August 14, 2019
Mike Roberts is the Founder and CEO of SpyFu, a service that lets you learn from and download your competitors’ AdWords and SEO campaign history. Mike is an industry-recognized expert in SEO, PPC, and competitive intelligence. Talks about SEO Mistakes You’re Definitely Making Having founded SpyFu in 2006, he led the charge in transforming the way search marketers to craft their strategies in PPC and SEO. Like many creators, Mike obsesses over what makes something work. He applies that thinking to search marketing, pulling apart the data to learn why some advertisers are more successful so that everyone can learn from the wisdom of the market.
April 12, 2017
This episode of SEO Rockstars touches on Google now letting you submit URLs for indexing straight from Search, as well as giving you the ability to fact check news. Not only is Google one fo the best search engines but we give you 5 Reasons Why Google is Best Place to Work. Google has been trying to reduced fake Google Maps listings and have by 70% since 2015. Also a tip of the hat to blogging wizard for The Definitive Guide To Getting Google Sitelinks.
April 4, 2017
Google’s biggest-ever search quality crisis; Why do marketers still struggle with innovative search tactics?  Google Testing Breadcrumb URLs Above Titles on Mobile Search Results. Eric Enge recaps a session from SMX West where audience members were able to ask Google anything.  How to Get Back on Track After a Drop in Rankings. Brand Safety Issues At Google: 'Much Ado About Nothing'
March 28, 2017
Harnessing the power of online reviews as Thomas Ballantyne spoke last week at SMX West about the value of online reviews, showing why businesses need to start thinking about them if they aren't already. Plus, a recap of a session on the Definitive Guide to Local Search Ranking Factors.  How Google Chooses “People Also Search For” in Knowledge Panels   Understanding the Quick Answers Box  Questions to Assess SEO Candidates' Knowledge
March 7, 2017
Hijacking Google’s SEO guide search rankings ; Google ‘related picks’ now showing under some top stories carousels; How competitors can ruin your rankings, and how to make sure they don't  . The correlation between ranking factors — like views, comments and shares — with YouTube rankings.
February 28, 2017
Chris and Frank discuss inducing higher click through rates and some Latent Semantic Indexing . They also dive a bit deeper about retailers and using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to get better ranking and marketing. Plus, they talk about how Google may start changing how long they like your content to be.
February 21, 2017
Chris Boggs welcomes International SEO Consultant Aleyda Solis. She talks to us about how she got started from Marketing to SEO. Also, they talk AMP webpages and how you really can't discount them. Later she informs us on migration to https and how important it will be here in 2017. Also, when moving forward when you buy a certificate make sure its for multiple domains, and look at different SSL certificates. She also explains that if you move to https, you should also move to http2 to make your site even faster.
February 15, 2017
In this episode Chris and Frank talk about the Google algorithm change that effects how sites are rank. They also touch on navigation structure on mobile websites, and how the "Near Me" feature in search engines are becoming a mobile-driven phenomenon. Plus they break down Google's  new Penguin Algorithm update.
February 7, 2017
Matt Cutts Hearts His Google+ Followers; Google Adds Category Filters to Organic Search .What can we learn from the winners and losers of organic search in 2016?  Top Google Winners and Losers in 2016; Google Won't Tell Webmasters Which Links They Do Not Count For Spam Reasons.
January 31, 2017
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson, talk about The Ultimate SEO Google hack  as described in a recent SEMRush blog post. The post explains " If you're doing all the right things but still not getting the traffic you deserve from Google then it's time to discover the ultimate SEO Google hack."  Plus, what are successful marketers are doing with their content to make it top notch, and analyzing Featured Snippets and the confusion behind what they are. And a few tactics on how to get your content on these important Featured Snippets!
January 24, 2017
Search's Role In Combating Fake News? Google AMP carousels are multiplying!  Google Update Brewing? Chatter Tools Point To Algorithm Update; Don’t let a spotty connection stop you from searching  ; Google: Use Nofollow When Linking To Bad Site ; Google: How to Handle Near Identical Product Pages for Search
December 27, 2016
Chris and  Frank discuss Locating PPC Ads in SERPs; Defining Google Search Analytics and from Moz Doubling Down on Search; A NEW New Google.
December 20, 2016
Google has been getting some heat around various anti semitic and racist sites ranking well in their search results. Frank and Chris explain. Plus, a New Search Results Evaluation Model from Google; Google: There Is No One Recipe For Search Rankings Success; Expert Predictions on 2017 Social Media Trends and more.
December 13, 2016
Referrer spam wrecking Google Analytics data. Google Search Console expands reports for property sets. Google Acquires Eye Tracking Startup Eyefluence and its Technology. Stop Looking at Keyword Search Volume (And Look Here Instead).
December 6, 2016
Talking Content, Links, Tech and Analytics as Chris and Frank discuss: Google’s machine learning now writes featured snippets descriptions. Google Returns Porn For Sexy Black Mom But Not For Sexy White Mom. 10 Ways Content Marketing and Sales Teams Can Work Together. Google: Giving Charity Donations In Exchange For A Link, Is A Paid Link.
November 29, 2016
Google Tweaking Top Stories Algorithm To Filter Out Fake News? Man sues Google for $750,000 over defamatory search results. SEO without SERPs with Google Assistant, Home and Amazon Echo. Google Removing “Content Keywords” from Search Console. Ranking Events in Google Search Results.
November 22, 2016
Unannounced Google Search Update; Everything We Know About the Google Mobile-first Index. No Changes to Mobile Friendly Criteria or Ranking Boost With Mobile First Indexing. Bing Search Will Not Do Mobile First Search Index.  How to prepare your business for Google’s mobile-first index.
November 8, 2016
Chris and Fank welcome Moss Pauly who runs the Warrior Forum, which is the world's largest Internet marketing community with over 1 million of the world's top internet marketers. Moss offers insight on  SEO, SEM, conversion optimisation, AB testing, EDM marketing and more.
November 1, 2016
Chris and Frank share what they call a good direct article that offers some essential help for ecommerce seo newbies. Plus how page quality and engagement is important to good SEO . Plus, Google: We Have A Bunch Of Original Source Detection Algorithms and No Need To Disavow Blogroll Or Sitewide Links and There Is No Penguin Boost
September 20, 2016
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson delve into three different guides published on Search Engine Journal. They include the Three Pillars of SEO: Authority, Relevance, and Trust; How to Do Keyword Research and a Complete Guide to Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.
September 6, 2016
55% of searchers don’t know which links in the SERPs are PPC ads. New Google help document defines Search Analytics impressions, position and clicks Thematic Modeling Using Related Words in Documents and Anchor Text How and Why to Raise Organic SEO CTRs SEO and the CMO: Communication and board room metrics that matter Popular 404 to 301 WordPress Plugin Injecting Cloaked Spam Links for Search Engines
August 30, 2016
Bing Testing Site Name Only With No URL in Search Results; Frank Watson on  So You Want to Do International Marketing; What are Google's quality updates (aka Phantom updates), and how can you recover? Video SEO Tips to Improve Rankings Test points to likely influence of click-through rate on search rankings
August 23, 2016
Moz is Doubling Down on Search; Making Sense of Google's Updates in Local Search; Wake Up, SEOs – the NEW New Google is Here;10 Question-Based Keywords that Drive Tons of High-Quality Traffic ; 4 Experts on the State of SEO for Ecommerce Sites ;Ecommerce blogging: five proven reasons why it should be part of your SEO strategy
August 16, 2016
Frank Watson and David Harry discuss:No more arguing about what Google means by positions in the Google Search Analytics report. Google has defined the multitude of metrics and cases in a help document.Google officially throttling Keyword Planner data for low spending AdWords accountsGoogle app now delivering restaurant reviews best-of lists for local searches5 Big Challenges One Niche Faces in GoogleThree Pillars of SEO: Authority, Relevance, and TrustThematic Modeling Using Related Words in Documents and Anchor Text
July 14, 2016
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss markup and structured data, and give us the buzz on everything Google including their new interface, removal of older content, cut backs on incentives for Local Guides, and more. The two also touch on a few Google myths revolving around penalties that have recently been debunked.
June 21, 2016
Is Google Trying to Kill SEO ? The Anatomy of a SERP ; Micro-Moments: How Consumers Rely  on Mobile to Meet Their Needs; Don’t Make All Content QA For Google’s Featured Snippets; Gated vs Ungated Content- Which is the Best Option? After 10 Years, Local SEO Guide Relaunches  Website So It Can Get Links.
June 14, 2016
Google is manipulating Autocomplete search results to help improve Hillary Clinton’s online reputation. How Google May Map A Query To An Entity For Suggestions. Competitive threats to Google, and what they mean for you.. Two tried and true methods to make social media impact SEO.Key On-Page SEO Factors That Search Engines Users Love.
June 7, 2016
Frank and Chris discuss 2016 Internet Trends; Using Moz Content for Mining Local Link Opportunities; Google Still Working on Separate Mobile Search Index  Plus, Google tests new look for “people also search for” feature as Google has been caught testing a new interface again in the mobile search results. This one is around the "people also search for" search feature. Webcology's own Dave Davies explores the technical aspects he reviews when conducting an audit. Plus, Google: Migrating To A Keyword-TLD Won't Improve Rankingsand How To Build Amazing Personalized Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
May 31, 2016
Using SEM and SEO for Acquisition of Ecommerce Sites; Rich Cards:  The new evolution stage of Google SERPs; Google: You Can Ignore Links from Scraper Sites ; 8 SEO Facts Most Marketing Agencies Don’t Tell You; New Google Test: Third Party Reviews in Search Results; The future of voice-related SEO for local business.
May 24, 2016
Google Must Face Claims on Search Removals Google Must Face Claims on Search Removals and another Is Search Dead article as Frank Watson and Chris Boggs discuss these stories plus:  Google Search Console now lets you group your sites together with property sets Split Testing Titles and H1s: Do They Still have an SEO Impact? Google’s “People Also Ask” (Related Questions): What Are They, and Why You Should Care   Google’s 1st Amendment defense to search censorship fails in court     Why Google’s monopoly abuse case in Europe will run and run     Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry
May 17, 2016
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss New Title and Description Lengths for Google SEO in Search Results.  Google has increased the width of the search results for nearly all users (although they could roll it back at any time). Google Search Queries With Commercial Intent Return More Ads In Results as Data from BrightEdge released reveals the impact of changes to Google’s recent ad layout on organic results.  Plus: Feds taking second look at Google search   Google Webmaster Central Blog: Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly 6 Keyword Research Tools and Tactics You Might Not Have Tried   The True Value of technical SEOs   Google Redesigns Structured Data Testing Tool   Bots and Crawlers May Represent up to 50% of Web Traffic
May 10, 2016
Bing reports One-Quarter Of Searches Are Voice Search Queries as one in four searches on the Windows 10 taskbar using Bing are voice queries. Plus: The State of Mobile Web – US 2015  Google is testing a radical change by turning people's search results blackLocal Businesses: How Google Displays Search Analytics Data in Search Console  Google Search Console updates the Search Analytics report adds Knowledge Graph, local Rich Snippets  Google: We prefer short URLs   and  Don’t Nofollow Your Own Internal Links  How to Build an SEO Strategy for E-Commerce
May 3, 2016
Google AdWords Expanded Headlines Now LiveGoogle Adds New “Instant Content” Feature in Search ResultsGoogle brings back in-depth articles to search results after 17-day outagePPC spend impacting SEO CTR for generic terms a Content Strategy? Don’t Forget These 5 EssentialsGoogle Webspam Report: Google Manually Penalized 500 Sites Per Hour In 2015Prominence as a New Local SEO Ranking Signal
April 26, 2016
Frank Watson and Chris Boggs discuss:  How Bloggers Can Fix a Manual Penalty Caused by Compensated Content Reviews Should You 301 Redirect Old Product Pages to Existing Category Pages on Sites? 6 Key Areas of a Comprehensive Website Audit How local search and discovery apps will generate $12.2 billion in revenue annually in 2020, up from an estimated $3.4 billion in 2016  Image compression as a tactic given mobile and page speed considerations What are featured snippets and how do you get them? Testing how Google Will Rank Keywords in Image Title Attribute Tag
April 12, 2016
Google Issues Mass Unnatural Outbound Links Penalties as Google has issued a large number of unnatural links penalties over the weekend, specifically around outbound links. Plus, Brands Losing Trust In Google To Serve Most Valuable Search Results after the UK Advertising Standards Authority found eDreams advertisements running on misleading, prompting consumers to book higher-priced tickets than those available at, the airline’s CMO Kenny Jacobs took to The Guardian Friday to air some dirty laundry. Other headlines discussed include: How Google Processes Different Algos to Determine Site’s RankingGoogle Adds Alerts in Search Results for Site Owner’s Non-Mobile-FriendlyGoogle warns site owners their site is not mobile-friendly in mobile search results11 tips on how to optimise Pinterest pins for SEO
April 5, 2016
Google April Fools Joke Backfires. In a feature called the "Mic Drop", Google allowed users to "have the last word on any email" by replying to messages using the "Send + Mic Drop" button. Doing so would send your message to all recipients in the thread, eliminating the possibility for them to email you back. (Even if they tried to respond, you wouldn't see it.) Plus Chris Boggs and Frank Watson cover: A Call for a Search Discussion How Google Works How Google Works: A Ranking Engineer's Perspective By Paul Haahr 7 fundamental technical SEO questions to answer with a log analysis (and how to easily do it) Beyond Word Vectors; Google Paragraph Analysis
March 29, 2016
How SEO Best Practices Became Irrelevant and What You Need to Know to Compete Better in the SERPs. Plus, Google Pumps Up Cloud Platform With Machine Learning as Google execs at the GCP Next 2016 conference pitched the company’s cloud platform by highlighting advantages, including security, commitment to open source, and machine learning.Also, Chris Boggs and Frank Watson run through a TensorFlow article which shows insights to how machine learning works and possible ability way to learn something of algorithms. Plus, Google: SEOs Are Wrong, 302 Redirects Pass PageRank. Google’s John Mueller said in response, “I don’t know about “link juice” but I do know how PageRank is handled.There’s still confusion on 302/301 from the olden days; 302s are fine”
March 22, 2016
Former Googler: Google’s Early March Update Gone Unnoticed Long Enough as Glenn Gabe posted some data for one of his non-clients on Google+ . Plus, Google to boost mobile-friendly algorithm this May as Google announced increase in mobile-friendly update factors, but don’t expect another Mobilegeddon. Also, Why real-time search algorithm updates may be bad news. With real-time algorithm updates becoming the norm in place of manual releases, what issues might arise?  Plus, The Savvy SEO’s Guide to Backlink Analysis and 5 Strategies Unlocked From Google’s Quality Rating Guidelines and How Google’s new Local Business Cards could change local optimization and SEO.
March 15, 2016
Google Search Algorithm Gets Smarter as Google released details of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology, RankBrain, in October -- but the practical implications of the algorithm on search were not realized until this year, according to a study. The original intention was to decipher and put into context about 15% of the queries Google had not seen in the past. The study by Stone Temple Consulting set out to determine whether the machine-learning algorithm used to process search queries really understands the meanings. Plus, why content marketing isnt SEO and why SEO isnt just content;Is modern SEO more than the sum of independent parts?How to amplify your already spectacular SEO to be super-crazy successful;
March 8, 2016
Google Agrees To Right To Be Forgotten. Frank Watson and guest host Jason Duke discuss how Google Agrees To Complicated Worldwide Right To Be Forgotten Censorship Plan.Google will ensure those within a country where a RTBF request was granted cannot find censored content, regardless of what Google edition they use. Plus,Google has eliminated the sidebar ads that once appeared to the right of the results. They have also increased the number of ads allowed above the results, now showing up to four ads. Plus they discuss Linkbuilding tips including Finding guest blogs that are outdated and offer an updated version to build brand and links Importance of NAP and local directories for local SEO Mobile SEO - are links important or is AMP page speed etc
March 1, 2016
Small Business SEO Value, plus Dont be Sucked in by #SEO Lies as Chris Boggs and Frank Watson make sure you're not getting swindled by SEO companies. Plus7 Google changes that will make or break your SEO;Six ways to improve your micro-targeted long-tail keyword strategy;Google: AMP Not Yet A Search Ranking Signal Also,How Important are Tags in 2016 for SEO?andare they still as important and as effective in 2016 as they have been in the past?The Need For Speed: 7 Observations On The Impact Of Page Speed To The Future Of Local Mobile Search;Bings Search Wave Showcases Search Volume For 2016 Presidential Candidates
February 23, 2016
Google SERPS  is removing all Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs worldwide as ads will now only show ads at the top and bottom of the SERP. Although it may increase the number of ads from three to four if the search query is “highly commercial.” Plus, Which US sites gained the highest Google visibility in 2015? Google’s Review Stars Rich Snippets Continue to Drop in Search Results as Google began to drop the number of review stars in the search results significantly. The first day we saw a drop by 14.5%, with another 12% drop the next day. Every day since then, Google has continued to reduce the visibility of review stars. Also, App Indexing and The New Frontier Of SEO: App Packs and App Store Search as Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss how to rank apps in Google search results, as well as in Google Play and the iTunes App Store.
February 16, 2016
Googles Knowledge Graph Search API Examined as Frank Watson and Chris Boggs discussthe recently released Knowledge Graph Search API and discusses how SEOs might use this data. Plus, a SEO Starter Guide that shows you how to Destroy Your New Website in 3 Actionable Steps;Google Wont Provide SEO Certifications To Webmasters Or SEO Companies as we learn whyGoogle will likely never provide SEO certification.How to capitalize on Voice Search and the death of the keyboard.What Will Change for SEOs With Real Time Penguin.Googles Classic Link Operator Showing Signs Of Being Turned Off For Good?
February 9, 2016
Predictive Analytics: Effective ROI Forecasting of SEO? Chris Boggs and Frank Watson tackle this debate withRob Laporte, Founder and Managing Partner of DISC, Inc. DISC is a search marketing firm that has been operating since 1997. Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.Predictive analytics is the branch of data mining concerned with the prediction of future probabilities and trends. The central element of predictive analytics is the predictor, a variable that can be measured for an individual or other entity to predict future behavior.
February 2, 2016
Stopping Ghost Spam in Google Analytics with One Filteras spam in Google Analytics (GA) is becoming a serious issue. Due to a deluge of referral spam from social buttons, adult sites, and many, many other sources, people are starting to become overwhelmed by all the filters they are setting up to manage the useless data they are receiving. Plus,7 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Third-Party Apps for Local Search Marketing as we learn that whileApps consume the majority of mobile media time, local business apps struggle to compete for attention. Also,New US Presidential Candidate Cards Are A Disaster For Googles Search Quality. Plus,7 Traits That Will Make You A Great SEOFinally howthere are certain intangible qualities which SEO rock stars all seem to share and finalyUnderstanding Google Panda: Definitive Algo Guide for SEOs.
January 26, 2016
GooglesaysUpdating Images Can Take Months; We Don't Index Them Frequently. We learn that it can take a really, really long time for Google to update your images says John Mueller.Matt CuttssaysGoogle Core Updates Were So Drastic Due To End Of Year Code Freeze as Cutts spent about 15 minutes on This Week in Google going through the core updates, Penguin, the webmaster team and more. Plus,Google Explains What It Means To Be Part Of The Core Algorithm,3 Methods For Defining Your SEO Content Needs and Jennifer Slegg addresses the Most Important Things We Learned About Google's Panda Algo. Finally,Howcreative SEO can deliver big wins for luxury fashion retailers.
January 12, 2016
Google has been talking about an upcoming real time Google Penguin update for months: is it happening right now? Plus, with thiscore ranking algo update, Chris Boggs and Frank Watsontalk about algo updates vs technology updates. PlusUnderstanding Google Panda: and the Definitive Algo Guide for SEOs andGoogle Makes Major Changes to In-Depth Article Results. Also, Eric Schmidt says Artificial Intelligence will solve Population Growth, the2016 Google Tracker: Everything Google is working on for the new year andDiscovering Opportunities To Drive Your Mobile Web App Optimization Strategy
January 5, 2016
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss SEO predictions for 2016. Julia McCoy onthe need of expert writersasGoogle says you need expert writers, Content Standards From the New Search Guidelines.Plus,John Muller takes time toanswer our Google questions whileMatt Cutts Shares His Raw Notes On The Google PageRank.Plus, they discuss the latest news regarding Google algorithms and finally offer eight ways to boost SEO performanceas we learnsomequick and easy user interaction hacks to boost your SEO performance
December 15, 2015
Pulp Fiction Ranking Factors; 7 Characteristics That Can Make A Link “Bad” For SEO; Judging a Link’s True SEO Value and Google’s Medium investment and SERP play (scraping for knowledge graphs).
December 8, 2015
Google Eliminates Google+ Local but Remains Committed to Local Search. Chris Boggs and Frank Watson welcome Internet Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author Kris Jones to discuss. Plus, How To Get Google Review Links After The G+ Update and Bing reveals the top US and UK searches of 2015
November 3, 2015
Google to Devalue Web Pages With App Download Interstitials asGoogle Launched The App Install Interstitial Penalty. Plus, aStudy shows Google can take up to 3 weeks to deindex after robots.txt NoIndex is added to a page. Google Search Bug Fixed After Many Internet Explorer Users Unable To Search Google,6 ways Google's artificial intelligence could affect search engine marketing andSchema May Help With Securing Featured Snippets.
October 13, 2015
Chris Boggs gives us o a quick review of Pubcon, plus he and Frank Watson share some Cost-Efficient Tips for Ramping Up Your SEO, plus Google Looking to add Featured Snippets to Search Results. Also, Do Googlers use their knowledge when they leave.
September 8, 2015
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson run through a comprehensive list of the35 Ways To Make Your Site Search Friendly Before You Hire An SEO. Chris and Frank briefly run through the listedSearch-Engine-Friendly Website Development Guide that includes tips on encryption, search certificates, HTML, redirects, disallow, no index, meta descriptions and more.
August 25, 2015
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss Mega Menus and SEO. They delve into the best practices surrounding mega menu navigation elements for SEO. They also coverGoogle On Social Signals and Ranking and issues for the 10% of those who have been hacked.
August 18, 2015
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discuss26 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Google and have adiscussion on Google and Alphabet from an SEO's perspective plus; Local 7 pack still showing in search results fortablet users and local Google shakeup with removed addresses and phone numbers. Google chooses content for knowledge panel in sidebar; Wikipedia confirms they are losing Google traffic;Are Desktop Sites Still Necessary? No, Says Google's Mueller.
August 11, 2015
Non Mobile Friendly Sites Disappearing from Top Organic Results; 35 Ways To Make Your Site Search Friendly Before You Hire An SEO; Google testing Local Pack Without Plus Links;  Google Local Search Ranking Factors Revealed.
August 4, 2015
Google Panda 4.2 rolls out slowly; Google alerting accounts for TOS violations; Google Affiliate Links do Not Hurt a website;Bing Search VIP Duane Forrester talks about the future of digital marketing andSEO. Plus, Chris Boggs and Frank Watson also discuss ways to ensure SEO strategy doesn't go stale.
July 21, 2015
How Google Handles the New Top Level Domains for SEO;Google: Using display:none May Backfire On You; Google Calls Out Webmaster For Keyword Stuffing;Yahoo Testing A Search Interface Very Similar To Google Search;Google Keeps Asking For Feedback On Search Console Messaging;Bing Search Traffic Declining? Youre Not Alone, It May Be An Analytics Issue. Top 10 Verified Sites All HTTPS in Google Search
June 30, 2015
Can you automate SEO?And PageRank Scuplting - doesn't work. Plus Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discussGoogle ZMOTevolving to Micro Moments, Spammy Structured Markup, and Google manipulates search results and hurts users in the process, new Yelp-funded study says.
June 23, 2015
Google Confirms Another Core Search Algorithm Update; Google PSA: Don’t Add Noindex Directives In Your Body Content; SEO Website Migration; Google Rolls Out YouTube Newswire, Curates Real-Time Eyewitness Clips; Google: Write A Great Reconsideration Request, Get Back In Fast Like Thumbtack; Essential SEO Suggestions to Enhance your Site Rankings.
June 16, 2015
Google Drops The Thumbtack Link Penalty Less Than A Week After It Was Issued. Chris Boggs and Frank Watson relate itto old school examples we can reminisce and compare. Plus, interesting insights that can be seen through to ranking in future perhapsandMonitoring Site Changes for SEO.
May 27, 2015
Has Google Gone Too Far with the Bias Toward Its Own Content?The New Google Photos App; Plus,Google has confirmed that a new update has been rolled out which changes the way Google gauges the quality of content. SEO For Yandex in 2015;Google Jokes: Maybe We Should Hire Internal SEOs.  
May 19, 2015
Line changes in serps using search for SEO and How to Make Seasonal Keyword Heatmaps. Now Google see you, now they don’t. Danny Sullivan on the State of Search Marketing in 2015. Chris Boggs and Frank Watson also go through the 2015 Google On-page SEO Ranking Factors List.
May 12, 2015
On today's show Chris Boggs and Frank Watson talk about the changing climate of search results and what Google is doing with Pizza Delivery
May 5, 2015
Frank Watson and Chris Boggs weigh in on a recent HubStaffarticle which lists 20 SEO Tips from Marketing and Content Industry Experts. We hear takeways from the likes of Bruce Clay, Danny Sullivan, Marcus Tober , Joost De Valk and others.
April 28, 2015
A week in to Mobilegeddon and not so much doom has been found. Searchmetrics has seen some movement but largely the fear Google instilled in the marketing world the two months leading up to the Mobile Friendly algorithm seems to have been an inside joke by the search giant. Search Engine Land notes that Google reported a jump in sites that had changed to mobile friendly - nearly 5 percent more sites are now Mobile Friendly compared to two months ago. Chris Boggs and Frank Watson also discussed Google growth slowing and how the company's Q1 numbers did not meet expectations.
April 21, 2015
Mobilegeddon is here but Chris Boggs and Frank Watson learn from early reports that the full Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm will still take some time to rollout. Plus, thethree properties of Incisive Medias Interactive Marketing group: SES, Click Z and Search Engine Watch have beenAcquired By Blenheim Chalcot. We learn the immediate implications of the sale and feedback from the Rockstars and the community.
April 14, 2015
SEO Myths: The Ultimate Guide;3 Ways to Force Google to Reindex Pages for Mobile-Friendly Tags;Why SEO is sabotaging your content marketing;25 Tips from SEO Professionals; Old School Link Building Techniques that Still Work in 2015;Google Panda andPenguin Lack Real-Time Updates;How Search Engines Process Links
March 18, 2015
Google To Launch New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm;Why a Good User Experience is the most overlooked SEO strategy;Impact on Google Maps and lost reviews;
March 10, 2015
Duplicate Content and Their Effect on Search Rankings;No Duplicate Content Penalty in Google ; A Little Known Tactic to Get Free Traffic From Search Engines; How to Optimize for Keyworks in 2015; Grow Your Own SEOs: Professional Development for Digital Marketers;Flawed Google Mobile Usability Test Results  
February 24, 2015
Google Continues to Urge Marketers to Be Mobile-Friendly; Google as editorial filter: removes How can I join ISIS from auto-suggest in search;February 2015 Google Webmaster Report: Google Algorithm, Mobile, Twitter andMore; Google: Dont Use meta-refresh-type Redirects For Site Moves
February 17, 2015
Chris Boggs and Frank Watson discussed recent comments by Googles John Mueller regarding avoiding link building because it can cause more harm than good, as well as redirecting penalized sites to other domains.They also praised Neil Patel for his article 7 under the hood SEO techniques as solid advice.
February 12, 2015
Is SEOscience a Massive Fail or is it more considered like Snake Oil? as Chris Boggs speak with Jonathan Allen, the President of Longneck and Thunderfoot, about how Bloggers love to marvel at the wonders of #SEOscience because the guardians of the Google make us believe its the key to earning links.
January 27, 2015
Google Opens Alpha Beta For New Search Queries Report In Google Webmaster Tools;Google Shows Warning To Mobile Sites Blocking Files In Snippet;WikiLeaks blasts Google for quietly handing emails to government;Matt Cutts Talks About His Early Spam Fighting Days at Google;Googlebot (Smartphone) Mobile SEO Risks andRewards.
January 20, 2015
aASearch Engine Land article fromAndrew Shotland gives a heads upfor all people thinking of redesigning site or addressing Google penalties. Andrew took on a client who ha'd lost rankings as a result of a site redesignand detailswhat he did to help them recover. Plus,Google Wants to Know your Ideas for Google Web Search andWebmaster Tools?
January 13, 2015
Google Domains is now available in the US without an invite!Google Renders Web Pages, Say Goodbye To CSS Positioning???Chilling Effects Blocks Search Engines from Indexing Entire Site;Google Alerts Webmasters About Issues hreflang and rel=canonical URLs;Webmasters Should Use Caution When Dynamically Serving Javascript, CSS Images;Google Wants to Sell You Auto Insurance.
December 30, 2014
Link Neighborhoods : From Finding Connections to Finding Partners as Daron and Chris discusses how a tool called Touchgraph helps in viewing relationships between your site and your competitors site. It even helps in finding out connections between related websites and in finding potential link partners for your website.
December 23, 2014
Daron is joined by David Szetela of Clix Marketing, Topher Kohan of CNN, Frank Watson of Kangamurra Media, Chris Hart of Bruce Clay (as well as Bruce Clay himself) and Andrew Beckman of Location3 Media to discuss the hot topics at SES New York 2010 includingGoogle Analytics TrackingandLink Acquisition
December 16, 2014
Google: New TLDs Have No Inherent Search Ranking Advantage ; Google Preps Shopping Site to Challenge Amazon -;SEOs Required To Take Polygraph Lie Detector Tests; 'Yahoo Starts Prompting Chrome Users To Upgrade To Firefox
December 2, 2014
Bing and Yahoo Follow Google in 'Right to Be Forgotten' Takedowns;Google Confirms Penguin Rollout Continued Into Thanksgiving Day;Twitter Testing View Analytics Link From Within Individual Mobile Tweets;Update on Google Not Indexing Legitimately Hidden Content on Webpages; Google PageRank Will Likely Not Update Again; Google Sending Out Defamation Removal From Search Notices to Webmasters.
November 25, 2014
Were looking back at a white hat black hat SEO panel from the Affiliate Convention Denver show from June 2009. Daron hosts a SEO panel targeted towards questions asked by affiliates from the live audience. Daron is accompanied by search marketing veterans Dave Snyder and Frank Watson.
November 18, 2014
Google rolling out Mobile Friendly label ;Google Search Results Are Free Speech in the U.S. Is Google Penalizing Websites With Disallowed Pages? Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide Refresh Yourself on What SEOs Should Know; Googles DoubleClick Outage Affected 55,000 Websites For Nearly Two Hours ; .Google News Testing Tiny Video Thumbnails Alongside Images.
November 11, 2014
Amazon Echo; Facebook and Google Fight Ebola SEO Rockstars host Chris Boggs had guest Frank Watson on for a lively discussion on recent search engine personnel changes. Bing search evangelist Duane Forrester was let go last week much to the surprise of most industry people. Forrester had just won the US Search personality of the year at Las Vegas PubCon 2014. The pair noted it could be indicative of Bing's admission of not being able to challenge Google's search dominance and the company's decision to concentrate on search apps and leave the rest to Google. Google Spam Czar Matt Cutts recently announced he was extending his leave of absence - Matt has been on vacation for nearly 6 months and announced he was not planning on returning to his position - looking to find another project to take on when or if he gets back. Amazon's Echo devices came under some criticism for being an ever present ear in your home logging all comments and possibly prepping future search suggestions when looking for things online - especially through Amazon. This intrusion was also reflected in Google's report of what days people were more hungover by how often people searched about the terms. Google's statement that buying links for traffic but sending them to a separate site and then redirecting that site to your main site - as suggested by John Mueler from Google - came under some criticism as it seemed like cloaking. The begging for money from users by Facebook and Google for the Ebola situation was also discussed.
October 21, 2014
Google Penguin 3.0: Worldwide Rollout Still In Process, Impacting 1PercentOf English Queries; Google Admits Spam Is A Hard Problem For User Generated Content Sites; Google Now Testing Mobile-Friendly Text Notices In Search Results. Also Chris announces his newly launched independent consulting venture,Web Traffic Advisors.
September 30, 2014
Chris welcomes Frank Watson of Kangamurra Media discuss some stories that flashback to the closing of two throwback platforms. Plus, Switching to HTTPS Will Not Increase Your Search Rankings;Google Panda 4.1 Now Rolling Out; Aims To Help Smaller Web Sites;Bye Bye Yahoo Directory;Fare well, Orkut, the story of Googles first attempt at a social network.
September 23, 2014
Headlines include:Google Penalizes Private Blog Networks; Baidu Chief Scientist predicts half of web searches will soon be speech and images. Google Has Tightened Its European Search De-Listing Request Process; Google Adds Structured Snippets To Search Results
September 16, 2014
SEO Rockstars Celebrates 200 Episodes; Google Indexing Google Maps Search Results Pages; Google Notifying Webmasters Of Sitelinks Search Box Via Webmaster Tools ;Google Patent Changes Ranks Based on TV Viewing
September 9, 2014
Google Confirms Penguin Refresh Needed to Recover Google Brings PLAs Product Listing Ads To Third-Party Sites Like AdSense for Shopping and Yahoo doing same thing. Google Changes Documentation On Mobile Redirection From 302 To 301 Redirects ; Google's Matt Cutts Migrates His Blog To HTTPS; Google: Responsive Design Doesnt Get Better Ranking Directly.
September 2, 2014
Google has completely dropped all authorship functionality from the search results and webmaster tools. Amazon is planning to launch their own online advertising program, which includes replacing all of Googles ads. Eric Schmidt says unbreakable' encryption is coming and Google Webmaster Help Announces Series of Reconsideration Request Tips to Help Penalized Webmasters; Google Now Crawling Final Rendered Page, Skips Static Version.
August 19, 2014
Google is prepping to issue penalties for content spam guest blogging; Google IPO 10 years ago this week; Google Targets Two European Link Networks; Google Penalties Reappearing In Manual Spam Action of Webmaster Tools. Yahoos New CIO Plans to Bring Tech Cred Back.
August 6, 2014
A new law imposing restrictions on users of social media has come into effect in Russia. It includes measures to ensure that bloggers cannot remain anonymous, and states that social networks must maintain six months of data on its users. Also, Chris and Daron discuss how some SEOs feel that long tail traffic from Google is not as effective as it once was.
July 22, 2014
Googles John Mueller onThe Effects Of Duplicate Content In Search;Google Penalty May Have Cost eBay200 Million dollars and It Keeps Getting Worse;What is thereal impact Google Hummingbird has had on search?
July 15, 2014
Daron and Chris run down a list from a MarketingLand article breaking down the 10 Lies You Should Never Believe From SEO Gurus. Promising customersThe number1 Position on Google, links,Duplicated Content, keyword stuffing are just some the myths the Rockstars break down.
July 8, 2014
Google webspam team leader Matt Cutts is taking a leave of absence.. Google is getting rid of author photos in the SERPS according to John Mueller. Google Founders Talk About Ending the 40-Hour Work Week andBing Aims to Become Exclusive Twitter Search Engine
June 24, 2014
Google is quietly testing a service for registering domainsasGoogle Calls New gTLDs Domain Endings, Offers Web Hosting;Google Panda 4.0 Hit Sites Blocking CSS andJavaScriptandBings Duane Forrester Says Adding Schema Markup Is Important For Search Engines
June 10, 2014
Google Will Not Devalue Links Soon Says Matt Cutts in a recent video, which leads Jim and Chris to talk aboutHistory and Value of Links. Also, Duane Forrester offers us linkbuilding tips on his Behind Bing segment. Related articles across the web Complete Guide To Linkbuilding Cutts: How Google Ranks Sites with Few Links Matt Cutts Duane Forrester's Excellent Adventure: The Search Police at SMX West Duane Forrester of Bing Lists 10 SEO Myths Matt Cutts: Google Won't Devalue Links Anytime Soon
May 27, 2014
Daron ,Jim and Chris discuss how Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but a platform essentially ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.Plus, Duane Forrester,Bing'sSenior Product Managerdiscusses Overlap between Social and Search in his Behind Bing segment. Related articles across the web Another Google Panda Refresh; Ex-Google Webspam Team Member Andre Weyher Speaks Out Again; Behind Bing: The SEO of Tomorrow Google Takes Bribes? Say It Isn't So Bruce Clay and UBL Local Paid Inclusion Revisited SEO Old Timers Roundtable Reconsideration Requests; Giving Kids The Online Talk; Behind Bing: Authority Building 71 Percent of SEOs Report More Company Buy-In; Twitters New SEO Tactic Google Penalizes JCPenney and Overstock FTC Likely to Review How Search Engines Disclose Paid Listings Google Knowledge Graph and Yahoo Axis Reviewed
May 20, 2014
Seth Besmertnik, the CEO of Conductor explains why publiclydeclared paid media is dead and headvocates going after free web traffic with an idea called web presence management and releases a new product to help retailers do it. He tells us about the new Conductor Searchlightmarketing platform equipped withintegrated tools to help with reputation management and content analytics tohelp brands capture consumers early in the purchase cycle. Related articles across the web Bruce Clay and UBL Local Paid Inclusion Revisited Another Google Panda Refresh; Ex-Google Webspam Team Member Andre Weyher Speaks Out Again; Behind Bing: The SEO of Tomorrow Reconsideration Requests; Giving Kids The Online Talk; Behind Bing: Authority Building 71 Percent of SEOs Report More Company Buy-In; Twitters New SEO Tactic Google Penguin 2.0: What Does This Really Mean for SEOs Conductor Adds Universal SEO in Searchlight, Offers Training Grants for NYC Nonprofits Conductor Launches SEO Platform Searchlight To The Public Conductor Raises $10 Million For SEO Management And Optimization Technology
May 13, 2014
Chris ansd Jim discuss as Google Senior Engineer Matt Cutts Debunks SEO Myths and explains how Google Regrets Not Acting Faster On Paid Links and Content Farms, plusBing: Unnatural Links = Advanced Knowledge Of Linksand Bing Senior Product Manager Duane ForresterDebunks 10SEOMyths. Related articles across the web Another Google Panda Refresh; Ex-Google Webspam Team Member Andre Weyher Speaks Out Again; Behind Bing: The SEO of Tomorrow 71 Percent of SEOs Report More Company Buy-In; Twitters New SEO Tactic Google Knowledge Graph and Yahoo Axis Reviewed SEO in 2011 Recap FTC Likely to Review How Search Engines Disclose Paid Listings 4 SEO Myths Conspiracy Theories Google's Matt Cutts Wants to Die SearchCap: Google's Matt Cutts Regrets, Bing On Firefox OS Google Doodles Bing: It's a myth that keyword rich domains improve search engine ranking Duane Forrester of Bing Lists 10 SEO Myths
April 2, 2013
SES New York 2013 Recap as Daron and Chris take away what happened last week April Fools Pranks from Google and Bing from Gmail Blue To Google Nose Beta to Bing Pretending to Be Google for a day. Finally, we learned again why you should not ever miss a SearchBash, plus news on when you can catch the next Bash.
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