Keep the episodes coming!
Melanie Melinda
I have absolutely no idea how this show does not have a larger following! I love the mysterious content! I love how it is delivered. They go over bizarre topics and explain all of the popular, as well as less popular thoughts and theories. After much conjecture and discussion, they discuss what they believe is the most educated option. I cannot get enough of this show! Auto play!
Gut punch
DJ Brazzy Brett
I started listening to Thinking Sideways in 2015. I burned through each episode available during a long deployment. When they announced that the show was over it was like a punch to the gut. I felt like I was breaking up with a long time girlfriend. They’re a great team that tackles mysteries & crime with humor, respect, & intelligence. The podcasting community lost a great face for their industry.
no research and not funny
This is the worst podcast I've ever heard. It's an insult to the listener's intelligence.
Easily One of my Favorite Podcasts
Really miss these 3. I've been listening since 2017, and they have been easily one of my favorite podcasts since.
A ton of errors
Less than 3 minutes in and there’s at least 5 errors. I hope it gets better.
Some are better than others-earliest to latest
I originally found this podcasts earlier this year and took to listening to it on the way to and from work. I made a point to listen to them in order in case anything related in the future, and really enjoyed it at first. It seemed pretty well-structured at that point, and the hosts very clearly had their areas of interest that could provide facets of understanding to a story. The “lost episodes” were good. Lots of interesting topics, and it was fun to listen to them work through popular theories, regardless of origin. As I encountered a few in a row that weren’t that interesting (either the topic or the discussion), I started bouncing around to more recent episodes and have been for a month or two, still providing benefit of the doubt each time I start a new one. I don’t find any of them particularly funny, and truly, I wonder if they don’t find each other humorous as well, so much fake/uncomfortable laughing from Devon, barking laughter from Steve, and snarky-yet-gaining-no-reaction comments from Joe. They start walking all over each other, the men, esp Steve, over Devon, to the point that in one episode she literally says “I know what that means, I’m not stupid.” People mention Joe doesn’t have much to put in, but between the bickering (not well-)disguised as banter, it’s no wonder. There are times where I feel like they aren’t okay with not knowing things, so they just fill time when they don’t have much connection to the case. The most recent few I’ve listened to have driven me to unsubscribe, which I guess doesn’t matter because it’s over. If you’re listening to the newer episodes, come with a bucket full of patience.
Late to the party
Killa your mother
I found these guys after they stopped making episodes. I really like them. Great chemistry. Come back!!
Michelle Miscovige /Scientology Episode
So I am behind the curve here.. Just discovered this podcast and am working though it. For the most part I am really enjoying, but this episode is a MESS. Scientology is a cult and the fact that Steve is bending over backwards to legitimize it as “religion “ is painful to listen to . I realize that this episode is a few years old but please.... Had I listened to this one first, I never would have listene again, and frankly it makes me question the legitimacy of some of the other episodes.. Ugh... No, just no Steve... Dropped my rating a couple stars overall because of this one...
Come Back
Devine Ms D
Steve I had no business moving out of country and needs to come back to restart this awesome show!
Cya know it all Steve
Shame they stopped podcasting when Steve left. Could have skyrocketed to the top without know it all on it. How many people Steve know? If I never hear “I’ve known people that.....”
Miss you
First podcast I fell in love with. Wish it was still around.
Boring 1 Star
Much better podcasts out there
Miss this pod!
Miss this podcast love all of you guys. Wish Devon would start her own!
This was the first podcast I started listening to. I always loved the intriguing, mysterious topics. I’m so sad it’s over.
kitsch machine
Ugh. Did Devon ever end up just starting her own podcast? These other two jabronies spend 78% of the show interrupting and talking over her to just try and shoehorn in some cheesy jokes or hairbrained theories.
I miss Thinking Sideways :(
Man, I miss this podcast. Always fun examinations of fascinating mysteries. Too bad it's over :(
Would be better with 33% less host
Devin-excellent Guy that sounds like Norm Macdonald-also good Obnoxious Steve-Singlehandedly torpedoed every show.
Pros and cons super bingie
I like this podcast especially when I start listening there from Portland like I am and they talk about great topics especially things that like I think about but if you’re going to call your podcast thinking sideways how come all you guys do is rationalize conspiracies you don’t believe any of them it seems like and the disappearances are good because you guys kind a come up with rational ideas but there’s some of them are just mysteries because not just to stay great mystery like they’re just something to it not everybody’s crazy when there’s too many coincidences and some of them are like stupid people but like most of it is like concerning.Anyway still four stars I’m not the best explain it but I just think that there’s some things on there that you can’t play just rationalize as being a conspiracy theory thanks btw I actually find the humor funny dont know why ppl keep complaining about it Devin - on topic “quote un quote “ Joe - funny as f Steve- know it at “reeeeeally reeeeeally”
Such a good bingeable podcast
I just discovered this podcast in time for it to come to an end, so I'm starting from the very beginning. It's so good and I'm sure that when I get there, I'll be sad it's over but there's plenty for me to hear before I get there.
So good!
I’m sad it’s over.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite a while and can not get enough. I go through periods where I am really into listening and really not so I still have quite a handful of episodes that I haven’t heard yet. Not looking forward to the end!!
Nothing else quite like it!
Jael Chaucer
I found this podcast through Generation Why, and I just couldn’t stop listening! I recommend it to anyone who likes true crime and mystery but doesn’t want to hear about a murder every episode. Great variety and chemistry between all three friends. I’ve long since listened to everything at least twice, but I like to replay episodes when trying to fall asleep because they’ve become such familiar voices. I hope some combo of the three can start another podcast some day soon ✌️
low brow
Car liver
The Lyle Stevik episode causes you to lose a listener. One of the men’s complete obsession with tying the victim’s ethnicity to his involvement in 9/11 is complete racist profiling. A waste of time. The men constantly talk over the woman and disregard her frequently. Stupid.
Used to love this show
I used to love this show but now all I see is promos for other shows it’s sad but the show is dead for me
Come back?
C'est Tragique
Please come back. Gosh, I miss you guys so much.
Man spacing
I love true crime podcasts and as much as I want to get into this one and as many times as I’ve returned to give it more of a shot I cannot STAND how often the two male and often less informed less researched of the trio interrupt and speak over the woman . The one guy who speaks lazily is the worst . He clearly hasn’t ever done any research and is just there to spout inane and entitled commentary that detracts from the story. I hope they read this and fix this . Could be a good podcast . The woman should probably just do one on her own . I bet it would take off even more than this one .
Hahahaha. The highlight of my day came from Devin saying “BYE BROTHER” in a wrestler voice at the end of this! Cracked me up!
cupcake's tiger
You guys were amazing! Please come back.😒
Listening to the one on Maura Murray. She basically reads direct from Wikipedia page. There is no “research”. And the guys make a mockery of it...I had downloaded two more episodes but I don’t think I can stomach it. If the girl went out on her own an actually researched stuff..she would be great.
I miss this podcast.
I’m sad to read all the terrible reviews that this podcast is getting. Don’t listen to the negativity. I looked forward to hearing you guys every week. I’m sorry.
Uh no
I guess anyone can have a show now.. just don’t act like you had your first beer before it.. and maybe read something more than a Wikipedia entry.. that’s not “research” that’s what a child does for a book report.. wanted to like it.. just couldn’t ..
Sometimes too lighthearted
What a bunch of whiney, nit-picky reviewers. “Mainsplaining”? Seriously? This podcast sounds like three friends chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Sure there are interruptions, but it’s typically done to clarify basic information. My biggest issue with the podcast is that I wish the male hosts would take the material a bit more seriously. Devin does a wonderful job.
Devin and Joe should have their own podcast
Steve...stop. You take away from interesting topics that have been well researched. Stop jumping in and adding your two cents because it makes you sound uneducated. In one episode, Steve mansplained breast augmentation and what an IUD was to Devin. He reeks of sexism and constantly talks over Devin. LET HER SPEAK!!
I enjoy the podcast.
M.S. Hiiro
These guys are super horny. Great podcast.
I like Devin’s research a lot. The other guys’ commentary...not as much.
Devin researches her topics well and I enjoy her presentation. Sometimes the guys argue with her or nitpick strange points like wedding rings. Either way, my suggestion for improvement: one should be allowed to present without interruption and then arguments for/against, or crazy theories and jokes, should be discussed. Each host occasionally picks a topic and I think all of them pick interesting cases, but the guys stray off-topic a little too much sometimes. I just found this podcast and I am sad it has ended. For all its foibles, intelligent, reasonable, presentation of mysterious experiences and the unexplained, is hard to find. Thanks for keeping the backlog up for now.
Get to the point already
So much rambling. It’s a shame as the topics are quite good. I just want to tell the crew in the background to stop talking. I would definitely revisit if a serious overhaul were made to the format. As said just so much rambling. The nasally guy is particularly annoying. Nothing on his voice. He just draws everything out to a tedious degree.
I’m listening to the “Bohemian Grove” and it’s incredibly annoying. The girl (don’t know names) is great, but the two guys keep interrupting to say random things, bad jokes, etc. The girl is noticeably annoyed as she try’s to keep the podcast on track. I subscribed to this podcast but if these guys are consistently a part of this, I’m going to unsubscribe. Why is it so hard to find a good podcast without having to deal with annoying commentary and bad jokes? An hour long podcast can literally be cut down to around 20 minutes if you cut all the B.S. out. Ugh
Irritating beyond measure
I don’t get how there could be so many good reviews on this annoying ear assault. Steve is a know-it-all (who happens to know very little) and all three of them constantly interrupt each other with the lamest jokes humanly possible. They’re not funny people. Sorry, those are the breaks. Some people just aren’t funny and need to just keep their mouths shut much more often, not continuously interrupt the person telling the story because they’re attention-starved and love to hear the sounds of their own voices. Devin is also constantly bragging about things she knows and things she likes that are supposed to be unique (I guess), and she just comes off as unbearably insecure. Judging by things she has said about medical topics, she is by no means a “survivalist EMT” (whatever that is). The cases they cover are interesting, but the obnoxious and disrespectful jokes they make CONSTANTLY (and I mean constantly) throughout the “show” completely annihilate any chance of actually learning something.
Come back!
peace always
We miss you guys!!!
No Fooling - New Ep!
A pleasant surprise on a day not known for them. It was good to hear “everyone” back together. ;)
Only Podcast that Holds my Attention
I’m not a podcast person because my auditory attention span is terrible, but Thinking Sideways actually holds my attention! I love mysteries, and they don’t get off topic much so I can actually follow what’s going on, unlike other podcasts. I’m only twelve episodes in, but the only problem I have so far is that Steve and Joe seem to really undervalue Devin’s ideas. We all know she’s the smartest of the trio!
Interesting subjects but the attempt at humor is eye rolling terrible.
Struggled the get through...
I listened to a few episodes (each one worse than the previous one) and couldn’t take it anymore. The idea is great. I was so excited to listen and hopefully subscribe, but the hosts are completely uninformed and use jokes as filler. I would not recommend this podcast to anyone.
Come back!!!
Y’all quit right when I found you! Kgc was the best episode.
Annoying, babbling hosts
Such intriguing concepts but such irritating hosts! Just stick to the story and stop going on a tangent every ten seconds on something trivial.
Think Downwards
Jo Jo dis'in clown
This is not a well done or well educated podcast. It’s like using cheap toilet paper, it works right up until....... it doesn’t. And this whole thinking sideways think doesn’t work for anyone who wants to be challenged.
Shoddy research
Other podcast hosts actually read source material, books even. These hosts admittedly don’t, especially on the episode about the Franks. They didn’t read Anne Frank’s diary and were talking about how they just read the Wiki page. They go off on too many tangents and say some illogical things. In this episode, they were of the opinion that those who hid Jews during WW2 in Europe probably wouldn’t have been treated harshly or sent to camps. Incorrect. Read The Hiding Place where that very thing happened. Research is shoddy to nonexistent and hosts have little sense of history. Glad this podcast is done.
Great mysteries
Great topics, great information and a good amount of laughs all while solving some of the worlds best mysteries
Not all that
I seriously find the topics somewhat interesting but the hosts are so boring. Also why all of the info from most of the podcasts come from articles and no other research or interviews? Not entertaining at all.. sorry
Terrible. Hosts take forever to get to the story.
I wanted to like this. But hosts get in the way of the story. Hosts are more interested in appearing interesting than delivering an interesting story.
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