Episode 288 - Oracle-Azure Cloud Partnership
Published July 19, 2019
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    Senior Software Engineer Romit Girdhar and Senior PM Tolu Agunbiade dive into the new Oracle-Azure Cloud Partnership that has opened up a world of possibilities for customers that use the benefits of both clouds for applications that run on Azure but rely on Oracle databases, software and services. Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode288.mp3 Transcript: https://eus2.videoindexer.ai/accounts/e0eee289-7730-4999-978b-eb7f63be8cb5/videos/412422f41d/?location=EUS2   Resources: Public Announcements:   Oracle Press Release: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/pressrelease/microsoft-and-oracle-to-interconnect-microsoft-azure-and-oracle-cloud-060519.html Microsoft Press Release: https://news.microsoft.com/2019/06/05/microsoft-and-oracle-to-interconnect-microsoft-azure-and-oracle-cloud/   Landing pages:   https://www.oracle.com/cloud/oci-azure.html https://aka.ms/oracleonazure   Technical Content:   https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/workloads/oracle/oracle-oci-overview https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Network/Concepts/azure.htm https://cloud.oracle.com/iaas/whitepapers/deploy_peoplesoft_jdedwards_across_oci_azure.pdf https://cloud.oracle.com/iaas/whitepapers/deploy_oracle_retail_merchandising_suite_across_oci_azure.pdf  https://cloud.oracle.com/iaas/whitepapers/deploy_ebusiness_suite_across_oci_azure_sso_oam.pdf  https://cloud.oracle.com/iaas/whitepapers/deploy_ebusiness_suite_across_oci_azure_sso_idcs.pdf https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/saas-apps/oracle-cloud-tutorial     Other updates:  Ephemeral OS disks for Azure VMs Ephemeral OS disks are created on the local virtual machine (VM) storage and not saved to the remote Azure Storage. Ephemeral OS disks work well for stateless workloads, where applications are tolerant of individual VM failures, but are more affected by VM deployment time or reimaging the individual VM instances. With Ephemeral OS disk, you get lower read/write latency to the OS disk and faster VM reimage. The key features of ephemeral disks are: Ideal for stateless applications. They can be used with both Marketplace and custom images. Ability to fast reset or reimage VMs and scale set instances to the original boot state. Lower latency, similar to a temporary disk. Ephemeral OS disks are free, you incur no storage cost for OS disk. They are available in all Azure regions. Ephemeral OS Disk is supported by Shared Image Gallery.   Loads of announcements this week due to inspire - I've put a few below, but it's not exhaustive. Availability Zones support is now available for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in preview   Protect applications and data from datacenter failures with redundancies across Availability Zones.    Blob API interoperability with Azure Data Lake Storage        Gen2 is now in preview   Proximity placement groups are now in preview   New 48vCPUs sizes for the Dv3, Dsv3, Ev3, Esv3, Fsv2, and Lsv2 Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are now available so you can better match your workload requirements.    https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-preview-of-azure-data-share/    Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure   The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure provides end-to-end guidance, best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers need to successfully achieve their objectives.   Cognitive Services Form Recognizer prebuilt capability Form Recognizer learns the structure of your forms to intelligently extract text and data.   Introducing Azure Lighthouse Azure Lighthouse provides service providers with a single control plane to manage across customer estates with increased automation, efficiency, and governance.   Announcing Azure Migration Program Azure Migrati
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