Interesting and instructive
It’s so valuable to hear the real life stories of those who walked in faith before us.
Best Podcast I’ve Ever Found
Darth Corey
I’m a pastor of a tiny country church who wants to continually renew my mind and learn about the Bible and Church history. This podcast does a great job of teaching, and all in small, listenable segments. Always light and positive, I thoroughly enjoy every one I listen to and have written down many subjects to study further and books to find based on their topics. Keep it coming!
Good for binge listening
Started listening recently. I binge listen when doing work down in my basement. Learning lots of great things I’d otherwise be ignorant about. Picking up good book recommendations along the way. Pleasant and informative podcast.
Quick and informative
Litl Rog
I have limited time to listen to audio so this is a great way to get a lot of information in five minutes.
Interesting, engaging, and concise
It's important for Christians to learn about church history! This is a great resource to that end: very informative and concise.
A Great Five Minutes
A great podcast that concisely talks about moments in Christian history.
5 Minutes
Refreshing. History is a teacher. Almost every episode brings me to a sense of gratefulness for all the faithful Christ followers we learn about. Thank you professor Nichols!
Church history in bite size increments
Steve Nichols does a great job keeping each episode short and focused. Every person or movement is used to direct us back to the greatness of the God who saves.
Unique and Excellent
This is a great platform for learning and enjoying church history!
Awesome history
I really like this podcast because of the diversity of topics and Dr. Nichols obvious enjoyment of sharing about each one.
Fantastic Resource
This is a brief yet excellent book-reviewing podcast. I am using its recommendations to build my home library. Thank you to all who make it possible!
Very Important that We Remember History
Cardinal One
Thanks so much for sharing our history as Christians. The only way you could improve the show is to lengthen it!
Church History made fun
Rev Holst
Love it. Dr. Nichols gets to the point and usually just has one point. That's what makes this podcast so much fun and relevant to the church today.
Great Podcast
This podcast provides concise and engaging information regarding our history. It’s been a lot of fun for me to be able to learn in little bites and the information often can help me better understand the world around me!
The Best Insights!
Thank you for bringing these gems of the past to light for those of us who would otherwise miss them completely. I love learning from these people, and you are making that possible. I am very appreciate and hope many, many people make use of this opportunity to connect with the past.
Short + Sweet
Great way to keep events and people you have forgotten about fresh in your mind.
5 minutes of knowledge!!
I love this program. I started with the reformation and it was daily. I have learned so much. Thank you.
Love this podcast!
It was fascinating hearing the reformation presentation.
Reformation month
El Chico de Philly
Thank you for walking us through the rich history of the church this past month (10/2017). It was very informative and inspiring. I appreciated the “on location” touch. Looking forward to learning more about the wells and vineyards that we benefit from today.
I am far from Reformed Theology, but I can't help but love this podcast. The episodes are thought provoking and fascinating. The length is wonderful: long enough to get some substance, yet short enough that you can squeeze an episode in at any time. Furthermore, Steve Nichols has a great voice. If you support Reformed Theology, this shall be perfect for you. If you don't support Reformed Theology, you can still get much value.
Legit 5 minutes!
Concise & interesting.
Called by God
Great morning listen. Little tid bits that leave you wanting more. That is why books are written.
This is a fantastic podcast. There is a great deal of history in small bites. He covers a wide variety of subjects from events to places to people.
Great Tidbits to Keep You Thinking
I love getting a little taste of history on a regular basis. These episodes are quick and informational, and they help make more sense of the modern world.
Fort Caroline prompted me to leave a review for this short and sweet podcast. You will thoroughly enjoy hearing wonderful stories of people, places, and the crowded deserted island.
Good stuff
I don't know how I just heard about this podcast. I am enjoying it a lot. My favorite part is the length. I'm not sure I could handle an hour long podcast on church history, this is a good overview without getting too boring. My only complaint is the music. When I'm listening to multiple episodes at one time it is kind of annoying hearing that before and after every episode. Just my opinion and it's not going to keep me from listening. Overall, it's very good.
Lots crammed in a Small Amount of Time
I cannot recommend this podcast enough! This is one of the best podcasts every created. Hosted by Ligonier Ministries, you know you are going to get solid, Biblical information. How Nichols succeeds in packing so much great info into only 5 minutes is amazing.
Great podcast!
Really great overview of historical events relevant to the formation of Christianity. When I first found the podcast, I listened to back to back episodes till I'd heard all of them.
Excellent Resource
Innovative approach to teaching church history in a way that is not intimidating. Got 5 min to spare?? Great podcast
Great Podcast!
Thank you for sharing the church history in a interesting and practical way.
One of the Best Podcasts Available
Michael Ervin
What Dr. Nichols provides for us is an incredible opportunity to learn from our faith family's past. Church history roots us to other faithful men and women in the church, gives us perspective on doctrinal development and helps kill pride. Also, I love the intro music.
I find these podcasts very interesting. Little tidbits you wouldn't know unless you spent a lot of time studying church history. I really would not mind longer lessons in church history. Learn while I do laundry and vacuum.
His-story must be known
An elephant never forgets
Fighting against our modern day historical illiteracy!
Top notch church history
O Daniel Knight
Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. This excellent podcast reminds us who we are as the church by looking at our past. Treat yourself to earlier episodes. You will not be disappointed.
50% Great 50% Irrelevant
These are great snippets of church history, at least when he sticks to the important and universal elements of Christian (or even Protestant) church history. Unfortunately he often careens into discussions only relevant to his own small and dying denomination (Presbyterian) and its battles with theological issues that no longer matter and probably never did. But his outlook is solidly orthodox (at least until Calvin comes up) and when he steers away from the narrow denominational stuff it is very good.
Great, BUT
Great, ... But really the intro & closing music is excruciatingly BAD, annoying, distracting, 😟😵😫😐 (The Cranberries, really???) please make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Informative and to the point
Robb Sky
Many Christians today are ignorant of church history, and this podcast does a great job of explaining the importance of church history as well as why it is such a fascinating subject. Nichols provides variety, moving around the various periods of church history. The occasional interviews are always a highlight for me as well. And it only takes 5 minutes, so I can listen to the whole thing on my 8 minute drive to work.
Packs a lot of interesting information
This podcast is one of my favorites mainly because it's brief and loaded with interesting information in just five minutes. As a Christian, I especially appreciate the emphasis that this is my family history. Indeed, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.
Short, Sweet, Informative!
Spencer Camp
Extremely helpful podcast! We need more like these! It would be awesome if there was a 20 minutes in Church History! Oftentimes 5 minutes is not enough to last a 20 minute commute. 20 minutes would be perfect. Thanks!
Vital Information
Every review is FIVE STARS, and for a reason. Wonderfully hosted, with guests like RC sproul. Will greatly encourage, and inform christians. Thank you for the podcast!
I love this.
Calvinist Batman
I’ve been shocked how good and focused this podcast is. Outside of the Ask Pastor John podcast, this is the podcast I look forward to each week!
Short and to the point. Very passionate host and very clearly articulate speaker.
So Timely, So Interesting
5 Minutes in Church History is wonderful for all of the adult and young adult generations. We are currently in a phase of our cultural history where 5 minutes is stretching the shortening attention spans of each successive generation, (And even generations are shortening. Where once they were 40 years long, now each decade is called one generation or another.) and history is, well, history. While Christians may feel some kinship to the apostles and the 1st century church, the period between the apostles and our parents or grandparents is empty for most of us. We need church history by the teaspoonful to accustom or tastebuds and whet our appetites for larger servings. That red line which runs through every chapter of the Old and New Testaments did not stop at the cross; it runs on through the Book of Revelations, and we are along that line somewhere. We study genealogy to discover on whose shoulders we stand; we study church history to discover on whose shoulders we stand, and we are the stronger for our study. Another effect of our current culture is the way we are convinced that we do not have time to add one more thing to our schedules, and “a minute or two” could be hours. But it is really, really hard to deny a firm 5 minutes a week for something of such value and interest, although it is likely to consume your thoughts and your heart for much longer than that. 5 Minutes in Church History is a ministry to and for today’s church.
Love it!
Bryan Catherman
This is a great way to spend 5 minutes. Our family loves The ABC's of Church History: Augustine and 25 other Heroes of Faith but Dr. Nichols and I love this podcast each week. Nichols makes Church history fun and easy.
Insightful and quick
While I'm the type of person that would like to dig in a little deeper, this podcast is perfect for quick history on the go. Nichols does a great job of condensing the information and then applying it to today. Everyone can give 5 minutes a week to this type of study.
Short.Brief.Very Informative
Stuff you should know.
Dustin Radford
Worth every second.
Really good
This a great way to spend five minutes. It gives you just enough to think about and reflect on throughout your day.
10 minutes would be even better
I love this podcast mainly because Stephen Nichols is one passionate man. That always makes for great teaching. The Spurgeon episode especially explains why this is so important and crucial .
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