Tuesdays are the best days
אבי זהבי
Because that’s when you get your weekly dose of Streerwise! Best an most fun way to learn Hebrew!
Fun, interesting, access to Israeli culture.
Always fun and interesting
I’m still a beginner at Hebrew but I love the music clips and transcripts of vocabulary. You motivate me to keep learning!
Wonderful 10 minutes of my day...
Stove 6
I adore this podcast! Guy speaks quickly but his diction and enunciation is so easy to listen and comprehend. He's a perfect combo of entertaining as well as edifying. Definitely check it out; you won't be able to greet anyone without saying "shaaaaaaaalom" ever again. Toda raba Guy, love you loads!
Fun and informative
Scott Fleischman
Guy does a wonderful job packing each ten minute episode with lots of information about a specific theme in Hebrew, whether the various forms of a given root or a topic like ordering at a restaurant. What sets this podcast apart is the use of cultural examples for the Hebrew, such as using Israeli songs and politics. What other podcast teaches you the correct intonation to use when speaking Hebrew? Which is important because that is how many intentions are expressed such as politeness. I listened to all of the episodes (over 45 hours of content) in a few months time, and over all of them I got a little sense of Guy’s life changes in those years. I like his taste in music, and was not surprised to learn he worked at כאן קול המוסיקה for a time. I much appreciate the work and learned a lot. Maybe in time I will go back to review the material, as it is hard to remember much in each episode since it is so full of material rather than mindless repetition. Which makes it fun with all of the real life quotes! You definitely should check out this podcast and get a taste of real Hebrew on the streets of Israel!
Grendel the dragon
Outstanding . avoids the drudgery of language learning . Very nice combination of music culture and language . Feels like a close friend is telling you the inside scoop about his beloved mother tongue .
What an original way to get “digestible tasty bites” of a language. Guy is so personable and has a sweet sense of humor. His language skills are great. Highly recommended.
Guy rocks ;-)
Guy is absolutely adorable... he is super fun to listen to; we learn great new expressions from him and his sense of humor, choice of subjects and selections of music are second to none. Kol hakavod Guy, keep ‘em coming! (From Tamara in Florida ;-)
Incredibly helpful.
Very approachable, very human, very fun. Loving the host’s optimism and cute commentary. Well done!
Absolutely love this podcast. Relevant. Clear. Focused. Not too much. Just right.
רמות אחרות! Extremely well done
Elite Gold
כמו גיא עצמו היה אומר, הפודקאסט הוא באיכות של 'רמות אחרות'. בהחלט יוצא מן הכלל! Outstanding podcast to build on your knowledge of Hebrew and become current on day-to-day speech in Israel, which probably doesn't match what you learned in Hebrew school. To get full benefit, you need some pre-existing knowledge of basic grammar structures, binyanim, masculine, feminine forms, etc. If you've got that base, however rusty, or dated, this will bring you up to speed in no time. Extremely well done!
What a gem
Yehuda 613
Guy & Team, love your show and approach. The music rocks and so helps understanding the culture. Just the right amount of grammar / history / etymology / entertainment. Nice work! Yehuda Fried Jerusalem
Finally breaking through the plateau!
Debbie in SD
I can’t believe I’ve just now discovered this podcast. I came across it 3 days ago and have been devouring these shows one after another. After 25 years stagnating at my pretty good/ intermediate/ advanced conversational Hebrew level, I finally feel I have the best tool in hand to take my comfort with “street Hebrew” to the next level. Guy clearly really knows what he’s doing where it comes to language learning, and understands where his listeners are coming from. Thank you Guy and TLV1 - please keep up the fabulous work!!
Guy is a fantastic teacher!
It’s such a pleasure to have Guy using songs, commercials and news interviews to learn from. All entertaining while also absorbing relevant daily popular language and the necessary grammar as well. Thank you Streetwise!!!!!
Fun and up to date
Wonderful way to learn current Hebrew expressions and Israeli culture. The episodes are entertaining with examples from music and links to TV shows. These reinforce the lessons and help with pronunciation.
Ellie Haya
What an amazing podcast. Great way to learn Hebrew—it’s the right amount of time and very pedagogical. And fun too! Great job and thanks a lot.
Great entertainment and learning
I enjoy my weekly dose of Streetwise! Guy makes it painless and fun to brush up my עברית. Thank you for your all of your efforts on behalf of Hebrew learners.
Better would be indecent!
This is without any doubt the best Hebrew learning podcast I have listended to... an gosh did I try a lot of them! With Streetwise Hebrew you have a clear, funny, interesting 5 to 10 minutes weekely chat. Guy does mix some grammatical material, with daily used Israely/Hebrew slang. I appreciate the way he helps us find the signification of some words by refering to its root... and linking the root of a word to other words sharing somehow the same idea. Looking forward to listen to the next one...!
Great work
George MN
Love the podcast. You make learning new idioms fun. The music reinforces the lesson well! We listen to the Plus version. Well worth the donation!
אני ממש אוהבת את הפודקסט הזה ואני ממליצה אותו לחברים והמשפחה שלי! כל הכבוד גיי וTLV1!
Love this Podcast!
What a wonderful way to keep up and build on a lifetime of Hebrew learning!
Hebrew on the go!
Jonathan JG
This podcast has been an amazing learning opportunity for me to improve my Hebrew. I love listening to it in the car, on my walks, doing the dishes,etc. תודה רבה
Great show!
Love this show! Very didactic and fun. Can’t get enough! I’m readying myself to spend time in ISRAEL with my sons and I have been binging on the show.
Streetwise wiser
I love the Streetwise Hebrew podcasts. They are so instructive and so entertaining, and have definitely helped me improve my Hebrew language skills!
Great for all levels
Go Ask Perl
I love streetwise Hebrew! My Hebrew has improved so much since I started listening to this podcast. I’ve always had trouble understanding when Israeli’s speak Hebrew , even if I knew the words, and this has helped me get used to hearing the words in an Israeli accent while learning Hebrew on a deeper level. So grateful for the podcast. Hope I get to visit Israel soon so I can use my new language skills!
Excellent show
A wonderful way to stay connected to the culture through language. You are doing a beautiful thing with this podcast. Amon toda rabas. - Jerome
שלום גיא, אני בשנותי החמישים וגר באזור ניו יורק. למדתי עברית לפני הרבה שנים (עשורים) באוניברסיטה בארה״ב. רק התחלתי להאזין לשידוריך. הם מעניינים מאוד. תמשיך! (אני תוהה:מה הרקע שלך בכל זה?) דוד
Wonderful! I would love to listen to the all-Hebrew version (:
Toda raba! My mother’s family speaks Hebrew and I was raised speaking with them partly in the language. My Hebrew is very basic and conversational, so this adds a dimension of grammar and expands my vocabulary. Thank you!
Great culture connection
Like having my cousins clue me so I stop talking Hebrew like my elderly relatives :) with great links to music!
So fun, so helpful!
Thank you, Guy! Streetwise Hebrew is helping me improve my Hebrew, and I never get tired of listening to your episodes. Each one has interesting bits of culture, music and entertaining stories.
A standout among language learning apps/podcasts. This show is so well thought out and put together to efficiently provide a fun blend of Hebrew language instruction and tid-bits about Israeli culture/politics. The format and vocabulary is flexible so that it is doable for beginners. I can hear Guy's love for language and teaching. Great job!
Comcast watcher
This podcast is simply fantastic. It’s a great way to learn some Hebrew - not just the formal language from books or school, but the way Israelis speak in modern Israel.
Guy, where were you when I was struggling in college? 😂 LOVE this podcast!!
Where have you been all my life??!!
Love this!!! Am just now discovering podcasts and stumbled on SWH. I’ve been binging past few days in anticipation of Israel visit next week. Hope to join your T.A. Street Tour. Paul
I love this podcast. In my car, it’s as if Guy is teaching/tutoring me personally! I’ve learned so much about Israel and linguistics and - of course - HEBREW. He provides just the right amount of stuff at my level as well as tantalizing content to help me stretch my Hebrew skills as well. I’m a full-time student or I would happily donate! I also love the Israeli music! Love it!
Bringing My Favorite Home To Me
I am learning Hebrew right now using an Online Ulpan so I like to immerse myself into the Hebrew language at any opportunity. I use this podcast, music, videos, movies and TV from streaming services to support me. Thank you for this fun way to keep learning.
wonderfully helpful
Terrific podcast - even proficient speakers will learn something.
I feel like I’m back in Israel!
I lived in Jerusalem a LONG time ago and have fairly recently wanted to refresh and improve my spoken Hebrew. Guy does a great job of teaching and each lesson is relevant. My only small gripe? I know it must take a lot of effort to produce, but I would love longer segments. תן לי עוד!
תודה רבה!
תודה על הפודקאסטים! אני לומדת עברית ואתה באמת עוזר לי. תודה רבה!!!
This is truly an incredible podcast. כל הכבוד And please don't stop making them!
Fun and informative
As someone who lived in Israel for many years, but now lives abroad, I love to stay connected to the ever evolving Hebrew. I also share with my students who love it.
Simply the Best!
Real life applications in an easily digestible, entertaining, and friendly form. Guy is a great teacher. I have become addicted to SWH!
Fun and easy way to learn colloquial Hebrew.
Wonderful for those who spent way too much time in formal Hebrew Schools in Galut!
ליבי במזרח ואני בסוף המערב....
Ernest from LA
Guy Sharret, you are a genius. My love for Hebrew has been increased immeasurably by your fantastic command of the language, it's grammatical structure, and it's growth and development into the modern age. Blessings to you and yours, and your entire production team for a Shana Tova u'mevorechet! Ernest Katz Los Angeles
Love this podcast!
Maya P LA
I learned Hebrew in the streets of Israel when visiting my family in Israel from the US throughout my childhood. This podcast actually explains to me what’s behind the slang and upgrades my grammar and vocabulary. Thank you!
From a new patron!!
Judy in Philadelphia
Dear Guy and the wonderful TLV FM team!! I wait eagerly for this podcast every week. It is always relevant, timely, friendly, clever, musical, supportive, pitched at a good level etc etc. I don’t know what took me so long but it is clear I need to be a PATRON so will sign up today. Elef todot, Judy in Philadelphia
I started listening to Streetwise Hebrew while exercising, and enjoyed it so much that I ended up exercising more!!! Each episode is organized in a really intuitive way, designed to help listeners learn practical Hebrew phrases and use them in everyday life. Each episode focuses on an interesting topic and integrates musical, cultural, and historical references in an entertaining and memorable way! They are each short enough to easily fit into daily life and are fun to listen to for a quick dose of Hebrew anytime. Kol HaKavod!
Excellent podcast
BobW 2018
Great podcast for improving your Hebrew and Guy, the host, is very entertaining and enthusiastic
The Gaon of Tel Aviv
Guy is a brilliant linguist and manages to pack in tons of information on culture and current events in SWH on top of excellent Hebrew instruction.. Although it is short, this podcast packs a big punch. Guy is charming. witty, and patient.
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