One of my favorite podcasts
I love you guys!
Started watching on YouTube
Best conspiracy show. Well balanced and informative. Definitely is where it gets crazy
Lefty point of view!
Carole from Seattle
How boring.
Poor preparation
Paul 86538
The topics always excite me...then I start listening to the show and the content is poor. It seems like these guys google the topics for an hour and then produce a show. The show have minimal facts. This show does not rise to the level of Stuff You Should Know.
The ads are obnoxious
Masha Ristova
This used to be my favorite show. I started listening 3-4 years ago and back then they consisted put out quality episodes. These days there are way too many ads and ad breaks. It is so incredibly distracting and completely takes me out of the topic. Every time I’ve tried to listen lately I find myself pausing and choosing a different show to listen to. I like to fast forward through the ads but the ads come so frequently on this show that it’s impossible to listen to while doing other things, like cleaning my apartment or driving. I understand you guys need to make money but I wish you guys would be more tactful about it. Some shows, like True Crime Garage for example, have ONE ad break in the middle and do all the ads then at once. It is so much more tolerable to listen to. I used to love this show so much and I so badly want to love it again. I hope you guys actually read these reviews and consider what listeners are saying.
Engaging and entertaining
I’ve been following stdwytk since they were a video series. They combine the best of hard facts and dig into the crackpot theories. I feel like I learn something new each listen. Keep up the good work and I hope this review keeps you one step away from unemployment.
Noel is my favorite
Sloppy and incomplete research
I want to like this podcast more, and I like the staffs sense of humor. "You are you. You are here....' it's funny. However the research on some of their topics is really poor. You could spend 10 minutes online and get more solid research then they put into the podcast. It bespeaks sloppy research and mediocre jounalisim. They need to up their game.
I love Noel
He’s my favorite! He’s also on Ridiculous History, another favorite of mine!
Love it, but...
I love this show, but there's something about Noel Brown's voice that just sounds fat and lazy. Could you guys replace him?
John hodges
Idk who this person is but he ruins every show he forces himself onto. Is he the founder of the network or something? He ruins SYSK- tv show and all. And now he’s on here like people like him? If he’s so well liked he wouldn’t have to poach unsolicited listeners from all over the network. I’m unsubscribing from this podcast because of John Hodges.
I’ve been a long time listener and am such a fan of this show!!! The topics are of wide and weird variety which I love, and Ben, Matt and Noel are always well prepared on each topic, providing great info and knowledge - not to mention they are so hilarious! I’ve seen others critique this show for being left leaning and biased, but in this day and age, I think it’s absurd to negatively critique a show for that - everything is political and if you’re offended by them, for example, literally explaining the dark truth of David Koch’s past, then maybe open your mind and consider viewpoints that differ from your own. Anyway, I also appreciate their sensitivity to certain things that come up in some topics and doing check ins at the beginning of episodes, it is refreshing to hear that especially considering other male hosted podcasts where that is not the norm. Keep on being great guys!!
Great Podcast!
This podcast explores all the facts available at hand and makes sure they let listeners know if any information is conjecture, conspiracy, or personal opinion thus allowing you to form your own opinion about each topic. I also love how they allow viewers to call, email, or contact them through social media in order to correct any misinformation if found and also just to suggest topics or anything that might be useful or interesting for the show. Just discovered the show about a month ago but I’ve been listening to most of the podcasts dating back to 2016!! I’m so glad they’ve been able to achieve longevity for the pod!
Change the podcast poster
center viewpoint
The podcast is interesting to listen to but the podcast poster made it seem really dark with a horror feel to it. I subscribed to this podcast expecting something similar to the No Sleep Podcast feel. However, it just The How Stuff Works guys with their usual light and quirky banter just talking about “dark” or “conspiracy” topics. I’m perfectly fine with that but have the poster reflect off of that light and quirky feel so it’s not so misleading.
I would give it higher rating but...
I would give this show a higher rating but the leftist ideologies of all three hosts sometimes get in the way of a good story. Either include someone that has a different view point or completely stay out of politics. Control your political viewpoints and keep them to yourselves if you can. Otherwise get someone else to talk to.
Quickly becoming my favorite podcast
Everything from the research to the hosts and topics. Love the show and have a huge backlog of episodes I can’t wait to listen to.
The more you know
This is my favorite podcast. I’ve only been listening for about a year but I have heard most of the episodes at this point. Very thought provoking topics and the hosts vibe together nicely, unlike other podcasts I’ve heard. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Might sound a little crazy
Might sound a little crazy consider raring the topics but this podcast is really soothing and makes you feel involved in the discussion as well.
Love the early podcasts...
Quincy BJJ
Ben and Matt have done pretty to be politically impartial. Noel seems to be increasingly outspoken for the left. The early episodes were so much better than the more current episodes.
Francis Bacci
Nice alternative to all the political stuff I usually listen to
i like noel
all three of you are great
Used to be a fan
This used to be a great podcast, but the episode on David Koch was a bit over the top. If you could keep your politics out of the show it's 5 star. I don't need you trying to convince me of this or that. Quoting Politico? Really? Get back to the content that was interesting, not divisive.
Great to listen during work!
Very interesting show. Highly recommend if you like the XFiles 👽👾👻
Good info, but......
I truly enjoy all of the content the guys put out. Very informative, very thought provoking, and funny at times. However, because of the podcast platform, I find it difficult to listen to at times as it seems like Ben and Matt have a mouth full of water, or maybe they need to take a drink of water or whatever. Keep up the good work Noel, and get the other fellas a nice non-Koch brother cup of water.
One of the best podcasts on the Net
Awesome hosts awesome topics awesome format.
Love the podcasts
Kreg C
The podcast is great. How about biggest heists where the suspect never leaves his home? I thought for sure that was going to be included. I know you guys were focusing on cash heists, but it would be interesting.
Over remote viewing
While I was deployed to Iraq in 08-09 I was approached by someone that I had close correspondence with over there who worked for a big company that most of us know. After about four months of talking and hanging out he finally asked me if I was interested in joining this team of remote viewers, ie be a candidate to possibly join. Good discussion today gents.
Just dumb liberals running there dumb mouths.
Stuff they don’t want you to know
I’ve been following these guys since their YouTube days, great podcast.
Great but
Dropping dang
It’s awesome and it has great information but it sometimes leans into a political bias conversation.
If I could rate this higher I would
LOVE listening to you guys!! Great topics, great commentary lol! Keep up the great work guys!!
Great podcast
Consistently funny and informative.
Quality varies
Basically a few guys repeating what they read on Wikipedia.
Intelligent, well researched, very entertaining!
Typhoon Actual
I started listening to this podcast while doing the Trek Century Challenge in July. I rode 1,000+ miles on my mountain bike, so I had several hours everyday to fill. Matt, Ben, Noel do a great job presenting every topic I have heard. They are science literate and clearly have put a lot of time into preparation. I love the show and can’t recommend it enough!!
Very interesting
Thanks for the podcast on what’s going on in Hong Kong. Very insightful.
Thank you
Nick 68w
Your podcast gets me through a lot of long work days. Thank you🛸
Great travel and work companion
I’ve been listening to stdwytk since 2016 through three moves and four different jobs. I love how thought provoking the topics are and the humorous but scientific approaches of the hosts, turning each episode into an educational and fun investigation. Highly recommend for anyone looking to expose themselves to new points of view or opinions on uncommon topics.
Great Podcast!!!
This podcast is awesome!!!! I listen to it on my commute to work. You guys rock!!!
oh das ist gut podcast, ja
Just as the title says, das ist a darn good podcast, ja.
Well done show
I really enjoy the show. The guys try very hard to be fair, open minded and unbiased. They cover a wide range of interesting topics. This show will bag your badgers!
On your vaccine “expose”....I feel really bad for you..,
Lucy Pasteur
You’ve joined the zombified majority & comprised your potential integrity! Had you courageously resonated & sought the openly available truth - you’d be heroes for humanity & morality. In mocking, scoffing, & bashing all the wonderful heroes, past & present, who’ve protested vaccine coercion & empower people to protect their families against immorally diabolical “science”! The truth is no longer hidden - just embraced by genuinely good people...many of whom used to “believe in vaccines” - but are thrilled to have been set “free” by accepting the truth!
Noel Out
Noel should go back to being a silent, guest producer for SYSK. Nobody wants to hear this idiot speak, and definitely not for 45-60 minutes. I’m unsubscribing until he’s gone and strongly encourage others to do the same. It’s sad considering how great this used to be before including this moron.
That little extra
Totally appreciate you guys you get me through my work day and lunch breaks thanks for what you guys do
Stuff they Don't want you to Know
Keep up the great work, it's time to clear up or at least become informed on these interesting topics.
Accurate facts
I love that these guys like to stick the facts and always make clear what is a “could” or “might” be. I wish Noel was in more of the podcasts though. Please Noel, think of the children.
Love this podcast!
Hairy ballerina
Hilarious! Tragic! Mind expanding!
Love the show.
This podcast really helps me look at things in a different light.
Very fun and Informative
Keep The Content Going!
Great podcast! They do a great job of finding interesting topics and objectively telling the story. I fact check everything in life myself and I can support these guys do their research. Nice to have a fun and educational podcast these days that doesn’t get into the grime of politics or other extreme opinions. Keep up the great work and thank you!
Great balanced view on “strange” topics
These guys do everything from down the rabbit hole conspiracy theories to current events that just seem a little “off” and they do it in a way that is so great! Ben, Matt, Noel and sometimes others spend a good amount of time researching their topics, and they present all sides fairly. They delve deep into the “conspiracy” possibilities on a given topic but then they also take what they call a “conspiracy realist” approach where they try to come back and look at what actually happened, what witness etc said, and talk through what possibilities are the best fit without judging anyone for having different perspectives. They also have SO many ways to share your insights with them, everything short of using a telegraph (all the soc meds, email, phone are all options to share a positive or negative response about their content and they are pretty engaging on social media). I appreciate their perspective and insight and the work they put into this. It’s unlike any other “conspiracy minded” show I know, in all the best ways.
Ilsa Lund
I love this show. The hosts make me feel at home. It’s like comfort food for me at this point. I am me and I am here and that makes know the drill.
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