Do the thing
Well they do the thing real good.
If they change the theme I will die
Abby McBeal Approved
Abby McBeal's friend Paul
My friend Abby McBeal told me about this podcast during a work meeting at our law firm. She said, “Boy I sure love the way those two guys with the funny accents rib on pop culture and movies. And Indiana Jones is hot right?” The two thoughts seemed unrelated, but given that she was ranting about seeing a dancing baby last week, this seemed like an improvement. Maybe her medication was finally working. I honestly can’t understand her Indiana Jones obsession, but her taste in podcasts is spot on. Five stars.
I’m happy to get red hot comic book news shot up my butthole every week😃😃
Fantastic Podcast
Really, truly fantastic podcast!! Cannot recomend it highly enough!!!!!!
A windowless room, Golden tuxedos, 1 mans jacket journey and another mans waffles
The audio journey of 1 man to reclaim his favorite jacket that looked like 2 jackets but it was 1 jacket and another man who sometimes (once) orders waffles via a delivery app....if they remember to hit record.
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast since around the time it started. They’re funny and make good recommendations. I wish they’d take a page out of Joe Rogan’s book and start doing 3 hour shows.
Bert and Ernie for adults?
Always topical and funny. Masters of their craft. If you have been a fan of comics, comic book movies, or pop culture in general over the last few years you’ll enjoy this show. You’ll get used to the accents.
Hilarious and informative
Noah Rossco
James and Mason are a friggin dynamic duo. I find myself laughing out loud to some of the most ridiculous stuff. Their spin on the world of comic book movies is very refreshing. I really appreciate the way they don’t take themselves too seriously but still provide a banging podcast. I cannot get enough of hearing Mason groan at Star Wars news. I gotta say my favorite bit is the hate mail but the “ate” is an 8. Keep bringing the red hot comic book movie news. Disregard the butthole. That’s rude, get it!?!
Bloody amazing!
James and Mason are a gift to the free world. They speak of many important things like movies, comics, TV shows, and shooting things up your butthole (not always in that order). Every morning I wake up and wave my arms in celebration of The Weekly Planet. My only request of you all is to do the same. We will all wave our arms in unison of the good news!
Highly recommend to anyone who loves comic books or movies
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now. James and Nick never fail to make the world of comics, movies, and comic book movies even more entertaining than it already is. I always listen whenever there is a new episode and I highly recommend to anyone who loves comic books or movies.
Planet Broadcasting is the best
The podcast network is the best podcast network in the world. There are some amazing podcasts on that network: Do Go On, TOFOP, Aunty Donna, DYKWIA, etc. These podcast all have hilarious hosts and great banter. The Weekly Planet is also on this network.
The absolute best!!
Started last August and got through all the back catalogue within a year of starting, however my weeks are so very empty with no fresh content every day. Easy five stars, best movie ever, grab dat gem!!!
A good nice pod time
James and Mason are great fun. This podcast is always at the top of my playlist whenever there's a new episode.
Can't believe I only just started
I have been watching the Mr. Sunday Movies vids on YouTube for quite a while now (which I love) and have no idea why I never went and listed to the podcast until a couple weeks ago. What a mistake!!! I have been missing out on so much fun banter and hilarious side-tracking. They have such a good dynamic and they never sound like they are just shilling for any of the movies/shows/comics they review and discuss. Keeps me up to date on the nerd world in this age of overwhelming amount of media to be consumed. Really appreciate guys! Keep up the great work!
Listen once and don’t stop. I SAID DON’T STOP
Two friends. Aussie. Comics books movies. Comics. Videos games (sporadically). But mostly crazy entertainment. Love listening to anything James and Masooooooo do. Keep it up! They’re set the bar for... something. And that something is whacky entertainment.
They got me! Ayayay!
I can’t believe tom holland takes time away from his chimney sweep business in dreary old London to be on the weekly planet. A must listen for news since Mason’s dad is the head of Disney so they have so many hot scoops with shots of poop.
Best Podcast Ever
Love this Podcast helps me get through my day at school you guys are great.
Long time listener. First time caller
I've been listening to this podcast for a long time, since I was a baby. Now I am a man aged 33 years, or some other number. I'm only four mins into the newest episode about the new joker movie and I have never laughed so much so soon into an episode. It's gotta be all down hill from here I'm sure. We've had some great times boys!
*Rubbing TWP’s Shoulders
Leslie Belin
You....are my numberOne...a’Podcast!
Informative, funny, and just the best
James and Nick Mason somehow make keeping up with every aspect of cinema pop culture and bantering with their signature dry humor seem like the easiest thing in the world. Their podcast is super helpful for normie nerds, like me, who loves nerd culture but also has trouble keeping up. I listen to this podcast over my dog walks throughout the week, and the podcast always seems to update just when I need a new episode. Thanks mates!
I struggle to remember a time before the Weekly Planet (BTWP). It has been a staple of my life for at least 4 years. If I am not already looking forward to Sunday then I am wonderfully surprised on the day itself when I realise the pod is out. And I’ve gone back and listened from the beginning. Twice. I love the banter and the lengthy digressions. I hate when it ends. I hate when the status quo changes (a guest?! Are you mad?!). I can’t imagine my week without it. Cheers guys
Weekly must
As I navigate the many podcasts I try to jam into my free time, my Monday morning Weekly Planet is always first up. It’s fun, I get some news, and the guys never take themselves too seriously. Nobody else has quite made me want to grab dat gem like they do.
Fun romp of a podcast every week
These two gr8 m8’s have such a great back and forth. I’ve been a fan for years now, and they never fail to make me laugh. I do a lot of driving for my job so having all of their podcast episodes at my disposal is the greatest gift I could ask for
My guys
Just a couple of boys making an incredible pod.
The feel good podcast of the year!
Not only the best part of my commute, but funnn...knee! The only negative side effect is that after a couple hours of listening I involuntarily start to speak in an Aussie accent. My wife keeps asking if I’m drunk even though she knows I quit drinking a year ago. It doesn’t help that I call people “blokes”, say things like “good on ya”, and reiterate out of the blue that Paul Hogan is an Australian national hero. Regardless, this podcast makes the world a better place, so good on ya indeed.
A show that makes you say “maybe I should do this”
The Weekly Planet is fantastic. James and Mason not only talk movies, comics, and TV shows, but they seem to have the beat of times while doing it. Makes you think “maybe I should have a podcast where I talk about similar things.” I need to find funnier friends first NICK and RICHARD.
Almost ultimate pleasure
Though I’ve never masturbated to this podcast (shoutout Shusher) it nonetheless keeps me informed enough to have in-depth conversations with all the soy-boys in my life. Put together a big sandwich and down a hot cup of bovril as you get a reverse Stallone of red hot comic book movie news!
Thanks homedogs
This podcast always guarantees that there will be a highlight during my week. I especially enjoy when Mason, aka “WikipediaBrown On Twitter” says just a few words that makes James, aka “MrSunday Goatman” laugh hysterically, but also so quietly that I can’t help but join in on this whispering-like laugh. Either way I don’t judge. Super informative, super fun, and a must for any movie lover, or lover of men with long beards, or lover of sugar-free fit dads.
Great show that will blow your socks off
Great show that will blow your socks off
TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year
...for 2006.
Many interesting and important things have been put into boxes over the years. Textiles, other boxes, even children's candy. These particular boxes are for shipping nails. We don't assemble them here. That's done in Flint, Michigan.
The biggest and best sandwich
This is the best of the mediocre podcasts I listen to. I've never missed one in the time that I care to remember, and if I missed one before that time, I don't remember to care about it. If you care at all about two dudes talking about red hot comic book movie news, then this is the podcast for you. If you want it. It's up to you. Seriously love this show!
Bright lights in this, the darkest timeline
Laurence loves a title drop
As a Brit and cricket fan, you always grow up with this idea that the Aussies are "the enemy". We couldn't be more wrong!! Listening to 300 episodes of these two friends shooting the breeze over wonderfully nerdy topics, extolling the virtues of the greatest movie Sunshine, and blowing my ears out with DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH!!! You guys are the greatest. Keep up the amazing work
Lacking Big Sandwiches...
Alex Hanno
Hey Guys! I’ve been listening for about two years and to be honest, the week is pretty much all downhill after Monday’s podcast is through. You two are the only ones brave enough to cover the hard hitting topics, like how everyone loves Batman V Superman and how Mason said it and how it can never be taken back because we all heard it. True life heroes? Maybe.... Having said that, you’ve been seriously lacking big sandwiches of late. Just saying.
They’re Back
Spaghetti Head.Com
You thought they were gone but they’re back!
The Film of Podcasting
While Mr Sunday Movies may be just a movie, co-star Nick Mason elevates this podcast to a true film (he should drop wikipediabrown and become Mr Sunday Films). After 300 podcasts on red hot comic book movie news the pair still have it with hot scoops and neutral takes on stuff that doesn’t matter.
I wanted to rate you 1 star
scoty boops
Not really v serious, but I listen to this podcast at work and ya'll made me literally drop my doughnut out if my mouth into my water bc I was laughing so much. Thanks.
Big sandwich
A tasty big sandwich of a podcast. Love it.
As a father
matt in delaware
As a father of a 15 month I can say I enjoy it just as much as not being a father. Give it a listen just for how much mason does. He does to much
A pair of great mates
Doc Brown murdered the alternate 1985 Marty McFly. Doc built the time machine to complete the causality loop but once he read the note and never met Marty, because clearly they met a couple years prior to 85’ when Marty was looking to make a bit of money cleaning Doc’s lab or whatever, alternate Marty was a rich kid with a brand new truck(which he never would have gotten a Clock Tower flyer since he wouldn’t be walking home). Doc had to basically kidnap Marty put in the time machine and send him back before the Earth existed in a car we already saw could be remote controlled. Doc did this in order to save the space time continuum because the random events that happened in 1955 could never be duplicated. That was the real reason he wanted to destroy the car. Unlike that pair, James and Maso have a great dynamic and are fun to listen to when starting my Monday at work. Thanks guys
Valuable Ad Space
I skip the ads in every podcast I listen to except for “The Weekly Planet” where I can’t wait to here the ads every week. Best Podcast Ever!
It’s No Joker
Peter B. (Joker Fan)
It’s good and all, but it just doesn’t change the game enough, quite unlike Todd Phillip’s masterpiece, “Joker,” which really changed the game for literally everything.
A weekly favorite
This is a great podcast about movies, TV, comics, etc. from two friends with great chemistry. Even if you are not into comic books, the presentation of their love for these topics and movies is more than enough to make you laugh and enjoy an entertaining conversation. Usually I end up listening to each episode twice due to the wealth of content. Also check out Mr. Sunday Movies’ YouTube channel as a companion to this show.
Great time listen
Captain Bacon
Humor, information, banter, corn. This podcast has it all. I listen every week. Chuck in an hour of your time; you won’t regret it!
Review ahoy
One of my favorite pods to listen to!
Best. Podcast. Ever.
I’ve been listening since early 2014 and not once have I missed an episode. James and Mason keep it fresh and hilarious, unlike other podcasts. Don’t be a D*ckhead and listen to The Weekly Planet!
Love the Weekly Planet
Addy John
Started listening to this podcast because of their YouTube and i must say, I can’t get enough of their material. These two have great chemistry and you’d be entertained listening to them talk about literally anything. I also love this because they talk a lot about many blockbuster and comic book properties and tell you everything you want to know about them. I anticipate listening to this podcast for a long time!
Best Podcast about Sandwiches and more!
The rapport James and Nick have together is legendary. It makes listening to the podcast a blast - genuine hilarity can be found here. I wish them all the success, and I hope Nick finally gets his sandwich
Best Podcast Ever!
One of the first podcasts that I started listening to on a regular basis and start off every workout week listening to these guys. One of the few podcasts I’ve never considered to cut from my routine. Hilarious and informative!! Great stuff!
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