February 14, 2020
Seattle duo NAVVI used their latest record, '2502,' as an exercise in trusting their creative instincts. Recorded in the span of one week at a remote cabin, the result is a continuous, hypnotic mix of house rhythms and ethereal vocals. Troy Nelson hosts NAVVI's Kristin and Brad in the KEXP Live Room for a performance of four songs and a conversation about their writing and recording process, Zelda and Kristin's corgi. Recorded 10/29/2019. Human Dopamine Sampaguita Human Highlight Reel Support the show.
February 12, 2020
On her fourth LP, 'Close It Quietly,' Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos engages with the idea of rebirth and reimagining, never lingering too long on the past. This comes through in her lyrics as well as the swirling instrumental stylings of each brief track, most hovering around 2 minutes. From the KEXP Live Room, Kline plays four songs off the new record and talks with DJ Troy Nelson about her prolific writing style, her growing popularity and getting star-struck. Recorded 10/30/2019. So Blue Windows A Joke Rings (On A Tree) Support the show.
February 7, 2020
The music of Seattle-based rapper/producer Sam Brakebill-Hacke exudes Pacific Northwest with its gloomy, laid back beats, floating melodies and earnest storytelling. Brakebill joins Stas THEE Boss on Street Sounds for an intimate performance and a discussion about developing his ambient sound, the heavy themes that inspired his latest album, 'Out The Window' and what's next. Recorded 01/06/2020. Back Seat Two Weeks Cry Like A Boy Don't Call The Cops. Support the show.
February 5, 2020
Norwegian artist Marie Ulven, also known as girl in red, is a DIY success story. In 2015, she began releasing music on Soundcloud after writing, recording and producing everything from her bedroom. Fans quickly latched onto her unfiltered honesty about depression, queerness and teenage heartbreak, and soon her music was heard by millions. Recorded at Kex Hostel during KEXP’s 2019 Iceland Airwaves broadcast, Ulven plays six songs and brings the crowd to laughter between each. Recorded 11/08/2019. we fell in love in october summer depression bad idea! watch you sleep. girls i wanna be your girlfriend. Support the show.
January 31, 2020
Icelandic composer Gabríel Ólafs is a classically trained pianist who began writing melodies of his own at a young age, often creating themes for imaginary characters. His melodic storytelling is likened to film scores, bolstered by ambient strings and a thoughtful openness. In this session from KEXP’s 2019 Iceland Airwaves broadcast, recorded at Kex Hostel, Gabriel performs six songs and tells the audience about the unexpected inspiration for his music, experimenting with sound and more. Recorded 11/07/2019. Absent Minded Bára Cyclist Waltz Lóa (variation) Staircase Sonata Filma Support the show.
January 29, 2020
Indie folk outfit Seabear is comprised of seven musicians who, in typical Icelandic fashion, each have musical pursuits of their own. Joining KEXP at the 2019 broadcast from Kex Hostel during Iceland Airwaves, the band performs four songs to a sold-out crowd. Don't miss frontman Sindri Sigfusson's witty banter between songs, including why KEXP is better than algorithms. Recorded 11/07/2019. 4 songs - Arms, Waterphone, Leaf Mask, Wolf Boy. Support the show.
January 24, 2020
Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard made waves last year with her debut solo record, 'Jaime.' Gliding on instrumentals that blend funk, soul, psych-rock and R&B, her dynamic yet intimate vocals are what make this a powerhouse record and easily one of KEXP's favorites of 2019. Hosted by Cheryl Waters on the Midday Show, Brittany discusses gaining confidence as a songwriter and solo artist, the deeply personal album name, the themes of race and sexuality in her music and touring with her idol. Recorded 11/18/2019. 4 songs - Stay High, Georgia, He Loves Me, Presence. Support the show.
January 22, 2020
Mexico City-based project Celest gets their name from a fascination with the sky and the cosmos, and their sound fittingly blends dream pop, ambient, and alternative rock. DJ Chilly hosts the band for this ethereal performance from Panoram Studios during KEXP’s 2019 Mexico City broadcast. Recorded 02/27/2019. 4 songs - Entre Bien y Mal, Sol, Fantasmas, Hasta Que El Tiempo No Nos Separe. Support the show.
January 17, 2020
Jake Xerxes Fussell has proven himself a modern master of American folk and blues, with prodigious guitar playing and a rawness to his voice that goes straight to the heart. Hosted by Greg Vandy on KEXP's The Roadhouse, Fussell performs four songs and discusses getting his start in the folklore world, his Southern origins and how he reinterprets traditional music. Recorded 10/04/2019. 4 songs - Jubilee, Raggy Levy, The River St. John's, Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing on a Sweet Potato Vine? Support the show.
January 15, 2020
Convention-breaking artist and activist Madame Gandhi, formerly the drummer for M.I.A., writes music that centers the female voice and experience, boldly making space for more women and femme rappers to follow. As part of KEXP's 2019 Iceland Airwaves broadcast from Kex Hostel, she performs tracks from her latest EP, Visions, skillfully jumping between a drum kit, beat pad and the mic, and taking breaks to explain her inspiration and intended impact. Recorded 11/06/2019. 6 songs - Waiting For Me, Her, Top Knot Turn Up, Young Indian, Yellow Sea, Bad Habits. Support the show.
January 10, 2020
Born out of the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, KOKOKO! inventively up-cycles various materials to create a sonically vibrant, spontaneous style of dance music. The collective joins Troy Nelson in the KEXP Live Room for an exhilarating performance of songs from their new record, Fongola, and a multilingual discussion about the spirit of collaboration, building instruments out of necessity and breaking away from Congolese musical traditions. Recorded 10/12/2019. 4 songs - Likolo, Tongos'a, Malembe, Azo Toke. Support the show.
January 8, 2020
Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ORUÃ brings their own brand of jazz-infused, fuzzed-out psychedelia to the KEXP Live Room. Playing mostly songs from their 2019 album, 'Romã,’ the three-piece band also speaks with Cheryl Waters about their connection with Built To Spill, the arts community in Rio de Janeiro and their many side projects. Recorded 03/27/2019. 5 songs - Volte Consciente, Malquerências, Domador, Vitin, Ilhas De Força. Support the show.
January 3, 2020
On her debut LP, 'Keepsake,' Australian artist Harriette Pilbeam, or Hatchie, delivers the electro-pop nostalgia the record's title promises. She and her band join DJ Evie in the KEXP Live Room to perform four songs and discuss influences, selling out shows and writing songs in her pajamas. Recorded 09/29/2019. 4 songs - Her Own Heart, Kiss The Stars, Obsessed, Stay With Me. Support the show.
January 1, 2020
Recorded 04/02/2019. 4 songs - Crosses, Heartbeats, The Forest, Leaf Off / The Cave. Support the show.
December 27, 2019
Recorded 09/27/2019. 4 songs - Weyu Lárigi Weyu (Day By Day), Banda, Gudemei (Poverty), Mongulu. Support the show.
December 25, 2019
Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer is known for his relentless experimentation across genres, encompassing krautrock, punk, thrash metal, no-wave, and psychedelic. The band is also prolific, with this year's 'Face Stabber' putting them at a staggering twenty-two studio albums. Hosted by Troy Nelson, the band performs three sprawling tracks from 'Face Stabber' as well as two from earlier releases, and discuss Toby Keith, mosh pits, and how Dwyer came across the album's cover art. Recorded 10/05/2019. 5 songs - Nite Expo, C, Snickersnee, Together Tomorrow, Henchlock. Support the show.
December 20, 2019
The eponymous debut record from Austin-based Black Pumas has been a KEXP favorite since its summer release. The uniquely raw and soulful delivery of singer Eric Burton paired with producer Adrian Quesada's instrumentals, which nod to 70s soul and 90s hip hop, give them a sound that's simultaneously nostalgic and of the future. DJ Cheryl Waters chats with the duo about how they formed the project, what messages they want to convey through their music, Burton's nomadic past and bringing their distinctive spirit to live shows. Recorded 10/18/2019. 4 songs - Black Moon Rising, Fire, Colors, OCT 33. Support the show.
December 18, 2019
On their sophomore LP, ‘Cry,’ Cigarettes After Sex continues delicately crafting a world that’s moody, atmospheric and cinematic. Frontman Greg Gonzalez says the sound is owed in part to the recording of the album in a remote part of the Spanish island Mallorca. DJ Morgan hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room for a performance of four songs and a discussion about recording in exotic locations and how movies have affected their songwriting. Recorded 09/28/2019. 4 songs - Don't Let Me Go, Kiss It Off Me, Heavenly, Falling In Love. Support the show.
December 13, 2019
The title of Jay Som’s latest record, ‘Anak Ko,’ is a term of endearment in the Filipino language of Tagalog, and translates to “my child.” Songwriter and frontwoman Melina Duterte describes the title as “a warm blanket over the record,” which finds her rooted in the personal while maintaining a bright, dream pop punchiness. Duterte and her charismatic band join Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room for four songs and an interview on her approach to the record, her many collaborators and the importance of “me time.” Recorded 09/19/2019. 4 songs - Anak Ko, Peace Out, Superbike, Get Well. Support the show.
December 11, 2019
Zimbabwe's Mokoomba merges traditional Tonga rhythms with modern Afro-fusion for a brimming sound that's at once energizing and emotionally evocative. The six-piece band joins Wo'Pop's Darek Mazzone in the KEXP Live Room to perform four new songs and discuss eleven years of touring together and the meaning behind their songs. Recorded 04/26/2019. 4 songs - Nyansola, Njawane, Manina, Ndipe. Support the show.
December 6, 2019
On her dynamic debut LP, 'Miss Universe,' Nilüfer Yanya manages to exceed the hype of her alluring earlier releases. Breaking down boundaries of genre and expectation, the London artist bounces between floating falsetto, anthemic power, head-banging rock and spare jazz arrangements, all interspersed with short skits of the fictional WWAY HEALTH, a satire on self-improvement industries. She joins DJ Abbie in the KEXP Live Room for this performance of four songs followed by an interview on her early creative influences, the comfort of the unknown and more. Recorded 09/26/2019. 4 songs - Golden Cage, Paradise, The Unordained, In Your Head. Support the show.
December 4, 2019
Shana Cleveland is best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist of surfer-rock group La Luz, but her solo music stands wholly on its own. Inspired in part by Afro-futurist Sun Ra, her second solo album, 'Night of the Worm Moon,' explores UFOs, the cosmos, and alternate dimensions. With her acoustic fingerpicking and moody melodies gliding on a bed of ambient drones, the record serves as the perfect vessel for mind wanderings. Recorded 04/10/2019. 4 songs - Face of the Sun, In Another Realm, Don't Let Me Sleep, Invisible When the Sun Leaves. Support the show.
November 29, 2019
This Perth-based psychedelic rock outfit gets bigger with every release. With crunchier guitars, heavier riffs and more hypnotic melodies, their much anticipated 2019 LP, 'And Now For The Whatchamacallit,' does not disappoint. The band joins Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room to perform four songs. Recorded 09/13/2019. 4 songs - Hymn For A Droid, Bill's Mandolin, Cubensis Lenses, Cornflake. Support the show.
November 27, 2019
LA-based duo Girlpool's third LP, 'What Chaos Is Imaginary,' demonstrates their continued need for expansion and experimentation. While at the heart, it's still driven by the crafty and infectious melodies characteristic of their previous releases, the record is bursting with new harmonies, instrumentation and textures. Cheryl Waters hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room for four new songs and a conversation on songwriting and the captivating title of their album. Recorded 04/12/2019. 4 songs - Hire, Pretty, Minute In Your Mind, What Chaos Is Imaginary. Support the show.
November 22, 2019
The five members of Portland-based No Kind of Rider have been making music together since their teen years in Oklahoma, drawing influence from jazz, post-punk, R&B, shoegaze and electronic. Their 2018 debut full-length, 'Savage Coast,' strikes an intricate balance between these varied genres, resulting in a sound that evokes no comparison. Audioasis host Eva Walker welcomes the band to the KEXP Live Room for four songs from the record and a discussion on how music heals in times of grief. Recorded 09/10/2019. 4 songs - Intermission, Dark Ice, Sophia, Autumn. Support the show.
November 20, 2019
Brooklyn-based Alsarah & The Nubatones encompasses the diverse influences of its members in what they describe as "East-African retro-pop.” With a range of backgrounds including Sudanese, Egyptian, Armenian, American, French and Togolese, this group proves that music with soul has no borders. Alsarah's calm yet vibrant vocals lead the way in four stunning songs and an enlightening interview with Wo'Pop host Darek Mazzone. Recorded 04/11/2019. 4 songs - Men Ana, Habibi, Alforag, Fulani. Support the show.
November 15, 2019
Wilco frontman and indie rock icon Jeff Tweedy stops by Rainshadow Recording on his birthday for this live session during the THING Fest 2019 broadcast. After releasing two gorgeous, stripped-down solo records and a memoir in the span of a year, Jeff is back on the road with Wilco to promote their 11th studio album, Ode To Joy. Along with playing a few songs, old and new, Tweedy talks with KEXP's DJ Morgan about grief, album titles, his memoir, and free cantaloupes. Recorded 08/25/2019. 4 songs - An Empty Corner, White Wooden Cross, Family Ghost, Impossible Germany. Support the show.
November 13, 2019
Molly Burch's sophomore LP, ‘First Flower,' is an intimate self-portrait that lays bare her insecurities alongside her triumphs. Accompanied by dreamy electric guitar, her sultry vocals take center stage to tell her story. Cheryl Waters hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room as they play songs from ‘First Flower’ and the new 7” single. Recorded 08/28/2019. 4 songs - First Flower, To The Boys, Your Party, Only One. Support the show.
November 8, 2019
Iceland's Júníus Meyvant joins KEXP for another energy-packed live performance, this time from Rainshadow Recording during THING Fest 2019. Meyvant's captivating sense of melody and crooning vocals are elevated by the rich backing arrangements of his band. He plays songs from his two 2019 releases, the ‘Across The Borders’ LP and ‘Rearview Paradise’ EP in this session hosted by DJ Morgan. Recorded 08/24/2019. 4 songs - Love Child, Draw The Line, Until The Last Minute, Ain't Gonna Let You Drown. Support the show.
November 6, 2019
A staple of the 90’s indie rock scene, Versus is back after a nearly decade-long hiatus with the LP ‘Ex Voto.’ Pared down to subtly highlight the harmonies of Richard Baluyut and Fontaine Toups, the music remains tinged with nostalgia even as the songwriting continues to evolve. Cheryl Waters hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room to showcase four songs from the new album. Recorded 08/29/2019. 4 songs - Gravity, Moon Palace, Baby Green, Atmosphere. Support the show.
November 1, 2019
Aussie psych-rock favorite King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard continually impresses its die-hard fanbase, from ambitiously releasing five albums in 2017 to effortlessly genre-hopping through experimentation. Most recently, the seven-piece band (which includes two drummers) has gone metal to convey a message about the human race’s hand in climate change. They join Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room to play five songs from the new record, ‘Infest the Rats’ Nest,’ and answer questions from fans. Recorded 08/18/2019. 5 songs - Mars For The Rich, Venusian 1, Perihelion, Venusian 2, Hell. Support the show.
October 30, 2019
First-generation Colombian-American quartet Combo Chimbita made an impression in 2017 with their debut LP, ‘Abya Yala,’ in a style they described as “tropical futurism.” Their new album, ‘Ahomale,’ borrows its name from a Yoruba term meaning ‘adorer of ancestors’ and channels the spiritual wisdom of their ancestral past through a variety of musical influences, from Afro-Latinx rhythms to metal and soul to psychedelia. They share their enlightenment on a breathtaking performance for El Sonido hosted by DJ Chilly. Recorded 05/21/2019. 5 songs - Sola, Ahomale, Testigo, Santo Fuerte, Esto Es Real (8100mg). Support the show.
October 25, 2019
Fifteen years and seven albums in, The Hold Steady (as their name suggests) remains a fan-favorite after their latest effort, ‘Thrashing Thru The Passion.’ The fresh line-up highlights frontman Craig Finn’s masterful storytelling with raw and uplifting instrumental backing. On this Midday Show session, the band performs five songs from the record and speaks with DJ Cheryl Waters about their unique new approach to touring. Recorded 08/15/2019. 5 songs - Denver Haircut, You Did Good Kid, Blackout Sam, Entitlement Crew, T-Shirt Tux. Support the show.
October 23, 2019
On their fourth album, Can't Tell Me No, Portland's Summer Cannibals get confrontational about their past. The result is chock-full of empowering anthems that are as catchy as they are punk. DJ Abbie hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room for a shredding performance. Recorded 07/26/2019. 4 songs - One Of Many, Behave, Like I Used To, False Anthem. Support the show.
October 18, 2019
In her music, avant-garde artist Lido Pimienta incorporates sounds from her indigenous Wayuu culture, traditional Afro-Colombian percussion, and textured electronic soundscapes. Among these varied influences, her voice manages to continually pierce through with intensity and sincerity. Cheryl Waters hosts this session at the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik during 2017's Iceland Airwaves. Recorded 11/04/2017. 6 songs - En Un Minuto, Quiero Que Te Vaya Bien, Fornicarte Es Un Arte, La Capacidad, Para Quererte, Quiero Jardines. Support the show.
October 16, 2019
Leading with his hypnotic electric guitar and soulful vocals, Tuareg musician Mdou Moctar is a powerful force in contemporary Saharan music. Hosted by DJ Rhythma on Wo'Pop, Moctar performs 3 songs from his 2019 album Ilana (The Creator), as well as one original song from the Tuareg-language film he produced and starred in based on Prince's Purple Rain. Recorded 05/25/2018. 4 songs - Tada Dounia, Wiwasharnine, Tarhatazed, Kamane Tarhanin. Support the show.
October 11, 2019
Portland-based Katherine Paul, also known as Black Belt Eagle Scout, blends the moody atmospheres of post-rock and the power of Riot Grrrl punk with the musical and spiritual influences of her upbringing in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. On her latest record At the Party With My Brown Friends, she aims to uplift and inspire other queer and indigenous voices. DJ Morgan hosts this live performance from THING Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. Recorded 08/24/2019. 4 songs - At The Party, My Heart Dreams, Loss & Relax, You're Me and I'm You. Support the show.
October 9, 2019
The music of Sudan Archives is an ethereal blend of R&B and experimental electronic, built on a foundation of Sudanese folk. DJ Morgan hosts this exclusive session from KEXP's live broadcast of the first-ever THING Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. Recorded 08/25/2019. 4 songs - Nont For Sale, Come Meh Way, Limitless, Did You Know. Support the show.
October 4, 2019
The Nude Party fuses their own brand of psych-folk twang with classic rock and roll for an undeniably good time. Greg Vandy hosts the six-piece band in the KEXP Live Room as they perform 5 songs from their 2018 self-titled LP. Recorded 08/13/2019. 5 songs - Water on Mars, Feels Alright, Astral Man, Chevrolet Van, Records. Support the show.
October 2, 2019
Seattle quartet Versing attempts to find peace in the chaos on their latest record, 10000. The band brings their intricate guitar textures and punchy melodies to the KEXP Live Room for a session hosted by DJ Troy Nelson. Recorded 06/17/2019. 4 songs - Tethered, Offering, By Design, Renew. Support the show.
September 27, 2019
Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin brings Cheryl Waters to tears in this live session. Her deeply personal new album, Crushing, exposes both her vulnerabilities and her strengths through honest lyrical reflections and minimally produced vocals. Recorded 08/12/2019. 4 songs - Don't Know How To Keep Loving You, Head Alone, Turn Me Down, Pressure To Party. Support the show.
September 25, 2019
On his third record, Halve, Peter Michel (aka Hibou) confronts the dichotomies of being a young adult, with the backdrop of his signature ethereal indie-pop and bright melodies. Hosted by Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 08/21/2019. 4 songs - Silver, Clarity, An Hour of Vision, Inside Illumination. Support the show.
September 20, 2019
Altin Gün is the Amsterdam-based psych-folk project that crosses borders between cultures, genres and time. On their sophomore album, Gece, they infuse classic Turkish folk songs with psych-rock production and funk grooves, immediately uplifting and transporting the listener. The band gives a magnetic performance in the KEXP Live Room with Cheryl Waters. Recorded 08/05/2019. 4 songs - Kolbasti, Leyla, Vay Dunya, Supergesi Yoncadan. Support the show.
September 18, 2019
Detroit-based artist Stef Chura teamed up with Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo to produce her sophomore LP, Midnight. The result is full of satisfying guitar riffs, cathartic expressions of anger, and Chura's distinctive vocals front and center. Cheryl Waters hosts in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 08/01/2019. 4 songs - They'll Never, Scream, 3D Girl, Sincerely Yours. Support the show.
September 13, 2019
The Head and the Heart helped define the folk-pop genre with their self-titled debut in 2011. Now, the Seattle band returns to the KEXP Live Room in support of their first record in three years, Living Mirage. Hosted by Kevin Cole, they perform three songs from the new record and one from 2016's Signs of Light. Recorded 05/31/2019. 4 songs - Missed Connection, See You Through My Eyes, Library Magic, People Need a Melody. Support the show.
September 11, 2019
Psychedelic rock outfit Wand pares down their sound in their fifth studio album, Laughing Matter, opening up space for their hypnotic essence to truly take hold. Listen in as they join Evie in the KEXP Live Room to perform 4 new songs. Recorded 05/06/2019. 4 songs - Wonder, Thin Air, Scarecrow, Airplane. Support the show.
September 6, 2019
Indie rock icon Jenny Lewis shines brighter than ever on her latest record, On The Line. From her honest reckoning with past demons to her shimmery 70s aesthetic, the album is simultaneously introspective and vibrant. She joins DJ Kevin Cole in the KEXP Live Room for an electric performance of 4 songs from the album. Recorded 05/21/2019. 4 songs - Heads Gonna Roll, Wasted Youth, Party Clown, Red Bull & Hennessy. Support the show.
September 4, 2019
Cameroon-born Lætitia Tamko burst into the indie rock scene as Vagabon in 2017 with her debut album Infinite Worlds, showcasing unique guitar-driven melodies with her deeply expressive vocal stylings. She joins DJ Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room to play songs from her debut as well as her highly anticipated self-titled follow up. Recorded 07/19/2019. 4 songs - Cold Apartment, Minneapolis, Flood, All the Women. Support the show.
August 30, 2019
Seattle septet The Dip skillfully blends classic soul, funk rhythms, and modern pop to produce upbeat music that’s impossible not to get up and groove with. The band joins DJ John Richards in the KEXP Live Room to perform songs from their new record, The Dip Delivers. Recorded 05/07/2019. 4 songs - Atlas, Starcastle, She Gave Me the Keys, Sure Don’t Miss You. Support the show.
August 28, 2019
On Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest, Bill Callahan proves as powerful as ever. This time reflecting on his home and family life, the record is a compelling ode to contentment. Cheryl Waters hosts Callahan in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 06/23/2019. 4 songs - Writing, Son of the Sea, Camels, The Ballad of the Hulk. Support the show.
August 23, 2019
In their fourth record, This Mess Is a Place, Seattle pop-punk outfit and KEXP regulars Tacocat blend political critique with their signature sense of humor and hope. The band joins Stevie Zoom in the KEXP Live Room to showcase four new songs. Recorded 05/03/2019. 4 songs - New World, Crystal Ball, Grains of Salt, The Joke of Life. Support the show.
August 21, 2019
While writing her fifth studio album, Reward, Welsh singer Cate Le Bon retreated to a rural English town and studied the art of chairmaking. The result is electrifying. She performs 4 songs from the album in the KEXP Live Room with DJ Cheryl Waters. Recorded 07/15/2019. 4 songs - Miami, Home To You, Mother’s Mother’s Magazines, Meet the Man. Support the show.
August 16, 2019
Seattle’s local favorite The Black Tones invigorate audiences with their original blend of blues and punk. Listen to them perform 4 songs from their debut full-length album, Cobain and Cornbread, produced by the legendary Jack Endino. Recorded 06/18/2019 in the KEXP Live Room. 4 songs - Ghetto Spaceship, The Key of Black (They Want Us Dead), Mama! There’s A Spider In My Room, Welcome Mr. Pink. Support the show.
August 14, 2019
Known for their impressive live shows, internationally beloved Mexican guitar rock duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela joins fans in the KEXP Gathering Space to perform songs from their new record, Mettavolution. Recorded 07/14/2019. 4 songs - Krotona Days, Electric Soul, Witness Tree, Mettavolution. Support the show.
August 9, 2019
Diane Coffee is the genre-defying solo project of versatile Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming. In his latest album, Internet Arms, he insightfully tackles the subject of intimacy in the digital age. Performed in the KEXP Live Room with DJ Cheryl Waters. Recorded 06/06/2019. 4 songs - Simulation, Stuck In Your Saturday Night, Lights Off, Internet Arms. Support the show.
August 7, 2019
Jumping between genres and regularly swapping instruments, Seattle trio Tres Leches is impossible to put labels on. One consistency is that it’s hard not to rock out along with them. Tres Leches joins Audioasis host Eva Walker in the KEXP Live Room to perform 4 songs from their debut full-length album, Amorfo. Recorded 05/18/2019. 4 songs - Doing What Are You / What Are You Doing, Nueva York, Ha-ha This Away, Despise Us. Support the show.
August 2, 2019
Everybody’s favorite masked cowboy visits Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room to perform 4 songs from his breakout album, Pony. Crooning about love and loss in a way that’s entirely his own, Orville Peck can bring any listener to fall in love with country. Recorded 05/20/2019. 4 songs - Turn To Hate, Big Sky, Dead Of Night, Take You Back. Support the show.
July 31, 2019
Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, The Qualitons draw from 60s and 70s funk to showcase upbeat, psychedelic rock and a killer live performance. Hosted by DJ Kevin Cole in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 03/22/2019. 4 songs - Zöld Sárga (Green To Yellow), Draw A Line, Doubt, All We Can Do. Support the show.
July 26, 2019
Weyes Blood's latest album Titanic Rising opens the skies to the celestial, seamlessly bouncing from folksy tracks like Andromeda to more dreamy and synth-driven songs like Movies. DJ Abbie hosts the band in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 05/17/2019. 4 songs - Andromeda, Everyday, Movies, Something to Believe. Support the show.
July 24, 2019
Amanda Palmer, the songwriter, author, performance artist, and alt-rock icon formerly of the Dresden Dolls, performs 3 soul-baring, dynamic songs from her latest solo record, There Will Be No Intermission. Hosted by Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room. Recorded 06/04/2019. 3 songs - Drowning In The Sound, Voicemail For Jill, The Ride. Support the show.
July 19, 2019
Soulful superstars Durand Jones & The Indications join Kevin Cole in the KEXP Live Room to perform 4 songs from their sophomore LP, American Love Call. Recorded 04/02/2019. 4 songs - Walk Away, Morning In America, Long Way Home, Too Many Tears. Support the show.
July 17, 2019
Mexican rock band No Somos Marineros shares their trance-like tunes with KEXP in the first-ever broadcast from Mexico City at Panoram Studios. Recorded 03/01/2019. 5 songs - B.O.G., Los Bajos Fondos, Kalusha Y Biyik, Cutlass ('96), D'arcy. Support the show.
July 12, 2019
With songwriter Meg Duffy at the helm, Hand Habits' sophomore album Placeholder explores ambiguity and the undefinable on a bed of lush folk instrumentation. The band joined Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room to perform 4 songs. Recorded 03/26/2019. 4 songs - Placeholder, Pacify, Are You Serious?, Jessica. Support the show.
July 10, 2019
The Budos Band's fifth album V is another solid collection of classic R&B from the Daptone Records retro heroes. The band performed 4 songs from the KEXP Live Room in this session. Recorded 04/20/2019. 4 songs - Old Engine Oil, The Enchanter, Veil of Shadows, Arcane Rambler. Support the show.
July 5, 2019
Kevin Morby's fifth album Oh My God finds the Kansas City songwriter examining mortality and the afterlife. Morby and his band play 4 songs in the KEXP Live Room with DJ Abbie. Recorded 05/14/2019. 4 songs - Congratulations, Hail Mary, Piss River, Seven Devils. Support the show.
July 3, 2019
With traces of new wave and garage rock, Hello Seahorse! have crafted kinetic, electric songs for more than a decade. The Mexico City quartet perform a career-spanning session live from Panoram Studios during KEXP’s broadcast from the Mexican capital. Recorded 03/01/2019. 4 songs - Bestia, Dónde Estabas, Son, Incendio Support the show.
June 28, 2019
Ahead of his eighth album in just over a decade (to say nothing of his soundtrack work and other releases), Ezra Furman remains a thrilling enigma ahead of his latest album, Twelve Nudes. The prolific, ever-changing songwriter joins Cheryl Waters in the KEXP Live Room for four songs and a career-spanning interview. Recorded 05/08/2019. 4 songs - Love You So Bad, Evening Prayer, Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone, Psalm 151 Support the show.
June 26, 2019
Camilo Lara’s danceable and genre-spanning project started off KEXP’s February 2019 broadcast from Mexico off in style. The Mexico City producer and his band perform four songs live from Panoram Studios. Recorded 2/26/2019. 4 songs - Mexico, El Jefe, Se Baila Así, Mi T-Shirt De La NASA Support the show.
June 21, 2019
Ximena Sariñana’s crisp, summery tunes were a highlight of KEXP’s first-ever broadcast from Mexico. The Mexico City artist performs five songs from her new album ¿Dónde Bailarán Las Niñas?. Recorded 2/28/2019. 5 songs - Que Seas Tú, ¿Qué Tiene, No Se, Fácil De Amar Chega Pra Ca, Lo Bailado Support the show.
June 19, 2019
Seattle-based transgender bedroom pop artist Left At London performs her debut KEXP in-studio performance. Recorded 3/27/19 on the Morning Show 1. Revolution Lover 2. I-Thought-You-Said 3. I Split My Ribs Open 4. Waiting On A Ghost Support the show.
June 14, 2019
L.A. - based singer-songwriter, composer Julia Holter graced our studios with her captivating and intricate sound. Recorded live on 3/6/19 on the Midday Show 1. Les Jeux to You 2. Chaitus 3. Words I Heard 4. I Shall Love 2  Support the show.
June 12, 2019
L.A.-based, singer-songwriter Miya Folick performs four diverse songs from her debut album Premonitions. Recorded at KEXP on 2/19/19 1. Premonitions 2. Cost Your Love 3. Deadbody 4. Thingamajig Support the show.
June 7, 2019
The ethereal sounds of London trio HÆLOS will transport you to another dimension. Hear the band's full performance recorded at KEXP on 3/23/19. 1. End of World Party 2. A.R.K. 3. Full Circle 4. Buried in the Sand Support the show.
June 5, 2019
"Logs, lights and tree loving" was what UK group Snapped Ankles promised to deliver ahead of their live performance from Studio 9294 in London. What they actually presented was much more! Recorded on 2/5/19 during the Midday Show. 1. Tailpipe 2. True Ecology 3. Letter from Hampi Mountain 4. Drink and Glide 5. Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin 6. I Want My Minutes Back Support the show.
May 31, 2019
When London punk-rock duo JOHN performed live on KEXP from Studio 9294 in London, you could feel their energy through the airwaves! Recorded on 2/4/19 during the Midday Show: 1. Balfron 2. Ghost Printer 3. Industrial Action 4. Future Thinker 5. Squad Vowels 6. Western Wilds 7. God Speed In the National Limit 8. High Digger Support the show.
May 29, 2019
British, female punk trio Big Joanie refer to themselves as "The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY and riot grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis". Their live set on 2/4/19 during The Morning Show from Studio 9294 in London included these 9 songs: 1. Token 2. Way Out 3. Used To Be Friends 4. New Year 5. Crooked Room 6. No Scrubs 7. Down Down 8. It's You 9. Fall Asleep Support the show.
May 24, 2019
On Wednesday, February 6th, London-based garage-surf act Chemtrails took the stage at Studio 9294 in London during the Midday Show and performed these rippin' tunes: 1. Watch Evil Grow 2. Headless Pin Up Girl 3. Ghosts of My Dead Cats 4. Vultures 5. Deranged 6. I'll Never Be 7. Aeons Support the show.
May 22, 2019
London-based bilingual trio Kero Kero Bonito were one of the many bands that performed at KEXP's London Broadcast from Studio 9294 in February, 2019. Here's their set: 1. Outside 2. Lipslap 3. Only Acting 4. You Know How It Is 5. Make Believe 6. Flyaway 7. If I'd Known 8. The Prisoner Support the show.
May 17, 2019
Next up in our Live from Studio 9294 in London broadcast is British art-punk trio Shopping. They performed these 9 songs on the Morning Show: 1. Shave Your Head 2. Asking for a Friend 3. The Hype 4. In Other Words 5. Straight Lines 6. Initiative 7. Take It Outside 8. Long Way Home 9. Suddenly Gone Support the show.
May 15, 2019
British electronic duo Maribou State stopped by KEXP's studio during The Afternoon Show and performed 4 songs from their 2018 album Kingdom's In Colour. 1. Feel Good 2. Nervous Ticks 3. Glasshouses 4. Vale Support the show.
May 10, 2019
KEXP's 2019 London broadcast for International Clash Day brought British experimentalists Vanishing Twin to studio 9294 where they performed 4 songs. 1. Choose Your Own Adventure, 2. Floating Heart 3. The Conservation of Energy 4. You Are Not An Island Support the show.
May 8, 2019
Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, also known as Better Oblivion Community Center stopped by KEXP's studio shortly after the release of their debut, self-titled album. Recorded 3/17/2019 on the Midday show with Cheryl Waters. 4 songs - Didn't Know What I Was In For, Dylan Thomas, Little Trouble, Easy/Lucky/Free Support the show.
May 3, 2019
For this year's International Clash Day celebration, KEXP traveled to London for our first-ever live broadcast from Studio 9294. British Band IDLES stopped by to perform songs during the Afternoon Show. Recorded 2/07/2019. 8 songs - Heel/heal, Queens, Faith in the City, 1040 Gotho, Television, Great, Danny Nedelko, Rottweiler. Support the show.
May 1, 2019
Fatima's chic modern soul effortlessly captures London's vibrancy. Performing live at Studio 9294 in London as part of KEXP's 2019 International Clash Day broadcast, the Stockholm-born singer performs five songs. Recorded 2/5/2018. 4 songs - May I, Only,
April 26, 2019
When they made their maiden voyage to the Pacific Northwest, the Brazilian psych rock outfit (and occasional Built To Spill collaborators) stopped by KEXP's Live Room to perform five songs in this session with Cheryl Waters. Recorded 3/27/2019. 5 songs -
April 24, 2019
Eno Williams' Nigeria-via-London afrobeat project moves your heart and feet at the same time. Performing songs from their 2019 album Doko Mien, the group kick off KEXP's International Clash Day 2019 broadcast live from Studio 9294 in Hackney Wick, London.
April 19, 2019
The Liverpool punk outfit are ferocious and fierce, screeching and shredding with every second. The band perform songs from their eponymous debut live from Studio 9294 in Hackney Wick in London during KEXP's International Clash Day 2019 broadcast. Recorde
April 17, 2019
The Ukranian Dakh Daughers collective spans a wide range of creative mediums, and this session finds the group performing a quixotic mix of theatre and music live at Avast! Recording Co. on Wo'Pop with Derek Mazzone. Recorded 1/14/2018. 4 songs - Rosy, Se
April 12, 2019
Pedro The Lion's return in 2019 found David Bazan revitalized and passionate, crafting one of his strongest albums in years. Backed by his band, Bazan performs a set of songs from the new album, Phoenix, along with some Pedro classics in the KEXP Gatherin
April 10, 2019
Wild Pink's second album, Yolk in the Fur, is a leap forward for the band, sharpening their take on expansive, ethereal rock. The New York band join DJ Atticus at Avast! Recording Co. for a set of four songs from the album. Recorded 12/17/2018. 4 songs -
April 5, 2019
Nabihah Iqbal's silvery electronic cuts have a futuristic allure to their popping rhythms that make for a quixotic listening experience.The razor-sharp electronic musician formerly known as Throwing Shade performs four songs from her debut album Weighing
April 3, 2019
Love Is Magic, John Grant's fourth solo album, is another collection of clever and heart-wrenching songs delivered with a delectable croon and a razor-sharp wit. In this session, Grant joins Troy Nelson at Avast! Recording Co. for a session of four songs
March 29, 2019
Colorful and aqueous, the Rennes, France brass band whips up a rhythmic, sharp performance from the Musée de la danse in their hometown during Trans Musicales 2018. Recorded 12/8/2018. 4 songs - Harika Maru, Savana, Route 35, Monn
March 27, 2019
A Seattle staple for over a decade, Gabriel Teodros' incisive and reflective music reached a new peak with his 2018 LP History Rhymes If It Doesn't Repeat (A Southend Healing Ritual). In this session, Teodros joins Troy Nelson at Avast! Recording Co. for
March 22, 2019
Hazy and alluring, Red Ribbon channels a smokey, Twin Peaks-esque mystique in their atmospheric rock. The Seattle outfit perform four songs from their debut album Dark Party at Avast! Recording Co. with DJ Sean Morrow. Recorded 11/28/2018. 4 songs - Seven
March 20, 2019
Seattle veterans John Atkins (764-Hero) and James van Leuven (Plan B) joined forces for the scrappy lo-fi art punk project Sun Breaks. The Seattle duo join DJ Atticus at Avast! Recording Co. for a four-song session. Recorded 11/29/2018. 4 songs - All on C
March 15, 2019
The Westman Islands, Iceland musician is quickly becoming a KEXP live session regular, and his talent for enrapturing melodies shines through in this session from KEX Hostel in Reykjavik during KEXP's broadcast from Iceland Airwaves 2018. Recorded 11/8/20
March 13, 2019
John Craigie imbues his songs with a wry sense of humor tempered with a deep understanding of American folk rock tradition. The San Francisco songwriter joins The Roadhouse's Greg Vandy at Avast! Recording Co. for a session of five songs. Recorded 11/29/2
March 8, 2019
The kaleidoscopic garage pop of South London's WOOZE is both flirtily playful and endlessly beguiling. Theo Spark and Jamie She perform four songs in session with KEXP at Musée de la danse in Rennes, France, during Trans Musicales 2018. Recorded 12/9/2018
March 6, 2019
Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford's chrome-plated electronic music has a brilliant dance sensibility. The Norwich duo perform five tracks from their self-titled debut album live from Rennes, France as part of KEXP's sessions at Trans Musicales de Rennes 20
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