This podcast was SO interesting!!! I learned a ton!
Great podcast now get better!
Love the podcasts. Would like to see it advance and be an in studio environment vs Skype or whatever they are currently doing. I think a lot of these topics could be much more interesting at the 2-3 hour range.
Love and hate
First of all I love your podcast and I believe your topics are great 👍🏼, the best, inspiring, educational. And I wish that your recent guest would stop sucking or chewing something. It is very disturbing and it doesn’t sound appropriate. I know that there might be a possibility of him being sick or something but..... I am sorry I can’t bear 🐻 to listen anymore. I know that’s just my opinion about this guest speaker. I should move on. I wish you’ll have another like. Have a great day!
Dopamine triggering
I work in the behavioral health field and this podcast challenges me, continues to intrigue me, and has real life implications. I love that the newer episodes are longer. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to interview various specialists.
Finding meaning in your life
Shira Taylor Gura
I am a new listener to the podcast and enjoyed listening to episode #75, How to Find Meaning in Life. As someone who helps people get "unstuck" in their lives and in their relationships, I deeply resonated with this episode and look forward to tuning into more. Shira Gura (The Getting Unstuck Podcast)
Loving this podcast
I’m a new listener, I’ve listened to the podcast of 2019. I noticed the ones before were fairly short ranging from 8-19 minutes. Definitely keep the 45 minutes to a hour. I love this podcast, so much information and great to keep my brain going during summer! Thank you for all you do!
Dopamine “programming or pushing a button is NOT easier”
Having an IOF infantry Marine Corps veteran as a husband and working with many military and veteran clients I can tell you there is NOT a moral disconnect between those who push bomb buttons or run drones and infantry. Whether you’re shooting a child that’s coming at you with IEDs strapped to her or your blowing up a building you just saw a child walk into, emotionally you conscious mind stores that as a moral failing. There is no choice is war. You do what your told. You do what you have to to protect your brothers and sisters. But the emotion impact is the same as pushing the guy in front of the train. Button or no button. A lot of work has to be done to repair that trauma.
I honestly don’t appreciate the guests bias.
I noticed immediately that she was basically taking the responsibility away from the adults and I believe that the economical factors were not given enough credence by her. The main reason we are all frenzied to work constantly and to the bone, is because of the economy having been rigged against the 80%. It’s not surprising that the scammers were doing what they were, it was surprising that they got caught and it seems like they’re going to actually get in some trouble even though they are super rich. I wish y’all would’ve talked more about the effects of scams like this on p.o.c who are inherently at a disadvantage in comparison to rich white ppl.
Great Review
Listen to this Bruce Wamphold is awesome! Save you money 5-6 sessions of therapy!! Is what you need!!
Interesting podcast, annoying host tic
I enjoy the podcast but it drives me insane that the host is constantly going "mhm" and making small noises under her breath. It really distracts from the guest speaker.
Good Information, O.K. Podcast
raven 19
This podcast basically gives an overview of either emerging issues within certain fields in psychology or details specific trends which have been found in a specific sub field of psychology such as clinical or developmental psychology. The information presented is actually very good and it is interesting to hear about new practices being used within the field or new discoveries. My only con is that the episodes have become so infrequent that I have to question whether such a concept was a good idea for a podcast. Unlike other educational/research podcasts which release episodes once a month, this one does not seem to have a set frequency.
I like it
awesome stuff
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