Elitefts SPP: Buddy Morris Interview
Published February 9, 2014
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    Buddy Morris Interview

    Growing up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, my heroes were Pittsburgh sports figures.  The Steelers were almost surreal to me as a fan and other than attending Jack Lambert's Football Camp and training camps in Latrobe, Pennsylvania; they were untouchable.  The University of Pittsburgh Football players were in fact more than just giants of the game, they were part of our culture.  Guys like Jim Sweeney, Bill Fralic, and Mark Stepnoski were friends of my older cousins and in some way, almost like big brothers to all of us playing pick-up football in the cobblestone streets of the Iron City.  Dan Mario played baseball for my grandfather up until his junior year at Pitt. And, all of us "yinzers" were heartbroken when Tony Dorsett started wearing a start on his helmet and played for America's team. 

    The icon who prepared most of those men was why, in a round-a-bout way, I became a strength and conditioning coach myself.  Buddy Morris has always been someone who most of us looked up to.  Even when he told you things you didn't want to hear about training and physical preparation.  Coach X became a staple of elitefts.com and videos of when Dave and Jim visited he and Mylo when they were coaching the Cleveland Browns still rank as some of the top learning experiences.

    If there is one thing that is evident is that Buddy Morris was meant to be a strength coach.  Buddy makes no apologies for being who he is. He has the knowledge and the experience to validate what he believes, while always questioning whether there is a better way to do things. Buddy knows it was, is, and will never be about him.

    "Buddy's one of the All-Timers, he helped start this profession," explains Joe Kenn, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Carolina Panthers. "Nobody talks enough about Buddy being one of the pioneers." With over 3 decades of experience, no one can deny Buddy Morris' impact on the strength and conditioning profession and the athletes he has coached.

    Topics Covered in this Podcast

    1. Taking over at the University of Buffalo
    2. Outside influences on loading parameters
    3. Good players make good coaches
    4. GPP for the athlete
    5. Speed work and the strength deficit
    6. Combine training
    7. Collegiate vs. NFL training
    8. The age of the internet
    9. What Buddy has learned from Charlie Francis
    10. Who else has been influence for Coach X
    11. Speed Training for sport
    12. Advice for young coaches


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    Download the ebook here!

    American Football Physical Preparation was written to expose football players, physical preparation and sport coaches, to the concepts of one of the original coaches of physical preparation for football, Buddy “Coach X” Morris. In this book, you will find information regarding the theory, methodology, bioenergetics, biodynamics, and bio-motor abilities, as they pertain to American Football. This information is unique, as it explains why football is an alactic-aerobic sport, which bio-motor abilities are most important, how biodynamics play into exercise selection, and how each team, side of the ball, position, and even individual, needs their own specific programming.

    In the final section of the book, you will find practical examples of training cycles, monthly blocks, training weeks, and individual workouts, all tailored for five distinct training groups: Line, Combo, Skill, Quarterback, and Kicker/Punter. As a whole, American Football Physical Preparation will give all readers an exclusive look, and insight, of how the training process is organized, programmed and implemented, in a large team setting for American Football.

    Buddy Morris is a strength and conditioning legend, bodybuilder, and rehab specialist who will run our Performance Center. He has over 31 years of experience in the strength and conditioning field. He has worked as the Head Strength Coach for the NFL Cleveland Browns as well as the Head Strength Coach for the University of Pittsburgh for 20+ years. He has coached 5 NFL Hall of Famers and trains NFL players year round.

    He is known nationwide and has contributed to numerous fitness magazines, books, and articles. His weight room at the University of Pittsburgh “The Pitt Iron Works” was named one of the top ten toughest gyms in America by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.  Buddy  was recently named one of the “65 Most Influential Strength Coaches of All-Time.”  Recently Tony “Goose” Siragusa, spoke highly of Buddy on Howard Stern’s radio show and in his new best selling book, “Goose.”

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