’s experiences and dreams I listen everyday!! Just subscribed to Jim harolds crime scene podcast too will be listening to that next!
Best Paranormal show around
Excellent quality, great topics, Jim is a fantastic host. Always enjoy what he brings to the table.
Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast
I have been listening for years. I hope this podcast is around for many more. My Interest in other podcast has come and gone, but Jim Harold has remained. Thanks for all the years of great content. And, don’t forget to check out Jim Harold’s Campfire too!
This Paranormal Podcast is the best in the genre!
Lonnie's IPad
Before I review this I want to mention, if you’re interested in the paranormal, listen to Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories. Although, it’s all things paranormal but told by the people experiencing. Outstanding!! Now for the review: I’ve listen to all the podcast in this genre and I can say without hesitation, it is by far the best! If you love the Paranormal this podcast is a must. The subject matter is broad and cover all things Paranormal. As a matter of fact, any podcast Jim Harold does, is outstanding. He is dedicated to his art and is probably one of the best in the genre, but any. This is what drew me in to Jim Harold’s Podcasts. He has 11 different shows. I stopped sayin which was my favorite as I love all of Mr. Harold’s shows. As much as they are well thought out subject matter, content and guest, the way he conducts his interviews is a breath of fresh air. Pressing but not confrontational, respectful but keeps things going and easy listening. Beside his free content, he has an excellent plus club that has many topics and is very reasonable and actually an outstanding value. He devotes shows to specific subject matter within the Paranormal range and beyond. TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT ALL HIS SHOWS! You’ll be glad you did!
Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast is 1st Rate!
You Can't Imagine
Jim has interesting guests on the Paranormal Podcast. The subject matter is varied and fascinating. Jim sets the bar high for other podcasters on how to be a true professional who treats his guests and subject matter respectfully. He is a healthy skeptic yet open minded. A loyal listener since 2012 and God willing for many decades to come!
Don’t waste your time
Anybody that tries to belittle Bill Nye is obviously ignorant. You may as well listen to Ancient Aliens without enjoying the crazy looks of Tsoukalos.
Always well done...
Always well done and entertaining. My only gripe is that he regularly has guests on that work in incredibly interesting fields, and instead of actually talking about that field, they waste the whole podcast talking about the guest and their personal life, not that interesting.
Always keep an open mind!
I love this podcast! There are so many interesting topics and stories on here, and whether or not you agree with the theories and opinions is irrelevant, because it gives you plenty to think about! Just keep an open mind, we live in a vast and mysterious world and so much is unknown, but this podcast will give you lots of information to explore on your own! We may never have the answers, but the journey through exploration is valuable enough! It’s just fun!
Good show, bad audio
Overall the show is okay. Jim is a very pleasant, sweet host and has a gift for back and forth. I really appreciate that he doesn’t let you know what his politics are and doesn’t try to push quack vitamins and snake oil like George Noory does (speaking of shows that have gone downhill - Art Bell was so much better) I don’t like it as much as “Paranormal Podcast” though. I listen as I am falling to sleep. My main pet peeve is the audio . I am currently listening to the latest episode about UFOs. If I turn the sound up so I can hear Jim, the guest is at an ear splitting volume. The problem seems worse with some female guests due to the pitch and even worse when he has more than one guest on at a time; then it’s chaos. I agree with other reviewers that say some of the guests are beyond ridiculous and are never challenged. Jim is alway sure to mention that he doesn’t believe everything just for the sake of believing it (or something to that effect) but it seems like he does. The guests can’t all be telling the truth because they have theories and stories that contradict each other. If something sounds way off, it’s okay to question it. For the most part though, the interviews are pretty interesting.
Fix the audio!
Very interested in several of the topics but the inhale breath of all the guests are unbearable. I’m sure this could be corrected. Until it is I’ll be unsubscribed
Jim H. is an amazing host. Highly recommended.
Good podcast, some audio improvements needed on guests
Brent 123
I love this podcast, I switched over from being a coast to coast listener when it became crazy right wing and just ignoring of all reason. This podcast tackles paranormal phenomena with appropriate curiosity and wonderment, but never preaches. My one complaint is—and maybe I’m crazy—some of these guests take the LOUDEST breaths and it is so disruptive. Perhaps those could be eased up with some additional audio editing or filters?
Good podcast
This is a good podcast. My only complaint is that I wish there were more previous episodes that I could go back and listen to, especially considering how many episodes there have been. Other podcasts keep more episodes up for people to go back and listen to.
No other podcast like it
I love Jim Harold’s interviews & it is so well researched. He really interviews the coolest guests & I can’t wait to read or listen more about them. I learn something every week & there is such a wide variety of topics. I especially liked the episode on horror stories & ancient artifacts. So interesting & highly entertaining!!
my god all are taken
I am fairly new to podcasts. I discovered and have listened for several months. In my search through this “new” medium I have listened to many podcasts. Some use this as a platform to get their moment in the limelight. They are insufferable and self absorbed (sometimes crass for no reason). Jim Harold is above all this, and he is dedicated to the mission. He is by far, my favorite. Keep it up!!!!
Has gone slightly downhill
I think Jim is running out of interesting new guests for this show. Not a knock at Jim but it’s just starting to get stale as I can’t think of a guest in the last several months that had some truly interesting stories.
The Paranormal Standard
I love podcasts, and I love paranormal topics! Consider the 1000’s of podcasts that exist on the topic, and you’d think I’d have endless content, right? Wrong! The Campfire was the first of Jim’s shows that I discovered before branching out to his other series, like this one. All of them are very well produced; Quality content, interesting guests, proper editing and an obvious degree of professionalism is present. Unfortunately for me, because I found Jim’s shows first, he had set the bar so high that few other shows on the topic are tolerable.
Getting old with authors lately!
I like the podcast a lot when there’s real listeners stories. I do not like the authors selling their books so I avoid listening to these episodes as they tend to bore me to death. Only problem is that there’s more and more authors on than there is real stories anymore! Say it isn’t so Jim!! Get rid of the authors please!
Brooke Bortz
Tim is entertaining to listen to and very professional at the same time. Plus he covers topics which interest me.... what else can I ask for?!
Nuff said
Amateurs wasting time!
Waste of time!
Dra Oropeza
Im writing all the way from Bolivia. I listen to your interviews and they help me understand many things. You are doing a remarkable job. Thanks a lot.
Great Show with a hometown guy
I was exicted to hear that not only does Jim have this delightfully eerie podcast but he's also from my hometown area. Just when I was getting homesick for Ohio, I found this BuckeyeGuy and have been listening ever since. I really prefer Jim's Paranormal Podcast over any other of its kind and listen to him during my all too frequent sleepless nights.
Big fan of your shows...
And varying guests and topics.
Jim Harold never disappoints a
Tonks Kittygoth
Anything with Jim Harold’s name on it is interesting and pleasant to listen to. He puts his callers at ease as he explores the deeper aspects of paranormal.
I love the show Jim
I have listened to you for a while then I fell off on listening to you now I am back.keep up the good work Jim!
Jim is fantastic
The Living Canvas
What a great guy, someone I’d appreciate any family members to listen to. I’ve been listening since 2012, my only two points are 1) Please get new advertisers GAIA promos are worse than the ton of people who use Blue Apron or the hair color commercials 2) Please challenge your guests on their claims, you’re extremely kind and talented I know you could easily ask for another opinion or question extraordinary claims, Jim Harold is a class act. I know podcasters don’t make tons of $$ so the advertising I can somewhat understand, please though ask your guests the tough questions, Redfern in particular is a reappearing guest, though please ask for proof to his claims, only letting your guests control the conversation makes it hard to feel like this is a Jim Harold production. Again, Jim Harold is terrific person but please stop letting your guests hijack “your” shows. Jim is a hard working person that puts out really good content, but please make the show a conversation and not a single person (guest) taking the opportunity to take control over your hard work and time. I’ve been a subscriber since 2012, though listeners are getting bored now, please ask the guests the tough questions (extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof). Jim is great, I hope you subscribe but I sincerely hope you as I do ask him to truly interview his guests, you don’t need to agree with everything a crazy person says to have loyal listeners. I wish you (Jim) the very best and will continue to listen when I can, you are so nice I think your guests take advantage of this, journalisms requires you to ask questions not just listen. Peace and love from Seattle
The best paranormal podcast
I love how neutral and professional Jim is. I love to listen Jims other podcasts as well. I like it so much that I am a plus member. It is so worth the investment. I highly recommend this podcast!
Sid Tucker
I've listened to the paranormal podcast for 8 years now and it's the best paranormal subject matter podcast out there! Jim has the best guests... the best subject matter and is the most professional. Keep up the good work Jim!
Fabulous podcast
Jim does a fabulous job. His guests are intelligent experts and he goes through a variety of topics every week. This podcast is worth a listen.
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