Oh my gosh!!!
I just stumbled on to my first listen with Allena. What a great way to start a podcast. I am new to both the poly and the kink world but feel like I was made for it. I really want to educate myself on everything (it just my personality). This podcast is great! you all are so funny and knowledgeable it makes learning and listening fun. Thank you all and keep doing what you’re doing. We appreciate you. P.S I keep sending episodes to my partner. He will love this too. Much love to you!
Leda The Swan
Polyamory Weekly has been a great resource since I first talked about opening up my mono relationship nearly five years ago. Thank you so much!
Not just for non-monogamists
These podcasts offer great relationship advice even for us monogamists. Minx and her co-hosts are always right on the money and consistently offer creative and valuable strategies for maintaining and improving your love relationship(s). Thank you
Informative and Important!
I absolutely love this podcast, highly recommended!
An inclusive world view
This show has opened my eyes to many different alternative lifestyles, as well as keep me abreast of top new stories in the poly/bdsm/relationship scene. But more importantly, Minx has stepped up her game surpassing her already well rounded podcast. Not only does she have diverse content and amazing co-hosts and guests I can see her becoming an inclusive ally to all types of people. She helps me see the world beyond my own sight. She shows me diverse mindsets and informs me on issues that I may not otherwise see as a Cis-white female. For that I am so grateful! She has been at it over ten years, I’ve been at her for over five ;) and I hope we continue together as host and avid listener for decades to come! So listen up, no matter what race, gender or non-gender you are, no matter what relationship style you identify with, no matter who you choose to love...Minx has got you covered from ear to toe! Love her!
Informative, Helpful ... Real
Minx chooses interesting guests, establishes a good rapport with people, and walks her talk when it comes to treating people of all sexualities and lifestyles with respect. Her topics are informative and realistic. She researches and doesn't just talk off the cuff, or spend too much time blathering on about mere opinions. If you're new to polyamory, experienced, or wondering about it, Polyamory Weekly is a great resource for you.
My favorite
I have been listening for years now, and I’ve listened to every episode. Minx is such a lovely person- and so nice to listen to. Like a friend. I am so thankful for this podcast- Minx covers anything and everything having to do with poly and relationships in general. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends, poly or mono. Thank you Minx! <3
Smart and energetic
Rick Pack
A smart and energetic podcast that dares to explore taboo territory and thereby encourage more honest expression in our world. Loved the episode with Chris Smith (#528). Made me think about close nontraditional connections made stronger by courageous vulnerability could help many of us collaborate through the next recession.
Very informative, a must for those who are new
This is a great, quick weekly podcast to cover the things those who are new to polyamory will need to know. Very accessible and friendly. My only complaint is I wish the episodes weren't so short. But the hosts are wonderful and welcoming, the guests are knowledgeable, and the topics are still fresh after all the time they've been on the "air".
Essential listening!
For anyone who has relationships with other people. There are so many good lessons for romantic relationships, but learning to communicate well can improve your connection with everyone in your life! I love Minx's smart and open-hearted approach to hosting the show.
Not a fan of the host
The show has so much potential since it has some really good content (on the three episodes I listened to), but I was turned off by the host, Minx, who seemed to have a chip on her shoulder on certain topics, who regularly interrupted and audibly made uncomfortable her guests, particularly on the asexuality episode. Tried to give it a couple more shots, but found the same issue: I find her off-putting. Much prefer the Multiamory podcast.
Just came across this podcast a week ago and have scrolled and download several episodes thus far. Once you get pass the Moviefone guy voice intro, cheesy subject dividing music and sometimes awkward long pauses, and low recorded volume. Minx does provide plenty of information about polyamory and for a beginners such as myself it can be very helpful.
Great info and advice!
Thanks for all your honesty and hard work!
Check ins and Owning your Life
Ive learned so much from ths podcast as a person who seeks to identify poly with caution. Im learing more and more as the weeks go on with a seemingly unlimited database of episodes to surf through while I wait for another heard hitting topic!Thanks Minx and Lusty Guy for youre dedication to helping us all find our way in a safe manner!
When I feel like im falling...
...I can always turn this podcast on and hear a brighter side to rejection, awkward interactions, or even how to bes communicate how I feel before it all comes crashing down around me. This podcast had taught me to open up for the sake of ME and not to be ruked by stigmas and false lables. Owning your Happiness is the message, how to get there and stay there is the practice that Lusty Guy, Cunning Minx and all the wonderful guests on the show aim to equip you with. I reccomend this to any of my friends in non monogomous or otherwise because it realy does show you how to confidently act on the next step! Thanks for all your wonderful insights and stories! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TOO 100%!!
Love love love
I love the podcast. I always learn something new that has me thinking for days. Additionally Minx has the most soothing voice. Always enjoy hearing you speak.
A must-listen for people curious about poly
Minx does a great job answering all types of questions that people new to poly may have, as well as having a great and wide range of guests to weigh in with their own poly experiences. Also absolutely recommended if you're like me and just starting to navigate poly in your own life. Thanks Minx, you've got another lifelong listener! :)
69 stars!
Next Up, Chinacat Sunflower
Thank you Minx, Lusty Guy, Koe, Kitten and everyone who helps make this wonderful podcast. I learn something new in every podcast to help me communicate better and reinforce all my good feels about polyamory. 🐱🐱🐱
This show has been one of my best resources for navigating poly life. I always find myself going and reviewing old episodes when I need an answer to something I'm dealing with. There's something for everyone to learn about relationships, even if you aren't poly
Ideas for All Types of Relationships
Dark Spiral Dance
Regardless of the structure or the rules of your relationship(s), or your orientation, Minx and her guests provide great ideas for making relationships better. Some of their advice comes from hard-won experience. Some advice takes what should be the obvious guidelines of all relationships, then shows multiple ways to put them into practice. They never present themselves as all-knowing experts, but as people who’ve done a lot of living, loving, and learning --and are willing to share.
Shock and Therapy
I suuuuck at Starcraft
I came for the "the hell is this??" factor, and stayed for the rediculous amount of insights into my own spyche Minx gives out like candy. I can clearly trace new comforts and confidence back to this entertaining and informative podcast.
Sending love from Ohio
I love this podcast. It has provided so much information about polyamorous relationships. Well done.
I'm a fan
So, I'm not sure what to write here. I've been listening most weeks for maybe a year now, and listened to a lot of older episodes too. My live-in boyfriend and myself have developed a habit of listening while we fold laundry together. There's a lot of insight, it brings up a lot of questions, and as someone who's relatively new to poly and hasn't really settled into a real-life community to ask questions to, it's a really powerful resource. Also, just fun to listen to. Minx is great about bringing in guest speakers to talk about different subjects, she cheerfully promotes what other people do, and it's just a really beautiful thing. And she keeps pointing out that writing a review here is something that can help the podcast. So, here it is Minx, keep up the good work.
A must-listen for poly people
Melissa RI
I appreciate how Minx brings her personal experience and mistakes to the table- it definitely makes the podcast more connective. One of my favorite episodes was where she brought her metamour on and talked about their relationships in particular. Thanks for the podcast, Minx!
Invaluable Relationship Advice
I go through phases where I listen to this podcasts weekly and then discuss its contents with friends. It offers invaluable advice and perspective for people working through relationship-related conundrums of all types. I must admit that I'm most interested in the more experienced guests, especially from older queer folks.
Best Poly Resource Out There
I have listened to the entire archive of Poly Weekly and I cannot express my immense gratitude for the time and energy Minx and her cohosts have put into this show. When helping out a friend exploring polymory my list of favorite shows is the first place I point them. Informitive and to the point the show does a great job of valuing my time by giving me the information I need in a fun and informative way without devolving into non-relevant side chat. As someone who engages in poly educating I love coming back to the podcast to refresh my take and engage with different circumstances that can affect our poly lives. Scritches to the Minx, thanks for all you do!
Wonderful podcast useful for all relationships
I don't give 5-star reviews; I just don't. Perfection is almost impossible to achieve, and I believe reviews should reflect that. (Alas, too many online reviews are either raves or pans—it's unfortunately unavoidable.) Think of the Baseball Hall of Fame; lots of great players don't get in. It's not just the occasional good podcast; it's excellence, demonstrated consistently, for a substantial period of time. This is a 5-star podcast. The host, Cunning Minx, has been doing this 'cast for years. Not only is she personally an engaging and intelligent host; she learns over time, solicits other opinions, listens to her listeners, engages with her community, and accepts other opinions thoughtfully and respectfully. And she has a great "radio voice". Everything you could want in a host. Minx's output has been consistent for years. She misses a week now and then, but unlike many, many other podcasts has maintained a regular schedule for years. It's an almost unmatched record. But finally, this 'cast not only contains excellent information for polyamorous relationships, but the advice and thoughts presented—about communication, honestly, and mutual respect—can apply to anyone. You could be in a 20+ year-long monogamous relationship with expectations of never straying, and you'd still hear good stuff from Minx, LustyGuy, Koe, and the other folks Minx has had on. That's what makes a great podcast. And that's why you should download this podcast and give it a listen.
a beacon for people who want info
very useful always enteraining. Advice about relationships, Poly, Sex, health. So gald I found it
Excellent resource
Polyamory Weekly is an EXCELLENT resource for anyone who is curious about all things poly. Thank you, Minx & Lusty Guy for your amazing contribution to knowledge and growth! 😍
What a wonderful podcast full of information and humor and understanding! And so thorough and timely. Thank you!!
Great podcast
Love this podcast! Great information about a topic that I'm very interested in. I'm not poly (yet). You could say I'm doing my research first. I heart Minx and all the topics she brings to the table. Love this podcast!
Five stars!
It's great to hear an open mind that is entertaining and informative at the same time!
Why oh why didn't I find this years ago!
I have 8 years to catch up on! Thank you for having all the podcasts available!! I started with the last cpl weeks but decided to go back from the beginning to end.. Don't worry I will catch up fast and it's great I can close the app and still listen!! I can play my games and chat all while listening! You are an amazing speaker! And I love your insight!
Thanks for the help for a newbie!
My wife and I decided to open up our marriage a couple months ago. I've found the information from Minx to be very useful. In fact, I'm on OkCupid now thanks to a recent episode and having a lot of fun with it!
A great way to learn about the lifestyle
I'd never heard of polyamory until a week ago Tuesday, when I heard Emily Morse make a brief mention of the lifestyle on an episode of "Sex With Emily." I was curious and checked the iTunes Store for more information on the subject. "Polyamory Weekly" is by far the best resource I've found via podcast, the format that I have the most time for these days, as I can listen many hours a day at work. I've listened to about the first 18 months of episodes currently in the store and like the show very much. It seems to portray every aspect of polyamory very accurately and sincerely, with a wide variety of insight from host Cunning Minx and her guests. Minx is very likable and is an optimal blend of humor and seriousness. She unfortunately goes into semi-regular excursions that reflect the dangerous faith that liberals have in big government to solve problems, but for the most part, she does an excellent job. And to her credit, she even discusses the aspects of the lifestyle that create potential problems. And even those who are morally opposed to the lifestyle can learn a lot from her emphasis on communication, openness, and honesty - elements that are sorely lacking from many monogamous relationships.
Never thought a "year of sex" could be so boring
I listened to an interview with someone named Mia Martina, who wrote a book about going to sex clubs for a year in New York City. I am absolutely amazed at how stunningly boring and uninspiring this conversation is. It really is a feat to make anonymous sex with multiple partners so deadly dull. so I'll give them both that.
Amazing resource on communication and relationships
This podcast is one of the best resources on communication and relationships on the web. Minx is an engaging host and interviewer. Whatever your relationship choice, there are resources available to help with just about any scenario or issue one could imagine experiencing.
Fear of intimacy
Impressed new civil war buff
Polyamory is a fear of intimacy, probably its practitioners were hurt deeply at some point that opened this path as a way to avoid the feared pain of trying to connect with one person. I wish you all the best but don't be fooled that this path is pain free.
A Perfect Mix of Personable and Professional
Discovered Poly Weekly thanks to Sex Nerd Sandra and am so glad I did! Minx does a great job of really exploring important themes and news in the poly community in a very open, even-handed way. It's been great for me to listen to and learn from in an effort to be a better partner and support of my wife in our journey into the poly world.
Best non-monogamy podcast
I've listen to a lot of poly/non-monogamy/sexuality podcasts and this is the only one I would recommend. Minx is smart, covers a huge variety of topics and has great guests. Unlike some sexuality podcasts, she doesn't blather on and on about her own escapades--when she does talk about her life it is either a quick endearing comment or actually relates to the topic at hand. I love that she covers poly in politics and the media, relationship topics, activism and conferences/conventions--there's no aspect of non-monogamy you can't learn about from PW. Skip the others and listen to Minx.
Still crazy, after all these years!
Minx is just herself. She's got some GREAT guests and has worked VERY hard to grow as a podcaster and keep her show growing and stretching. She was the first. She'll always be the pioneer. Kudos. Keep it going girl.
Worth hearing from the first episode
Im surprised there aren't thousands of reviews due to the fact Minx has been rocking out awesome podcasts for 5 years now. i found this a year ago and I've gone back to listen from the beginning. the first 150 episodes I've heard have gone over so many helpful, funny, engaging, hopeful, sad, and honest subjects, people on this podcast (including Minx) tell real live stories and scenarios that help YOU the listener, "Watch out for that...Tree!" i.e. learn to spot and even prevent the things that can cause your relationship pain/damage by (wonder of wonders…) COMMUNICATING.. clearly even.. and owning up to your emotions so that you (and hopefully your partner(s)) can grow from the experience and enjoy your life and the people in it. Minx, i even love the sexy stories you read from time to time.. the siamese brothers are my favorite.. you ROCK.
Must Listen for anyone practicing consensual non-monogamy
This podcast is an absolute must if you are non-monogamous. There is a rich amount of relationship advice, tools for communication, info on media surrounding poly, fantastic interviews with leaders in the sexual positivity movement. The BEST podcast regarding negotiating non-monogamy as a poly person.
What is best about Poly Weekly....
Laughing Vergil
.... is that you don't need to be Polyamorous, or a swinger, or into any type of non-vanilla relationship or sexual activity for the podcast to be useful and informative. Occasionally there will be audio issues, but that is normally from recording on-location. The host is informative, treats relationships and sexuality in a non-judgemental, straightforward manner, and is interesting and amusing. The guests (not on all episodes) are usually quite interesting and informative. In my opinion, the most well rounded relationship and sexuality podcast on iTunes, and perhaps the best on the web.
Awesome Poly
It's true Its not all about the sex. If you are having Vanilla Relationship Issues them Polyamoryweekly is for you. The whole janara of topics that the Minx hits on,one is certian to hit home with you. Let your mind relax and you will find yourself outside your box,scary but fascinating:))
This podcast is amazing. Minx covers so many facets and topics relating to polyamory, open relationships, and relating in general. I enjoy the interviews from the events she goes to, the guests, and the regulars. GREAT job, thank you and your crew!
Listen for the relationship advice
I'm completely monogamous, but the relationship advice Minx gives is worth its weight in gold (at the current gold prices, no less!). The models of honest communication, and responisbility to one's self & partner(s) applies to everyone and is so very positive & healthy. And episode #158 is priceless for us shy folk. She explains how to strike up conversations!
good advice no matter your relationship status or style
i've downloaded most of the episodes and have been working my way through them. the advice is useful for anyone who is in a relationship, or thinking about being in one, but it's especially useful for people who are considering/practicing the non-monogamous lifestyle. the only thing i think could be improved is the transition between parts of the show, as the sound balance can be off and the difference in sound levels between segments can really hurt my ears when my earbuds are on. aside from that, minx sounds really cute, and i wish i could fangirl in person.
A great discussion of relationships for mono people too
This is one of the best podcasts for people who are interested in the topic of relationships, be they mono or poly, because poly people seem to have the same relationship issues which mono people deal with, only they have them times two. The podcast talks about such issues as new relationship blinders, jealosy, long distance relationships, trust, you name it. Also, there is very little discussion of actual sex, so if you are looking for titilation, this isn't the podcast for you.
I luv it!
the femlin
This is a fun and informative podcast about love and relationships of all varieties. Strokes to the Minx
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