Great Info & Great groups of engineers
I'm a computer science student and I've been learning a lot from this podcast and I listen to it everyday during my commutes. Besides learning and gaining new knowledge, Allen, Michael, and Joe have a great sense of humor and keep me entertained. Great job guys, keep it up!
Helps me sound smart around my coworkers
I'm not a classically educated engineer, so listening through Coding Blocks' series on canonical CS texts and other primary topics actively helps me back-fill my knowledge and hone my craft. Bonus points because now I sound significantly smarter in high-level discussions with my teammates. And who knows, I may *actually* be significantly smarter.
Tech & Humor
Came for the data structure episodes, stayed for the Little Jon impersonations & bit coin to Nickleback conversions.
Very helpful
I am a student of computer science. Second bachelors at 33 years old. I am new and loving all the information I can get. At first I was going through the topics for things that I would understand. I Just listened to the big O episode, because I am learning it in class. All the information has been helpful. Still learning so I can understand all your other eisodes!
One of the best podcasts for developers
Don't let the .NET or c# logo dissuade you. Regardless what your primary language is, the guys at Coding blocks talk about core topics and subjects that relate to developers or all type. I've been going back and listening to their past episodes as well. Probably the best time investment I've made recently, so much that I opened itunes for the first time ever just to write this review.
Survey Says!!! This podcast is awesome!
Of all the code related podcasts I listen to, this is by far my favorite. The hosts cover different topics, and make the show feel like a casual conversation amongst coders. Keep being awesome you guys!
Entertaining and Informative!
As an executive that still loves to code and be in the trenches with my team, I love this podcast. Yes sometimes it goes long. Yes sometimes it goes off the rails. Yes sometimes...SQUIRREL!!!! But hey, they're developers too! Honestly, there are always good tips and take-aways, making you (and your peers/team) all the better. Give them a listen or get your money back! LOL
Best podcast for programmers
this jus10
If you are a developer and you have a commute or listen to podcasts, you should be listening to this podcast. It is an excellent way to get perspective on useful knowledge for software development.
Freaking love this podcast.
Who farted? Not me.
I truly appreciate the time and dedication that Allen, Michael, and Joe put together episode after episode to deliver awesome, easy to listen to, and relatable content. I am not a web developer but I am a software engineer, so for me this podcast also serves as a way to keep up with other technologies that I normally wouldn't get to use on the day job. After years of being a fan of the show, I finally made time to write this review and to purchase an awesome Coding Blocks t-shirt. These guys are awesome, knowledgable, and together balance out the show. Once again, I sincerely appreciate the great work that they do. Please keep up the great work!
Great for learners and professionals
I'm an intermediate programmer and this show has been perfect for me. Although some of the stuff goes over my head, it's nice to absorb professional programmers talking about programming, hearing the lingo they use, and putting out opinions about this and that--when until now I only had a formal education.
More Informative and Entertaining Tech Podcast
Eric Shin Is Strong
If you're in the tech industry and you want to be entertained while learning new concepts, tips and experience opinions in being a better developer/software engineer, then please listen to the Coding Blocks podcast. You'll be a better programmer because of it.
One is the best dev podcasts
Love the deep dives into a variety of topics, esp the Uncle Bob’s Clean Coder book discussion. Always practical discussions and a lot of great take-aways Thanks for all the effort you put into these podcasts
Informative and Fun Podcast
A great balance of not overwhelming new programmers while still being helpful to experienced ones. The back log is really great too, many of the best practice series don’t become obsolete as languages and frameworks evolve. I happened to listen to the complexity theory episode right before an unscheduled meeting with some big hitters in my company - thanks for the promotion Coding Blocks!
Fantastic Show
These guys do a great job of covering quality topics in software engineering and managing to keep the discussion informative but entertaining at the same time. They cover enough ground that I can learn the topics I am not familiar with and still get some good nuggets about the topics I know well. Keep up the good work gents!
The only software podcast I listen to.
I've tried several other software podcasts and while I'll listen to them for a while, this podcast is the one that keeps me coming back. Thoughtful discussion, tips and tricks, and general good humor keep my comute enjoyable. The disucssions have had a direct impact on my career progression by explaining things that I many developers assume everyone knows already. Definitly worth a listen. 11/10
Great Podcast
The guys make all of the topics interesting and engaging, and they cover all kinds of stuff that I’ve wanted to learn more about as a computer science student.
Well rounded long form dev discussion
I’ve been listening to this podcast for around a year now and recently went back and listened to every episode from the start. Overall I really like the format, especially the times they go over classic programming books like clean code (which I ended up buying and reading) and many others over the course of many episodes. I also like that the perspective of this podcast is more from the everyday developer perspective whereas many other podcasts I like are interviews that seem to be more high level. This podcast is more like the kind of discussions you have with random people you see at programming meetups. As someone early in my software development career I find resources like this to be an excellent way to get random insights from more experienced developers while driving, doing household tasks, walking, or eating.
Great Podcast
Great information delivered in an entertaining way so even a non-Software engineer can benefit :). Keep up the great work!
Best Programming Postcast
dylan w roberts
Ive been a fan of coding blocks for a few months now and it quickly became my favorite podcast. I love the format of the episodes because I feel like it allows me to take away a lot of information that I can later investigate deeper. Thanks for the great content! Dylan
Love the candid and informative discussion
Best software engineering podcast I’ve listened to. I’ve learned and enjoyed listening. Keep it up!
Super Helpful
Sebastian Schrodinger
Recently, I stumbled upon Robert C. Martin’s clean code talks on YouTube. Then I went searching for a podcast that discussed his ideas, and found Coding Blocks. Listening to the guy’s discussions has helped me to clarify Martin’s ideas and understand concrete applications. However, the real boon to discovering this podcast is being introduced to other interesting resources and joining in on the conversation about them.
Best Tech Podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now and finally got around to leaving a review. It’s great for keeping up with the latest development trends and hearing different perspectives on them. The analysis on the coding, architecture and patterns books is awesome. The best part is that Allen, Michael and Joe make every topic interesting and engaging with humor and personality unlike every other podcast I have tried to listened to.
Down to earth look at the Dev Industry from Devs
What a refreshing way to learn and laugh about the inner workings of being a programmer or if you like me a wannabe programmer. Joe, Allen, and Michael are the best host team of professional devs out there that provides an insightful down to earth look at the development industry while keeping a touch of the latest trends and technology. Do yourself a favor and don't take my word of it. If you want to feel like you are joining a good discussion amongst friends without feeling like an outsider don't look any further. I will guarantee you that you will learn a thing or two. Check out all the new and old episodes you will not be disappointed. For a taste of a very enjoyable show check out any of the episodes about Joe's favorite book "The Pragmatic Programmer” or like Joe tends to call it the "The Programmatic Pragramer". - Javi from the world of the mouse trying to get some cheese @ Orlando
I’m in a boot camp
Even though I am in a boot amp and O don’t know a whole lot yet, this podcast is really opening up my brain to think about things in different ways. Now I find myself looking at code and saying “Joe definitely wrote that, but where’s the apology comment?” You guys are great and I’m very appreciative for what y’all do. Question though could y’all do a budget laptop series for someone trying to get in the industry? Also, what does one do if you have literally zero meetups in town but are looking to break into the tech space? Thanks again guys.
Leroy Jenkins
I had to go ahead and write this review today after listening to episode 108, and hearing the Direct Reference to Leroy Jenkins. That made my day. I’ve been catching up on Coding Blocks for the past month or so after starting to listen. I really enjoy the show and hope it continues on for many more episodes! Thanks guys for the great work.
We need a rap battle now lol
This is the One
I’m just starting to learn how to program and I’ve been looking for a really good podcast to listen to. There are some okay podcasts out there, but when I stumbled onto this one it really resonated with me. The podcasters use language I can understand, they have interesting topics to discuss, they seem to be up-to-date on some of the newer tech, and they can be really funny when they’re poking fun at each other. I started listening to the archived episodes from 2014, and I’m up to 2018 now and hopefully will be caught up to 2019 by the end of next week. Thanks for making this podcast and keep up the great work! If you need a topic for a new episode in the future, please consider doing one over healthcare IT or informatics. Thanks!
OMG This is Great!!
I am loving the podcasts. Thank you for putting out info that includes C#. I'm learing a lot from you guys. Keep up the great work!!
Awesome podcast!!!
I am stoked I stumbled on this podcast! Just the type of programming podcast I was looking for.
Great tech podcast
I am fairly new to programming and I really enjoy this podcast. They cover a variety of topics and I think any level developer could gain value.
Love the podcast
Knack of flying
The podcast is so awesome. Its easy on the ears. Really enjoy the interactive nature between the guys. Just recently got hooked on to it. Trying to listen as much as i can. thanks a lot everyone for this
Love it
Recently started listening to this podcast and so far it has been helpful and really a lot of fun. My favorite time to listen is while running on the treadmill and l often find myself actually laughing out loud. As someone relatively new to programming it’s great to listen in to discussions by experience programmers and be reminded that writing good code takes effort no matter what level you’re at. Keep up the good work.
My go to podcast
I recently changed careers from corrections to development. You guys have made many of the subjects much easier. I very much enjoy the books covered and technologies discussed .
Pragmatic fun
Hello, just leave a good review for you guys, in really helping spark an interest in more coding and development skills to further my career. Keep up the great work.
New To CS
Love the show! I’ve been teaching myself how to program and recently decided to make a career change from Finance to CS. This show has been a great resource to learn and grow my understanding of CS. Keep it up!
Bootcamp Student
I'm fairly new to the world of coding, but this show keeps my brain cranking and on track. It's deliverey in a fun, lighthearted, yet informative way keeps me on track, as I believe the hosts have an attention span, or there lack of, that resembles mine. There are plenty of concepts and terms that are above my current build, but what's cool is I'm able to bring these questions to class or query them myself for a more interactive approach. I love going back in time through their library, because what's there seems to relate a little more to the content being taught at this point in the bootcamp. Anyway, I just want to say thank you guys, you keep me intrigued and excited about what I'm journying into, even while trudging through some of the content you guys love laughing about 😂. Look foraward to my drive home from class today and listening some more. (FYI, this is my first time ever writing a review on iTunes, ever)
These guys have way too much fun
The content is awesome too
Great Show!
Angel Filev
I listen to a quite few podcast. Most are about software engineering and science, but some are philosophy and politics. However, rarely I find more enjoyable and content filled shows. The episodes are filled with good content, humor and tips. I downloaded episodes starting from 2016 and the content is still relevant. Thank you and keep the good work!
Unexpected results
Came here expecting a regular talk about coding. First impression was not what I was expecting. However, I kept listening to other episodes and now I can’t stop listening!
Fantastic Podcast
A knowledgeable, entertaining podcast that gives a look into the developer mindset on modern and legacy tech trends and tools. I listen to this every day while writing my own code!
Great podcast
Great lightweight while educating podcast. I listen to it when commuting back home!
Pr SW Engineer
Please review the book “working effectively with legacy code”. Love the show
Good discussion about relevant topics each episode. I like how the hosts discuss their real world experiences with the topics at hand, this helps put the information in perspective and highlight what is relevant. It’s also nice that, although they might have some technology preferences, their opinions doesn’t come off as a sales pitch for their one tech stack.
Fun & Practical
Caleb McElroy
I thoroughly enjoy it and as a self-taught developer with 5 years of experience it’s helping me improve myself! This podcast is full of humor yet is super informative, with episodes from Software Architecture, Algorithms, Data Structures, Testing, etc. It's helping me go deeper into my knowledge of software engineering.
Informative and fun
Really enjoyed the JAM stack episode. Having one guy come in ignorant is great for listeners that are also ignorant of the topic.
This is becoming one of my addictions
Great show that covers s lot of topics in a very accessible and entertaining manner!! Continue, guys!!
Great job guys!
Coming from a non-dev background, this is one of my primary stops for knowing which dev rabbit holes to go down. Each episode I feel like I’m following along better thanks to the explanations along the way.
I think I accidentally resubmitted a review so I thought the best way to apologize is with another review. Still an awesome show. 7/5 would review again.
Awesome for any type of developer
Hippie MX
This is probably the only podcast I hear. These guys are awesome, they talk about really interesting things, they are funny and have some really good advices. I really enjoy the talk, the jokes, "Survey saaaaaaaaaays", tip of the week and even the way they do ads for their sponsors I always listen while I'm driving, it was about time for me to actually leave a review. I've learned a lot from you guys and really enjoy your podcasts, keep them episodes coming!
99 Episodes Later...
First things first; To Michael, Allen, and Joe: Thank you. You are all fantastic and have helped me so much in my career. Now, onto the review: The coding blocks podcast is fantastic. It does a great job covering complex technical concepts from the perspective of a real developer, not an academic. The topics the hosts cover are immediately applicable to the programs that I write and I always learn something awesome when I listen to Coding Blocks. They focus on broad topics that are applicable across languages, so they maintain a certain level of "technology agnostic opinions", so no matter what language you work with, you can gain something from this podcast. Additionally the hosts do a great job of creating a culture of "always-be-learning". I highly recommend not only the coding blocks podcast, but the coding blocks slack for every developer, no matter your skill level.
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