November 23, 2018
Today on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky we are letting go of our Demons inside. Lisa Thomas is a transformational energy healer. She empowers individuals to reach their full potential by removing inherited emotional blocks, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination to name a few. Today’s co host is James Preston Rogers and special guest Robert Mukes who are also joined by resident medium Jennifer Shaffer. Dr. Drew describes his experience.  Sponsored by Hydralyte.
October 31, 2018
Susan is joined by a phalanx of her best psychics, who combine their talents to investigate what happened the night that movie star Natalie Wood died nearly thirty-seven years ago. Former James Bond siren, Lana Wood (Natalie’s sister), is on hand to bear witness to the revelations.  Special guest Dylan Howard (media mogul and host of the hit podcast Fatal Voyage), joins the discussion and offers his own insight on the decades-old controversy surrounding the star’s death.   Sponsored by Hydralyte. Stock up for the holidays by clicking on the link at while supplies last. 
August 20, 2018
Calling Out for Mollie Tibetts, a 20 year-old student from Iowa who went missing on July 18.  Please report anything that resonates. Go to Website:, or call 800-452-1111 or 515-223-1400 to leave an anonymous tip. We are looking for clues with Forensic Psychic Medium Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer.  She is joined by two respected clairvoyant mediums, Rebecca Fearing and Calise Simone.  Also on the line is Toni Ingram, Executive Case Manager for Jennifer's cases at the JS Intuitive Investigations Academy and at FOHVAMP - Families Of Homicide Victims And Missing Persons.  They are presently working side by side and developing an Impartial Witness APP. Their website is:  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
August 7, 2018
Return guest, Owen Elliot Kugel, is the conduit who allows medium Rebel Colby to connect with 3 amazing mamas. These include Owen’s own mother, musician Mama Cass, who has a strong presence, as usual. Colby tunes in, identifies her, and calls out her spirit. Bob's mama has a history with Mama Cass so Colby helps him to resolve secrets from the 60s. Drew gets a hard lesson from his own Mama, who is clear about her position in life, and in the afterlife. Listen to previous eps with Owen & Mack Phillips to hear how this all evolved at CO 20: Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll and CO: 87 Mama Cass' Orb. Meet Drew's Mom on CO 13:Dr. Drew’s Mom.  Free and available today!  Check out the interview with Mack and Owen on This Life #youlive. Coming up next week.  Sponsored by
April 28, 2018
Mary Lynn Rajskub returns (ep 98) with newbies James Preston Rogers and Bob Saget of #Benjamin to call out with clairvoyants du jour, Sloan Bella & Rebecca Fearing.  It's a Hollywood who's-who of spirits.  Starring John Wayne, Verne Troyer and Don Rickles who join in the conversation. Bob Saget is blown away. Dr. Drew explains possible reasons for Verne's death. #RIP Verne Troyer  Sponsored by Bergafemme & Hydralyte. Go to and click on the banners for discounts! 
March 14, 2018
Co-hosts Mary Carey and Kendra Jade Rossi here with Psychic Mediums Calise Simone, Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer for a special follow up to the Joanne Ringer case. We specifically pointed out the area where Jo was discovered on Feb 28, near a red barn and turkey farm. Our condolences go out to the family.  Sponsored by Bergafemme and Hydralyte. go to the banners and save. 
February 15, 2018
Heidi Fleiss loves her birds and has a remote reading from her bird sanctuary in Parump, Nevada. Mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella get a tour of her home.  This episode is sponsored by Bergafemme. Click on the banner on to get your discounts today! 
January 29, 2018
Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil joins mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella. KA calls in for a reading too! #YOULIVE #CALLINGOUT  This episode is sponsored by
January 22, 2018
Calling Out Laci Peterson with audio from The Afterlife. Defense attorney Mark Geragos joins Rebecca Fearing with an intuitive look at the Scott Peterson Case.  Then Mark is given a one on one with Sloan Bella the Sexxi Psychic. We also took a look at two recent missing persons in this episode. We further looked for Kelly Steineger and a 16 year old, Jholie Moussa. Sponsored by Hydralyte. Get 30 off click through the banner on   
January 1, 2018
Producer Jennifer Musil presents Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole Everett, and Sloan Bella, (Psychic Astrologist) for this "Epic 2018 Prediction Show!" Plus, a special mediumship cameo by AJ Barrrrera taking callers! Calise Simone gives her psychic take on Sports, Jen and Sloan zone in on World Events, and Animal Intuitive Apryl Nicole talks to Georgina plus has something to say about the Homeless problem. Dr. Drew joins the mix.  We have also released the previous prediction shows for you to get for free today! Has anything come true? Apryl Nicole was spot on!  Be the judge and tell us your thoughts! Find us now on below, and on Tunes, pod bean and Youtube!     
December 26, 2017
Author/ Film Producer Rich Martini joins forensic psychic Jennifer M Shaffer to Hack Into The Afterlife with out premiere psychic medium Rebecca Fearing. Dr. Drew joins in. Subscribe on iTunes! 
December 19, 2017
Psychic-Medium AJ Barrera and Forensic Psychic Jennifer Shaffer meet with Producer Jennifer Musil, Author FJ Lennon an expert on research of cult psychology in regards to the Applewhite Heavens Gate Suicide squad and Dr. Drew. We then feature a special reading with medium Rebecca Fearing and Debra Tate who speaks to sister Sharon Tate and her father. Debra is an advocate on a life journey of keeping the Manson Clan behind bars. Callers taken. Sponsored by
December 11, 2017
Colby Rebel and Dr. Drew meet a new intuitive astrologist Rachel Lang for a blind read of Teen Mom Kail Lowery.  Baby in the future?  For more information on how to get your reading, go to and Download the APP and get it all for only $1.99 a month. Here's the link for all who need to binge listen to more than 100 Calling Out episodes! Go to for details.  Outro Music: "Volume" by Rayvon Owen Buy It On iTunes!
December 2, 2017
Medium Cindy Kaza returns for a convo about sex and the afterlife. Susan & Gina, joined by Sex with Emily's Emily Morse and sex therapist Simone Bienne. Samantha Schacher get's follow up on her reading from last week. Cindy helps Gina with her relationship issues, and the girls have fun messing with a big box of sex toys! @mediumcindykaza @SexwithEmily @simonebienne @samshacher
November 30, 2017
Susan calls out phone sex when she gets a sexually harassing phone call from a foreigner impersonating the IRS. Psychic Rebel Colby and Jack Rourke investigate the mind of SEX WITH EMILY host Emily Morse. Jack takes the lead and sees a man with a gold tooth and Colby makes her life more manageable, and calls out her personal life.
November 30, 2017
Released 2014: NJ Medium Barbara Mackey reads psychic virgin Sex With Emily's very own Emily Morse and predicts her future. Then, Rebecca Fearing helps 3 listeners who've had repeated paranormal experiences. Co-host Gina Grad. Join us for a NEW SHOW on FacebookLive/susansailerpinsky on December 3, 2017 1 p.m. PST. Taking calls from the virgins to the Psychic world and joined by new psychics and Emily Morse. Sponsored by
August 23, 2017
Warning: this may be graphic and unsuitable for children. Clairvoyants Calise Simone and Jennifer M. Shaffer are joined by Kendra Jade Rossi in the Playroom Pods Studio to recap their live show findings and further investigate the case of her missing sister, Jo Ringer.  If you have any informations to help find the remains of Jo Ringer, please email us at  No questions asked. 
August 23, 2017
Jo's body was found and identified. Many of the the clues from our four prominent Calling Out Clairvoyants investigating this unsolved missing person case came true. Our condolences fro out to the family members and especially to Kendra.  Mediums Melissa Cubillas, Rebecca Fearing, Jennifer M Shaffer and Calise Simone interview Jo's sister, Kendra Jade Rossi and a private investigator on the case, Dr. Sarah Stein.  If you have any details or information as to the whereabouts of Jo Ringer, please contact us at Also available on Facebook/susansailerpinsky in video format. 
May 14, 2017
MTV's Teen Mom OG star joins us on a LIVE WITH COLBY PSYCHIC REBEL Facebook Live show to be called out by the terrific trio to include the Rebel Colby, Jennifer Shaffer and A.J. Barrera. Amber is stunned by the accuracy of these clairvoyant mediums, and opens her soul to the realities in her life. Download the APP and get it all for only $1.99 a month. Here's the link for all who need to binge listen to more than 100 episodes! Go to for details.        
April 12, 2017
Raising Whitley Star of, and Mom of Joshua, Actress/ Comedian Kym Whitley takes a psychic leap of faith into the arms of the ever so famous Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing and the lovely Clairvoyant Aussie Calise Simone. Did Walt Disney make an appearance? You decide.  Fans Robyn and Meagan get a reading because they downloaded the Calling Out With Susan Pinsky App!  You can too! Sponsored by This is a Playroom Podz Production.'8pjb9npt'
March 27, 2017
Dr Drew supports Mackenzie Phillips in a dark episode as Lisa Williams delivers messages from her Rock Star Father John Philips. Mama Cass of the MAMAS and the PAPAS  chimes in and blows them all away. Lisa then connects to CELEBRITY REHAB alum, and former Alice in Chains Bassist, Mike Starr. This brings Dr. Drew comfort and support. Taped on June 24, 2014. 
March 5, 2017
Psychic Rebel Colby, AJ Barrera & special guest Jennifer Musil describe their experience inside Sarah Winchester's Mystery House. The Winchester House is in San Jose, CA and owned by the heir of the Winchester rifle estate. An architectural marvel and maze of secret rooms and chambers. Sponsored by Bergafemme.
February 27, 2017
An awesomely funny couple from Your Mom's House podcast Christina Pazitsky and Tom Segura get some psychic shit done with the Rebel Colby and AJ Barrera.  This episode contains and excerpt from "La Vie En Rose" by Édith Piaf, version from the public domain section at #YOULIVE Sponsored by Bergafemme found at 
January 19, 2017
Comedian Bert Kreischer, "The Machine," brings his better half LeeAnn Kreischer to call out with Medium Calise Simone and Psychic Rebel Colby. Visit to find our approved Cast Of Clairvoyants. Sponsored by BergaFEMME and    Outro Music "Black And White" by Emmett Skyy, Courtesy of
December 10, 2016
Sirius Radio host Jason Ellis connects to his long lost brother Stevie whom passed early in his life. The tears flow. Psychic Rebel Colby and medium Calise Simone bring Stevie through immediately without knowledge of whom they are reading. Thinking he is getting punked, Jason nearly punches Dr. Drew. Wolfknife co-host Jason Purdy convinces him it's real in order to keep him from killing everyone in the room. Colby gives Katie psychic advice about a new baby. No information is given in advance of these encounters. Buy the APP for the first 100 episodes at $1.99 a month. Outro Music "Awesome World" by Death! Death! Die! courtesy of Listen to the new ELLISTRONICS podcast today! 
January 14, 2016
Rebecca Fearing makes her moves on Jen Kirkman finds it's time to get into the pink. Dr. Drew co-hosts bringing his love for Drunk History into the conversation. Joan Rivers makes a connection. Music Extro "Ignition" Courtesy of Rayvon Owen. 
January 7, 2016
Anna David Co-hosts as Psychic Rebel Colby takes us into the exciting future of Comedian/Actress Mary Lynn Radjskup. Known from TV and Movie fame, she was recognized immediately  as she came into the studio by our son Jordan for her roles in "Alway Sunny in Philadelphia." Facebook caller Kate Skypes in to find answers and some solace.  
October 29, 2015
Susan visits historic Salem, Massachusetts during the Festival of the Dead, and finds herself smack dab in the middle of a bewitching dinner hosted by famed local warlocks, Christian Day, Dean Cain and witch Sandra Power Wright. The next afternoon, she and psychic medium Calise Simone explore the town and Susan has her first reading with an actual Salem warlock, Nicholas Hawthorne and of course, it's all about Dr. Phil! That evening, the twosome slips past front desk security at the famed Hawthorne Hotel to make an unauthorized trip to its haunted floor - widely regarded as one of the spookiest spots in town...Listen in to find out if Calise is able to connect with a permanent guest! Matt gets a reading. Sponsored by    
October 20, 2015
Paranormal investigator, F.J. Lennon, author of 'Devil's Gate' and 'Soul Trapper,' joins medium, A.J. Barrera, and psychic/scientist Ellen Marron to describe the many sad and erie events that have occurred on the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California over the last century. This one hundred year-old landmark, also known as, "Suicide Bridge," plays host to  countless lost souls who took their own lives here.  A late night field trip to the bridge brings to light the miracles that can happen even in one's darkest moment.
October 8, 2015
Leigh Koechner Co-hosts as MC Medium (Melissa Cubillas) and A.J Barrera meet Owen Elliott-Kugel. A big noisy Mama Cass green orb hangs out in the Playroom for a long time to bring rumors about her passing to an end, and to show love for her daughter Owen for all her tireless efforts to keep The Mamas and the Papas music legacy alive. Facebook callers Lea and Rae Skype in. Sponsored by 
June 9, 2015
Rebecca Fearing and Mellisa Cubillas make Calling Out history connecting Andy and Bob to much loved celeb friends. Hear amazing stories about their lives. Music by Bob Forrest "I Melt with You."
March 18, 2015
The Brawl For It ALL! Susan takes CALLING OUT out on the road to Ellismania in Las Vegas. Susan, along Psychic Rebel Colby and Rebecca Fearing, give a reading to Mark, the husband of HLN's Samantha Schacher. Also, Susan and the ladies watch LIVE.  Dr. Drew is the corner man for the charismatic radio host Jason Ellis as he fights ten consecutive men in the ring at the Hard Rock Casino. Colby gets fired up, and Rebecca predicts the outcome of the fights.  Its a wild time! Listen to this one when the kids are in bed.
January 8, 2015
Forensic psychic Jennifer Shaffer joins Calise Simone and Psychic Rebel Colby as they use intuition to discuss the popular and mystifying case brought to light by the podcast SERIAL
October 29, 2014
From beyond the grave spirits visit Calling Out to reconnect with loved ones through Rebecca Fearing and Jack Rourke. They bring important messages, and good tidings. 
August 6, 2014
  Little people bring Marilyn Monroe by to meet Rebecca Fearing and AJ Barerra. Gilbert Gottfried talks to Stalin.    Also, chain mail underpants. You've been warned.
March 12, 2014
Medium Lisa Williams gets read by Rebecca Fearing, then submits to an artistic healing read through channeled drawing created by Regine Verougstraete. Later we learn Lisa is no longer gay, and has a boyfriend, and will be married. 
December 16, 2013
Legendary medium James Van Praagh and Kellee White return along with Rebecca Fearing for a podcast about celebrity ghosts. Dr. Drew's Mother Helene Pinsky calls in and refuses to admit she had a first marriage to a silent film actor at the age of 18. This pisses James off.  James, Kelly and Rebecca try to continue to help open the door to her past history with special appearances from JFK and Frank Sinatra! The gang also takes a call from Dr. Drew's HLN producer Burt Dubrow. @JamesVanPraagh @thepurplerose 
November 4, 2013
Medium Lisa Williams sits down with Susan and Gina for a very special episode of Calling Out. The girls open the show with a reading of co-host, Samantha Schacher of  HLN's Dr Drew show to showcase Lisa's spectacular abilities. Discussing this current topic on the Dr. Drew Show, they then take a call from Jennifer Willis, the great-aunt of Hannah Anderson who was abducted and who's family was brutally murdered. Lisa Williams does an extensive reading in an attempt to bring clarity to the recent tragedy and help. As the show wraps up, Samantha re-verifies some of Lisa's incredible insights into the case. @lwmedium @SamShacher @drdrewhln @firstladyoflove @ginagrad
October 28, 2013
Comedian Jim Jefferies calls in and gets a live reading from Rebecca Fearing and Cindy Kaza. Rebecca also gives some insight into Cindy's future, and Susan and Gina listen as the girls read Matt Fondiler and Mike in the Carolla Digital control room. @jimjefferies @thepurplerose @mediumCindyKaza @firstladyoflove @ginagrad @mattfondiler
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