A great and insightful podcast
After watching Chris Jericho wrestle for many years and reading his book I decided to check out his podcast. I was and am very well pleased with the program. Chris Jericho has an interview style that makes the guest seemed to be relaxed while allowing Chris to maintain his curiosity in the subject they are covering or guest for that episode. Chris also has cornucopia of guests that have led me to learn more about specific celebrities I enjoy or topics I may not have ever considered. I plan to continue to be a long time listener.
Greatest of all Time!
Almasty Almighty
No matter who the guest is and no matter the subject! Jericho takes us on a journey of learning and laughs that keep me wanting more! This podcast is the code breaker for your boring day! Listen to it, idiot! You won’t regret one moment!
If you’re looking for fantastic podcasts, THIS JUST MADE THE LIST!
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Y2J !!
Justin Cort
Love the podcast , not a fan of the commercial breaks but I understand what needs to be done to keep the show going for free .
Great interviewer and great guests but...
Valley Skin 818
2 many commercials. I know bros gotta eat but this pod cast has the most mid podcast commercial breaks of any podcasts. Rogan has them in the start, Bill Burr has them at the end. H3H3 has a long one mid podcasts. But Jericho has 5-6 breaks mid interview and it breaks up the momentum of the interview. But content is excellent but unless I’m in a place I can skip ads I can’t listen to it.
Awesome show
Greg y.
Ive been a listener for a few years now and I absolutely love this show! Chris mixes up the wrestling and music worlds seamlessly, and for being a superstar in both worlds it is refreshing to hear someone of his stature be so humble about his successes and genuinely fanboy out when he talks to a Paul Stanley etc or when he 1st had eli roth on! Its such a great listen a a great way to hear both sides (Fanboy side and Star side) of the stories! Chris THANK YOU!
Great podcast
Chris Jericho is a awesome podcast host and a great interviewer. If this talented man didn’t have a historical career in wrestling and music, I guarantee he would have been a great journalist
Tapping out
Not the show it once was
Amazing show
I have been a fan of Jerichos wrestling for some time. Recently gave his podcast a chance and it is amazing. Love how the show isn't limited to wrestling and will talk about pop culture to random conspiracy theories (looking at you Bo Dallas). If you're looking for a fair and balanced podcast this is for you.
Less commercials and more jack
kanye west gold digger
I love y2j podcast it’s always interesting to listen to the only problem I have is that there’s too much commercials and I want more jack slade
Corey c w
That MJF interview was highly entertaining..I couldn’t tell when MJF was in character or not...when you 2 have a program the promos alone will be magic
Podcast is Jericho
Best in the ring. Best on the mic. And best in podcast. I have been a fan since the 90’s. Did you know he beat Stone Cold and the Rock in one night?
Dan the Man
Hi Chris, I love the podcast, one of my favorite that I listen to while I’m at work. I liked the one you just did with Bautista .
Best Podcast on the air!
I grew up loving wrestling, I still love wrestling, and apart of that has always been Chris Jericho. I love music, especially rock and metal and now Fozzy is apart of that aswell. This podcast is an awesome mix of music and wrestling and even more fun things. I listen to this show every week and I always come away with more than I had before, whether that be knowledge or just a laugh. Everyone should listen to Talk is Jericho baby!!
Beatles Show
I recently took my 9 year old son to his 1st concert- Paul McCartney in Green Bay, WI at Lambeau Field. What a show it was & this podcast episode really brought it home how special it was to see a Beatle live & in person. Great Show Chris & crew! Can’t believe none of you had Revolution (faster version) on your set list, that song would rock live in concert!
Excellent Podcast
I listen to this podcast all the time. I recently got into podcasts and I am addicted to Talk Is Jericho. I even want to read his books now. I listen to it everywhere I go, even in the gym. - 4 years later I’m still listening all the time.
A little too much...perhaps?
Sometimes it feels like he brings up the same stories when trying to connect with people, while also turning the conversation towards himself. Also the “bashing”(for lack of a better term) and the seemingly intentional forgetting of people’s name seems a bit bitter imo.
While he has great guests, he makes the conversation go back to him. He also feels as if he’s been “wronged,” by the industry but he clearly has not. Tries to hard to fit in.
Best podcast!
Jericho, is the very best!
You just made the list!! (Pen click)
5 stars OHH YEAA!!
So glad to find a show that combines so many elements that fit my passions. Episodes that celebrate The Warriors, The Outsiders, Bad News Bears, pro-wrestling, growing up in the 70s, and 80s, and of course music. Great podcast.
Jericho is bae bae
Lord Valley Lloyd
Love your podcast. I have been a fan of Jericho for 13 years and love his podcast. Entertaining, fun to listen to, great guest.
still cool
going into a 4th decade of being relevant and still cool. The combo of successfully performing in Pro Wrestling and Rock n Roll music , can you imagine all the stories? He comes across as a true modern Renaissance Man! I’d bet he had great parents
It’s talk, it’s Jericho, what else needs to be said? I’ve always wanted more Jericho in my life for entertainment and this podcast more than delivers. Nothing else out there even compares, especially if you want an honest, yet fun take on the life of wrestling. Drink it in, maaaaan!
Give it a listen,Maaann!
Bearded Gem City Bulldog
Beyond listening for Mox, you should listen for the vast depth of guests. Touching on taboo subjects like “The Rabid Wolverine” to talking to Snooki. I’ve been a fan of Jericho since WCW, hearing him lift the curtain on different things is awesomeness. He doesn’t have to be a one trick pony. If you haven’t given it a shot, do it.
Great show
jc banger
I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year & id have to say Thank You Chris, I listen to you while I deliver mail on my route. In my opinion these last 3 shows were the best I’ve herd & the best interviews you’ve done. Also the unauthorized wwe PPV previews rule as well. Great Job keep it up.
One of the Best Podcasts Out There
I’ve been listening to the Jon Moxley episode on repeat since it was released. It’s so great, everything about this show is great!
Best in the world, I mean universe.
Big Stick Smalls
Best podcast around!!! Big fan Chris. Keep up the great work!!!!
Jericho is a legend
Phenomenal podcast. Kind of short, but frequent. Please, more New Japan stuff! And definitely more Squatch! Those episodes are the best!
Dustin podcast 5 stars
Anthony NorCal
Thought the D. Rhodes/Runnels podcast was great!! Fun to hear the behind the scenes and guys just being 100% real!! Great work!! Thanks for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cali
Thank you.
Chris’ podcast has helped me a lot. It has educated and elevated me. As a young kid who wants to get into the business this podcast helps. I grew up watching Y2J but before that of course there was Lion-heart Chris Jericho. He is one of the best in the industry from WCW all the way to AEW now he has a story booked career. His music is great too. So to be able to sit and listen to this free information from a legend is a privilege. Thank you Chris.
The Renaissance Man of Wrestling slays the Podcast Game!!! At this point, would you expect anything less?
Y2J at his finest
Never boring! Yaaaa boy!
I just love Jericho
I’ve always loved everything about Jericho and I’m glad to see he’s still so on fire with everything.
Great Content.
Derek The Barber
Jericho really knows how to get down to business. Content is great. I am officially a subscriber!
great , pure and with real honesty I am loving JM so far
hey jerico huge fan of wwe since the early 2004-2018 now do more with seth rollins and roman reins. and in one night do one with the shield
Jericho is great at everything he does!
Love how Jericho gets into details with the wrestlers about the wrestling life!
Jericho is awesome
Love the podcast. Listen to it faithfully.
Best interview I’ve heard since cm punk exposed this dumpster fire of a company 5 years ago it’s like Deja vu. Incredible stuff. AEW is legit
The best
One of the best podcasts I ever subscribed to. It’s amazing with Jericho’s insight and his guests are great. The best!!
I wish I could give this a 4 or 5
Excellent content and good conversation. Jericho... please please make your ads less clunky. If you prerecord... don’t try to force them into the conversation and “fake” that you actually stopped to do the ad mid interview. We can hear the change in audio, and the it breaks the flow. Seriously, just give me a chime or guitar riff, deliver the ad and then riff or chime out.
The Jon Moxley
Hilarious stuff with the dentist. Especially because the lead elf sounds like Vince McMahon
Awesome talk is Jericho podcast
Awesome podcast one of favorite wrestling podcast I listen to while I’m working
Jon Moxley
The 11th Doctor...
The Jon Moxley episode is the best interview I have ever listened to in my life. Jericho is an amazing host and is the best in the world. Thank you for signing with AEW
Chris thank you so much
Need some wifi
Awesome podcast. Always entertaining and always fun to listen.
Best Wrestling Podcast
Been listing to this podcast for the past year and every episode is great. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Interesting, Unique and Addicting
Although I am a wrestling fan, Jericho's podcast is so much more. Like Joe Rogan, he has a great voice, unique opinions and seems to always speak his mind. Really refreshing from a really talented guy.
Thank you for the Moxley podcast I’ve been dying to hear that story. God. Also Riff Raff is AEW! Sign that man. And sign me! I’ve been dying to have a career in wrestling. Have absolutely no experience wrestling I just want to work in the business and I absolutely love this movement. Also a die hard Jericho fan you have motivated me to do whatever I want and dream. I have some sports management experience and business mgmt from college in which I’m still enrolled in. @legitdubb on Instagram
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