#168 You're Digging My Ear off!
Published May 9, 2017
6 min
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    One of your friends or colleagues is talking your ear off - blabbering, nagging, or over analyzing. In Hebrew, you would kindly ask that person to stop being a 'hafran,' or literally, 'digger.' Guy explains how and when to use this illustrative slang.

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    Words and expressions discussed:

    Hofer – Digging, excavating – חופר

    Lahpor (lahfor) – To dig – לחפור

    Lahfor bor – To dig a hole – לחפור בור

    Orly lo mafsika lahfor li – Orly does not stop "lahfor" in my ear – אורלי לא מפסיקה לחפור לי

    Tagidu la, giveret, at hoferet, kol ha-zman medaberet – Tell her, lady, you're "hoferet", you're speaking all the time – תגידו לה, גברת, את חופרת

    Ma ata hofer? – Why are you "hofer"? – ?מה אתה חופר

    Dai lahfor – enough digging – די לחפור

    Dai lahfor li – Stop digging in my ear – די לחפור לי

    Hafarti? – Did I talk too much? – ?חפרתי

    Hafira, hafirot – Excavation, digging – חפירה, חפירות

    Hafira archi'ologit – Archaeological excavation – חפירה ארכיאולוגית

    Hafran, hafranit – A blabber – חפרן, חפרנית

    Hafrawi – Hafran – חפראווי

    Hafarperet – Mole, double agent – חפרפרת


    E-Z – Kolboinikit (lyrics)
    Shai Yom Tov – At Hoferet
    Archaeology in Jerusalem
    Yeled hafran (kid's monologue)


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