Love this podcast!
I am a post-bac researcher getting ready to apply to graduate school in neuroscience. It can be over whelming at times and listening to this podcast has really helped me feel invigorated in the search for the right program. I love hearing about the research and I think the hosts ask great questions. I also love getting to hear some more personal stories and insight from the professors that they interview. Thanks for the great work!
A must-listen for neuroscientists
Very informative podcast, the host asks excellent questions and has some very high-caliber experts in the field as guests. They do get into the nitty-gritty technical parts of neuroscience, which I personally love. However, this could be difficult for people outside of biology. Amazing podcast overall! Highly recommend.
And caretaker band great. Thank You!
My review
I’ve subscribed to over twelve specialized neuroscience podcasts over the years. I can say without reservation (2019-01-16) that I turn to yours FIRST, as my most important and my most entertaining podcast. I even enjoy the music. I’ve learned to trust you guys so much that I’ve embarked on a journey to listen to every past show, even though initially it seemed of little interest. But the cochlear joke? I’ve HEARD quite enough of that lately. It SOUNDS to me like you need a new line.
So good
Love this pod.
A great example of interesting and effective science communication!
So special
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts! The hosts have conversations with some of the top working neuroscientists around. There's one interviewee per session so we get to hear not only about the surface level details of the work, but also a more human level of how (and why) the research was accomplished.
Love your podcasts!!
Thank you for running this podcasts! i am an undergraduate trying to get into this field, and your podcasts brighthen my pathway to the right door. Thank you and please keep doing it!
Just listened for the first time and loved it! Thanks for doing this podcast - very interesting and informative! Gina B.
The universe in my head
stacked thoughts
My hippocampal volume has been expanded by today's podcast on space and time with Dr. Mehta.
I love this podcast!!! The hosts ask great questions (not just about the research but about how the scientist got to where he/she is, etc) The podcast cover a wide variety of neuro research pretty in depth, but still manages to add hints of funny, which makes it even more fun to listen to than other science ‘casts out there
One Episode Down..
Just listened to "Space and Time with Dr. Mayank Mehta." This podcast is fantastic! High quality information from people who really are passionate about the universe. Excited to listen to more!
Perkedy perk
Jessi, always aspiring.
Hey, Guys! I am Certified Surgical Technologist in neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I have really enjoyed your podcast! I got a relatively late start academically and it's inspiring to hear your interviewees talk about their paths to Science. My cochlea are so PERKED! Thank you for the brain food, keep it up!
Great Podcast!
Pro-recreational Thinker
My brain knowledge was in the negatives but after listening to this podcast for a couple months I'm finally approaching zero. What I mean is, I am beginning to understand what I don't know. I find the research fascinating and the brief scientist bios intriguing.
A nice time with headphones
Without question, my favorite neuroscience podcast. These folk are as entertaining as they are informational. The best!
Congrats on your SFN award!!
Congrats on your SFN award!!
Awesome podcast
This is one of the best neuroscience podcasts I have come across. I am just a high school student who is interested in neuroscience and these podcasts are both interesting and easy to understand. Listen to them regularly. Keep the podcasts coming!
These guys are awesome! Definitely an addictive podcast not just because I love neuroscience, but all of the different interviews that are conducted on different neuroscientists. It give me better insight on the different viewpoints as well as the topics they study.
My favorite neuroscience podcast
by far. Great information with interesting guests.
Great podcast
The hosts make neuroscience research accessible. I never miss an episode.
Great podcast
Flying fam
As a current neurobiology grad student, I look forward to your podcast. I listen during my commutes. Keep up the great work.
Great podcast for anyone interested in neuroscience or getting involved
I love this podcast. I'm interested in grad school in an interdisciplinary neuroscience-esque field and this is extremely valuable in terms of career advice and how to navigate research career paths. The conversations feel a lot like conversations and not just rigid q and a sessions which make this podcast so much more personable. I'm still going through and listening to all the episodes from previous years but I wonder if you could get any researcher working in transhumanism/neuroprosthetics as a guest?
As prescribed for the noggin
Neuroscience through the eyes of today’s pioneers. Great podcast for anyone and everyone interested in learning of developments and advances in the neuro world.
Uniquely Informative
It's one thing to learn about the most fascinating thing in the universe, but to also learn about how these scientists got started and why they chose neuroscience—is fantastic! I love every episode. Thank you!
I'm a huge fan of this podcast. I'm an RA getting ready to apply to PhD programs in Neuroscience and this podcast has not only kept me motivated and excited to apply, but it's introduced me to so many new labs and areas of research!
Fantastic podcast!
Neuro prof
It is really admirable that these young neuroscientists are disseminating knowledge in this way. Keep up the good work!
keep on trucking
Best Neuroscience Podcast! <3
Taly 101
Very informative, elegant, and interesting talks with neuroscientists!!
A truly awesome podcast. Always has interesting topics and goes into detail without becoming too dense. Keep it coming guys.
Great podcast!!
Fabulous overviews of real cutting edge research!
Love it!
This podcast gives an intimate look into both neuroscience research and the lives of the neuroscientists conducting it. It's accessible to the layman, yet remains interesting to those more well versed in neuro jargon. And best of all, it's fun to listen to!
Awesome Job
Interesting topics and great interviews. It's so great that you all are doing this!
Great use of the cortex
Interesting topics and interviews. Kudos to these motivated grad students for putting this together.
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