Elitefts SPP: Greg Pyszczynski Interview
Published June 4, 2014
61 min
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    Show notes

    Interview with University of Buffalo Head Strength & Conditionign Coach, Greg Pyszczynski.

    Topics in this Podcast

    1. Making the transition as a first time head coach

    2. Taking over a program with coaching turnover

    3. Transitioning a new program during Spring Ball

    4. Coach Pyszczynski's journery through coaching

    5. Having so many different coaching influences

    6. Greg's expertice on training the neck and head

    7. External factors leading to head injuries

    8. The trickle down effect with concussions

    9. Quantifiable data with neck strength

    10. The basic of implementing a program to reduce head and neck injuries

    11. Standards for neck strength and size

    12. University of Buffalo's Summer Porgram

    13. Block Periodization in training Football

    14. In-Season Football Training adjustment with the TV schedule

    15. Motivatiing the next genreation of athletes

    16. Advice for young Strength Coaches


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