#191 You Don't Own Me
Published November 28, 2017
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    Gay marriage is new to the world, and Hebrew, a gender-based language, has to face the music and find new ways to talk about it. On this episode, Guy talks about an email from a married gay listener.

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    Words and expressions discussed:

    Lahatab – LGBT – להט”ב – לסביות, הומואים, טרנס, בי
    Zeh ishi – This is my man – זה אישי
    Zeh ba’ali – This is my husband – זה בעלי
    Zeh ben hazug sheli / Ze haben-zug sheli – זה בן הזוג שלי / זה הבנזוג שלי
    U-ma im ba’ala yod’ea – And what if her husband knows – ומה אם בעלה יודע
    Ba’al – Husband, owner – בעל
    Ba’al ha-bait (Balabayit) – Landlord, business owner, boss – בעל הבית
    Ba’ali – My husband – בעלי
    Liv’ol – To have intercourse with someone – לבעול
    Be’ila – Intercourse – בעילה
    Bba’alo – His husband – בעלו
    Ishta – Her wife – אישתה
    Efshar ledaber im ha-balabayit? – May I speak to the owner? – אפשר לדבר עם הבעלבית
    Ba’al ha-bayit hishtage’a – The landlord became crazy – בעל הבית השתגע
    Ba’al hayim – Animal – בעל חיים
    Ba’aley hayim – Animals – בעלי חיים, בע”ח
    Be’alim – Owner (also: husbands) – בעלים
    Ata ha-be’alim – You are the owner – אתה הבעלים
    Efo ha-be’alim? – Where is the owner/Where are the owners? -איפה הבעלים?
    Efo ha-ba’al? – Where is the husband? – איפה הבעל?
    Az kach ba’alut al ha-neches shelcha – So take ownership of your asset – אז קח בעלוּת על הנכס שלך
    Ba’alut – Ownership – בעלוּת
    Lakachat ba’alut – To take ownership – לקחת בעלוּת

    David Broza – Sigaliyot (lyrics)
    Omer Adam – Wai Li (lyrics)
    Eden Ben Zaken – Ba Li Od (lyrics)
    Animals (ba’aley hayim) for kids
    Manual for home ownership (ba’alut)

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