What Happened!?
The show is good but every other episode seems more about the intersection of politics/tech than business/tech.
Political podcast that is anti-tech with biased host
I have been a long-time listener to Marketplace tech; Since Wood has taken over as host, the podcast has become more anti-tech with a political agenda. Wood provides little to no substance in the reporting besides a biased opinion. Wood seems under informed, lacking understanding, and changes the narrative into the latest political controversy. The interviews appear to be staged to support the biased and lazy reporting. Unsubscribing from podcast, it’s too bad since this was a great tech podcast with the previous hosts.
Keep the politics out of the story! Please
I’m done. Been very patient over the 3 yrs or so that I’ve been a subscriber. It continues to get more and more political. Anti-Trump, climate change, racism...every hot button issue out there. I want tech news. Not politically leaning “news” loosely related to tech. This week was the final straw. “Climate change is responsible for “The Un-housed” (not homeless) and also for racism. To loosely put those blatant political messages into a story about what tech companies are doing to combat climate change is nothing more than a loosely veiled political statement. Consider me “unsubscribed”.
About Alexa
Love the podcast, but I have one gripe. Please, please, please... stop using the Google and Amazon wake words in your stories and ads. The advertising part is the part that irks me. Love the show.
Great podcast - ads are too long given length of show
I love this podcast. Molly Wood is inquisitive and upbeat despite many dark realities she reports on. I will agree with others that the commercials are too long for such a short podcast. I have had trouble convincing friends to subscribe because of the extraordinarily long commercials for what ends up being only 4 min of content.
Love Molly Wood
This is great podcast and Molly Wood is an excellent reporter and host. She also has the best voice anywhere and I can listen to her all day.
Bias and fluff
Bias + fluff, this one has gone down the same hole that weekend did and that the so-called “make me smart” began in.
Molly Wood rocks!
Love this podcast, which in 5-7 minutes provides interesting perspectives on important people, companies, issues and trends in the tech world. Thank you!
Great Tech Insights
Rjoe at Iinnovate
And I am a business consultant to companies looking to succeed in the innovation economy and marketplace tech helps me keep abreast of the important news with context that is very helpful.
Oddly Biased
This show is well put together and at first blush seems to provide a nice condensation of financial news. After listen for a while, however, you start to wonder why they take certain slants which seem to favor one side of some polarized issue. This seems kind of odd when you are expecting a reasonable attempt at factual analysis. You chalk it up to your imagination or perhaps your own bias. You finally realize there is a definite pattern to their bias. They seem to always favor existing entrenched businesses or policies over anything which may threaten these interests. This is quite disturbing and odd since they “present” themselves as a polished and fact-based program. I have come to see this, however, only as a smokescreen for a deep and frankly disgusting bias which permeates their reporting. I thought Trump was just being self-serving and disingenuous when he complains about “fake news” from the major outlets. As I am beginning to see, however, there is actually substance to the fact that most news shows serve only their sponsor’s interest and have little regard for honest journalism. Oh well. This “marketplace” program appears to be just another platform for fake news.
Bad hosts
This podcast would be significantly improved if it could find a good host. The two I've heard - Ben Johnson and Molly Wood - have seemed under informed and more worried about proper politics rather actual tech issues. Very much an underperforming podcast.
Unadulterated tech news story of the day
A daily story that goes deeper than a flashy headline
Too much advertising
It's about 45 seconds to 1 minute of advertisment at the outset and the end. For a podcast clip so short, posted each day, it gets to be too much - especially, when you listen to them back to back.
Great podcast
Gotta choose a name not taken
I’m a big Molly Wood fan. She makes tech stuff understandable for non-techie folks while not making us feel dumb. And she’s funny.
Tech for all
Viva La Doge
It’s NPR you know it’s good.
Not really tech tech....
Maybe 5th grade science? Kind of about what people who are not really into technology talk about when they think they are talking about technology... 6 minute podcast but 2 minutes of ads.
Miss the old show and format
I loved Ben and his show. There was an emphasis on the technology business news of the day, mixed with product news. This iteration of this podcast seems focused on interviews and, sadly, a political view of technology. Where is the focus on technology business news? It has become like too many podcasts available and does not stand out anymore. Unsubscribed.
Molly Wood is always welcome in my life!
I have been a huge fan of Molly Wood since her time at CNET when she did Buzz Out Loud, The Buzz Report, and Always On. She is always witty, smart, and informative. Glad to have her back and giving me hella useful information! Love you Molly!
Informative, Interesting, Short enough to listen to EVERY day - never miss it
This is in my Top 5 podcasts. I love it and always learn something new. Molly Wood is so incredibly knowledgeable in her field, brings on amazing guests, makes the 4-5 min podcast super deep, and tells you where you can find the rest of the interviews when you have time to listen to more. LOVE.
It should be taken off.
This podcast has not right to exist by itself. Fifty percent of the 6 minutes time is devoted to ads, not to content. It should be added to any of the other Marketplace podcasts as a segment. The ads in the Marketplace main podcast is just 10%. This is acceptable for a free offerint in the Web, not higher than than that.
Kobiashi Maru reference
So spot on from Trek. Bonus points!
i wish it was longer
great content and delivery...the episodes are short (6 minutes), so i stack up a week’s worth and listen binge.
Great Update
Molly Wood is the best and I’m so happy we get to hear from here more frequently and on a subjunctive she’s well schooled in.
Stay Techie
Love this podcast and I am sure you will too!
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love the hosts and the content.
wish it was longer!
I miss the quirky, fun style that Ben had, but I'm really enjoying Molly Wood as the host for Marketplace Tech. The new music is fun, too; it always conjures the image of a purple octopus playing multiple synths to me. anyway - I always wish the segment was longer! Great job! :)
I’m in...
I’ve been listening to this podcast regularly because it gives me the latest news in tech and in-depth information on new tech developments. Now with Molly Wood as a host, I’m even more hooked. Her perspective as a woman, revealing the individuals behind the movements that drive tech today, with historical and cultural depth, is brilliant. I’m in for the ride Molly. Let’s go!
Good podcast
Molly does a great job to keeping us current with tech.
Love the show!
It is so great to have Molly Wood in my feed once again! I am an old BOL fan and always look forward to the shows Molly is involved with. Very informative and always entertaining. Thank you! (Tom Merrit / Veronica Belmont guest host? Pretty please?)
Always relevant.
Topics are always relevant.
Gone downhill
I wouldn’t call this a fantastic podcast before, but the change in hosts seems to have changed the focus from reporting on tech, to “here’s what you should be afraid of today”. There’s enough of that kind of fear mongering out there already, and marketplace + apm are generally above that flavor of lazy reporting. You can do better.
Miss the old format...lackluster
I like Molly wood, but this new format is a cross between make me smart and the old market place tech...in the worst way possible. By trying to please everyone you please no one. The podcast doesn’t seem relevant.at least the previous one was driven by the news cycle and that was really useful for me and my job. It’s meh.
Great Stories
Excellent reporting.
Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood
Molly is unbeatable due to her enthusiasm and skill as an interviewer. I love the podcast format because I never have to miss an episode.
Market Place + Molly Wood = Awesome
As a long time Market Place and Molly Wood fan, so nice to have them together and the result is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
Long time listener. Enjoying the new show
Long time listener. Enjoying the new show even more with Molly. Keep up the good work.
High quality show about tech, love it.
I'm a general fan of Marketplace, mostly for it's down-to-earth approach to reporting. Marketplace tech is great with the addition of Molly Wood! She takes a great approach to the show/interviews. Love it. Only nit is that some of it's stories cross over to 'regular' Marketplace, meaning I have to hear them twice. Separating shows more completely would be best, in my opinion.
Short and sweet
Molly Wood is a great host and this podcast is a quick 10 minutes about interesting stuff going on in tech. It doesn’t just explain what something is, because most tech listeners know that, instead it looks at cause/effects and opinions. Highly recommended.
Mostly Interviews
I’ve been listening to Marketplace Tech for quite some time. The last change in format seems to be based primarily on interviews rather than a broader based source of information on technology.
A must listen to everyday!
Jack from Monroe
Molly Wood is amazing! What a fine reporter and interviewer! She brings a refreshing and unbiased view to daily tech. Her humor and down to earth style is just right for this podcast. Brining her on moved this to a five star podcast! Keep it up!
Go Molly Go
Great show. Always interesting.
Great podcast
Otto G.
Molly Wood is an excellent interviewer and she has a great sense of humor. The topics the show focuses on are very interesting.
Great tech fix...
Molly Wood is a great host, great stories and perspectives. And the theme music is soooo awesome, an extra added bonus.
My morning wake up
As an executive in the technology sector this is one of my 3 essential listens daily on the way in to the office. Highly recommended.
The Best Part of My Day.
Slater Creative
Molly Wood is simply birlliant and a breath of fresh air (no NPR pun intended) in a space that can be dull, and filled with fanboy/girl-ish nonsense. Great content. I learn something new with every show. Well produced. Wish they were longer. Thank you Molly Wood!
Change the cover photo!
I love Molly Wood. She has a very down-to-earth delivery, and the show has great content. But the picture that shows in my player is a white dude in a hoody. If Molly doesn't want to be the cover model, maybe consider someone other than Yet Another White Dude for the cover.
Good job Molly!
1) I had to figure out how to do a review just for Molly 2) Great podcast. I liked the other Tech one, but the music is better now. And Molly is so smart!
Fun and interesting
The show is full of fun and interesting facts. I would love it to go longer and more in-depth. Molly does a great job of making tech relatable.
Molly has reenergized MP Tech
Jenny Spreadsheet
Been lovin me some Molly for a while now. She is a great fresh change for the podcast. It's so good I'm afraid she will get stolen by a large cable new station or magazine. Or if she keeps the crack reporting up one of the Silicon Valley companies might steal her away in a self driving car! Seriously enjoying the change. Thank you Molly. Love the new jingle too.
Glad she’s exposed
I’m a long time fan of Molly Wood and enjoy her voice and breadth of knowledge. Keep up the good work
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