January 29, 2019
We have a new home!  Please subscribe to Muscle Intelligence on your favorite platform for new episodes, updates and more. This channel will soon stop posting new episodes.   Joining us today is Dr. Mario Novo, of The BFR Pros. In this episode Ben and Mario dive into all things BFR, aka ‘blood flow restriction’. They take a deep look into what is going on when someone restricts their blow flow, the negative responses from BFR training, is this novel stimulus for the average person & MORE. He opens up about The BFR Pros and the ground breaking research they are doing. Find out why their mission is to provide the highest level of education and tools for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training!
January 23, 2019
This channel is being retired.  To keep up with all new episodes please subscribe to Muscle Intelligence on your favorite podcast platform.   Welcome to the ALL NEW Muscle Intelligence Podcast!  To kick things off we are brining you behind the vail of the Muscle Intelligence lifestyle to give you insight on how Ben and his team #DemandExcellence in their daily life.  Follow along with the practices we use to live our greatest life in our greatest body.
December 28, 2018
Thank you all so much for another amazing year at the Muscle Expert Podcast!  Today we are recapping some of our favorite moments from this year and this show. This will be the last episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast but fear not!  We are coming back to you next week with the all new Muscle Intelligence Podcast! There we will be covering the same great topics with some amazing guests and a slightly different format.   If you are in Australia or the surrounding area, don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity of our MI40 Muscle Camps coming to you!  Ben and Dr. Jordan Shallow will be conducting 3 day courses in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne!  Head to for more information. Jordan Shallow- Changing Stimulus vs Skill Acquisition, Combining Science and Experience when experimenting in the gym Ralph Esposito- 3 Hacks for testosterone- Sleep, Meditation, avoiding plastics Rick Hanson- Overcoming the negativity bias Layne Norton- Finding a nutrition rhythm for your body to be most metabolically flexible. Dan Pardi- The effects of sleep on body composition. Greg Roskopf- How the nervous system governs stability/contraction.  Greg’s MAT concept of tightening loose muscles rather than loosening tight ones. Zach Bush- The effects of glyphosate on the gut micro biome.
December 20, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. Michael Ruscio, author of his new book Healthy Gut, Healthy You. In this episode Ben and Tom dive into all things gut health. They talk in depth on how he diagnoses gut issues in his patients, lifestyle factors that contribute to GI distress & dietary approaches one should start with. He goes into detail on what leaky gut syndrome is and 3 things everyone should know about the microbiome. Visit for episode resources, timestamps and more.
December 17, 2018
Joining us today is Tom Stubbs, CEO of Chronomics. In this episode Ben and Tom dive into all things epigenetics. They take a deep dive into the metabolic pathways associated with DNA methylation, predispositions to epigenetics & MORE. He opens up about Chronomics and the ground breaking research they are doing. Find out why their mission is to improve human health to make the unseen actionable! Exclusive Offer!!! For show notes and resources from this episode visit
December 13, 2018
Welcome back Dr. Jordan Shallow!  The Muscle Doc joins us again for a great conversation on how to build your greatest body through pillars of strength, hypertrophy and stability.  Jordan teaches us how to manipulate those pillars to achieve the goals of bodybuilding or hypertrophy. We also discuss Ben and Jordan’s upcoming muscle camps in Australia, training to optimize the autonomic nervous system to get the most out of every set and the accessory work that powerlifters should be doing to prevent injury and lift as heavy as possible.   If you are interested in joining Dr. Shallow and Ben in Australia visit for more details.  If you are not in Australia be sure to keep an eye on both Ben and Jordan’s social media accounts for more dates across the globe.   This podcast is brought to you by Bioptimizers.  We use Masszymes everyday to optimize protein digestion and absorption. Check out the demo video at for the full demonstration of the power of these enzymes and use code MuscleBen18 for 15 percent off at checkout.
December 10, 2018
Joining us today is Harpreet Rai, CEO of the Oura Ring. In this episode Ben and Harpreet dive into how he got involved with Oura as well as what makes it different from other sleep trackers out there. They take a deep dive into HRV and analyze Ben’s numbers on the air. He shares the future of the company and the concept of Own the Night. Find out why Harpreet not only wants to give you a good night’s sleep, but the best quality of life!
December 6, 2018
Dr. Rob Wildman joins us to dive deep on protein consumption for trained individuals.  We discuss the limitations of current RDA values, how protein synthesis works, and what is optimal vs recommended.  Dr. Wildman gives us his optimal timing around workouts, best protein sources and much more! A huge thanks to Joovv for sponsoring this week's giveaway and podcast!  Visit to get a little extra gift with the purchase of a Joovv product! For resources and links from this episode visit Requirements vs. Recommendations: How Much Nutrients do you need to Build Muscle, Optimize Health and Longevity? [3:00] Gains vs. Maintains: How Much Extra Protein is needed to Maintain your Muscle Mass? [5:15] How Much Can the Average Person Assimilate Per Serving of Protein? [7:09] The Science Behind the Optimization/Absorption of Protein. [10:00] What is the Recommend US Guidelines for Protein Compared to What he Recommends? [13:40] What are Things that Directly Influence our Daily Protein Requirement? [16:29] How does Frequency of Training affect Muscle Protein Synthesis? [19:50] The Research and Science behind how Muscle Protein Synthesis Works. [22:19] What does Research say about Slow Acting Proteins? [25:00] The Idea of Achieving a Certain Amount of Amino Acids in the Blood. [26:36] Would the Average Person Benefit from More Protein in their Diet? [29:24] Are there any Negative Effects to Too Much Protein? [33:00] For People with Kidney Dysfunction, When does Too Much Protein Become an Issue? [38:27] The Implications of High Dietary Meat Intake in Depleting Body’s Glycine. [39:22] The Bottom Line on Collagen. [41:21] The Differences Between Whey and Isolate Protein & Which One Should You Be Using. [43:14] Can we Nourish the Muscle with Protein while we Sleep? [46:24] Is it Necessary for us to Re-Sensitize Ourselves to Protein? [50:07] The Rally Cry of the Amino Acids. The Benefits and Importance of Leucine. [52:12] What is Exciting Things are Going on with Dymatize? [55:02] Why Would one take BCAA’s over Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate? [56:55] How Long as Dymatize been a Business? [58:03]
December 3, 2018
Joining us today is the founder of Joovv Light, Scott Nelson.  Scott brings us all of the latest research on red light and near-infrared light therapy and the benefits that it brings.  We dive into the fascinating topic of deuterium and how it’s accumulation may lead to increased risk of cancer and other chronic illness.  We also discuss how research is showing benefits ranging from increased collegian production, increased stem cell growth, benefits for exercise, and positive impact on mitochondria and micro biome.  Sun light may be the greatest health hack that has been found and similar light therapies are a close second.  Listen all the way through to hear how proper light exposure can improve everything from your workouts to your sleep.   ***GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!*** The guys at Joovv have been so gracious as to giveaway a Joovv Solo to one lucky listener who subscribes and reviews this podcast as well as shares on social media!!! Visit Instagram @bpakfitness for more details on how you can win this $1995 system from Joovv!!!   This podcast is brought to you by Foursigmatic Mushrooms!  Lionsmane mushrooms are one of our favorite supplements for increasing brain cognition and nerve growth factor.  It is one of the core supplements that the entire Muscle Intelligence Team takes daily.  We partnered with Foursigmatic to share the love with at 15% discount on all of your mushroom needs.  Just use code Muscle at checkout to claim your discount!
November 29, 2018
Previous guest, Dan Pardi, returns to illuminate even more when it comes to sleep.  Ben and Dan dive right in with discussion of his research of treating sleep disorders with GBH.  They also discuss more natural ways to hack sleep including proper light exposure and timing, melatonin and CBD supplementation and more.  Lastly we wrap up with talk of the effects that lack of sleep can have on brain function.  If you struggle with getting enough sleep this is definitely a must listen.   This podcast is brought to you by Foursigmatic.  If you struggle with sleep we recommend supplementing with reishi mushrooms right before bed to improve sleep.  Use code Muscle for 15% off your order!   If you would like to join Dan in use the code MuscleIntelligence to get your first month of Pro for $1!
November 26, 2018
Dr. Evan Demarco joins us today to discuss the latest CBD research!  These days you will hear a ton of out there claims about CBD for just about every ailment out there.  That is why we brought on one of the country’s top CBD formulators to breakdown what we can and what we can’t expect when taking CBD supplements.  Dr. Demarco presents us with some of the latest research on CBD and cortisol, the benefits of taking CBD with Omega 3s and breaks down the legality of buying CBD in the US.   This podcast is brought to you by Foursigmatic Mushrooms!  Today is the last day of Foursigmatic Black Friday Sales!!! Use code Muscle and get up to 50% off mushroom, blends, elixers, coffee and more!  Take advantage of this sale on
November 23, 2018
As you all know, this podcast has evolved beyond focusing on just muscle building.  Today we tie together everything Ben has learned in the last two years into the MI40 Six Pillars.  Living a great life in a body you love goes far beyond just your time in the gym and your time in the gym is greatly influenced by what you are doing out of it. So today we discuss what you need to be doing to achieve optimal health and fitness.   Congrats to our ATP Labs Giveaway winner Aaron Olszewski!!! We are giving away some fantastic prizes every time a new episode drops!  To enter make sure you have subscribed to and reviewed The Muscle Expert Podcast on your favorite platform.  Then follow our Instagram giveaway posts each week to enter!
November 19, 2018
Welcome back Dr. Zach Bush!  Our last episode with Dr. Bush was one of our highest dowloaded ever so we decided to bring him back on to talk about how to limit our exposure and the effects of glyphosate.  Dr. Bush is researching the effects that Monsanto’s chemical has on our cellular health and communication network.    This episode is brought to you by our friends at Foursigmatic.  We use Lion’s Mane mushrooms daily at the MI40 Gym to aide in neurogenesis.  Get 15% off all of your mushroom needs on when you use the code Muscle on checkout.
November 15, 2018
Dr. Stephanie Seneff is an expert in many areas, the MIT staff researcher’s focus has been on interfacing human communication with technology.  Her background also includes a degree in biophysics which is where her focus has circled to more recently.  Dr. Seneff has been studying how glyphosate molecules interact with amino acids, in particular, glycine.  Dr. Seneff believes that glyphosate molecules are attaching to glycine receptors and causing many major health complications including infertility, autism, and DNA damage.  Today we kick off our discussion on Monsanto’s popular pesticide and wether it is responsible for our declining health as a human race.
November 12, 2018
Dr. Michael Greger is a researcher, best selling author and a vegan!  Today we hear the other side of the nutrition argument, that of a longevity perspective.  According to Dr. Greger’s research, a plant based diet is by far the best diet to follow if you want to live the longest, healthiest life possible.  Let us know on social media what you think. This episode is brought to you by Organifi Juice.  As we discuss in this episode, getting all of your micro and phytonutrient requirements can be difficult.  That is why we use Organifi Juices to fill in the gap.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off your order on
November 8, 2018
Gretchen Rubin, the New York Times best selling author of the Happiness Project, The Four Types, and Happier at Home, joins us today to teach us about personality types and how they can effect habit formation. We dive into how to recognize the personality types of others and how this skill can help build management skills in business and how they can be used in the fitness industry to motivate your clients.   This episode is brought to you by Foursigmatic Mushrooms.  Use code Muscle for 15% off your mushroom needs.
November 5, 2018
One of Ben’s top mentors, Eric Seifert, joins us today to talk training!  Eric is a master of exercise execution, injury prevention and one of the top M.A.T. practitioners in the world.  Today Ben and Eric sit down and discuss some of the most common mistakes people make in the gym as well as how to fit exercises to your body. Eric shares the wisdom that he brings to countless professional athletes and clients to help you train pain free.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi!  It can be difficult to get all of the vitamins and minerals into your diet that are required and supplements don’t always absorb the way we want them too.  That’s where Organifi Green Juice comes in.  It contains all of your daily veggie needs in an easy to absorb form.  Use code MuscleIntelligence to get 20% off your order on
November 1, 2018
We sat down with Dan Garner last weekend at the S.W.I.S conference to talk health optimization from a performance standpoint.  Often we find that the largest hinderance to improvement particularly in trained athletes is underlying health conditions.  In this episode Dan walks us through his though process when analyzing anyone from your average Joe to world class athletes.  We discuss food sensitivities, gut health, digestion, underlying pathogens and of course finding your optimal ranges.   A huge part of optimizing your health is making sure your body is fueled with all of the micro and phytonutrients that it needs.  That is why we have partnered with Organifi to give you 20% off everything in the Organifi store.  Just use the code MuscleIntelligence.
October 29, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. Greg Potter of Human.OS.  Dr. Potter’s PHD focused on researching the influences and mechanisms of the circadian rhythm.  Today we go way beyond the sleep-wake cycle into meal timing, how light can positively and adversely effect your sleep, and how each of your systems operate on their own cycle that is linked to your brain’s master cycle.  If you want to live your greatest life in your greatest body this is an episode you can’t miss.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Organifi Gold Juice is a great tasting night time drink that will help you relax and get a great night of sleep.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off of all your Organifi needs.
October 25, 2018
Dr. Nicole Avena has dedicated her career to understanding the obesity epidemic and the neuroscience behind it.  In this episode we dive into the mechanisms that contribute to food addiction and how to develop positive habits around food.  We also discuss in depth nutrition for children and how the early years of a child’s life are the most influential when it comes to developing good nutrition habits.   This episode is brought to you by Bioptimizers.  Use code MuscleBen18 for 15 percent off your MassZymes order!
October 22, 2018
Today we have Ben’s best friend, Andy O’Brien, the strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburg Penguins!  Ben and Andy dive deep into optimizing performance no matter what your athletic endeavor is.  We discuss the role of the CNS in athletic performance and how to determine your optimal state for performance.  We also dive into exercise and drill selection to train for speed, power and movement, the correlation between strength and performance and how to optimize recovery when there are variables that are out of your control. This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Use code MuscleIntelligence to get 20% off of your order.   For timestamps and resources please visit
October 12, 2018
Ben recently sat down with Bedros to discuss his new book, Man Up.  In this bonus edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast we dive into Bedros’ greatest tips for leadership and clear communication and decision making.   As a special bonus for you all we are giving away signed copies of Man Up!  All you have to do is leave a review for the Muscle Expert Podcast on iTunes.  We will announce the winner on 10/18’s edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast.   We have a brand new partner and offer for you guys!  MCTco is offering buy one get one on their MCT Powder and Organic MCT Oil!  Simply use the code BenBOGO on
October 11, 2018
Cory Schlesinger, the sports performance coach for Stanford Basketball, joins us to discuss the strength, conditioning and life skills that he trains into college athletes.  Cory is one of the most forward thinking strength coaches in college sports, today he teaches us the importance of working from the ground up.  Working with outliers has forced him to evaluate mobility, movement and strength before diving into skill acquisition.  Listen in to learn more about becoming great by building basics before skill. This podcast is brought to you by Organifi.  Getting all of your necessary nutrients isn’t always easy or convenient.  That is why we have partnered with Organifi to bring you discounts on their amazing juice products.  Organifi greens, reds, and gold juice are all great tasting nutrient dense ways to give your body that extra boost of nutrients that it needs to be in optimal shape.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off on!  Happy juicing!
October 8, 2018
This is a very different episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast!  Today we have Dr. Anthony Jay on to tell us about his latest research at the Mayo Clinic and to decipher Ben’s DNA. This conversational episode starts with a discussion on the incredible results Dr. Jay is seeing from infrared light therapy with the Joov light. From there we dive right into Ben’s DNA markers and how he is programmed for detoxification, performance and more.  We highly recommend heading to to download Ben’s results in order to follow along with the conversation.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi Juices!  Ensure that you are getting in your daily requirements of all of your micro and phytonutrients with Organifi Greens Juice.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off of your order!
October 4, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. Stephen Cabral, author of the Rain Barrel Effect and the host of the Cabral Concept Podcast. Dr. Cabral brings us a different thought process when it comes to protein, what is the minimum effective dose for health and longevity?  Dr. Cabral came to naturopathic medicine after a childhood autoimmune condition showed him that an integrative approach to treating disease was the best place to start.  In this show we discuss macro balancing for longevity, the effects your DNA has on what you should be eating as well as the concepts that he covers in the Rain Barrel Effect, how to reduce toxic burden on the body.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Organifi Juice is one of the best tasting ways to ensure that you are getting and absorbing all of the micro and phytonutrients that your body needs to be in optimal health.  Use code MuscleIntelligence on for 20 percent off of your order. For timestamps and other resources from this episode please visit 
October 1, 2018
Joining us today is Judith Pennington from the Institute of the Awakened Mind.  Judith has spent her life researching what is physically happening as your brain enters different states of consciousness.  In this episode we dive deeper than just what the dominant frequency of your brain is and discuss the patterns of frequencies you see as someone is in a creative flow state, heightened consciousness and much more.  Listen through to the end to hear how you can train yourself to recall those brain states at will!   This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Organifi juices allow you to intake all of the micronutrients you need for much less than you would spend on wholefoods.  Use code MuscleIntelligence on to get 20% off your entire order!   Please visit for show notes and additional resources from this show.  
September 27, 2018
Dorian Yates’ is a man who needs no introduction. He is a 6 time Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest physiques of all time.  Today we steered away from the usual career topics and dove deep into Dorian’s life after bodybuilding.  We talk briefly about why he decided it was time to retire and then we dive deep into the spiritual journey that Dorian has had since his bodybuilding days were over.  Be sure to check out Dorian’s retreat in Costa Rica once this episode is over. This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Save money and time while still getting all of the micronutrients that you need with Organifi Greens juice.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20 percent off your order at Timestamps 3:30- Life after bodybuilding. How Dorian handled the end of his career and beyond. 21:15- Why Dorian dove into spirituality after retirement. 27:00- Coming down off of the mountain of an extraordinary career.  Dorian’s journey through spirituality and depression after his bodybuilding career. 30:45- Why Ben and Dorian have put such an importance on meditation. 33:30- Yogi bodybuilders. The stress and mobility benefits of yoga that Ben and Dorian see for bodybuilders. 40:00- Dorian’s meditation practices and the benefits he sees. 44:30- Dorian’s first ayahuasca experience. 56:00- Dorian’s greatest takeaways on his relationships, lifestyle and outlook on life from his ayahuasca experiences. 1:01:00- Dorian’s experience with other psychedelics. 1:06:00- How to come down from plant teachers. 
September 24, 2018
Joining us today is one of Ben’s mentors and one of the leading minds behind intelligent exercise execution, Tom Purvis.  Tom is the founder of Resistance Training Specialist and  Ben and Tom have a marathon podcast on a huge variety of training related topics.  We dive deep on the training methods that have shown success for both Ben and Tom, the role DNA plays in the size and shape of your muscles, the physics of a rep and much more!   There is often a disconnect between muscle building and health particularly if you are trying to put on as much muscle as possible.  Organifi juices are a great way to supplement important nutrients in a dose that is very difficult to get strictly from whole foods.  Organifi is hooking you up with 20% off your order if you use the code MuscleIntelligence at checkout! Enjoy!   For timestamps and additional resources please visit
September 20, 2018
Dr. Chad Waterbury joins us today to talk training!  Dr. Waterbury shares his advanced knowledge of exercise physiology and the nervous system.  He and Ben discuss building a workout, execution mastery, and the role of training on your nervous system. We also dive deep on motor unit recruitment, optimizing recovery, and and the balancing act that is avoiding overtraining. This episode is brought to you by Bioptimizers MassZymes.  As you all know it doesn’t matter what you eat, it matters what you absorb.  Bioptimizers MassZymes will help you break down protein and absorb more of it!  Use code MuscleBen18 on for 15% off your order! Time Stamps   6:00- You need to set off the stimulus for growth, but you don’t want to overwhelm it.  Dr. Waterbury’s approach to high frequency training. 9:30- Advancing past a primer phase of training.  How to progress your workouts once you have mastered the basics.  14:50- The importance of mastery in exercise execution.  Why you need to master the “rules” before you can break them.  19:45- Sets, reps, volume and load.  How to manipulate the variables of exercise.  32:30- Matching antagonist exercises.  Dr. Waterbury’s thought process for exercise selection. 36:00- Is soreness synonymous with exercise or a sign of overtraining? 39:40- The neurophysiology of training.  Dr. Waterbury’s unique insight into exercise physiology that he gained from Parkinson’s research. 47:00- Maximizing motor-unit recruitment through tempo.  Dr. Waterbury’s paradigm challenging thoughts on the nervous system’s role in training.  53:00- Tempo vs load for motor-unit recruitment. 55:00- The “nutrition program” of recovery.  Why you need to implement mindfulness and gratitude to improve your nervous system’s recovery. 1:05:15- Adapting for endurance and staying out of the lactic system.  The reasons that you should avoid overtraining and excessive metabolic acidosis.  
September 17, 2018
One of the thought leaders of our time, Kute Blackson, joins us today to share his story.  At a young age Kute found himself thrust into a familial role that he didn't see for himself.  Today Kute is an international speaker on self-love and living your purpose.  Listen in to hear Kute's amazing insight on how to face the hard truths and find your purpose to live an amazing life. This podcast is brought to you by Organifi!  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% Organifi juice and supplements. For timestamps and resources from this episode visit
September 13, 2018
Greg Roskopf the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques joins us today to discuss the role the neuro-musclular system plays in preventing injuries and performance.  MAT is focused on hacking the nervous system to address muscular imbalances and relieve muscle pain.  Ben and Greg discuss the benefits Ben has seen from MAT as well as the biological function behind it.  Lastly we discuss the next phase of Greg’s understanding of the nervous system that he has gained since a terrible accident left him rehabbing both brain and body.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Organifi whole food juices are perfect to supplement the micronutrients that it is often difficult to get enough of through diet alone.  A regimen of Green, Red, and Gold juice through the day will help you truly live your greatest life in your greatest body.  Use code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off everything in the Organifi store!   Visit for more information on Greg and for episode timestamps.
September 10, 2018
Dr. Gerald Pollack is one of the pioneers in the research of the fourth phase of water, a structuring of water that lands between liquid and solid. This fourth phase of water lives inside our cells and helps to keep our bodies negatively charged.  Ben and Dr. Pollack dive deep into what structured water is, why it is necessary for health and how to maintain high levels of structured water as we age.  Lastly, we wrap up with the future of Dr. Pollack’s research of structured water including the possibility of holding data in water molecules! This episode is brought to you by Organifi.  Because we are huge fans of the whole nutrients that Organifi juices provide we have partnered with them to bring a special offer to the Muscle Expert listeners.  Use code Muscle Intelligence for 20% off all products in the Organifi store.  Make sure to act quickly because this offer won’t be around forever! If you would like more information on the benefits of structured water and how to bring more of it into your life, check out episode 69 with Hans Eng and Rowena Gates on the NanoVi structured water technology. Please visit for resources and timestamps from this episode.
September 6, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. David Carpenter, one of the worlds leading researchers on environmental pollution and an environmental advocate.  Dr. Carpenter warns of the dangers of EMF pollution and upcoming 5G towers.  From there we dive into more traditional environmental pollution and how to minimize your exposure to toxins such as PCBs which have contaminated most foods and are highly present in animal fats.  Listen through to the end to hear David’s take on how to best minimize your exposure and live a long and healthy life.  Please reach out to Ben on social media if you would like to join the Muscle Intelligence movement to reduce pollution and live your greatest life! This episode is presented by Organifi.  We highly recommend Organifi juices to supplement micronutrients such as polyphenols.  Use code MuscleIntelligence to get 20 percent off your Organifi order!  Visit for timestamps and resources.
September 3, 2018
Daniel Debaun is a former telecommunications engineer who has shifted his focus to eliminating exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused by modern technology such as cellphones and wifi.  Daniel invented a product called Defendershield to help his family as well as others avoid dangerous EMFs.  On this episode, Daniel walks Ben through the mechanisms that cause EMF and the best practices to mitigate health concerns.  Tune in for some great take-home advice to protect your self and your family from excess radiation exposure.   This episode is brought to you by Organifi Juices.  Use Code MuscleIntelligence for 20% off your order!
August 30, 2018
Darin Olien is a man of many hats, some would call him a biohacker or maybe a healthy living enthusiast, but most call him a super food hunter.  Darin has traveled the world in search of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet.  Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast we talk to Darin about what the daily habits and nutrition look like for a man obsessed with the healthiest foods on the planet.  We also discuss his most recent finding, Baruka nuts, a favorite here at the Muscle Expert Podcast.  Tune in to learn about this amazing new superfood that Darin is harvesting from the wild of Brazil. Time Stamps 1:45- How Darin found superfood hunting after injury prevented him from perusing sport. 5:45- Superlife- the life goal of Darin Olien, helping people live a high functioning, optimal, healthy life. 9:00- The foundations for living a super life, whole food, sleep, and hydration. 13:30- How Darin “hacks” his water. 3 stage filter and a vortator to structure his water. 17:15- The complexity of nature.  How Dr. Gerald Pollack’s research could lead to us using water to store information. 20:50- Diving into the idea that drinking charged water can help with nutrient absorption. 22:45- The importance of hydration to living a healthy life. 31:00- Darin’s daily habits including, biohacking, breath work, superfoods and consciousness practices. 35:30- The unique, functional workouts that Darin incorporates daily. 41:45- Nutrition- What the “Superfood Hunter” eats on the daily. 45:15- Darin’s philosophy on food and why he lives vegan. 53:20- What are baruka nuts and how did Darin find them? 58:45- The last wild nut? The labor intensive process that is required to produce baruka nuts and how Darin is helping the environment and local economy through sustainably harvesting these wild nuts.
August 27, 2018
Drew Canole, the founder of FitLife TV and Organifi joins us today to discuss his new book, You Be You, training under a shaman, and of course why he created Organifi.  In this brief yet deep episode, Ben and Drew dive into how to detoxify your life, overcome your limiting beliefs and own your awesome!  We also talk about Drew’s amazing juice products from Organifi and how they formulated each one to naturally support detox, energy and even sleep.  You can use code MuscleIntelligence on to get 20 percent off of your order with our new sponsor. 1:00- You Be You, Drew’s new book on detoxing your life, crushing your limitations and owning your awesome. 5:30- Where Drew came from and how he started crushing it. 9:45- In order for there to be a next you must complete something first.  How to follow through on what you say you are going to do. 17:00- Why Drew decided to start a superfood company. 21:45- Drew’s daily work with a shaman. 25:15- Giving away your seniority.  Why we give away our humanity more and more as we go through life. 28:30- Drew’s advice for living your greatest life.  Start with optimizing your physical body, then move to your spiritual body. 30:00- How Drew feeds his spiritual body with a daily meditation practice. 35:00- Beyond greens, Organifi red and gold juice and what they are formulated for.
August 23, 2018
Breathing is the most reflexive movement in the body, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our guest today, Patrick McKeown, is an expert in Buteyko breathing and the founder of the Oxygen Advantage.  Patrick teaches us the benefits of nasal breathing and some great practices for changing from a mouth breather to a diaphragm breather.  Some highlights from the episode include how raising your CO2 levels will help to further oxygenate your body and using nightly mouth taping to get rid of sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia. This episode is brought to you by Bioptimizers.  We know that breathing can help you get into a parasympathetic state which is optimal for digestion, but if you are consuming high levels of protein that may not be enough.  That is where Bioptimizers comes in.  Bioptimizers Masszymes help to break down proteins and allows you to absorb more of the protein that you consume, an essential for muscle gain.  Use code MuscleBen18 on to get 15% off of your order. Time Stamps 4:00- Why proper breathing technique matters so much. 8:30- How your breathing technique affects your perceived output. 9:30- What is mouth taping and how can it help you. 12:00- Practices that will help your body fully oxygenate. 19:00- What are the potential benefits from proper breathing techniques? 26:30- Best practices for mouth taping during your sleep. 32:00- How to teach your kids how to breathe with their diaphragm. 36:15- Sleep apnea and nasal breathing. 41:00- Nasal breathing and the parasympathetic nervous system. 44:00- How breathing experts are using higher levels of CO2 to help reset breathing patterns. 46:00- How you can start to change your breathing patterns. 50:00- Mindful breathing and attention span.  Why you (or your kids) need daily breathing practices to keep attention up and anxiety down.
August 20, 2018
Elle Russ is a woman of many hats. A creative writer, comedian and actor, Elle found herself in the middle of a health crisis while trying to maintain the ideal “actress body”.  The root of that cause was a thyroid issue that took Elle over 10 years and 50 doctors to get under control.  Elle has since become an expert in natural ways to keep your thyroid in check.  Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast she shares her story as well as her wealth of knowledge on keeping your thyroid healthy.  If you or a loved one suspect that you have issues with thyroid regulation, make sure to pick up Elle’s book The Paleo Thyroid Solution. Time Stamps 2:00- Elle Russ’ story.  Her beginnings as an actress and how the demands of maintaining a look led her to find out that she had issues with her thyroid. 9:00- The contributors to Elle’s thyroid issues, selenium, over-training, and carbohydrate. 11:00-  The glucose myth.  Why Elle refutes the need for carbohydrates for thyroid health. 13:30- How do you know if you may have low thyroid? 23:30- The mechanics of thyroid hormones and how to determine what intervention you should make. 38:30- How to potentially avoid going on medications for life by thyroid function through diet and nutrient optimization. 41:30- Where to start with hormone intervention. 43:30- In range vs optimal.  Should you be ok with your hormone levels just being within an accepted range? 50:00- The opposite side of the coin.  Potential complications from too much thyroid hormone. 52:45- The micronutrients you need to pay attention to for thyroid health.
August 16, 2018
Dr. Layne Norton joins us at the MI40 Gym to share from his wealth of nutrition knowledge.  Dr. Norton and Ben jump right in discussing what its like to work on social media and Layne’s sometimes “abrasive” approach.  From there the conversation moves to metabolic flexibility, whether carb to fat ratio matters as much as some think it does, wether a high fat diet really helps you lose weight and of course If It Fits Your Macros.  Stay tuned until the end to hear how Dr. Norton’s thought process has evolved over the years and where he plans to head in the next five. This podcast is brought to you by the MI40 Nation.  If you haven’t been over to our members site you are missing out on the best information out there teaching you how to train for YOUR body.  Head over to or to see what all the hype is about. Highlights Ben and Dr. Norton discuss his polarizing status in the fitness community. Dr. Norton talks about the evolution of his thought process. Is insulin sensitivity all its cracked up to be? After protein does your level of carbs vs fats really matter for changing your body comp?  
August 13, 2018
Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit joins us today on the Muscle Expert Podcast to dive into the benefits of cyclical keto.  Leanne is the host of one of the highest rated nutrition podcasts on iTunes, author of The Keto Diet and Keto Beginnings and a world renown speaker on the topic of Keto.  She and Ben dive into her past struggles with eating disorders, how she went from vegan to the ketogenic diet, and cyclical keto as well as how she maintains her diet and routine while traveling the country in an RV.  Don’t miss a second of this crazy informative episode. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market.  Thrive Market is your greatest resource for getting clean, organic groceries without breaking the bank or wasting time at the grocery store. Thrive even lets you shop by diet which today’s guest Leanne Vogel does all the time for her Keto Supplies!  Visit for 25% off of your first order and free shipping! Time Stamps- 5:45- How Leanne went from vegan to the ketogenic diet and balanced her life. 9:30- The culture of diet.  Why it becomes difficult to see the signs that a diet may not work for you when you are in a community that subscribes to that diet. 11:45- How Leanne struggled with bulimia when she first started keto and why she cycles the diet. 15:45- Ketosis for ketosis’ sake.  Why what you eat matters more than staying in ketosis. 20:30- Keto for mental clarity.  Why Ben and Leanne try to always be in ketosis when they have to be on the top of their mental game. 22:30- Leanne’s advice to help people transition onto the ketogenic diet. 30:45- Optimizing health on keto as a woman. 36:15- Leanne’s struggle with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. 40:00- Reframing your relationship with food through a positive diet mindset. 43:20- Keto on the go.  How Leanne stays on her diet while traveling the country in an RV. 51:00- Leanne’s road routine and naked yoga. 55:45- Leanne’s book, where to find her and what’s new in the world of Healthful Pursuit.
August 9, 2018
A few years ago Cavin Balaster was involved in a serious accident which left him in a coma with less than a 10 percent chance of survival which would have been in a vegetative state.  Flash forward to today and Cavin is not only able to lead a normal life but has also written a book about the experience.  Join us as Cavin tells his story and gives great insight on how he was able to support brain healing through nutrition and supplemental changes.    This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms.  Lion’s Mane is the only proven supplement to improve neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons.  Use code Muscle at for 15% off of your order!   Time Stamps   2:00- The accident that changed Cavin’s life forever and the life changing research that he did as a result.   4:45- Giving your brain its best shot.  Cavin shares advice on how to encourage brain health.   9:30- How “under the table” nutrients helped Cavin’s brain start to restore function.   14:15- The importance of gut health for brain health.   21:45- Supporting neuroplasticity with supplementation.   24:00- The mindset of change.  Why the belief of “I can” is the most important piece of the puzzle.   30:00- How Cavin’s life practices have changed since his accident.   38:30- Pain is not good or bad, it is there to let us know what’s going on.  Cavin’s long road to recovery.   42:30- How to Feed a Brain- Cavin tells us about the book he wrote on his recovery process.   45:00- How to live your greatest life with your healthiest brain, Cavin’s tips for living a great life.   50:00- Is a ketogenic diet necessary to promote brain health?
August 6, 2018
Ali Miller is a certified dietitian, the host of the Naturally Nourished Podcast, and author of the new book The Anti-Anxiety Diet.  Ben and Ali sit down to discuss how you can mitigate anxiety through diet without the short term “feel good” junk foods.  Ali gives us her 5 R’s protocol to heal your gut and reset your neurotransmitter function as well as her method for women to cycle in carbs on a keto style diet to support hormone cycles.  Make sure to pick up Ali’s new book The Anti-Anxiety Diet, available everywhere Tuesday August 7th.   This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic!  One of the highlights from this show was Ali’s use of cordyceps as an adaptogen to optimize executive function.  If you want to experiment with this as well check out Four Sigmatic’s line of cordycep products and use code Muscle for 15% off of your order!   Highlights   “Exercise it the most underused anti-depressant and food is the most over-utilized anti-anxiety cure.“   Remove inflammation, restore the micro biome, rebuild gut integrity, restore micronutrients, rebounding adrenals. -Ali’s protocol for removing anxiety though diet.   Using adaptogens such as cordyceps to support executive function.   Time Stamps   2:20- How the Ketogenic Diet helps support GABA and intern has anti-anxiety benefits.   6:00- Short-term lack of carbohydrates can cause low level anxiety but long term GABA support will help to reduce anxiety long term. “Exercise it the most underused anti-depressant and food is the most over-utilized anti-anxiety cure. “   8:05- The relationship between gut health and anxiety. The relationship between microbiome, micronutrients, food intolerance and anxiety.   11:45- Ali’s method for healing your gut. Remove inflammatory foods.   15:30- The effects of a healthy micro biome on serotonin, dopamine, and GABA.   23:45- Rebuilding the gut integrity with glutamine, collagen and glycine.   32:20- Ali’s nutritional and supplemental protocol for replenishing micronutrients.   38:45- Ali’s beliefs around lectins and phytic acid when it comes to gut health.   43:30- The relationship between cortisol, epinephrine and anxiety.   48:55- How can you figure out where you are adrenally though both subjective analysis and testing.   51:45- How to support executive function with cordyceps, ashwagandha, rrhodiola and more.   56:30- Carb cycling for women on a ketogenic diet.  How you can use carbs to support cycling hormones.
August 2, 2018
Dr. Mike Nelson is one of the world’s leading experts on metabolic flexibility and creator of the Flex Diet program.  Ben and Dr. Mike dive deep on what influences metabolic flexibility, the benefits of fat and carb adaptation and how to more quickly adapt to each.  Highlights include how macros can effect your heart rate variability, what you can deduce from your blood glucose levels, and Dr. Mike’s recommended diet for longevity.   Time Stamps   5:45- What causes your body to be less efficient at using fat for fuel?   11:20- What causes the keto flu and how can you mitigate it.   14:30- What scenarios would make it better to be fat vs carb adapted.   17:45- Will you still see a performance increase from carbs even if you aren’t training hard enough to enter your glycogen stores?   20:45- Is it possible to adapt to high training volume when you are in ketosis?   24:30- Intraset recovery when in ketosis.  Is it possible to go to failure multiple times per training session if you are fat fueled.   31:00- Dr. Mike’s tips for shortening the time it takes to become metabolically flexible.   34:15- Protein and the ketogenic diet.  Will high protein actually put you out of ketosis?   37:00- What goals does Dr. Mike recommend a ketogenic diet to achieve.   39:45- What are the implications of the ketogenic diet on your hormones and microbiome?   44:15- How macros affect HRV.   46:20- Demystifying blood glucose levels.  What can you deduce from your fasting glucose level.   49:50- What does Dr. Nelson think the ideal diet is for longevity?   54:45- What are the pros and cons of low blood sugar?   59:15- The training and nutrition variables to fat oxidation.   1:04:30- The effects of mitochondrial health on metabolic flexibility.   1:06:00- The supplemental influences on metabolic flexibility.
July 30, 2018
Joining us today is one of the top Crossfit Nutritionists Jason Phillips of IN3 Nutrition.  Ben and Jason discuss how he fell into nutrition through an eating disorder, cycling training and diet through pre, post, and competition season, and the struggles of keeping your kids on a healthy diet.  Top highlights include eating for performance vs for body comp, the psychology behind prescribing a diet, how your diet can effect your hormones and much more.   This episode is brought to you by ATP Labs.  Use code Ben10 to get 10% off your order and don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for free shipping!
July 26, 2018
Joining us today is a woman who is leading the talk of avoiding foods that have high instances of intolerance.  JJ Virgin is the author of several NYT best sellers, has appeared on numerous TV shows as a nutrition expert and is a world renown public speaker on the topics of health and wellness.  Ben and JJ discuss how she is leading the conversation on avoiding the foods that most people can’t tolerate and her new conversation on being a “Warrior Mom”. Highlights include the importance of detoxing prior to fatloss, the seven foods JJ suggests avoiding and how to figure out what foods don’t work for you.   This episode is brought to you by BiOptimizers MassZymes.  You’re not what you eat, you are what you absorb.  MassZymes supports gut bacteria and helps breakdown what you are putting into your body.  Use code MuscleBen18 or visit for 15 percent off of your order.   Highlights   Fat is the vessel in which much of our toxins are stored.  JJ answers why it is imperative to detox before losing fat. - 9:00   JJ’s Favorite “Clean” Personal Care Brands - 17:30   Using a Journal to document how your body reacts to certain foods. - 26:30   The 7 day elimination diet challenge. - 33:00   What is your greatest life, hire a coach to help you achieve it, find your achievable goal body and do everything you can to work towards it, JJ’s tips to live your greatest life in your greatest body. - 39:10     Time Stamps   6:45- How JJ became inspired to shift her focus to leading a generation of Warrior Moms.   9:00- Why it is essential to reduce your toxic burden and detox before losing weight.   11:30- The sources and effects of our highly estrogenic environment.   19:30- Toxin-free personal care- JJ shares her favorite clean brands.   22:45- The Virgin Diet- How JJ came up with her best selling practical diet plan.   28:30- How to start paying better attention to the foods your body does and doesn’t like.   31:45- The foods that JJ recommends to avoid.   35:00- The free information JJ is giving out to challenge you to eat for a great life.   38:30-  How JJ fits fitness into her busy lifestyle.   41:10- JJ’s tips to live your greatest life in your greatest body.
July 23, 2018
We are taking a deep dive into nutrition for the next couple of weeks on the Muscle Expert Podcast!  To kick things off I am discussing my personal approach to nutrition as well as answering the questions that many of you submitted via social media.   Stay tuned for the next two weeks to hear what all of our nutrition guests have to contribute.
July 19, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. Beau Hightower, the Director of Sports Medicine for Jackson/Wink MMA.  Dr. Hightower is known for keeping Jackson/Wink’s fighters in amazing health, they haven’t had a preventable injury drop out in his 3 years there.  Ben and Beau dive into best practices to prevent injury, Dr. Hightower’s unique approach to treat injuries and how he deduces what modality he should use for individual ailments. This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms.  Use code Muscle to receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic order and through July 20th, 2018 you can receive an additional 10% off of the reduced prices for Four Sigmatic’s retiring blends. Highlights You should avoid stretching pre training.  Instead use light foam rolling of contributing muscles. Dynamic warmup with light weights before lifting heavy. The evolutionary reason why certain muscles seem to always be tight. How Dr. Hightower keeps his athletes healthy and ready to fight. Time Stamp 5:30- Mitigating overuse injuries- Assessing contractile ability through AROM is key, from there Dr. Hightower recommends soft tissue work on the muscles around the group you are training. 7:30- How to start overcoming (tendon) injuries.  Is stretching, myofascial release and foam rolling working? You should avoid stretching pre training.  Instead use light foam rolling of contributing muscles (shoulder example- long head of tricep, lat, chest) Dynamic warmup with light weights before lifting heavy.  17:00- Finding the right treatment to the right goal.  Foam rolling delays DOMS, temporary increased muscle elasticity, stretching will improve ROM but whether that is good or bad is goal dependent, myofascial release can help with tightness but will require extended recovery 20:50- Wired for flexion, the reason most people have tight flexor muscles. 23:30- How to balance the trade offs between increasing range of motion and maintaining the integrity of your joints. Why Dr. Hightower avoids soft tissue work with his athletes prior to competition. 30:00- Dr. Hightower’s technique for increasing hip mobility with a lacrosse ball. 33:15- Why you SHOULDN’t work on the muscles you are getting ready to work. 34:45- Why doctors should have a larger area of study to properly treat injuries. The plague of health practitioners who only view injuries through their profession’s lens. 36:30- How to find the right doc and why people are so opinionated these days. 42:15- Protocol vs unique treatment.  Why Dr. Hightower believes that we need deductive reasoning and trial and error in medicine, not just an algorithm. 43:30-  The thought process behind diagnosing an injury.  His approach to acute injury vs chronic. 47:00- The common injuries Beau sees in the UFC.  Only 3 injury pullouts in 3 years. Lots of neck injuries and shoulder injuries from .  Beau is great at keeping fighters healthy enough that they can often avoid surgery and continue to fight. 50:30- Are Beau’s patients doing strength and hypertrophy training?  He works with their strength and conditioning coaches to decrease their weaknesses and increase their strengths.  Mostly stability and explosive work such as olympic lifting.
July 16, 2018
Joining us today on the Muscle Expert Podcast is Keto Cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali.  Dr. Ali is challenging conventional wisdom when it comes to cholesterol.  Ben and Dr. Ali discuss how our understanding of cholesterol is misguided as it is simply a transporter for energy from fat.  Dr. Ali’s insight came from watching cholesterol rise in people who are fasted.  Listen in to hear about the good side of LDL, LCHF diet and more from Dr. Nadir Ali. Highlights LDL cholesterol as an energy transporter. Why a low carb, high fat diet is cardiologist recommended. Dr. Ali challenging conventional wisdom around LDL and cholesterol. The research that supports elevated cholesterol. 4:00-  How Dr. Ali came to believe keto was the optimal diet. 8:30- Dr. Ali’s thoughts on LDL and keto. 13:35- LDL as a fat transporter.  Why fasting will increase “bad cholesterol” in a good way. 19:50- The many functions of LDL. 21:00- The importance of CoQ10 for burning fuel. 25:30- Breaking the paradigm of cholesterol, is there actually good and bad forms? Dr. Ali gives us the studies that contrast popular opinion. 34:45- Fat intake and cholesterol levels.  Fat vs carb intake and heart disease. 36:30- Why do we still believe that cholesterol is bad despite the contradictory evidence? 39:00- The risks of challenging medical paradigms. 40:00- What happens when someone takes cholesterol reducing medications? 47:45- In Dr. Ali’s opinion is it ever wise to take cholesterol blockers? 50:00- Should you expect and be ok with High LDL when on a high fat diet? 56:00- Should you be concerned with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? 58:30- Sex hormones and cholesterol.  The effects of hormone manipulation on cholestorol. 1:00:15- Problems with high triglycerides and fat burning.
July 12, 2018
We are programmed to focus more on the negative than the positive.  This allowed us to avoid danger and humans to prosper. In modern times our stresses are generally less about safety, so where does that leave us? Joining us today is Ben’s favorite author, Dr. Rick Hanson to discuss how we can train our neurochemistry to go against what nature intended. Dr. Hanson is the author of Buddha’s Brain and Resilient to name a couple.  Today he teaches us how focusing on positivity and gratitude can help us overcome our negativity bias, reduce cortisol and change our brain neurochemistry to live a positive stress-free life in modern times. Highlights Overcoming your natural negative bias to live a life of positivity and gratitude. Why compassion and empathy are the key to living a great life with great relationships. Gratitude, the key to an amazing life? Deficit vs abundance mindset how to change your neurochemistry. Time Stamps 4:30- Changing your negative default.  Why you are hardwired to focus on the negative and how you can overcome that bias. 10:30- Step one to letting go.  Take action on what you perceive is the negative in your life. Step 2- Don’t marinate in the negative.  Focusing on the negative will internalize the feeling. Step 3- Exercise gives you a healthy outlet to relieve stress and reduce cortisol.Step 4- Register and acknowledge positive moments with gratitude. 17:45- Spending time with positive emotions.  Only you can control your inner emotions. 22:15- Why do we avoid celebrating the good but always address the bad. 25:00- Using the internal sensation of breathing to access your parasympathetic CNS. 27:00- How tuning into your internal body can help you tune into others. 28:00- How deficit labeling shapes our reality and outcomes. 35:30- Compassion is key, why you can’t live a great life without intrapersonal courage. 43:45- Empowerment through action.  How you can find empowerment though changing your circumstances. 47:00 Changing your neurochemistry with gratitude. 49:30- Buddha’s Brain, the functions and  evolution of our brain. 54:00- How buddhism drew Dr. Hanson to psychology and personal development. 57:00-  Inclusion, why you need to stop compartmentalizing and open up to others. 1:01:50- Dr. Hanson’s advice to live your greatest life NOW! 1:05:30- Finding the positive when you are in a negative circumstance. 1:06:45- Ben’s favorite term “Equanimity” aka staying calm in difficult circumstances. 1:09:30- Rick’s 10 minute daily meditation and gratitude practice.
July 9, 2018
  Dr. Scott Sherr is one of the world’s leading doctors when it comes to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast Ben and Dr. Sherr dive into the benefits and limitations of hyperbaric treatments as well as the expected results.  Tune in to learn how you can upgrade your detox pathways, angiogenesis and neurogenesis, performance and epigenetic expression with oxygen and pressure therapy. This episode is brought to you by ATP Labs.  Use code Ben10 to get 10% off your supplement order and sign up for ATP's newsletter to get free shipping! Highlights- The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy- new blood vessel growth, neurogenesis, detoxing, healing and more. Using hyperbaric therapy to treat acute conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and concussions. Upgrading your VO2 Max with HBOT How you can reverse your brain age through hyperbaric therapy. Changing genetic expression with hyperbaric therapy.   1:00- Dr. Sherr’s unique beginnings and how it lead to his hyperbaric specialty. 2:00- What hyperbaric therapy is and how it accelerates healing and other health benefits. 4:20- Using a hyperbaric protocol.  The increased benefits of multiple hyperbaric sessions. 5:50- Treating strokes, heart attacks, and brain injuries with hyperbaric therapy. 7:40- The types of hyperbaric chambers and how they differ.  Which ones should you look for when starting hyperbaric therapy? 9:00- The expected benefits of HBOT.  Neurogenesis, blood cell formation and 11:00- Increased VO2 max from HBOT. 12:30- How the hyperbaric treatments mimic the environment at the Dead Sea. 15:30- Detoxing your brain with HBOT. 18:00- Supporting neurogenesis through oxygen therapy. 20:15- The difference between hard and soft chambers. What added benefits can you possibly get by going deeper? 22:15- Your stem cells and hyperbaric therapy.  How stressing your body will increase stem cells and healing.  Can the oxidative stress be too much of a stressor? 25:45- Reversing your brain age through oxygen therapy. 27:15- Is deeper always better?  At what pressures do you see diminishing or negative returns? 31:15- The implications for bone growth from treatments. Why isn’t everyone doing hyperbaric therapy? Restrictions you should be aware of prior to treatment. 37:30- Who is the greatest candidate for HBOT?  Should it be your first choice of treatment? 41:45- Changing your epigenetics with hyperbarics.
July 5, 2018
Today Mastin Kipp,the creator of Functional Life Coaching(TM) and best selling author of Claim Your Power, joins us to discuss emotional resilience, trauma and forging your own destiny.  Mastin was named one of Oprah’s 100 super souls, has mentored under Tony Robbins and even had a successful career in the music industry.  In this episode he and Ben have an in depth conversation about how Mastin left the music industry and found a career in personal development.  They discuss traumas, coping techniques, and how to take control over your circumstances and succeed at your purpose.     4:00- The science behind finding your purpose and how it improves your health.   7:30- Finding your purpose.  How Mastin found his purpose in helping people find their purpose.   16:00- Primal threat, the reason “rock bottom” propels success.   18:15- Community and micro biome, two of the biggest movers of your mindset.   23:15- The mindset of success.  How truth, love, and positivity will accelerate your life and body gains.   27:00- The similarities between bodybuilding and emotional resilience.    31:30- Methods of coping.  How to find healthy way to cope.   35:00- Everbody has trauma.  How do we start addressing it on a personal level?   45:45- Finding emotional fitness.  How Kipp helps people stay on track once the have found emotional clarity.   48:30- How deep seeded traumas can unconsciously control your actions and success.   51:45- Mastin’s trauma and how it unconsciously shaped his career.
July 2, 2018
The Nootropics Expert joins the Muscle Expert today to discuss hacking flow state.  David Tomen dove into nootropics after being diagnosed with adult ADD, he has since become one of the world’s leading experts on hacking your brain.  Join David and Ben as they discuss hacking flow-state, a state of focus that results in complete absorption in a task.  Ben and David also discuss some great nootropics that they have both had good results with as well as ways to support neurotransmitter function.   This podcast is brought to you by Four Sigmatic.  Use code Muscle for 15% off your mushroom order!   Time Stamps-   7:00- Why David started experimenting with nootropics and became the authority on optimizing your brain.   9:45- Defining flow-state- how to optimize your chances of getting into a productive, meditative state.   22:30- Caffeine and state.  Is coffee keeping you from optimal productivity?   32:50- Supporting brain function.  How to figure out your bottleneck and how to fix it.   37:30- The primary neurotransmitters and their functions.   46:45- Nutrition and brain health.  What steps can be taken toward having a healthy brain.   50:15- Improving brain health and neurogenesis.   55:30- A super nootropic? The potential benefits of methylene blue.   59:45- Nicotine as a nootropic.   61:45- What the drug giveth the drug taketh away.  Finding nootropics with limited negative effects.   64:00- Hacking memory.  Supporting memory along with productivity.   69:45- Supporting acetyl choline.  How much Alpha GPC can you take?   74:15- Supporting focus.  Is there a miracle nootropic or do you just need to support brain health?   79:45- Nootropics to limit or avoid.   84:00- Supporting sleep with tart cherry juice and magnesium.
June 28, 2018
Today we have Quantified Bob joining us to demystify biohacking.  Bob fell into biohacking to optimize his entrepreneur lifestyle and started tracking his results from different experiments.  Years later that has evolved into a successful biohacking blog and even a facility in New York.  Bob shares with us his greatest tips for getting rid of environmental pollution including VOCs, EMFs and how to clean up your air in a city filled with pollution.  Ben and Bob also discuss some great biohacking tech that Bob uses daily and has even incorporated into his facility in NYC.   4:30- How Bob fell into running a biohacking blog.   7:40- Understanding your environment.  The steps Bob takes to mitigate VOCs, EMFs, and more while living in one of the largest cities in the world.   16:30- Mitigating the environmental burdens of living in a big city.  How to shield yourself from EMFs and Wifi signals.   23:30-  Hacking your water.  Which purifiers give your the most bang for your buck?   27:00- Using air purifiers and ozone to purify your air and mitigate mold and how Bob monitors his in home air quality.   32:30- Qualifying environmental data.  Figuring out if your environmental hacking experiments are actually increasing your quality of life.   37:00- Quantifying your biological age.  How accurate are telomere tests?   41:15- Manipulating your CNS.  How Bob is using a NeuFit to hack his training and train his nervous system.   47:15- Hacking your brain.  Are nootropics, nutrition, or tech the biggest needle mover?   49:30- Tech in biohacking. Light therapy, structured water and Brain Gauge.   61:50- Short term hacking with ketone esters.   64:30- What Bob is most excited about in the biohacking space, manipulating your body’s frequency.
June 25, 2018
Christina Rice of the Wellness Realness Podcast joins us today to discuss how nutrition and relationships helped her overcome anxiety and depression.  Listen in and hear her and Ben discuss how you can live a great life by treating your body well and cutting out negativity.  They discuss parenting, nutrition, relationships and much more in this great, casual conversation between health experts. This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms.  Upgrade your health and live your greatest life with mushroom supplements.  Use code Muscle for 15% off at checkout. 2:30- How Christina and Ben both approach wellness in very similar ways.    4:15- How Christina fell into fitness “bodybuilding style” and the necessity of enjoying training.   6:30-  How Christina found health and fitness trying to escape anxiety and depression.   14:45- What Christina found contributed to her poor mental and physical health in high school and college.   17:00- “How’s your mind?”  Chasing happiness through junk food only leads to more depression and health problems.   19:45- Health education.  The problems with our modern health information.   23:00- Nutrition changes everything.  How going gluten free gave Christina more energy, a clearer brain and a better life.   29:30- The importance of paying attention to your bodies signals rather than based on the advice of “health coaches”.   31:45- Real life vs marketing.  How social media has “filtered” how we receive health advice.   37:00- Genetics and diet.  What can you learn from your genetic expressions to develop a personalized diet.   42:00-  Christina’s Paleo Diet.  Grass fed beef, wild salmon and organ meats!   45:00- Removing inflammatory people why you need to take control of your environment to optimize your health.    47:00-  How Christina mitigates stress by going outside and being in nature as well as with essential oils. The power of breathing to calm your mind and energy.   55:30- Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are actually powerful beyond measure.  The feeling of inadequacy prevents people from truly living to their potential.   63:30- BPak on parenting.  Become a great person to raise great kids.    67:20-  Good nutrition, good people and great self. Christina’s advice to help you live your greatest life in your greatest body!
June 20, 2018
  Today we have on Baylor Professor and Advisor to the ISSN, Dr. Darryn Willoughby.  Dr. Willoughby is a competitive bodybuilder and researcher.  He is currently researching the effects of exercise and nutrition on physical, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms.  Ben and Dr. Willoughby discuss muscle protein synthesis, the scientific thought process and whether there is a need for supplementation.  Dr. Willoughby shares his protein and supplement regimen as well as what he is excited about in the world of exercise science research in this science deep dive episode.   This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market.  We have been LOVING Thrive’s new meat selection.  Eat like Ben and order the Premium Cuts Beef Box and don’t forget to use code Muscle Expert for 25% off and a month of free shipping!   6:30- How the scientific thought process evolves.  How Dr. Willoughby forges the path for new discoveries in science.   9:45- Exploring exercise research methods. Should we study the average population or the optimized?   12:30- Limitations in research.  Tech, time, and money. Just because a study comes up with a finding we cannot take that as gospel until it is further backed up.   21:45- What influences muscle protein synthesis?   25:30- What else, besides protein, influences our bodies ability to build muscle?   31:45- How to optimize protein synthesis. What influences mTOR?   36:00- How Dr. Willoughby tests protein synthesis in a lab.  Is protein synthesis gradient or binary?   44:30- The influence of your current protein synthesis state on your future state.   50:30- How different types of training influences protein synthesis.   56:00- How androgens and testosterone influence muscle protein synthesis.   59:00- How to upgrade your androgen receptors.   66:30 What how much test is too much?  Is there a point that the negative outweighs the positive?  Ben and Dr. Willoughby discuss HRT limitations.   70:30- “Make the most of what you’ve got don’t just take more”. What the guys think about drug based bodybuilding culture.   74:00- Do the work.  It’s not testosterone by osmosis, you have to put in hard, focused work for growth.   75:45- Supplementation- Why you need to supplement to support weaknesses not just a blanket protocol.   78:00- How much protein do you need to ingest for optimal growth?  Dr. Willoughby’s personal supplement protocol.
June 18, 2018
Dr. Tom O’Bryan, leading expert on autoimmunity joins us today to discuss the factors contributing to autoimmunity. Ben and Tom discuss the dietary, environmental, and biological factors that lead to autoimmunity. Topics covered include how to transition your diet versus going cold turkey, the effect your micro biome has on your genetic expressions, your CNS’s effect on your overall health and how grains and gluten affect your gut. This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. Upgrade your brain with Four Sigmatic Mushrooms and use code Muscle for 15% off your order. Go to for your discount. 2:20- Why Encinidas is the center for health and wellness. The yogi mentality. 5:00- Morality vs religion. The approach of Paramahansa Yogananda. 11:00- How your psychology is affecting your health and your susceptibility to autoimmunity. The contributors to autoimmunity genetics, environment, and intestinal permeability. 22:45- What are the triggers for autoimmunity? 25:00- Your gut bacteria contributes 100-150x more genes than your human genome. Are we just vessels for colonies of bacteria? 28:00- Why you need to make friends with your microbiome. 29:45- How much does a parasympathetic state affect your ability to heal yourself? 38:00- Understanding intestinal permeability. What triggers leaky gut? 44:00- Keto, vegetarian, or paleo. Which if any are the best for feeding your micro biome. 46:15- Are grains something everyone should avoid? 49:40- Transitioning your micro biome to fit your dietary choices. 56:40- Mitigating LPS in your blood on a ketogenic diet. 57:00- Lipid-Raft Transytosis. How LPS enters the blood even without leaky gut. 1:00:00- Can you determine if LPS is entering through leaky guy vs LRT? 1:02:00- Where does LPS come from and how can we mitigate it? 1:05:00- How Glyphosate and Astrazine are destroying our guts. 1:06:45- Dr. O’Bryan’s docuseries on autoimmunity. 1:08:40- Celiac and autoimmunity. 1:12:30- How can we save the planet? Dr. O’Bryan’s take on the environment.
June 13, 2018
Dave Palumbo introduced the bodybuilding world to keto way before it was a fad. His findings on macro balancing and nutrient absorption have challenged the paradigm around the bodybuilder diet. Ben and Dave discuss how Dave stumbled upon the ketogenic diet, how he is trying to change the thought process behind diet in the bodybuilding world, cheat days and their thoughts on the current state of bodybuilding as well as who the next big names could be in the sport. 3:15- How Dave accidentally found the ketogenic diet and started using it in bodybuilding. 8:45- Why the “bodybuilding diet” isn’t the best diet for bodybuilders. 11:00- How Dave became one of the biggest dudes on the planet. Why you should put more focus into food absorption not more food. 13:30- Dave’s findings on the ketogenic diet and getting shredded. 17:45- Is it optimal to build muscle on keto? 19:00- Carbs and cortisol. Which moves the needle more, food or sleep? 23:30- How Dave manipulates his clients diets. 27:20- Dave’s muscle gaining diet. 29:00- Simplicity in diet. Why Dave is all about simplifying diet. 32:00- How long is necessary to get into ketosis. Are there any “shortcuts” to speed up the process? 37:45- Pulling the fat lever. How Dave approaches changing fat intake during contest prep. 39:50- Prescribed cheat days. Are refeeding days necessary or just a reward. 42:00- Post bodybuilding evolution- how Dave’s life has changed since he stopped competing. 48:45- The mentality behind being a giant human. 52:30- Dave’s strategy for losing pounds of muscle and getting healthy post career. 54:45- What does Dave think of the sport of bodybuilding these days.
June 11, 2018
Danny Vega aka Keto Counter Culture joins us today to continue our deep dive into the Ketogenic Diet. Danny has been keto for over 2 years and has recently incorporated a carnivore keto diet. He and Ben discuss the use of exogenous ketones to increase focus and performance, the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet for everyone including pro athletes, how to minimize the keto flu, and his and Ben’s recent foray into building muscle on keto. Go check out Danny on The Ketogenic Athlete Podcast and @ketocounterculture! This episode is brought to you buy Thrive Market. Check out for 25% off your first order and free shipping for a month! Go pick up all of your keto or non keto grocery needs. 2:00- How Danny got into keto and made a smooth transition from a carb based diet. 5:45- How Ben’s keto adaptation is going. 8:00- The Carnivore Keto Cut. Danny’s new keto program that helps people get into ketosis. 10:45- Upping the adaptation process. How fasting can minimize the keto flu and help you adapt quicker. 11:30- Exogenous ketones. Using keto supplements for mental clarity and as a preworkout. 12:50- Keto as a tool. Why you should try keto to master your body and better enjoy food. 15:00- The need for fiber in a ketogenic diet. 20:30- Danny on avocados and carnivore diet. Why you need high quality foods and micronutrient optimization when on a carne diet. 27:30- What Danny’s diet looks like. 29:30- What does your food eat? The importance of a natural diet for the animals that you eat. 30:30- Satiety on a keto diet. Are you actually hungry or just not full? 34:45- The need to find a diet that works for you. Detaching from being a diet zealot and attaching to finding a diet that works for your body. 36:20- More on Danny’s current diet. 40:30- Some interesting things that Danny and his family eat as a fat based family. 45:45- Sustaining through a long workout on keto. 52:00- High level performance and the ketogenic diet. How viable is keto for pro level athletes? 55:30- Focus and keto. 64:45- Blood testing and keto. The experiments Ben wants to do with his keto experiment.
June 7, 2018
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is one of the world’s leading researchers on the ketogenic diet. Dr. D’Agostino is a researcher and assistant professor at the University of South Florida’s College of medicine and consistently works with the military and NASA to develop ways for soldiers and astronauts to stay energized and sharp while on mission. Ben and Dominic go deep on how to best adapt to fat for fuel, how to supplement fats and ketones for optimal performance both physically and mentally as well as discuss who the ketogenic diet is for and optimal nutrition for keto. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market! Go to for 25% off your first order and free shipping for a month. Go stock up on all of your fats! 6:30- What is the best way to get keto adapted as quickly as possible? 10:15- How much fat is too much fat in one sitting? 12:45- The viability of exogenous ketones vs other supplemental fats such as MCT’s. 21:00- What’s the appropriate dose of exogenous ketones? 25:00- Shout out to Quest Nutrition for helping to bring keto into the mainstream. 27:30- Dom’s recommendations for ketone esters. 31:00- The negative effects of exogenous ketones. 33:00- The fourth macronutrient? Can ketones be used for food? 37:45- Ketone salts. When should you use extra ketones and when should you focus on diet? 51:45- Should we be concerned with the acidity of a ketogenic diet? 55:30- The consciousness behind keto. How elevated ketones alter your mental state. 1:03:50- Oxidative stress implications of the ketogenic diet. How much should you try to limit the side effects of transitioning to keto? 1:07:45- The effects of cortisol on getting into ketosis. 1:20:30- Cancer and the ketogenic diet. What Dr. D’Agostino is excited about in his research. 1:26:00- Nutritional ketosis and cancer treatment. How we are finding that the ketogenic diet helps battle cancer. 1:33:30- Is keto right for everyone? 1:35:20- Why Dominic is incorporating more fruits into his diet.
June 4, 2018
Dr. Benjamin Bikman, one of the world’s leading minds on the topic of insulin sensitivity joins us today to discuss the ketogenic diet and the importance of lowering insulin.  Ben and Dr. Bikman dive deep on the western diet and how it has created a myriad of insulin disorders.  Listen in to hear how to reset your insulin sensitivity and how to run optimally on a low carbohydrate diet. This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic. Check out Ben's favorite Mushroom Elixer, Lionsmane for enhanced cognitive function, better concentration and improved memory.   Go to or use code Muscle at checkout to receive 15% off of your order! Time Stamps: 2:15- Why it is important to eat a low insulin spiking diet. 8:25- What is the process of losing insulin sensitivity?  Is it over consumption in youth or a natural occurrence? 14:15- What happens in your body when you have chronically elevated insulin levels? 18:45- How does elevated blood glucose impact our mitochondria? 24:45- Is it possible to reset your bodies insulin sensitivity? 29:30- The ketogenic diet and insulin sensitivity.  How low should your blood glucose levels be? 37:30- Can an athlete perform at peak performance on ketones?  The glycogen sparing aspects of fat adaptation. 44:45- What happens when you train with elevated insulin? 48:45- Insulin and the kidneys.  How insulin creates that swole feeling and the risks associated with it. 51:00- Protein consumption and elevated insulin levels. 55:30- Fructose vs glucose when it comes to insulin. 61:00- How cortisol influences insulin resistance. 66:45- Insulin and longevity.  Can a low carbohydrate diet increase longevity? 69:15- Does the ketogenic diet harm the micro biome? 71:00- What Dr. Bikman eats.  Does he follow a ketogenic diet?
May 31, 2018
Joining us today is Dr. Anthony Jay, scientist, author, and expert on a wealth of topics including xenoestrogens, epigenetics, and mesenchymal stem cells. Ben and Dr. Jay dive deep on how to remove artificial estrogens from your environment and diet and the effects of xenoestrogens. We also discuss how you can impact your genetics through diet, exercise and environment as well as the implications of your epigenetics on future generations. Lastly we discuss Dr. Jay’s latest research at the Mayo Clinic on fat derived mesenchymal stem cells and his thoughts on the future of stem cell medicine. The MI 40 Nation is putting on a Transformation Challenge for the next 12 weeks! We are giving away over $10,000 in cash and prizes. Sign up at to be entered for the 4 week contests and to win the grand prize! This episode’s featured supplement from ATP Labs is Estro Control. This 100% natural formula helps to detox estrogens and support a healthy estrogen metabolism. Visit to purchase Estro Control and use code Ben10 for 10% off of your order Time Stamps: 4:20- The effects of artificial estrogens on our bodies and minds. 6:30- Dr. Jay’s list of the top 10 environmental contributors of environmental estrogens including mold sources, plastics, and personal care products. 8:20- Atrazine and your food. The effects of the second most common pesticide on your hormones. 9:50- How to avoid xenoestrogens. 11:50- Detoxing estrogens. The importance of a healthy lifestyle to support estrogen detoxing. 13:20- The difference between natural and artificial estrogen. 17:50- Epigenetics and diet. How your diet can effect your genes for generations to come. 22:00- How to determine your optimal diet from your genes. 25:15- Genetics and estrogen detox. How much can Dr. Jay learn from your DNA about how you detox estrogens? 29:00- Recommendations for reducing the estrogen burden in your house, whole house filtration, glass containers and more. 31:30- Red dyes and your epigenetics. How Red 40 can alter your stem cells and change the genetics you pass along to your children. 38:30- Ways to promote healthy epigenetics. 42:00- How Dr. Jay lives his greatest life in his greatest body. 44:30- Reading List! Dr. Jay’s must reads. 47:00- Who is best suited to eat a high fat diet? 50:15- Dr. Jay and ketosis. What diet does Dr. Jay follow and why. 52:50- Dr. Jay’s latest research at the Mayo Clinic. The efficacy of stem cell therapy in Dr. Jay’s eyes. 56:30- The challenges that face stem cell research and expansion. Resources: Dr. Jay’s favorite books- Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide: How Stem Cells Are Disrupting Medicine and Transforming Lives by Neil Riordan Tripping over the Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Is Overturning One of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms by Travis Christofferson Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy by Dr. Joseph Mercola Multipure Water Filtration-
May 28, 2018
Stan Efferding, the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, is the master of many areas of health and fitness, he is a retired powerlifter and body builder and creator of the Vertical Diet. His clients include Brian Shaw, Ben Smith, Hafthor Bjornsson and many more. Ben and Stan go deep on the vertical diet, why Stan believes that you need to look beyond your macros, protein sources and the sustainability of the vertical diet. This episode is brought to you by ATP Labs. Check out this weeks recommended product Vitamin D3 and use code Ben10 to receive 10% off of your total order. 1:30- Do No Harm. How Stan has evolved his training an nutrition style to support his health. 5:00- The importance of health while bulking. Why Stan has evolved his thinking when it comes to bulking. 7:30- The importance of eating foods that agree with YOUR body not necessarily traditional diets. 10:15- What is the Vertical Diet and how did Stan come up with it? 12:44- The importance of fruit, hydration and the fourth phase of water. 15:00- Nutrient timing. Why Stan believes that consuming micronutrients through the day is extremely important. 18:50- Salt’s influence on hydration and performance. 22:45- Optimizing nutrients rather than calories. How to optimize your diet without caloric restriction. 29:00- How Stan took Thor from 440 lbs to 395 lbs and increased his performance. 31:00- Foods not to eat. Stan’s framework for the vertical diet and optimizing performance and health. 35:15- Why quality food matters more to competitors and why you don’t know how poorly you feel until you experience what feeling great is. 41:00- Stan’s take on the “myth” of alkalized water. 44:15- Hydration and salt. Stan’s take on hydration, blood pressure and performance. 50:30- STOP EATING JUST THE EGG WHITES! Why yolks are necessary for micro nutrient intake. 53:00- What can you eat on the Vertical Diet? 58:00- Steak vs Chicken. Why Stan prefers red meat over poultry. 1:04:00- The biggest mistakes people are making when implementing the vertical diet. 1:09:00- How restrictive is the Vertical Diet? 1:10:45- The results. Stan shows some before and afters of himself and his clients. Check out the video podcast on YouTube to see!
May 22, 2018
Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast we welcome Dr. John Demartini, expert on human consciousness. Ben and Dr. Demartini go deep on the human consciousness and everything that it takes to allow you to do what you are meant to be doing. Listen in on Dr. Demartini’s framework for finding your true values and how he lives his life to change the world. Today's Episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. For all of your mushroom, mushroom coffee and tea needs visit to receive 15% off of your order! 4:45- Why setting goals is the key to a happy and successful life. 7:45- Identifying your values and pursuing those goals will make you more productive and more successful. 8:45-Dr. Demartini’s hierarchy of values How you spend your money, time, thoughts, conversations, and create order in your life shows your true inspirations. 14:45- How to manipulate your own inspirations 16:30- Creating a life that is congruent with your fantasies. 18:00- Values and relationships. Why finding “complementary values” is more important than finding the same values. 22:15- Finding clarity in your values. Why you need to compare you to yourself not those that you look up to. 23:15- How to live your life for purpose vs for immediate gratification. 25:15- Why Dr. Demartini became an expert in many different disciplines all of which relate to human behavior. 30:00- How cosmology influences human consciousness. The origin of the universe vs the study of the universe and why making a global impact requires a cosmic perspective. 32:15- Why studying the largest and smallest denominators is important for making an impact. 33:45- Expanding your experience beyond your 5 senses. 436:45- What is Dr. Demartini’s “guiding light” to creating his philosophy on the human experience. 40:45- How to consciously access different dimensions. 43:15- Psychedelics vs optimization. Is there a faster way to elevate your consciousness? 45:15- Dr. Demartini’s steps to live your greatest life. Why 47:35- What daily habits does Dr. Demartini value most? 52:15- “The Science of Getting What You Want” the best way to download Dr. Demartini’s brain.
May 17, 2018
Ben gives his greatest tips to optimize your sleep. He discusses everything from mushrooms to supplements and of course environmental optimization. The key factors that effect your sleep are light sources and stimulants removing those as it gets closer to bedtime will be a huge benefit to getting better sleep. Additionally reducing EMFs, stressors and of course supplementation will help you get better rest and let you get the most out of your day! This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic. For 15% off your mushroom coffee, tea and blend needs use code Muscle at checkout or go to Don’t forget to pick up their Reishi Products to help optimize your sleep! 2:30- Pay attention to the factors that will effect sleep. 5:45- The night time routine. Control your environment a few hours before bed to optimize it for a quality nights sleep. 7:30- Control your circadian clock. Your circadian rhythm starts in the morning. A huge component is getting some early am sunlight. 9:00- Own the night. Eliminating sources of blue light will boost natural melatonin production to help you sleep naturally and deeply. 10:15- Eliminate EMFs as much as possible to reduce external stressors on your body. 12:45- Kill all the light. Sleep in a cave! No light should be present when you are sleeping. The only things you should do in your bedroom start with the letter S! 14:40- Organ circadian rhythm. Why 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for your body to reset. 16:30- Optimize your environment for a healthy life. 18:30- Utilize journaling to release your mind and positive thoughts and meditation to create a relaxed, positive mindset. 21:00- Ben’s recommended sleep supplements, mag 3, greens, glutamine, alpha gpc and much more! 24:10- Ben loves Four Sigmatic Reishi! It is extremely calming and absolutely delicious in tea as well as in Four Sigmatic Reishi Hot Cacao.
May 14, 2018
Don Saladino, owner of Drive 495 Club in NYC and the go to personal trainer for super heroes joins us today to talk about his recent Muscle & Fitness cover, what it takes to build a super hero physique and how to become a great coach. Ben and Don discuss flexibility in coaching, all the skills a trainer needs to learn post certification and running successful training businesses. This episode was made possible by Thrive Market. Visit to receive 25% off of your first order and a free shipping for a month! 3:20- Don’s beginnings in personal training, gym ownership and training pro golfers. 5:50- Bridging the gap between being a good trainer and a good coach. 8:20- How to build a cover-worthy body. The process and dedication Don put in to get ready to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness. 12:20- The steps Don takes help actors build super hero physiques. 14:15- Why successful trainers need to help their clients develop a sustainable lifestyle rather than a perfect one. 19:40- Don’s favorite needle movers to jumpstart his prep including kettlebell work, ice hockey and HIIT. 24:50- Why Don uses the minimal effective dose to change his clients habits. 31:50- Living in the fitness space in the day of social media. Becoming a good role model in fitness. 34:18- Ways to use reflection to regroup and stay out of the “darkness”
May 10, 2018
We got to meet up with one of the leading stem cell doctors while at Paleo FX last month. Dr. Kristin Comella of the US Stem Cell clinic sat down with us to give us a rapid fire discussion on one of the newest, most misunderstood practices in modern medicine. Dr. Comella dispels the myths and gives us some great insight on the recovery, anti-aging and healing potentials of stem cell procedures. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Visit for 25% off your first order and one month of free shipping. This episode is also brought to you by ATP Labs. Use code Ben10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. 1:30- Stem Cells have become a bit of a buzz word recently in the medical community. How long has the research actually been around? 2:30- How do stem cells work? 4:00- Does the amount and type of fat someone has affect their stem cell storage and production? 5:00- Since everyone has stem cells, why do we need to have them harvested and transplanted? 5:30- What are the ways that we can increase natural stem cell production either for a healthier life or to prepare for a procedure? 6:20- The stem cell discoveries that most excite Dr. Comella. 7:45- How often are you able to receive stem cell procedures? 8:45- Turning back the clock with stem cells. The anti-aging benefits of a stem cell procedure. 10:00- Stem cells for health and performance. How stem cells help with vascular supply and recovery. 10:35- What are the current known risks of stem cell procedures? 11:45- The evolution of stem cell extraction. The new king on the block, adipose stem cells and how they differ from amniotic and bone marrow cells. 13:05- Smart cells. How stem cells are able to choose wherever your body needs them. 14:20- Spinal stem cell injections and their benefits for neurological healing. 15:25- How stem cells are changing the field of medicine. 16:25- How you can support stem cell research. 17:10- The cost benefit analysis of stem cell procedures. 20:25- Health and stem cell procedures. How a healthy lifestyle and exercise affect the benefits of stem cell procedures.
May 7, 2018
Mike Desanti wears many hats, he is a health coach, gratitude and consciousness specialist and even an author of children's books. Mike and Ben have a great discussion on elevating your consciousness, the rituals Mike has used for his rights of passage, how he lives a life of gratitude and understanding, and much more. Make sure to listen to the end to hear about Mike's men's retreat and how he has used his platform as an author of children's books to teach impactful life lessons to their parents as well. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. For 25% off of your first order and free shipping go to and sign up for a free account. *Restrictions Apply
May 3, 2018
Dr. Jimmy Bagley is a researcher for the Muscle Phys Lab in San Fransisco as well as an Assistant Professor at San Fransisco State University. Dr. Bagley is one of the top researchers looking into muscle fiber types. He and Ben discuss how to optimize your fiber types for the sport you are pursuing, adapting muscle fibers and how to best stimulate MTOR and AMPK. 4:20- The ability to change your muscle fiber type composition and how a set of twins wound up with completely different fiber types later in life. 8:30- Should you actively train for a fiber type or just train normally and allow your fibers to adapt. 9:40- What are the differences between muscle fiber types. 11:15- How do your muscle fiber types effect your recommended diet and caloric expenditure at rest? 14:30- How stem cells, training and steroids effect hyperplasia. 17:15- How long does it take for your fiber types to shift? 19:15- What is the mechanism for fiber type change? 20:45-What is the optimal rep range for changing your muscle to fast twitch? 24:00- Dr. Bagley shares research on the optimal way to train both endurance and for hypertrophy. 27:30- What Dr. Bagley is currently working on at San Fransisco State. 29:45- The difference between MTOR and AMPK responses. 33:30- Listen to your body. Why you should use “feel” to find a MTOR and AMPK balance. 36:00- The influence of ketogenic dieting on AMPK and MTOR. 38:30- Best practices to stimulate MTOR. 40:00- What research is fascinating Dr. Bagley. 43:15- Dr. Bagley’s current research. 44:30- What is the limiting factor in muscle research right now? 49:30- What is needed at the Muscle Phys Lab for them to continue their research?
April 30, 2018
To celebrate the 100th episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, Ben dives into all the biggest takeaways from the best guests in the world. Ben recaps the 20 most important things that he has learned through our first 100 episodes.
April 26, 2018
Entrepreneur Troy McClain joins us on the Muscle Expert Podcast to discuss tradition, personal ownership and the success mindset. After one morning spent with Troy we knew that we had to have him on the show. His insight into what it takes to be successful in business as well as life is unique and extremely insightful. Tune in for a great discussion on fading traditions, how to raise a generation of kids with respect and self-ownership, and how to pick a circle that will drive you, inspire you and allow you to give back. 4:00- The Laws of Reciprocity. Why you should pass good deeds around. 6:00- The necessity of a right of passage. How western culture has suffered from lacking tradition. 7:30- Following the Bushido Code. Earning your place rather than expecting it. 9:45- How can we create the tradition of becoming a man for our kids? 12:45- What makes a man? 15:45- Who do you listen to? How to choose the right mentor. 18:00- How social media has changed the lens that we view our heroes through. 22:45- How to create your reality. 27:00- Troy’s must reads.
April 23, 2018
Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Ted Achacoso and welcome back Roland Pankewich! On today’s episode we go deep on gut health and the microbiome. We discuss how to combat leaky gut syndrome, the nutrition requirements to have a healthy microbiome, the negative effects of glyphosate on our world, and how a rest and digest period is necessary for a healthy microbiome. 3:45- The cross talk between the gut micro biome and mitochondria during exercise. How your microbiome grows. 9:15- Leaky gut syndrome and how lipopolysaccharides effect it. 12:30- How eating a ketogenic diet can have negative effects if you have leaky gut syndrome. 15:30- Why it’s important to have a balanced microbiome. 17:45- How to reverse leaky gut and food sensitivity symptoms. 20:30- Dr. Ted’s micronutrient optimized diet. 22:40- Why our environment is terrible for us. 24:30- The skin micro biome 28:40- Organic food, glyphosate and microbiome support 36:30- The effects of a sympathetic state on the gut. 43:45- How to optimize your gut. 46:15- Is it possible in this day and age to have a healthy gut microbiome? 52:45- Dr. Ted’s biohacking and life tips.
April 19, 2018
Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Ryan Glatt! Ryan is formerly with the Peak Brain Institute and currently is a programmer for SmartFit writing protocols for improving cognitive performance while working out. Ryan and Ben discuss ways to take control of your brain health to improve cognition through motor learning, exercise and daily mindfulness. Time Stamps: 3:00 Why Ryan got into corrective exercise and neurology. 7:15- Ryan’s approach to mental and physical health. 10:55- How we can influence cognitive function through training and nutrition. 13:45- What constitutes brain health? 16:45- How much of your brain health can you influence? 20:00- What are the benefits that you can see from training for brain health? 21:30- The best ways to influence your brain health according to Ryan. 25:00- How protein influences the building of neuro pathways. 28:10- Is it better to become an expert in one area or to learn many different skills for general brain health? 31:50- What are the long term benefits of continued motor learning? 33:00 -The neurochemical effects of training. 36:10- Adjusting your training based on your neurochemical balance. 37:10- Nutrition for brain health. 38:50- What environmental factors influence your brain health? 41:45- Rapid Fire! How to cope with anxiety and lack of sleep.
April 16, 2018
Kamal Patel is the Director of, an independent research review site.  On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast Kamal and Ben dive deep on what makes a good supplement, how supplements and diet can influence chronic pain, why whole foods are superior to supplements and much more.   2:30- What is   5:40- Where Kamal is finding the research that they publish on Examine.   9:30- Finding the cause of your pain.  Why its important to find the root of the issue before trying to fix it.   11:40- Nutrition and pain.  How your diet can be the root of your pain.   14:20- Supplements and diets that can influence pain receptors.   17:50- The amino acids to watch for pain signaling.   20:00- Nutrient timing and amino acids.   23:50- How often are studies actually useful rather than skewed.   28:50- What should people be aware of when buying supplements?   32:30- How to find out if your supplement stack can have negative reactions for your gut or liver health.   35:00- Nutrient intake and deficiencies.  Why most people consume the vitamins that they need but are missing minerals.   36:45- Supplements that have the most research backing when it comes to chronic pain.   38:45- How to choose a probiotic.   43:45- Natural nootropics.  Some foods that you can eat that will naturally enhance cognitive function.   47:45- Generic vs brand name meds.  Are they really the same formulation?   51:35- Why multiple opinions matter.  Doctors always look at a problem through the lens of their specialty and therefore may misdiagnose a problem.   52:00- Kamal’s suggestions for supplements to take.   55:00- Macro, micro and nutrient requirements.  Why your requirements will vary based on your ancestry.   61:25- Glutamine and gut health.    63:45- The importance of quality when it comes to supplements and bioaccumulation.   66:30- Where to find's 2018 fitness guide.  
April 9, 2018
Dr. Loretta Breuning is an expert on the mammal brain and the reasons why our brain chemistry responds to different stimulus. She has written multiple books including I Mammal, Habits of a Happy Brain, and the Science of Positivity. Dr. Breuning and Ben go deep on how our neurochemicals influence our actions and how we can take control over them. Listen now to learn how to take control over your evolution. 3:30- Our animal brain. The reasons why our neurotransmitters act the way they do. 6:40- The evolutionary reason for cortisol. How our cortisol response has evolved in our world of safety. 8:30- How to start rewiring your neurons. Is physical action or mental state more important to remap your brain? 14:20- Change your life in 45 days with 3x daily mindful minutes. 17:15- Taking control of your mammal brain. How herd mentality is still alive and well in our brains. 25:00- Personal reality and how to pay attention to it. 27:30- Addiction and personal responsibility. Dr. Breuning’s take on ending addiction with personal responsibility and retraining the brain. 29:45- Why we see social support as a matter of life and death. How we have evolved to exploit weakness in others. 33:00- Ways that you can wire your kids brains for success later in life. The positive power of discipline. 36:15- The neurochemical response of smiling and laughter.
April 5, 2018
We have a LIVE edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast coming your way today. Bedros Keuilian graced us with his presence at Muscle Intelligence headquarters to bring us a great insight on what he does best, growing businesses at an incredible rate and living life at an incredibly high level. Bedros shows us the meaning of what it is to live a “fighter jet life”, gives us insight on what a great morning routine looks like and answers some great questions from our Facebook Live. 3:15- Why Bedros loves the MI40 style of training for entrepreneurs. 5:15- The biggest area for most entrepreneurs to improve, finding a specialty. 8:45- How to coalesce your thoughts and maintain a focused mindset. 11:00- Bedros’ steps to growing a business. 13:40- Feeding the ego vs feeding the family. How Bedros puts his focus on the tangibles rather than what drives the ego. 21:30- Fighter jet mentality- how to live life laser focused and win the day. 23:25- There’s always another summit. Living with a “More” mindset. 30:00- The importance of self sufficiency. Why you need to learn to find answers yourself before asking for advice. 31:00- How to create an empire. 34:15- Man Up. Bedros tells us about his new book that is coming out in September. 36:30- The importance of communication in leadership. 37:45- Question and answers from our Facebook Live.
April 2, 2018
Dr. Jose Antonio is the President of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Today he joins us to discuss the latest research going on with ISSN scientists as well as what he is working on. Dr. Antonio has conducted numerous studies on the effect of high protein diets in athletes. Tune it to hear all about them as well as his experience in the VERY controversial topic of peanut butter overfeeding. Time Stamps: 4:00- How social media is effecting how the world receives research. 6:00- The effects of poorly designed studies on the industry and how funding, time and other resources effect the outcome of a study. 11:30- What new research is exciting to Dr. Antonio? 12:45- What Dr. Antonio’s research is saying about high protein diets. 19:30- Would a high protein diet be healthy in a sedentary population? 21:15- The best ways to implement a high protein diet to stimulate mTor. 24:30- The Main Event- PEANUT BUTTER OVER FEEDING!!!! 27:45- If it fits your macros… What does the research say? 29:30- What’s new from the ISSN’s research? 33:25- The research behind the link between lean mass and basal metabolic rate. 35:00- HIIT vs steady state cardio and the role of cardio in building muscle. 38:30- The biggest mistakes that people are making when it comes to sports nutrition. 40:00- Info on the ISSN Conference in Clearwater, Florida.
March 29, 2018
Dr. Ralph Esposito is one of the leading physicians in the field of testosterone optimization. Dr. Esposito gives us one of our deepest dives to date on testosterone, the negative effects of t replacement, environmental factors that effect testosterone, and the link between estrogens, testosterone and prostate cancer. 3:45- What is low testosterone? Do your T numbers matter or is free testosterone more important? 6:30- The importance of free testosterone. 8:15- What is DHT? Does it deserve it’s bad reputation? 10:00- The limits of testosterone therapy. What are the alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy? 13:45- Clomid to boost testosterone. 17:15- How important are androgen receptors in regards to testosterone? Are functioning receptors the key to test absorption? 19:45- SARMS to open androgen receptors. 21:10- HCG and boosting testosterone production. 24:45- The correlation between the prostate, testosterone and prostate cancer. 31:00- How to monitor your prostate health. 32:30- Methods to reignite testosterone production after years of use. 36:00- The importance of sleep for testosterone production. Studies find that quality sleep can have the same effect as replacement therapy. 38:35- Strength training to increase T levels. 41:00- The link between the libido and testosterone levels. What are the other factors that effect libido besides testosterone? 45:00- “Stop looking at porn and start meditating”. How porn can effect libido and become a supplement for stress relief. 49:00- Environmental and nutritional supplements to optimize testosterone. The detriments of phytoestrogens to your testosterone. 54:45- The importance of eliminating xenoestrogen toxins. 58:00- The actionables. Dr. Esposito’s tips that you can use every day to optimize your testosterone.
March 26, 2018
Mike Matthews, host of the Muscle for Life Podcast as well as the author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, joins us today to chat with Ben about building a fitness business, how to maintain a killer figure and make the most of your time. Ben and Mike dive deep on the training, mentality and steps to become a fitness influencer. Time Stamps- 5:30- What to expect when you are getting absolutely shredded. 7:00- Calories in Calories out? How our overall health effects fat loss and the challenges of tracking macros. 11:50- Mike’s thoughts on muscle loss during extreme dieting. 16:00- Ben’s experience with fat gain while fasting. 20:15- Mike’s cut process. How he prepares for appearances and photoshoots when he has to look shredded. 26:00- Bigger, Leaner, Stronger- the story behind Mike’s book and how it came to fruition. 29:45- Bigger, Leaner, Stronger- the synopsis. 30:30- Why Mike is an advocate for compound lifting. Squats, deadlifts and benchpress. 35:00- How to train “the outliers” the people who don’t naturally fit a traditional exercise. 40:10- Mike’s advice for people who are trying to start a business and his marketing tips for new businesses. 48:45- Taking responsibility for you actions. The guys thoughts on self responsibility. 55:15- Content Marketing- Mike’s thought on the future of marketing. 59:20- What’s next for Mike’s online platform. 62:00- Mike’s book recommendations.
March 23, 2018
Alex Viada and Dr. Jordan Shallow are back for another great episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast. This time around they join Ben in discussing what it takes to be great. Being an elite athlete has it’s struggles and for these three it is no exception. This episode they talk about staying focused during the lulls of the process, the evolution of your training, what separates good from great and how Ben stays motivated now that he isn’t training for the Olympia. 2:10- Why Alex has decided to participate in a double Iron Man race. Pursuing an end result that looks impossible from the outside. 5:15- The Process. How to approach an impossible task. How to prepare for worst case scenario when pursuing a world class endeavor. 9:45- Earning the right to be world class. 12:35- The highlight reel vs the buildup. Why it takes discipline and dedication to achieve crazy feats not just what you see on Instagram. 15:00- How to know what’s next. When is it time to change your process? 17:00- Information is always good. Finding out what doesn’t work for you is just as important and finding out what does. 19:15- How to take inventory of your training and where you stand. 23:15- “If you love it let it kill you.” The mentality of becoming the best version of yourself. How being told that he “has great potential” is what drives Alex. 27:15- Pursuing your passion. Why so many people don’t strive to fulfill their potential. 31:30- How the guys found what drives them. 35:30- How to deal with the loss of what drives you. 36:45- Motivating your clients to do the not glamorous part of the process. 39:00- Dealing with your haters and using your failures. 42:30- The next step mentality. Dealing with what is out of your control. 43:30- What separates good from great. 44:50- The importance of failure. 47:00- Finding your motivation. Navigating the struggle to get motivated when you don’t have an end goal. 49:00- Excellence is a transferrable skill. How to move your drive from one skill to another. 50:00- Changing from a solo sport to group goals.
March 19, 2018
Philip Mckernan works with some of the highest functioning people on the planet, from Olympians to CEOs, the Pentagon and entrepreneurs just to name a few. Philip helps them find a work/life balance and clarity in what they should be doing. Tune in to hear Ben and Philip discuss what it takes to find clarity, the steps you need to take to get out of your way and pursue what you are meant to be doing and how to look in the mirror and determine if you are REALLY happy. Time Stamps- 2:06- Finding Clarity- Philip reveals the secret to finding clarity and removing the obstacles of pursuing what you know you should be doing. 5:21- Recognizing where you are at. Philip gives some great insight on eliminating the excuses that limit your growth. 9:36- One Last Talk- We all tend to exaggerate things in our own mind. Philip tells the story of the divergence between your perception of events and others. 12:51- Assessing your life. “Am I really happy? The most important word in that sentence is REALLY. 14:51- Making your decisions based on what you know not for what you don’t. 16:11- How to get out of your head and figure out what you should be doing. 19:51- Clarity vs. Detail- Too many of us get hung up on the details of executing change in our lives. 22:21- Getting out of your own way. Your ego leads you to believe that your life lacks clarity but the reality is that it is much closer than you realize. 24:11- Finding the feeling of deserving happiness and success. Accepting fear into your journey rather than trying to overcome it. 26:36- How Philip dealt with failure and using that pain to drive him forward. 28:51- Money doesn’t buy happiness. Do the results outweigh the pain of doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. 33:21- Breaking the pattern of your life. In order to improve your quality of life you have to address your fears. How your past stories interfere with your personal relationships. 37:31- Overcoming expectations. Is it possible to meet others expectations and live your authentic life? 42:36- Facing yourself in the mirror with the hard questions. 44:51- Finding a coach. Do you need one to be successful? 49:21- Coalescing your passion and your skillset. 53:06- Setting the best example for your kids.
March 16, 2018
On today’s episode we are live with Mark “Smelly” Bell and his brother Chris Bell answering your questions about the ketogenic diet. Mark is the host of the Power Project, inventor of the Sling Shot, a retired powerlifter and still coaches some of the top lifters in the sport. Chris is a seasoned filmmaker whose focus is on bringing fitness into peoples lives through education. He is the man behind “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” and is currently working on a nutrition documentary on nutrition. We dive into what got Mark and Eric into the ketogenic diet, how the carnivore diet works for them, and how Mark came up with the Sling Shot. Time Stamps: 2:00- How Mark and Chris switched their nutrition to the ketogenic diet and the benefits that they see from it. 6:50- Exercising your will power. 8:30- Figuring out the ketogenic diet for your body. 16:45- Performance on a keto diet. Are you able to still physically perform at your top level on keto? 21:30- Cheat Meals. Just because you are in ketosis does it mean you can eat whatever is kepo friendly? 24:25- Addiction to carbs. How addictive are carbs and sugars? 27:00- How long to stay in kept. Is it possible to diet flexibly with keto? 31:00- Overcoming the keto flu. 32:55- How Mark invented the Sling Shot and struggled to get it to market.
March 15, 2018
John Amaral is the go to energy worker for Celebrities, Athletes, and Billionaires. On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, John and Ben introduce us to the energy that controls our existence. John gives great insight on how emotional energy can influence or even cause injuries, prohibit cellular communication, and keep you from living your greatest life. Make sure to listen to the end to catch some easy ways to take inventory of your inner body and heal past injuries. Time Stamps: 4:30- Bridging the gap between the physical and energy world. How John Amaral found the energy world and started his career. 10:10- John’s first experience with energy work, how connecting his body and energy allowed him to truly experience his senses for the first time in years. 11:15- Measuring the energy world. Applying science to woo woo and the effect of human consciousness on the world around us. 15:10- The system of the mind and body. Examples of physical manifestations of energy. 18:30- Our body’s communication network. Can cells communicate through energy? 20:35- Breaking the patterns of old injuries. If the body replaces all of its cells every five years then why do injuries hang on? 24:50- Where to start with energy work. 28:30- A dive into energy states. Are you low energy, neutral, or an energy rich individual? 31:30- The patterns of physical manifestations of emotion. 36:30- Where to start with energy work. 38:45- How to become more aware of your mind/body connection. 44:15- Expectations of energy work. The steps to take to lead an energy rich life. 49:15- Take daily inventory of your inner body. We spend so much time taking inventory of the external, but the internal can be even more important. 51:10- Stress management. How to deal with stress and eliminate the physical effects of it. 55:20- Energy work from a distance. 1:01:04- What is next for John Amaral?
March 12, 2018
Pedram Shojai, the author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Urban Monk, joins us to discuss the disconnect between eastern and western cultures. Pedram is the constant evolver, leaving college for the monkhood and leaving that to rejoin western culture to study the effects of mindfulness, start a successful business and become a dad. Pedram shows us the steps to start living a more mindful life in the modern world, how to overcome living a results based life and the benefits of running a conscious business in today’s world. 4:00- “Most people don’t understand that they are making 80 percent of their decisions under duress.” Pedram tells us how to set up mindfulness rituals to get around your own mind. 7:50- The mechanics of Qi Gong. How Pedram started quantifying what happens during Qi Gong meditation once he left the monkhood. 11:00- The benefits of bringing mindfulness into your life and how to integrate eastern practices into western life. 13:40- The story behind Pedram leaving college to join the monkhood. 18:15- Why Pedram is challenging western cultures attachment to the result. 20:05- The steps to take to develop a mindful, reflective life. 25:30- Pedram’s biggest takeaways from being a monk and his struggle to overcome searching for the result to enjoy the process. 30:00- Everyone has an ego. Here’s the importance of balancing that ego with humility. 32:00- Conscious Capitalism. How Pedram is running a successful, conscious business. 36:00- The myth of scarcity. The benefits of running your business based on value. 38:30- Constant Evolution. How to continue pushing the envelope and remove your ego from your relationships. 40:30- Get up and do it. How Pedram lives a life of purpose and adventure. 45:15- Avoiding the “Not Now” mentality in your relationships to be present for both others and yourself.
March 9, 2018
Dave Tate, one of the top powerlifting coaches in the world and founder of Elite FTS, sits down with Ben to discuss a variety of topics. Discussed are the lessons learned from fitness and how they translate to running a business, raising kids to become the greatest version of themselves and the mentality of being world class. 1:15- What lessons from fitness translate to running a business? And how to keep your ego from interfering with your business. 5:00- Dave’s advice on running a business and managing people. Saving your “Emotional Bandwidth” for what’s important. 8:10- Why did Dave pursue strength sports and what drove him to be successful. 9:05- Accountability and responsibility. How to raise a generation of kids with integrity. 11:50- The correlation between raising kids and developing employees. How to rely on other people to keep your business functioning. 15:22- Dave’s advice on how to become a world class strength athlete.
March 8, 2018
Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Dan Pardi! Dr. Pardi is the founder of the HumanOS heath mastery plan and an expert on sleep optimization. Ben and Dan look into the effects that sleep deprivation has on hormones and body composition. They discuss the variables of sleep, how it is influencing brain recovery and neuroplasticity. Lastly Dr. Pardi tells us about his new health mastery course HumanOS. 3:30- How much is sleep influencing body composition? 5:20- What is leptin and how is it effected by sleep and diet? 8:00- Obesity is one of the biggest health risks facing the US population. How not getting enough sleep could be a primary contributor to that epidemic. 10:55- Reasons why sleep deprivation is becoming more prevalent. 13:00- Light’s effect on our circadian rhythm and how modern life is interrupting it. 15:00- Resetting your circadian rhythm in 30 minutes a day. 19:45- The blueprint of your sleep cycles. 24:00- Food on sleep. How your diet effects your sleep cycles. 28:45- Why we sleep. The theory on how Interleukin-1 and TNF-Alpha effect neuroplasticity. 30:00- How sleep meds effect the types of sleep you are getting. 33:15- Dr. Pardi’s research on ways to hack your sleep. 36:20- GHB to treat insomnia? 43:15- A deep dive on optimizing your brain. Dr. Pardi’s advice to function at your highest potential. 49:40- How to hack your BDNF production. 52:40- Dan’s advice to live your ultimate life. 54:45- The HumanOS health mastery course. What Dan is doing to teach positive health behaviors. 1:01:45- Three books Dan recommends.
March 5, 2018
Chris Kresser is a renowned speaker, author, and pioneer in the world of chronic pain. His goal is to transform the world of healthcare, by examining the impact of epigenetics, and nutrition on the microbiome. His interest in the subject began after contracting a tropical parasite overseas. Since then, he has battled a debilitating chronic pain condition that left at the hands of the healthcare system. Kesser knew there had to be more than conventional treatment and prescriptions to heal his body. He turned to the gut. Since then, he has made a name for himself as the health coach to extraordinarily high functioning CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top tier athletes. Teaching them how to maximize their health from the very foundations of their physiology. Hear Ben and Kesser discuss why epigenetics are the most influential variable in your physiology. How submitting your body to unreasonable amounts of destructive stress, can destroy your results. 5:00 - Welcome Chris Kesser to the Muscle Expert podcast. He traveled the world as a life long surfer, only to contract a tropical virus that would change his world forever. 8:50 - “Treatments are almost worse than the disease.” Hear how Kesser decided to take matters into his own hands by starting from the inside, out. 11:30 - Excessive medications and antibiotics are destroying the microbiome. Learn why you must feed the good bacteria, in order to reap the optimum benefits of your probiotics. 14:30 - Life with a healthy gut, and chronic pain. How the symptoms of Kesser’s condition evolved overtime by gradually mental, physical, and spiritual homeostasis. 20:00 - Influencing mitochondria and variables in energy production. Learn what you can do to shock your mitochondria into producing more energy for your body to combat the “lulls” in your daily routine. Could Keto or Fasting be the solution? 24:25 - Adaptive stress v. Destructive stress; how obsessively overtraining can hinder your body, and performance. Why you should be training smarter, not harder. 27:00 - What are Epigenetics and how they have shaped you from minute one. Why some believe A.I. could be the future of medicine — and why for Kesser that isn’t the case. 36:30 - “Bring your attention to the present moment.” Kesser’s recommendations for relieving stress, in the most physiologically beneficial way possible. 41:00 - Overtraining and withdrawing from your metabolic reserve. Why you need to start looking at your body more like a “bank account.” The ultimate goal: stay out of the red. 44:00 - Making the deposits, and getting your body’s foundation right. Discovering that there is no universal formula — only the one that works for your body and lifestyle. 48:00 - Building Testosterone levels based on the HPTGA axis. Why low T levels may be associated with issues in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, stress and overtraining. 57:00 - High cortisol, fasting and nutrient splits. Ben and Kesser talk about the balancing act of macronutrients and mitochondrial energy production. Why you may not need as much protein as you might think. 1:05 - Reinventing healthcare to fight chronic disease. Kesser believes that the future lies in the hands of well trained, authentic, health coaches.
March 2, 2018
It is part two of Ben’s conversation with the guys at the Mind Pump Podcast — who believe that the secrets to success are humility, “growth mindedness,” and integrity. Sal says, after years of ego-driven decisions, he has learned that you “don't debate to win, you debate to learn.” Learn why you need to check the ego at the door and “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Life is a lot more than weight-room, as far as these men are concerned. In the midst of his many business ventures — Ben is still able to maintain a “great relationship” with his spouse, and makes time for weekly morning dance parties with his children. Hear how Ben has transformed his world view, in the attempt to lead a more fulfilling and intention-driven life. Time Stamps 1:00 - When to abandon an idea & when to run with one. Ben tells the mind pump team that “if it’s good then you gotta do it.” What it takes to start a business, and give it all that you have. 4:00 - Balancing your life, how Ben maintains success in his many business ventures and keeps a great relationship with his family. 9:40 - “I know that I am wise because I know nothing.” Getting comfortable with being open, and checking your ego at the door. How Paul Check opened one host’s eyes to what “prayer” actually does for the human body. 17:50 - Your ego can run you, or you can run it. Hear how Ben has taken a step back to examine his ‘Why,’ personally and professionally. 22:50- Are you masking your “dread” with poor nutrition and mindlessness? Your physiological and psychological relationship with your body are equally vital to your success. Learn why all decisions should be made based on integrity. 29:30 - Hear Mind Pump host, Sal, talk about the moment he started to examine everything in his life. 36:25 - “My kids saved my life.” Hear how the once ego-driven professional body builder was unable to “find the anger” in the gym, after having — not one — but two children. 45:53 - What makes Ben uncomfortable? How time has transformed this fitness professional’s introspective goals. 53:00 - Teaching your kids to embrace the challenge. How “using your words” — is the key to a successful life, and how the guys integrate this ideology in their own parenting styles. At the end of the day, everything you do should “be done with love.”
March 1, 2018
Becoming the best in the world has it’s consequences.   Brandon Lilly is a retired world class powerlifter and a major reason for the raw movement in the sport.  He is the creator of the cube method and currently trains many world class lifters.  Hear how the journey out of powerlifting has been one of Brandon’s biggest challenges and greatest triumphs.  From surgeries to depression Lilly has dealt with it all and has great life lessons to share in this conversational episode between two legends. 2:40- How collapsing on stage changed the trajectory of Brandon’s life. 6:30- The decent. How coming down the mountain can be just as hard as ascending it. 9:35- His new drug. How social media gave Brandon a high even when he was at his low. 12:00 The Champion Mindset. Laser focus and drive is what is necessary to be a champion but what does it do to those around you. 15:40- How a childhood incident made Brandon give two middle fingers to the world and why it took him years to change that mentality. 17:05- How Brandon got into powerlifting and his advice to aspiring powerlifters. 21:05- Stop and smell the roses; the journey is what makes the destination. 23:55- Living without labels. The discussion turns to how labeling yourself can put you in a self-fulfilling box. 29:30- Escape vs. enlightenment- Brandon’s experimentation with drugs and how changing his end goal changed everything. 32:00- The Hero’s Dose- How Brandon used a high dose of mushrooms for self-discovery and to overcome depression. 34:20- Brandon’s transition from geared powerlifting to raw and how it changed the sport. 41:40- The ego can cause you to do crazy things. Including turning your mentor into your nemesis. 45:10-Ben and Brandon discuss how to use your haters for personal growth. 48:10- Why gratitude is so important and completely changes your perspective. 50:30- What Brandon is doing now that he has retired from powerlifting and his extreme practices to rehab his knees. 57:00- Wrap Up. Ben and Brandon talk life lessons and must hear take aways.
February 26, 2018
Dr. Bryan Walsh, a former trainer, bodybuilder and expert on detoxification. Dr. Walsh goes deep into the science of detoxification including the four phases of detox, best practices to optimize your bodies natural way of eliminating toxins and the nutrition behind detoxification. Dr. Walsh is the author of the Fat Is Not Your Fault and Metabolic Fitness plans and shares some great, practical tips on detoxing for muscle gain, fat loss and more. Listen to the very end to hear Dr. Walsh’s best resources to educate yourself on health and wellness. Congratulations to our ATP Prize Pack winner iTunes user Slagermeister. Please email to claim your prize! Time Stamps: 3:10- The reason Dr. Walsh started his career in healthcare and what keeps him motivated in his research. 4:55- Phase zero and phase 3 of detoxification. How Dr. Walsh came across these phases and it changed his career trajectory. 9:12- Everyone is toxic! How do we limit our exposure and detoxify from that toxicity. 11:34- Do we know that the toxins in our body are effecting our biochemistry and is it dose dependent? 14:56- Things to avoid. The different types of endocrine toxins. 18:57- What are the phases of detoxification? 23:40- Reasons to support the phases of detox. 25:06- Why Phase Zero is so important. 27:09- What to do if you find out that you are toxic. 31:27- Should you detox if you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle. What you need to know if you are. 36:12- How to ensure that your body is optimized for detoxification. 43:14- How to detox estrogens? Is it possible to use a detox program for hormones? 43:58- Where to find Dr. Walsh’s detox programs Metabolic Fitness and Fat Is Not Your Fault. 47:11- Dr. Walsh’s best resources for detox information.
February 22, 2018
Jailhouse Strong World Record Powerlifting Coach and Author Josh Bryant joins us today to school us on what it takes to be the best in the world. A prolific writer and master of the process, Josh shares some great behind the scenes coaching tips that has helped his clients break world records. He also gives us a master class on the mindset that it takes to be the best in the world! Time Stamps: 1:35- Jailhouse Strong- the origin story How Josh started his found freedom and his brand in high school. 3:10- Josh’s not so secret training strategy- how he trains isometrics to recruit motor neurons and break world records. 8:25- Get strong! Josh gives some tips on how he drives up his clients weights. 14:10- “Paying for past sins”- an injury prevention guide. The key advice, stop training with your balls and start training with your brain. Set your goals with a purpose. 18:20- How Josh ended up in strength training and found his career at age 16. 20:45- Why world records keep getting broken. How the surge in popularity and switch to raw has brought out the best in the sport. 24:00- Nutrition and powerlifting. Building your physique to maximize your potential. And ketogenic dieting as a powerlifting. 27:00- Hacking your body to increase your output. 30:05- The mental game, what mindset does it take to lift crazy heavy and become the best in the world. 37:45- Josh’s strategy for breaking out of your plateau. Looking at variables to drive up your gains. 41:30- Enhanced. How have drugs, particularly peptides, changed powerlifting. 48:10- Where is the sport of powerlifting going? How the internet and increased popularity is good for the sport. 49:20- Mistakes not to make. Josh’s advice for people who are just getting into powerlifting. 50:30- The man, the myth, the author. A brief rundown on some of Josh’s books.
February 19, 2018
Katy Bowman founder of Nutritious Movement and author of Move Your DNA, Movement Matters, and more brings her extensive knowledge of movement to the podcast today. Katy tells us how she has rearranged and remodeled her house to incorporate more movement into her daily life. She also gives a ton of very practical advice on exercise, why feet strength is important and how convenience is the enemy of exercise. Make sure to listen all the way through because this episode is full of golden nuggets for both seasoned athletes and people trying to get out of their sedentary lifestyle. 2:30- Katy’s beginnings. How she evolved from exercise kinesiology to becoming an expert in natural movement. 4:45- Katy’s recommendations for integrating movement into your busy schedule. 7:30- The Movement Diet, translating movement into a beneficial regimen. 8:12- Kick off your shoes. Why you need to strengthen your feet. 11:18- How Katy has remodeled her house to exercise her feet. 14:50- Recommended exercises to avoid hip and lower back pain and how to avoid those problems. 18:15- How to know if you are losing mobility. 20:30- Movement vitamins- how to “supplement” your exercise routine to make sure you are maintaining mobility. 25:55- How to incorporate movement into your daily routine. 30:15- Is movement enough? What are the benefits of movement vs intentional muscle contraction? 33:00- Reconnecting to our nature- Katy’s study of an evolutionarily supported life. A journey into cellular movement. 37:15- Katy’s unique perspective to incorporate more muscles into your training. 39:00- How to incorporate a furniture free lifestyle. 41:15- Move for your food- how processing your own food forces movement and increases joint mobility. 45:47- How to change your house around to encourage movement. How convenience is the enemy of exercise.
February 15, 2018
Join Ben and Doug Miller as they discuss Doug’s career, how he became the top natural body builder in the world and his new ventures. Doug discusses his unique training regimen that made him the monster that he is as well as recovery and stress. 2:00- The history of Core Nutraceuticals. How Doug used his platform to launch a multi-million dollar brand. 3:55- Doug and competitive sports. How competition in high school and college drove Doug to bodybuilding. 7:10- Doug’s philosophy on time off and why he competes less frequently. 8:20- How Doug got so HUGE naturally. 12:35- Did genetics play a role in Doug’s career. As a natural bodybuilder how much did nature play vs nurture. 14:15- Doug’s strategy for balance and training weak body parts. 15:50- Which is worse? Missing a meal or stressing about it? How Doug deals with stress, sleep, and family. 18:20- How Doug trains high volume. 21:45- The head game. How Doug stays focused on being the best at everything he does. 24:45- Recovering as a natural bodybuilder. The different approach Doug has to take by being natural. 27:30- The keys to Doug’s training success. 28:50- Doug’s Diet 38:45- Contest Prep- How Doug’s mental fortitude got him through losing weight pre contest. 40:30- Hindsight is 20/20- Mistakes Doug learned from and you can too! 43:20- Doug’s supplement regimen.
February 12, 2018
Dr. Andrew Hill is a world-renowned Neurotherapist. In this episode Dr. Hill explains the theory behind the Peak Brain Institute, the process and benefits of neuro-feedback training. Listen all the way through to learn how the Peak Brain Institute can help you speed up your brain, heal various brain conditions and how Alpha-Theta training can unleash your relaxed and creative side. 1:40 Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Andrew Hill, owner and creator of Peak Brain LA, a gym for your brain. His goal: become the Equinox of neurofeedback “personal training.” 4:15 How Peak Brain uses neurofeedback with their clients. 6:30 Dr. Hill believes that Alpha Training isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Learn why you should shift your focus to SMR training. 8:33 What is SMR training, and how it can help you achieve your ideal brain frequency ration to help eliminate seizures, ADHD, anxiety and more. 12:10 While alpha-waves have gained the most notoriety, more alpha could mean a less focused mind. 13:34 SMR and Fitness: how Peak Brain is using a “personal training” approach to eliminate problems, measurable ADHD symptoms through SMR training— regardless of your genetic predisposition. Peak Brain helps clients achieve better self control, and more vigilance. 16:45 The Silver bullet for Migraines: blood flow dynamic training. Using infrared HEGs to increase your brains metabolic response. 19:28 Getting into a hypnogogic state. How Alpha:Theta training can help you be more creative, relaxed and even wipe away cravings. 22:45 The Process at Peak Brain LA. How these unique coaches train your unique brain toward optimum functionality. 25:00 Dr. Hill’s discusses the average duration and strategy of neurofeedback programming. 28:21 Neurofeedback, exercise and meditation are a dream trifecta. Neurofeedback acting as a trainer, and meditation fine tuning your technique — “voluntary response.” Helping you learn how to “handle life in speed bumps.” 32:52 Dropping the arousal states. Training Alpha:Theta and the Parasympathetic nervous system build access to your emotions allowing you to ask where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. 36:00 Programs, Training, How it works at Peak Brain. 40:00 Striving for Peak Performance can lead to an excess of theta. Resulting in poor inhibition, impulsive or reactive behavior. By training your neurofeedback, “things get crisper.” 45:05 Training “Memory” — a memory issue is actually a resource issue. 46:00 Nutrition & Brain Health. Why your brain thrives on a near - keto diet. 49:00 Neurogenesis: Are you going to use the cells you’re making? How neurofeedback, and your diet can help. 51:16 Learning, growth and neuro-plasticity. Waking up with a fresh state ready to learn with “effortful cognition.” How sleep reinforces your neuro-plasticity. 54:14 Motor Evoke Potentials are the key to lifting depression 58:30 The future of Brain Training & PeakBrain LA. 1:03:20 Peak Brain is eliminating emotional trauma, anxieties, ADHD, sleep etc. in a few months. Dr. Hill plans on using Peak Brain’s cutting edge science to fight the “Big-Pharma” by making it ubiquitous. 1:04:10 Dr. Hill’s literature recommendations.
February 8, 2018
This week we have Kurtis Frank also known as SilverHydra on twitter. A lead researcher on supplements. Ben and Kurtis take a deep dive on nootropics, influencing your neurotransmitters, and what a safe and effective brain-boost stack looks like. 1:35- Dispelling the myths of nootropics. 5:45- Dopamine, acetylcholine the benefits and drawbacks. 8:30- The vitamin effect. Using nootropics that your body will use only as needed. 10:15- Neurotransmitters, the 10:2 ratio and emotion. 12:20- Kurtis’ insights on nootropics influencing the dopamine pathways. 13:45- How to influence acetylcholine and the resurgence of Alpha GPC. 16:10- Kurtis’ favorite nootropic. 17:50- Can methylated B vitamins influence your cognitive performance? 20:25- Caffeine as an enhancement aide and it’s insurmountable tolerance. 22:45- Nootropic side effects. Giving your body down time in between doses. 25:05- The Racetam family and the start of nootropics. How they work, legality and side effects. 29:00- Pulling it together. What a safe and effective brain-boost stack looks like.
February 5, 2018
Chill out to make gains. Rebalancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic responses is key for muscle gains, recovery and stress response. Ben and Dr. Dwayne Jackson discuss the fight or flight response of training, how brain chemistry effects your gains, stimulants and the effect they have on your training and much more. 3:15- Training to stress. Manipulating sympathetic and parasympathetic responses to get the most out of your training. 5:30- Introduction to the SNS and PNS systems. 7:20- What is stress? How does your nervous system respond when stress is presented. 10:40- Symptoms of parasympathetic withdrawal. 12:00- Your body’s reactions from increased cortisol. 15:00- Working hard doesn’t work. How continuing to push your limits can have adverse affects on your catabolic and anabolic responses. 17:07- #Killingit- Stimulants, the point of diminishing returns and the SNS response. 22:00- How your body balances your nervous systems responses to regulate blood pressure. 27:05- Anabolic steroids and sympathetic drive. How sympathetic nerves fire. 29:45- Benefits of increased amplitude of sympathetic drive. 31:20- Neuro-Peptide Y levels in PTSD patients. 32:45- Parasympathetic excercises. 34:35- Order of operations of perception and PNS. 37:37- Aging drives sympathetic activity. The health consequences of sympathetic response. 39:15- Neuro-Peptide Y- the key to the SNS. 44:15- How Neuro-Peptide Y is released. 46:10- How to apply sympathetic response to your training. 52:40- Chill out to grow. How lowering your training can increase your results. 55:10- Blood-flow restriction and SNS. 56:45- Ben and Dr. Jackson’s thoughts on how American body builders get so huge. 58:15- HIIT training from a neurological perspective.
February 1, 2018
Lean into your evolution. Mike Mutzel goes in on how looking at our past is key to being healthy in the present. Ben and Mike discuss how getting outside, eating whole foods, and a seasonal diet can hack your evolution. Congrats to iTunes listener BagsJens! You have won our December/January contest from ATP Labs! 2:30- Daily rituals to improve your life. 4:15- How daily sunlight is necessary for your body to function properly and how to supplement for sun when you can’t get outside. 10:47- Changing your physiology and psychology, getting back to nature to supplement your body. How whole foods can provide the quality of nutrients that optimize your health. 13:50- Get outside! Diversifying your diet, environment and growing your own food is key to a healthy gut. 17:00- Seasonality and your diet. Eating locally and seasonally can optimize your nutrition. 22:30- Inflammation, the micro biome, and catabolism. 25:05- The Belly Fat Effect, food comas and metabolic endotoxemia. The effects of excessive carb-loading on inflammation. 28:50- Health and the body builder diet. Balancing a mass diet with whole foods. 35:35- Chew your food! How to improve your digestive rate. 40:00- Keto diet factors- biology, seasonality, and the micro biome affect your success. 46:00- Ketosis goals, fat adaptation, metabolic flexibility and weight loss. 48:50- Cortisol adrenal fatigue, and ketogenic dieting. 51:30- How Mike adapts keto pre and post workout. 54:10- Is chasing ketone levels appropriate? What does a healthy ketogenic diet look like? 59:50- Eating raw fresh foods is key, sprout your greens and eat fresh to fight inflammation, allergies and more. 1:02:05- The Belly Fat Effect. Mike’s book on nutrition, fat loss and all of its factors. 1:06:30- Understanding fat cell health. What does it mean? What does it look like? And how can you influence it? 1:08:00- Mike’s advice on what you can do NOW that will have the greatest impact on their health and performance.
January 29, 2018
Joining us today is the Muscle Doc, Dr. Jordan Shallow, a chiropractor and world class powerlifter. Hear the Muscle Expert and the Muscle Doc discuss the process, and the vital importance of breaking up your daily routine. Dr. Shallow goes deep on why you need to shift your focus away from daily PRs and comfortable training regimens and how integrating variables into your training holds the secret to your results. 2:10- Who is the Muscle Doc? 4:30- A journey through power lifting and chiropractics. 6:45- Using variables to mix up your training 9:48- Instagram culture, daily PRs and training for long term benefits. 11:23- The Process. 15:40- How practicing standing can help to perfect your training. 20:00 How stability acts as a governor to strength. 24:55- Dr. Shallow’s tips for avoiding constant breakdown. 26:25- Mobility, Stability and Strength. Filling the gap and bridging the gap. 32:00- Mitigating injury. Understanding the biomechanics of your lifts. 35:00- Increasing range of motion. 40:14- Find your limits with internal and external rotation. 49:55- Genetic gifts vs. working smart to fill in your deficiencies. 53:20- Keeping up with the Jones’. Injury and the social media arms race. 57:30- Ascension. What does it feel like to lift all that your body can handle. 1:01:10- How to push the envelope and still be healthy. 1:05:00- Programming for stability. 1:10:10- Tools vs. necessities. Navigating the fitness industry’s focus on products.  
January 25, 2018
Today we have Dr. Eric Serrano for one of our most informative episodes to date! Dr. Serrano dives deep on hormone manipulation, optimizing your body composition and micro biome. Make sure to listen to the end to hear Dr. Serrano’s perfect diet and his best advice for a better life. This podcast is brought to you by ATP Lab! For cutting-edge supplementation with a purpose, check out ATP Labs.
January 22, 2018
Accelerate recovery and mitigate oxidative stress with this new cutting-edge technology created by today's guests.  CEO, Hans Eng and VP of Business Development, Rowena Gates from Eng3corp join Ben for an in-depth look at the benefits that can be seen by optimizing recovery through accelerated recovery. Full Show Notes Here:   Connect On Facebook    Connect on Instagram  @themuscleexperts Hans and Rowena breakdown their cutting edge technology NanoVi and the serious benefits that come with accelerating the process of repairing the oxidative damage done by intense training. Discover why the top MLB pitchers, Olympians, triathletes and strength and conditioning coaches are using this technology to accelerate recovery, decrease DNA damage, improve heart rate variability (HRV) and enhance the inflammatory response after all-out exertion About the technology: (from company website) The NanoVi™ The NanoVi ™ device augments a signal that is naturally generated by the body and is essential to cellular activity. The following 3D animation explains how NanoVi’s “bio-identical signal” assists the multi-step process of reinstalling protein functions that are essential to cellular activity.   Subscribe to iTunes, TuneIn, or Stitcher Radio! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! Who would you like Ben to interview? Tell us here  Highlights: What's actually being damaged as a result of oxidative stress. Do endogenous antioxidants actually help repair your body from oxidative stress? Time Stamps: 2:30 - Where does oxidative stress occur?  11:39 - Mitigating oxidative stress from exercise. 15:28 - Will a good antioxidant regimen help repair oxidative stress? Or are they only an effective as a preventative measure.  38:32 - Stimulating cellular detox process.  42:00 - Lactate, oxidative stress, and recovery tools for hypertrophy. 44:10 - Optimal time to supply the body with easy water function.  Resources Mentioned NanoVi Device  Connect with Eng3corp Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram @eng3corp Connect with Ben  Instagram Facebook Youtube This podcast is brought to you by Prime Fitness USA,  bringing you the most innovative strength training equipment using their patented SmartStrength technology. This podcast is brought to you by ATP Lab! For cutting-edge supplementation with a purpose, check out ATP Labs. This podcast is made possible by Gasp! Top notch quality training wear, Muscle Expert approved training gear! Get 10% off when you use the discount code BEN10 at checkout at Gasp Online Today!
January 18, 2018
On the podcast today is one of the most knowledgeable human beings on the planet in the field of performance-enhancing substances, SARMs (specific androgen receptor modulators), and bio-regulatory and repairing peptides. Full Show Notes Here: Our guest, Jean Francois Tremblay from UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) talks with Ben about the use of peptides, SARMS, Myostatin inhibitors and their practical applications in sports performance, anti-aging and health in general. Connect On Facebook  Connect on Instagram  @themuscleexperts About Jean Francois Tremblay Jean-François Tremblay studied Exercise Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacy. He is now, a student and researcher at UQAM. He has been researching (in theory and in practice) peptides and sarms since the 90s and will soon be making it his main research subject in the coming months. He will present  a theoretical basis on what they are and their practical applications in sports performance, anti-aging and health in general."       Key Highlights ⇾  Is there a case for taking low doses of IGF -1 and growth hormone to improve longevity? ⇾ How to dose myostatin inhibitors? Which ones are the most effective? What are the potential negative side effects? ⇾ The "timeless peptides" for life extension. Time Stamps: 4:10 - What is a peptide? 6:14 - Synthesizing peptides. 10:49 - Myostatin inhibitors and the negative side effects. 14:54 - How to dose myostatin inhibitors. 17:34 - Increasing growth hormone with peptides. 23:04 - How should you take growth hormone, specific protocols for athletes. 26:34 - IGF -1 and growth hormone for longevity? 29:34 - Genetics, and responsiveness to PED’s. 33:54 - Peptides for fat loss. 37:52  - BPC - Body protective compounds, healing the GI. 41:04 - Peptides discovered in Russia. Bioregulators. 45:57 - Timeless peptides for life extension. 46:51 - The next step for elite athletes. 53:04 - Biggest misconceptions about specific peptides. 58:24 - How SARMS work. RAD -140 1:11:34 - Spiking growth hormone during sleep.   Connect with Jean Francois Facebook Connect With Ben Facebook Twitter Instagram Sponsors This podcast is brought to you by Prime Fitness USA,  bringing you the most innovative strength training equipment using their patented SmartStrength technology. This podcast is brought to you by ATP Lab! For cutting-edge supplementation with a purpose, check out ATP Labs. This podcast is made possible by Gasp! Top notch quality training wear, Muscle Expert approved training gear! Get 10% off when you use the discount code BEN10 at checkout at Gasp Online Today!  
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