Elitefts SPP - Mike Boyle Interview
Published June 1, 2015
32 min
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    Mike Boyle

    Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning


    Topics Covered in this Podcast

    The Beginnings

    How Coach Boyle got his Start

    Having Mike Woicik as a roommate

    Appointing himself as the BU Strength Coach


    Training for Hockey

    Getting strong is getting strong regardless of sport

    Why there is a steroid problem in Track & Field

    Defining strength in an unconventional way

    Unilateral Training for Sports

    The Bilateral deficit research

    The influence of Mark Verstagen

    How a coach defines strong vs what is strong for their sports

    Youth Training

    What we are doing wrong

    The Matheny Manifesto

    The 10,000 Rule

    Greg Rose's Cyclone Circuit

    Basic Motor Qualities

    Early Specialization

    Soccer in Brazil and Baseball in the Dominican

    The number 1 problem in youth sports....the parents

    The responsibility of the strength coach

    Staff Development

    Pick the Right People

    Get people that want to work

    Educating through a solid set of resources

    Book club for professional development

    Making the coaches do the workout

    Advice for Young Coaches

    Unlike the rest of the business world

    Make yourself invaluable

    Whats our conversation going to be like when I see you

    Recommending coaches for future jobs

    Contact Info


    The Michael Boyle File


    Michael Boyle is one of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and general fitness. He currently spends his time lecturing, teaching, training and writing. In 1996 Michael co founded Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, one of the first for-profit strength and conditioning companies in the world. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning exists for one reason: to provide performance enhancement training for athletes of all levels. Athletes trained range from junior high school students to All Stars in almost every major professional sport.


    Prior to Co- founding Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Michael served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University for 15 years, also for the past 25 years he been  the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men's Ice Hockey at Boston University.  Mike also was the Boston Red Sox  strength and conditioning coach in 2013 that won the World Series. In addition to his duties at Boston University and the Red Sox, from 1991-1999 Boyle served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. Michael was also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 1998 US Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team, Gold Medalists in Nagano and 2014 Silver medalists in Sochi, and served as a consultant in the development of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


    Michael has been a featured speaker at numerous strength and conditioning and athletic training clinics across the world and has produced 20 instructional videos in the area of strength and conditioning available through M-F Athletic. Michael has also lectured all over the world. In addition, Michael published Functional Training for Sports for Human Kinetics Publishers. Mike and his wife Cindy have 2 children, Michaela and Mark and reside in Reading.

    Courtesy of MBSC

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