Overall a great podcast
I’ve been binge listening to this podcast for a few months too prepare for season 6. The dynamic of the hosts is fun and hearing some of their gripes is entertaining but the podcast loses itself primarily do to the fact that the majority of the hosts are effective critics. Unless the show is meant to critique the tv series and I missed that point then the collective hosts picking apart every story plot for, albeit real reasons, it’s misses they lose sight of the fact that the majority of the fans of the show have been enjoying it without ever seeing the issues because it is compelling as a whole. This is clear when they read listener feedbacks that are usually glowing and full of excitement for the next episode but I feel like at times the podcasters don’t take that to heart. Because of those problems the podcast comes more off as a show about the hosts and less about one of the greatest shows on the cw. This is not to say critiques of a show is not valid, I just wish the podcast was structured in a way that made that obvious. I love the hosts and you can clearly see the growth every episode in the way they go about hosting, but I think I can speak for some listeners that the podcast can make us feel like we were wrong to like storylines that otherwise we found no real issues with.
The show is certainly entertaining to listen to. Keep it up guys.
Loved it 🥰😍😘❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Neymar jr. Fan girl
Great show
Andy is so awesome and hysterically funny. Love the whole crew and their love of the flash. Can’t wait for season 6.
Well then
Not even sure these guys are fans of the flash
Enjoy Listening to The Flash Podcast since Season 3
I really enjoy listening to The Flash Podcast each week since Season 3 when I first started listening back in 2016. One thing I would like to see happen after Arrow is concluded is for Stephen Amell to come over to The Flash if one other cast members leaves. Overall I enjoy listening to The Flash Podcast each week and I am looking forward to listening to more episodes in the future. Keep up the Great Work Going Flash Podcast for many more years to come.
Tired of each episode being increasingly more about the hosts' personal social/political agendas or lobbying for their hoped changes in the show
I like the flash and this is great for fans. But me personally, I am a snowbarry fan and don’t like west-Allen. So yeah that’s it.
Good insights if you can get past three of the hosts
I want to start by saying that I really enjoy the INFORMATION that you can get out of this podcasts. That being said, you have to trudge through a host who is very often difficult to understand, another who sounds so judge-y that even his “mmm hmmms” are condescending. A third host is almost tolerable if it weren’t for a distracting laugh. Some episodes are easier on the brain and ears than others, but for every one of those that there are, there is another that I have to stop listening to before it’s even over.
Finally a socially conscious flash review.... said no one ever
If you’re looking for a socially conscious podcast about a tv show with comic book characters this show is for you! However, if you are not a whiny loser, you probably won’t enjoy hour and half of virtue signaling. The kid with the accent actually seems pretty cool but the other two are complete turds.
I think I’m done
I have listen to this podcast for a few seasons now and have always loved Andy’s enthusiasm for the flash. As well as the great takes from the other hosts on the show, but I do not like the new host. He seems argumentative with Andy leaving me put off when I hear him speak. The tone of the show seems dry and I will need to look elsewhere I guess to find another place to get my flash fix.
Slow down and finish your thoughts
CSI Rocks!
I usually listen to Supergirl Radio and only hear The Flash’s main host—Andy B—as a guest on there or when listening to the crossover podcast. He’s generally hard to listen to but felt it was unfair to base my opinion on the few episodes that aren’t even his show so I decided to give this podcast a shot. After listening to a few episodes, I found it extremely hard to listen to. What I don’t like about him on the other DCTV podcasts are the same here. He speaks too fast and needs to enunciate his words. I can barely understand what he is saying. I don’t know if he gets too excited about what he’s about to say or has too many thoughts going at once, but there are many times when he doesn’t finish a train of thought that it has me screaming “Oh my god! Finish it!” It’s headache inducing. It’s also hard when his recording is softer than the other hosts that I’m constantly changing the volume throughout the podcast. I hate to make this review harp on Andy B, but since he seems to run the show, it would behoove him to read this and the other reviews I’ve read and take the time to slow down when he speaks and speak clearer. It’s obvious he loves the show and it would be easier to listen to his opinions if I wasn’t fighting a headache from struggling to understand him.
Hard to Understand
I tried many times to listen to The Flash Podcast, and I cannot because Andy is TOO HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I LOVE Quiver, the Green Arrow podcast, and listen to it every week, but when Andy guests during a crossover, I just don't listen. The man does not have a voice for radio, in my opinion.
Awesome way to talk about the Flash
I love hearing people talk about this show and elaborate different theories.
There are better Flash CW podcasts out there
With a new season of Flash out, I wanted to listen to another Flash podcast because I can’t get enough of it. Sadly, I could not get through an entire episode of this podcast. Like previously mentioned by other reviewers, the host is hard to understand and has nothing insightful to say. In fact, the first episode I listened to, he was warning parents that he couldn’t wait to talk about some sexual situations that are brought up on the show and that it would not be safe for younger listeners. Just lots of bad jokes and awkwardness... I enjoyed the other co-hosts on the show well enough, but I would skip this one in favor of one of the many other Flash podcasts out there.
Too much nonsense!!!!
Get into the episode! The first 25-30 minutes is about garbage and things unrelated to the show!!!! Hard to follow the hosts chain of thought he jumps around too much
Huge Flash and DC Comics fan. Im not really big into podcasts but I listen to the FlashPodCast every week! Both TV show and comic related!💯
Good Podcast, However
Andy B. should be a guest host and appear a few times a season then this pod would be a five. The offers good discussion and knowledge. Again, less Andy B.
I really tried with this podcast and listened to a good amount of episodes, but it is unenjoyable listening to a cast that doesnt even enjoy the show they are podcasting about. Except for the host, at least he still likes the Flash. Even then...... id keep looking for podcasts Flash fans
Haven't watched this yet but I'm like the biggest flash fan ever so I can't wait p.s I'm a girl #flashfan 🖖🏻✌🏻
This would be better
This podcast seems like it would be nice if it weren’t for the one with the speech impediment. I can’t deal with it for more than a few minutes. Replace him with somebody who has taken speech classes please.
5 stars
Best Flash podcast ever. I love it. Follow me at @ActAndrewDuggan on Twitter
Good Content. Bad Host.
Great discussions about the show but I can’t get through most of them because I can’t understand the host. He talks too fast and struggles with some words. He also talks too much and gives his opinion too much instead of discussing the show.
Great podcast!
This podcast helps the average flash fanatic (myself) learn much more about the show and characters than I would just watching it by myself. I enjoy listening each week, and hearing everyone's thoughts on each episode is really neat. Keep up the good work!
Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up
Love how passionate Andy is, and supportive of Westallen too! I think I tend to be more positive about The Flash than some of the hosts, but it's always cool to get different opinions, and I love when some of them drop accurate comics knowlege.
The episode description for the first episode of this season mentions the name of the villain - which is not evident to MOST viewers by his brief appearance.
Was good...
I used to like this show, but I have gotten sick of the host constantly hating on Arrow every episode. I can understand not liking it but it just has gotten annoying when it is every episode. It almost seems like a petty grudge and it has just gotten old. The rest of the guest hosts are great.
Need a New Host
This podcast would be so much better if Andy was off the show
Highly entertaining 🤣
These gentlemen always keep me laughing. While providing a great overview of the episode. Keep up the great work! 👏🏻👍🏼👍🏼
The Best Podcast on The Flash and so much more
Swarz Seawalker
An amazing podcast for an equally amazing tv show. The hosts ALWAYS have amazing discussions on the show, its characters, deep themes, and I always have a renewed appreciation for a show I already love. HIghly, highly recommended.
Should be better.
Andy is definitely hard to understand but the problem with this podcast is they don't remember ANYTHING that happened from the show they JUST watched. Then they try to over analyze everything then end up sounding like idiots!
Love it!
I listen to the whole slew of DC podcasts, but this is one of my favorites. None of my friends around me watch The Flash so I love following this crew on twitter while the episodes air and live tweeting with them, then hearing all their thoughts when the podcast airs! Definitely recommend if you're a fan of the show.
Great Podcast!
Jen from Long Island, N Y
I think the host does a great job talking about the show and I also love how excited and geeks out about everything too! I love how you guy's cover everything and stuff that I might not have really known about the Flash from the Comics! My only critizism is that Andy should really watch alot of the movies he hasn't really seen! Lol. Can't wait to watch the Invasion crossover's!
Okay could be better
I agree with the majority says about Andy you can barely understand him sometimes but when he gets excited its hard to understand. I love the crew is excited about the show but i feel they are not critical enough about the stories. Yes they want more female bad guys which i agree with but when the episode is just okay or not up to par as other episodes. They gush about the show like its the best thing ever.
Great podcast
This is a fantastic podcast. It always makes me laugh and the hosts always do a excellent job. Great podcast
Great podcast, but...
Been listening to this podcast since the beginning and I appreciate the depth of knowledge that the host, Andy B has for the characters, especially given the Flashpoint arc going on now, he knows that comic forwards and backwards. However, I think he needs to work on slowing down his words, they come out fast and difficult to understand. I love your enthusiasm for The Flash and this podcast is my go-to podcast for everything Flash-related, I hope you can work on this and make this podcast the best it could be.
Flash Podcast saves the day
Love it! This is the only podcast that really goes deep into the episodes and they have great discussions each week even during the hiatus
Read it!
Amy said she would say something if we left a review....i want you to tell us the whole time suicide band on the flash podcast! Its a great podcast.
Best Flash Podcast In The Multiverse.
Greatest Flash Podcast out there!
Good Podcast With Some Big Problems
This is a good podcast with knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who have interesting things to say about The Flash however host Andy B has some speech/articulation issues that make the podcast hard to listen to at times. This can be alleviated a lot if he just slows down. If he wants to host a podcast he should spend some time working on his articulation, making sure he hits his consonants harder and dropping the extra vowel sounds at the end of his words which is the remnant of a foreign accent. It can all be fixed with work and practice and the podcast can be dramatically improved but I'm on the fence whether I want to keep listening at this point.
Speeding Up
I'm a better D.C. fan because of this podcast. This crew is flat out amazing. Funny, relevant & knowledgable. I'll admit, I'm late to the Podcast game. That said these last few months I've been checking out many. Some great content out there. These one falls under that category. After hearing their latest podcast w/ suggestions & theories I now have my summer reading list & watch list.
Good but hard to listen to
Chris #ollywood
The host needs to slow down. Real hard to listen to. Everyone else on the show is fantastic.
Host cannot keep himself on point.
This is one of the worst podcasts I have listened to in a long time. The main host, Andy, frequently gets off topic and rambles on. I tried to listen to this podcast for quite a few episodes because I enjoy hearing commentary. The main host makes it very difficult to continue listening. I would recommend listening to Flash TV Talk, a much better and focused podcast.
What's the best way to say this?
I abandoned the only other up to date Flash tv podcast because of a severe difference in opinion and came here instead. This show would be a lot better if Andy spoke up and spoke slower. It's difficult to understand him without cranking up the volume. Slow down and speak up, that's my advice
Great Flash podcast
You guys continue what you are doing!!!! You can only keep improving to better yourselves and the podcast. Keep up the good work.
Generally good but can be irritating
When this show discusses the shows progress and storylines/character developments it's great, when it goes off the rails to discuss diversity it loses its momentum. I've been listening to this podcast from the beginning and have always appreciated the energy and love for these DC characters that the hosts have. Andy does his best, although some more research on the older material that these characters draw on is needed at times, he does well generally. There are some qualms that I particularly have. It seems as if Andy has used his podcast as a personal outlet for his crusade for diversity within the tv world, which is indeed needed. Sometimes it's a bit much though. He has issues with things that, as someone of color and has experienced some of the discrimination of the world, has absolutely no problems with. When it's mentioned from time to time or when there is legitimate problems then they can be addressed, but there seems to be a point to just make every episode a diversity issue when there isn't necessarily an issue. Stick to the show's development, plotlines, character development, and use the diversity issue sparingly by recognizing when it is actually a problem.
Good podcast
Andy takes a it getting use to, but his enthusiasm for the Flash is contagious and the podcast is a great listen for his different co-hosts
Good Insight
Great insight, theories, and use of comic book stories. Appreciate the different perspective but the host has a terrible time speaking English. Would appreciate if someone else could host but he's still an enjoyable podcast person.
They need a lot of work.
The host Andy bad the other guy are ok, he is knowledgeable about the comics. The girl's however are ANOYING. They don't really bring much to the table. Central city underground front golden spiral media is a much better podcast. They really know the comics and explain things in a way that one can understand. Girls, you have a lot of work to do before you host a podcast based on comics.
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