In love with this podcast
I just started listening to your podcast And I'm in love ❤️ Thank you for this blessing....! Been helping me. A lot in my daily life
Therapy and Theology
I absolutely LOVE this series! Don’t ever stop! So relatable and helpful for my soul! Lysa, I want to be you when I grow up!
I can’t listen enough
I wait for each episode with so much anticipation. They travel with me on my commute to work and I occasionally have to pull over to write a note down. I especially enjoy the therapy and theology.
Love the variety
I love that there is something for every woman, in every stage, in every situation. Grounded in the Word of God.
love love.
Oh gosh I really hope one of you P31 ladies read this. I just had to let you guys know how much your podcast has helped me. I’m 25 still newly married ( 4 years) and learning to navigate life. I felt so far away from God and I felt SO lost and I had no idea where to start again or who to speak to and then I found this podcast. Completely changed my way of thinking, I learned that not everyone’s journey to God is the same and that brings me such comfort to know that I don’t have to do this alone or try and speed up the process of having a solid relationship. It’s building and I’m learning how to build properly. Thank you again for doing this. You guys really are helping change lives.
This podcast is my light
As a momma to 3, student teaching 35 min away from them, I have found this podcast to be a light on my morning drive. What started as a dark thought of frustration, when I wasn’t placed in my kids district, turned into a blessing of getting 35 min every morning to connect with God and His word on my peaceful drive. I’m so grateful for your intentional topics and reference to scripture. I miss my morning devotional time in my reading chair, so I treasure this podcast. Thank you for your time ♥️
Shine Bright in the Lord’s light! 🌟
China the Panda
Okay, so, I’m gonna keep this review short (because I hate long reviews) but, I love this series so much! I’ve only listened to one episode, but I know that I want to listen to more. It really is for any girl in any stage. Shine bright in the Lord’s light! 🌟
The Cost of Choosing Lesser Things
Absolutely love giving to this ministry! It’s become a lifeline and resource during the biggest transition of my life! I feel like I know all these women (which I don’t, but wish I did 🥰) and that I am personally being discipled through their Podcast and the daily word taught through their First 5 app 🙌🏻 . This message The Cost of Choosing Lesser Things especially hurdled me over something God had already been walking through and that was dealing with REGRET. It’s something I never really dealt with but I’m turning 40 and I think it makes you reflect a lot on life. He gave me the story of Paul and Phil 3:13 awhile ago. As well as Romans 8:28. But the personal story shared in this Podcast about seeing her dad not as he was but how it is today BLESSED MY SOCKS OFF!!! I will be remember for my NOW! Yay!!!
Thank you
Snowy flighty paradise101
I listen every morning on my way to work (catching up from old episodes). I appreciate the teachings so very much. I wish it was more often they become available! Bless you all for this amazing teaching!
Just what I need to hear EVERY-TIME! Thank you!
hidden gem
I love that the teachings/discussions are extremely relatable & easy to digest. I love how all the women are real & upfront about everything, it feels like I could meet them @ Starbucks & continue the conversations that go on on the episodes lol. I will & have been recommending to every young woman who needs that little bit of encouragement or even just something to listen to so they know they aren’t alone in any situation they may be going through. So thankful I found this podcast, definitely sets the tone for my whole day.
I have been searching for a good podcasts that suits my interests and this is perfect!! I’ve just started listening but I’m already obsessed🥰👍🏻
Thoughtful & Deep
I very much enjoy this podcast. This is my go to podcast for sure. It’s more than a talk it’s about taking you deeper into the Word and thought provoking. I’m encouraged by the women and you get to know who the person is who is speaking. I also like that there’s multiple stories being told throughout the Bible and how you can apply it to your life.
P31 is so good
Loving the podcast!!
This was my first ever podcast i have listened to. I loved the podcast. Im trying to find the previous one you mentioned but i am not able to find it:/ probably something on my end!! Would love to hear that one also! I definitely need it:)
For All
Faithful Chaos
Anyone can benefit from hearing the Proverbs 31 podcasts. The real, honest, loving truth will be a welcome breath of fresh air for all.
perfect for anyone looking for biblical truth!!
this podcast is perfect for ANY girl, ANY age, at ANY stage!! love the biblical truths and wisdom. one of my favorites!!
I’m so glad that my favorite bible study app has a podcast! I love P31 because they talk about real things instead of just the typical “girly verses” most ministries discuss for women. I feel like I’m learning about scripture more in depth and it is always so encouraging! The podcast is great because I’m always driving and it’s nice to listen to the word on-the-go. I hope P31 continues to create podcast content! I love the First 5 app but I don’t always have time to read the material and it’s nice to get the Word in audibly. Thank you!!!
Biblical Truth that is practical for our daily lives today.
Cin Paramedic
I love podcasts but am so grateful and blessed to have found the Proverbs31 Ministries family. Thank you for such an awesome Podcast and the First5 app to help us apply our biblical teachings in such a practical way to our lives today. Thank you and God Bless the whole Proverbs31 team!!🙏🏻💜
Course correcting at 21 💙
So this morning I decided to start listening to podcasts and I want to say it has been the best decision I’ve made so far . As ironic as it may sound the first podcast I heard talked about decisions and I couldn’t have been more full of joy to hear and accept the people God has called out to this type of ministry and how it impacts lives. I’m thankful for everyone that has placed a part in making these podcasts come together and I pray God keep using each and everyone of you for his will, God bless. -Jocelyn
Fills you up with biblical truth 😍
Alyssa Baker SC
Finding this podcast was a God thing! I always look forward to listening, keep it up ladies! Your making a difference & God is using you ❤️
I’m a guy that loves these podcast
My life has been blessed thru this ministry. Thank you. Many blessings. Just FYI I know that this ministry is directed to women, but the message, bible study and advice is for everyone.
So practical!
I learn so much listening! Thank you for Godly advice that is so easy to apply in real life. SUCH great lessons and teaching to strengthen our faith and learn about the real God. And Thank You, Lysa, for being willing to share so much. It has changed more lives than you’ll ever know! LOVED “Therapy and Theology” - I learned so much and shared with several friends who can relate.
Answer to prayer
I’ve been drifting and lost for awhile now, but this podcast today about decisions has opened my eyes to what I should be doing and how God is using my life to influence my family even though I am in my senior years. Thank you for deciding to post this on Facebook where I would see it, and for following where God is leading you, to share in such a unique way! God bless you 🙏🏼
I couldn’t hit subscribe fast enough!
So happy I found this podcast a couple months ago. Love the teachings and study of God’s word I get to enjoy anytime I want. I enjoy listening while I’m working out, on the road, and at home for my alone time. It is a blessing to have God’s word lifting me up invading my thoughts and desires to align more to his divine purposes. I love the way the women in this ministry share their testimonies about what they have learned in life with love, compassion, and honesty. Thank you ladies for this great source of God’s love that you injected into my life reminding me to keep my eyes on Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit every time I listen.❤️
Amazing podcast
No matter whether or not the topic seems to fit me, I find such value in each podcast. Really helping me keep my focus on God and gives me additional devotion time on the way to work.
Solid Biblical Wisdom in tangible bites
I love this podcast! Such great Biblical Wisdom given in a way I can take it with me through the day and really apply! I’ve shared with Friends and will continue to listen!
Fabulous Faith based Podcast for Women
I had been searching for a Christian podcast for some time, but couldn’t seem to find one that gave me what I needed. This is it! Thank you Proverbs 31 ministries for bringing the word of God to all women, of all stages of life, in a fun and relatable way!
Awesome Study Sessions!
These women fit so much great advice into every show!
Really for ALL women/girls/ladies
Penelope Joie
As a single, mid-twenties, Jesus-chasing woman, I often struggle with this odd season where most women’s ministries focus on the married or moms. I love that Proverbs 31 takes the time to show that the same truth (scripture) is applicable in ALL seasons and that God calls each of us with our own mission. This podcast has become a daily part of my routine and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of them! (Joined late!)
Why didn’t I listen sooner?
Yah's Kids
I’m so inspired by P31 podcast! It’s great!
Thank you for this ministry that provides so much encouragement. Angie
I’ve done Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS, First 5 etc. I don’t know how I missed that they have a podcast. It’s on PARR- Practical, applicable, relatable and real. I listen in my car on my commute to and from work and it feels like coffee time with a close/BFF. Helps me stay grounded in Jesus even when traffics a mess, and helps set the tone for my whole day as an extension of my bible study time.
Meant to be
I have been an iPhone user for over a decade and did not begin listening to podcasts until about a month ago. I can’t even tell you how I came across to search or find Proverbs31 but I can say, Proverbs31 Ministries, by the Grace of God found me. I am grateful that I was able to stumble upon Proverbs31 because I have been going through the wilderness of my life, faith, and facing many challenges finding my purpose. I have been binging on the the podcasts from the very first one and working my way towards the current ones. You guys have helped me overcome many of my real life challenges and have given me a new purpose and perspective on facing this world we live in. Introducing me to this ministry and Lysa T.’s lessons has been meaningful. This is definitely one of the most welcoming podcasts because there is no judgement and no shame in speaking of the truths that many women face in reality. I enjoy the correlations in the staff’s experiences and the bible. Understanding that there is purpose in my pain was something I did not choose to accept until Proverbs31. I have and will continue to recommend this app to everyone and anyone.
Insightful and Helpful
This podcast has been helpful to me. The information is presented in a fun and informal way and the hosts have good rapport and good insights to offer.
Wow! Just wow!
God has been doing some serious work in me lately. Including leading me to these podcasts. Dealing with Anxiety and Setting Healthy Boundaries have given me great insight on how to handle life’s problems. I love how Scripture is tied into each subject area. It truly amazes me how these words were God-breathed thousands of years ago but are still applicable today! Scientists are just discovering some of the ins and outs of the brain, yet God provided us a medical journal long ago!
Therapy and Theology: Setting Boundaries
God knew I needed to hear this today. I struggle with tough love and enforcing healthy boundaries because I want to be grace-filled. This episode provided me with encouragement and wisdom to understand that healthy boundaries are not the enemy of grace, but instead necessary for grace to thrive. Thank you so much for allowing God to speak to me through you today.
I love proverbs 31 ministries .
Jurasek Mama
I have been using the app for a while now. I want to say 2-3 years. When I saw they had a podcast I was super excited. I love Lysa’s teachings, always a powerful message. Everything and everyone always has a good message to bring too.
Informative Podcast
Faithing It
Loving the therapy and theology series! Glad it’s shedding a light that it’s ok to put two together to find healing
Feeling Healing
I had no clue Proverbs 31 had a podcast! I stumbled on it about 3 weeks ago in the midst of the Therapy & Theology series and I’m feeling so much healing. I am thankful for this ministry and how it’s working in my marriage!
Therapy and Theology
Grace Ann 10
Please continue with this series! I think it is so full of tools and help for a lot of us working through life’s hurts and pains. Personally, I have been edified and blessed.
Not just for marriage
Loving the series with Lysa on therapy and theology! It applies to so many other situations for me not my marriage-so much anger, bitterness and resentment towards different people. This series is helping me realize the hurt is deep and I need a counselor to help me process all of the hurt. Grateful for the transparency and humble approach Lysa has towards this difficult topic.
Love this podcast
It is so encouraging and full of truth and practical wisdom. The ladies are honest about what they struggle with and also ready to shine the light of the word on it
Just what I am needing.
I have been going though my own season of sorrow for around 3 years altogether. I am so thankful for this subject and this podcast. Listening to Lysa’s story of her walk through her struggles in her marriage is almost like listening to my own. When she says, “I love you and I can forgive you but I will not share you.” I can SO relate! In addition to a similar struggle in my marriage, there is also a medical crisis component on the heals of infidelity and substance abuse. For us it is my husband's having a hemorrhagic stroke almost 3 weeks ago and our not knowing if he would survive and now still not knowing what his recovery will look like. Whenever I listen to Lysa or read her books, I just wish I could call her up and bend her ear and ask her advice. I am leaning fully on God though. He is giving me peace among the crisis.
Good but maybe more female voices
Would be nice if there were female “Professionals” weighing in on this subject
Stepping stones towards God
Wooo! As I’m learning to obey and happily submit to God, this podcast has really helped me use the women of proverbs 31’s faith as little stepping stones as I seek to be close to God! You wisdom has really helped me as I look the Lord and His kingdom and for that I am so grateful-! Every podcast I listen to really relates to everything I am going to and different places in my life ! It’s encouraging, but still very honest of what we will go through in this journey towards God. Thank you for your teachings and really speaking out Gods word. I needed this!
You Spoke On My Behalf!
I am enjoying your weekly podcast. Today I heard forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation episode and I was speechless. EVERYTHING you shared echoed of my thoughts and feelings. I mean it was like God allowed you to hear my thoughts to the tee. From how to deal with triggers, to the process and the thoughts I had about my husband enjoying being unfaithful. It was specifically tailored for me. And I don’t know what came over me but I cried throughout the whole episode. It was like God was reaching in and pulling out those secret hurts that I was tired of dealing with and placed them on the table for me to process and not stuff it down because the pain is so hard to relive. I spent the whole day just marinating. Thank you for being open! Thank you Art for your commitment to be transparent and not walk in shame. You could of chose to hide but you didn’t! I will never be the same!!! Ty Esmy Dallas, Texas
Hungry for more!
So excited for the new series! I wish this podcast could continue to be every single week! Thank you for blessing me, thank you for being honest, open, and transparent! And thank you for being faithful to the calling on your life as an amazing, inspiration preacher, teacher, and fellow woman in faith!
God knows what we all need!
These Podcasts are so timely and truthful. Thank you Lisa for allowing God to use you no matter what comes your way. You are blessing so many.
Encouraging + Enlightening
I’ve walked away learning something new from every podcast. Sound theology and practical application. Lysa is always clear and humble. Love this podcast!
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