Elitefts SPP: Joe Hashey Interview
Published July 22, 2015
42 min
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    Joe Hashey

    Synergy Athletics

    Fitness Business Empire


    Topics Covered in the Podcast

    How Joe got started


    1. 4 Knee Surgeries.... and a lot of questions
    2. The Start of Synergy Athletics
    3. Transitioning from only athletes to the adult population
    4. Psychology of completion


    What do need to know to start the training process


    1. What the athlete wants and what the parents think they need
    2. The responsibility of college preparation
    3. Using communication with coaches as a learning experience


    A general look at the training philosophy


    1. Concurrent Periodization with High School and College Athletes
    2. Repetition method to prepare for Max effort and dynamic effort
    3. Training Athletes vs training lifters
    4. Athletes need to know, like, and trust you
    5. Understanding bar speed 


    Relationship Building

    1. Three phases: Individual, family, community
    2. Referrals vs giving back

    What athletes really need


    1. Appropriate recovery
    2. Sleep cycle
    3. Travel Teams
    4. Nutrition
    5. Not a work-ethic issue.... at all


    Teaching skills related to the business word


    1. Understanding learning styles
    2. Match the mental to the physical goals
    3. Uncomfortable equals opportunity for growth


    How professional development has evolved

    1. Mature as a business person as much as a training
    2. Trainers approach to business vs business owners approach to business
    3. The point of diminishing returns
    4. Social Media Impact
    5. Find people to network with

    Training Football Players


    1. Linear periodization for conditioning
    2. One good lift in per session, then address weaknesses
    3. Training In-season during the off-season
    4. Make better at the sport not the work-out


    The Best advice for Trainers and Gym Owners

    1. You must be a life-long learner
    2. There are people that have done what you want to do

    The Joe Hashey File

    Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist, NSCA (2007 – present)
    CPR and AED Certified (2006 – present)
    Masters in the Arts Of Teaching – Colgate University (2006)


    Youtube Partner – 8.2 Million Views on Fitness Videos.
    Men’s Fitness, Contributing Author (2012)
    Men’s Health, Contributing Author (2012)
    Speaker NSCA National Conference, Las Vegas (2011 and 2012)
    Speaker Central Ohio Strength Clinic (2011)
    Author “Powerful Muscle Recovery Manual” (2011)
    Speaker NSCA Vermont (2011)
    Author “Bull Strength Conditioning Manual” (2010)
    Speaker at Strength Coach 101 (2009)
    Contributing Author – EliteFts, Straight to the bar, Critical Bench(2008- present)
    Author “Bull Strength Training Manual” (2008)
    Secrets of Strength Development Seminar Attendee (2009)
    Head Modified Baseball Coach (2008 – 2009)
    High School Assistant Football Coach (2006 – 2009)
    Strength and Conditioning Coach – Hamilton High School (2005-2006)
    Semi Professional Football All-Star (2004-2005)
    Colgate University Football Player (2000-2002)


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