Elitefts SPP: Jeff Connors Interview
Published March 20, 2014
25 min
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    Interview with Jeff Connors, Assistant Athletic Deirector for Strength & Conditioning at East Carolina University.

    Topics Covered in this Podcast

    1. What motivated Coach Connors to write Strength Coach: A Call to Serve
    2. The biggest lessons learned from his father and coach
    3. The changes with instilling discipline with today's athletes
    4. Hiring a staff and communicating foundational principles in philosophy
    5. General overview of the off-season program
    6. Adapting the training to enhance acceleration
    7. The key components that every athlete needs
    8. Advice for young coaches trying to to get into the profession

    Buy Strength Coach: A Call to Serve

    Strength coaching is, in many ways, a scientific endeavor, blending the latest theories of performance enhancement with practical strategies to build mobility, speed, flexibility and power. But for Jeff Connors it is also a calling.

    For thirty years Connors has devoted himself to helping collegiate athletes excel on the field by grinding away relentlessly in the weight room, and through those decades he has crafted his own distinctive philosophy of his profession, using both his heart and his head.

    Part memoir and part training manual, this book gives football fans, strength coaches and exercise enthusiasts alike a thorough inside look into Connor’s world -- where speed and power can lead to Saturday victory and young men forge character through long, tireless hours away from the roar of the crowd.

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