October 10, 2019
I'm so happy to have storyteller and audio producer Allison Behringer on the podcast this week. She’s the creator of a podcast called BODIES. We talk about her podcast Bodies, what the process of making it taught her, and why women telling their stories about their bodies is so cathartic. This is an intimate episode. We've talked about sex a lot on this show but in this episode you’ll hear me let it out on something I was particularly scared to share. I had a lot of shame around the fact that I had vaginismus. It's a condition making sex painful or difficult. Brené Brown says shame can’t exist when it’s shared and I think that’s why personal storytelling are so wonderful. We talk about why telling personal stories is so important, community, the importance of mothers and daughters talking about sex, and much more in this conversation.
October 3, 2019
I really loved this conversation with the founders of Of/a Kind Erica and Claire. They were so articulate and warm, I never wanted the interview to end and I think you might feel that way about the episode. They talk about their friendship, starting their company of a kind and how they keep their friendship alive while being co-founders. They give great advice on adult friendship, management, and even the best natural mascara and baby gifts for new moms.
September 12, 2019
It's fitting to air this episode during New York Fashion Week. From what I've heard, for those in the industry it's a week with no-sleep, harsh style comparisons, high stress, and a triggering one for those recovering from disordered eating. This week's conversation os with the founders of The Chain, a peer network for women in fashion and entertainment is fitting. Co-founded by writers Ruthie Friendlander and Christina Grasso, the group is particularly active during NYFW, supporting and connecting their community. The Chain's message is useful to anyone regardless of industry who has struggled with body image and disordered eating. I met the founders at one of their events this spring and loved their vulnerability in how they discussed their recovery ups and downs. I've learned a lot from them, like how disordered eaters tend to be good liars and that self honesty and support are key to true recovery. We recorded this in Ruthie's apartment this summer and covered their experience with disordered eating, what helped them, as well as what they've created with The Chain. My friend writer Rose Truesdale appears in the intro where we talk about travel and disordered eating a bit too, enjoy this episode.
September 5, 2019
In this episode, Andrew Bird talks about the slow growth he had as a musician, his discipline & patience in building his career, & how letting go, slowing down, & taking a break was really what actually helped him move forward. He started playing classical violin at four. This training required strict adherence to rules, which he ultimately broke free from to create his own style.
August 29, 2019
I don't remember when or how I began following today's guest Emily Elyse Miller but I'm real happy I did. She's way cool. After traveling the world her work which centers around morning rituals. She's is a writer and founder of BreakfastClub, a morning club that brings together the coolest creatives in each city over a morning meal, and most recently the author of “BREAKFAST: The Cookbook”, with nearly 400 recipes from 80 countries. She likes mornings for the softness and realness of them. We talk about mornings but much more, in addition to her career in food writing she has a background in fashion as a trend-caster, so we talk about, trend forecasting, style, working and food and how that impacts body image. We have an interesting discussion about loneliness when you’re a single freelancer, not struggling for creativity, and feeing uninspired. She gives great advice and I really enjoyed her.
August 23, 2019
Guess what!? I have a new podcast out with co-host Serena Wolf. This is a BONUS episode to give you a preview of what it's all about. Be sure to head over to to read more! Find the podcast on iTunes at: Spiraling is an optimistic anxiety podcast with candid conversations about how anxiety affects our lives and how we're managing it. In each episode, we share what we’re spiraling about that week—from awkward interactions to business decisions and how to treat an unfortunate chest zit—followed by a deep-dive into different facets of anxiety and anxiety management. Filled with heart, insight, and an appropriate amount of profanity, this podcast is a love letter to anyone struggling with anxiety, reminding them that they are not alone, they are not weird or damaged, and they don’t owe anyone an explanation for their mental health. In this episode, Serena and Katie interview each other. You’ll get to know them, their friendship, and how they both figured out they’re anxious. It’s a funny delight. We share a bit of what you can expect this season on the show.
August 8, 2019
Adrian Galivin who goes by the band name Yoke Lore is a pop folk musician with a new album out and currently touring. He’s also very smart and articulate and just and an interesting guy. We covered relationships, creativity, routines and habits, and he gave a lot of great suggestions for art.
July 18, 2019
Ryan Brunty is an artist and the founder of Depressed Monsters, a streetwear apparel company and visual art project. I relate to Ryan a lot and in this conversation which was recorded live in our lounge at the Emerge Music Festival we talk about how we each feel depression— a topic we haven’t covered much on this podcast. We get into nostalgia, how having something to look forward to helps, communicating depression and anxiety in relationships, and more. I'm also really excited to share some really big announcements in this episode! Enjoy this news I’m letttting outtt and the episode with Ryan which is about depression but not depressing.
July 12, 2019
Wondery’s The Moment, hosted by comedian Ingrid Haas, explores some epic real life romances to find the answers to our toughest relationship questions. From a Taylor Swift intervention, to getting betrothed by a horse, this podcast is your real life Rom-Com. Listen now at (will get you the link ASAP)
July 11, 2019
Whitney Bell is an LA based activist, entrepreneur, Teen Vogue writer, and producer of the vulnerability variety show, Stories of Women. We sat down in Las Vegas at the Emerge Music Festival for this live interview. Whitney not only make really inspiring and moving work, but also manages to lift up others' while still prioritizing her own self care. She's a successful multi hyphenate who has worked through her childhood trauma and an eating disorder through therapy and medication and channeled her experiences into her artwork. She's known for her hugely popular art installation, "I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics", and has since gone on to launch her own clothing line, Kid Bell, and storytelling platform, Stories of Women. In this week's episode she talks about her experience of burnout, mistakes in relationships, building a team, and punishing her body. Now she's in a place where she prioritized her mental and physical health, helps other people, and is constantly creating but in a way that's sustainable. We had a cozy conversation that talked about her habits and routines, the best advice from her therapist Jennifer, and what her younger self would have thought of her life now.
July 4, 2019
This interview and the next few were recorded at the music festival in Las Vegas called Emerge. Today's conversation is with the festival founder Rehan Choudhry. Emerge is the intersection of social justice, art and music. The festival takes place annually over two days and features interdisciplinary exploration through live music, passionate storytelling, progressive art, crafted parties and immersive experiences. What the heck was I doing there? The founder of the digital wellness app, Lilspace, Kim invited me to parter with her on the Wellness Lounge at the festival. For the Wellness Lounge, we converted a nightclub into a phone-free podcast speakeasy where we recorded 8 conversations live.
June 27, 2019
A couple months ago at The Wing previous podcast guest Seher Sikandar introduced me to the friend she was having coffee with, today's guest Selome Araya. She was bright, friendly, and I liked her right away. Seher connected us and as I learned more about her work I was hooked. Selome is a reiki master, doula, and holistic healer who specializes in the link between spirituality and depression. We talked about her experience with depression and as a highly sensitive person, and how she was able to heal holistically. She shares with us how to know if you are highly sensitive and if so, how to protect yourself. We got into ancestral wounds, what that means and how to heal your lineage through healing yourself. Selome now helps teach others heal their depression holistically through her program Healing at the Root. We also talked about aging and not being where you expected to be by a certain age as well as solo travel as therapy.
June 20, 2019
I found today's guest Jessica Ciencin Henriquez through previous guest writer Kayleen Schafer. I took one of her writing classes this past winter and got to know her while I was her student. I really admire the way she moved through the world and knew I wanted to invite her on the podcast. She has a very creative, confident, and nurturing quality about her and is a very magnetic person. Her calm confidence is contagious and it makes me want to be around her.Jessica's personal essays and narrative journalism have appeared in the New York Times’ Modern Love column, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Time Magazine among many others. She is the author of the forthcoming memoir: If You Loved Me You Would Know.In this conversation, I try to squeeze out every last ounce of wisdom and creative inspiration I could from her. We talked about where she got her confidence (she was homeschooled), the nurturing habits and boundaries she lives by, how motherhood changed her into a more productive writer, her experience with heartbreak and change, including co-parenting and divorce, her year of celibacy, how mediation helped decrease her anxiety, her writing and editing tips, practicing patience and non-attachment, and how to find your value within yourself rather than externally. She's been such an impactful person in my life these past 6 months and I'm excited to share some of the insights I've gained from her with you too!
June 13, 2019
This week we have part two of my chat with modern dating and relationships coach, Clara Artschwager. If you haven't listened to part one yet, you can find that here. Clara is a writer for The Cut, as well as a registered life coach and nutritionist. I spent the weekend with her at her home in the Hudson Valley where we recorded this conversation. Last week we chatted about her tips on meeting people IRL and how she became a dating coach. This week, we talk about ghosting, jealousy, and unrequited love.I love Clara's refreshing take on the often complicated topic of relationships. Hearing about how she helps career driven women take a more empowered and nourishing approach to dating and partnership is such a breath of fresh air! I hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it.
June 6, 2019
As I say in the podcast, about a million people sent this article today’s guest Clara Artschwager wrote for the Cut. I related, loved it and instantly reached out to have her on the podcast. Turns out she’d already been an Internet friend of mine and had listened to the podcast since back in the Wellness Wonderland days. She is one of the kindest, most nurturing, talented, and wisest women I know. She had me over to her house upstate to record this episode. Our conversation was so robust I’m doing something I rarely do - splitting this episode into two. You’ll hear half this week were we discuss dating, chivalry in the Me Too era and meeting online vs meeting in person. Next week in part two, we'll discuss ghosting, jealousy, and unrequited love (oof!).She’s the best enjoy this episode then read her work and follow all she does. This is the first of many collaborations from us too.
May 30, 2019
I felt better after recording this conversation with my two talented guests and I hope you feel better listening. Today's guests are director Kristin Hanggi and writer and actress Maddie Corman. Not only has their work has be meaningful to me, but I just really like them both so much as people. I’m very grateful to this podcast for giving me an opportunity to get to meet them and speak to them. We cover the current project Kristin and Maddie collaborated for the majority of this episode, which is a beautiful one person show called Accidentally Brave. The show is about an extremely hard thing Maddie went through and is going through, and how her and Kristin worked together while she was still IN IT to make a piece of art. Accidentally Brave is so genuine, vulnerable, and captures the emotion of pain with joy and humor. I saw the show it’s first week with my mom and we both laughed and cried very hard. The show is running until the end of June so if you’re in NYC go see it. Maybe plan a trip! In this episode we cover going through hard things, going where it’s warm, the best relationship advice ever on the podcast, making art out of hard things, and more!
May 23, 2019
Simi has done my podcast a bunch of times and if I'm lucky she'll do it a bunch more. She's talked about transitioning careers from attorney to intuitive eating coach, her pregnancy experience, and her advice on relationships. In this episode we're talking about friendship. She's articulate, smart, and has the best laugh. She also happens to be my best friend. Simi is such a wonderful friend and person and knows everything about 90s pop culture. You'll get a taste of how wonderful she is in this week's episode.
May 16, 2019
It's rare I have a guest on twice, but every conversation I have with Claire ends up being so insightful I wish it was recorded. She's a yoga teacher, model, writer, and currently in grad school studying to become a therapist. We cover a wide variety of topics in this week's episode including: redefining wellness, inclusivity in the wellness industry, importance of touch therapy, sustainable self-love, social media and mental health, routines and habits during transitional times. This week's episode was recorded live at The Assemblage and includes audience questions.
May 9, 2019
I’ve been meditating since 2015 after having Bob Roth on this podcast. When I moved to New York, I met my friend Arden who owns a mediation studio called The Spring. We bonded over meditation and she raved about her teacher Thom. He’s an insightful and wise and I love the way he talks about meditation. This was a wide ranging conversation that touched on meditation but also covered relationships, intuition, creativity, charm, and way more.
May 2, 2019
Today’s guest is a ray of sunshine. Jon is one of those people everyone loves being around. He’s loyal, cozy, and so creative and wise. He’s a writer and illustrator who has worked with artists including Jason Mraz, Madonna, and Maroon 5 on album art and mech. In the episode we talk about the power of words, feeling feelings, surrender, creativity, curiosity, and more.
March 28, 2019
Every so often I get into the conversation I actually really do forget about the fact we're recording and let it just meander. Today's episode with Serena is an example where I felt so fed by the conversation I didn't want it to end. I barely looked at my notes or the questions I prepared and just asked what I was curious about. We get intro the great volley covering everything from family, to therapy, to school, to social media. But the bulk of this conversation is devoted to a topic that Serena is known to be candid and open about on her social media: anxiety. She's so articulate when she talks about her ups and downs with anxiety and in this conversation we get in there deep about she experiences it, what helps, and she gives me big sisterly advice in my on anxiety and emotional spirals. It's one of my favorite episodes I've recorded because it's so vulnerable and you can really hear us bonding and laying the ground work for a friendship. Even though we talk about heavy things there's a lot of lightness to this conversation because Serena is one of the funniest people I know.
March 21, 2019
Podcasting has become the best outlet for my creativity in my career. Through listening to podcasts, talking about podcasts, and producing a podcast myself I’ve been introduced to ideas, art, people, and places I never would have otherwise. Since I’ve been podcasting before the so-called podcast boom, I received a lot of questions on how I got started podcasting and asking for tips on how they could start a podcast too. Eventually I made LET [a podcast] OUT: an online workshop to learn everything you need to know about starting and growing a podcast. Plus, students have the chance to submit an episode of the podcast they create for a chance to be featured on the LET IT OUT podcast feed! Today, we’re airing the last round of LET [a podcast] OUT’s winning episode by Alex Hollander. Alex created LIMBO, a podcast about the spaces between. She used to work at Instagram before becoming a creative consultant full time. In this episode you’ll hear her conversation with her former colleague Berna, who is now a freelance, financial literacy teacher and has traveled the world. I learned so much their conversation. They covered creating a “healing team”, money shame, the transition from full time to freelance, travel loneliness, the importance of community outside your romantic partner, the idea of “relationship” privilege, race and traveling, and way more. It’s a really good one. Congrats to Alex – I’m so glad my workshop played a part in creating this amazing new podcast!
March 14, 2019
We covered “rejection as protection”, her creative routines, money in NYC, feeling vulnerable & raw during breakups, transitions, growth,  her specific way to do gratitude, and she gives the best body image advice.
March 7, 2019
Katie interviews herbalist Rachelle Robinett, the woman behind Supernatural Cafe in NYC + creator of HRBL gummies on her business journey, wellness tips + more
February 27, 2019
Sara Avant Stover and Katie Dalebout chat about working through grief and Sara's experience using her spirituality and self care practices to help her through difficult times.
February 21, 2019
Adam Strauss discusses his career in comedy and how working with psychedelics helped him overcome his mental health struggles
February 14, 2019
Lacy Phillips on Valentine's Day and everything you want to know about love - including working through stagnant relationships, dating, breakups and more.
February 7, 2019
Katie Dalebout speaks with Robyn Kanner about her work on the project Friends With Secrets, her favorite movies, her journey to sobriety, what books & films inspire her work, and more.
January 31, 2019
A live recording of my chat with Human Design expert and lovely human being Erin Claire at The Assemblage in NYC.
January 23, 2019
How to Not Always be Working with Marlee Grace on feeling feelings, boundaries, change, sobriety, art, more, correct and in alignment vs. right or wrong, job vs. hobbies.
January 16, 2019
My friend Briana Bane  came up with the best concept - a  show called The Art That's Made You. I was honored when she asked me to be her first guest. In today’s episode you’ll hear about the art that has helped shape me.
December 21, 2018
This week's fresh bonus episode outlines my thoughts on the holidays. How I'm feeling about food, family, gifts, and more. I also talk about some articles I've recently read as well as my tips for feeling like yourself when traveling. Happy Holidays! Talk to you again in January 2019!
December 12, 2018
Well you guys asked for it, here I am reading out loud the article I wrote a couple months ago for The Fullest about how my first hangover was actually one of the healthier things I've done. It taught me self-care isn't just green juice and face masks it's actually connection and presence and that the rigid self-care I'd been clinging to was actually counterproductive.
November 21, 2018
Kelsey is eloquent, dynamic, and oh so articulate so I always love chatting with her and especially loved this conversation, which ranged from friendship to her writing strategies.
November 14, 2018
from corporate to freelance, navigating strict parents, photography, mental health, healing arts, qigong + more with Seher Sikandar
November 7, 2018
I ask her everything I was curious about in terms of what human design is and how it can be useful, I use myself as an example, and talk about how it can be used in relationships and parenting for understanding the people in your life better. It's such a sweet episode, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording.
October 31, 2018
We talk about being happy with what you have, family, seeing auras, shamanism, healing, baths + more!
October 24, 2018
Our conversation spanned across so many topics including losing a parent at a young age, her eating disorder, her relationship to wellness, her robust career in digital media, her sage wisdom about romantic relationships (she's been with her husband since college), and her new book Spirit Almanac.
October 17, 2018
we cover Relationships, love, communication, working with a partner, rituals, writing, speaking, and bodies + more!
October 15, 2018
This episode is so special to me. I get to hear two of my favorite people talk about topics I'm constantly curious about: becoming a less rigid more flexible, person, intuitive eating and how that leads to intuitive living, vulnerability in live, social media boundaries, body image and more.
October 10, 2018
This week it's just me. No guest, no sponsors, just me letting it out. The podcast was meant to be on break but I thought I'd pop in her to tell you about the burn out I experienced this year, how I've been selfish on this podcast, and the new changes I'm making to Let It Out. I look back over the past six years of this podcast and talk about some mistakes I've made. I run some new ideas by you,  catch you up on how I've been feeling, and tell you  a few things I've been liking and learning lately.
September 19, 2018
I adore Tasha. I  admire her openness, wisdom, and presence. We covered everything from eating disorders to psychedelics to music, dance, and creativity. I learned so much in this conversation I'll probably listen to it for a third time.
September 12, 2018
An update from your host, me Katie Dalebout. + all of the things that are bringing me joy right now.
September 5, 2018
We got into the on again, off again relationship that inspired her newest album Oh, Jonathan that just came out this month. Beyond her story and career we talked about her experience with therapy, body image, family, romantic relationships and breakups as well as her song writing and creative process. She gives some of the best creativity advice I've ever gotten on the podcast. She talks about the importance of boredom in her creativity and how her focus now is on being present and grateful for exactly where she is.
August 29, 2018
This week I spoke with Dr. Robin Berzin about how she got started in medicine, working with Dr. Oz,  and how she's now changing modern medicine with her practice Parsley Health. Her company is a new kind of medical practice, that provides access to doctors who provide patients a personalized plan which includes everything from supplements, and stress reduction to medications and cutting-edge testing.
August 22, 2018
We talked about embracing natural hair, her Afro-Latina culture and identity including a new project she's starting related to it, and our millennial generation's best and worst tendencies. We got into her great tips for finding balance between creating and consuming social media, how to find time to for personal creative projects with a full time job and still maintaining relationships, self-care, and a life along side all the busy that brings.
August 15, 2018
how she moved to New York from London to study photography and how she ended up in the career she's in now. We talk about fashion trends, vintage shopping and personal style tips. We got into becoming a personal brand, podcasting vs. writing, authenticity in the age of social media, body image, and much more.
August 8, 2018
Candice Kumai and I sat down a couple weeks ago and discussed everything from her Japanese and Polish upbringing, her early career as a fit model, going to culinary school to becoming the youngest contestant on Top Chef's very first season. We got into cooking as a career, her time on a reality TV show, her family's immigrant roots and how our individual ancestry impacts our food. We got into the lack of diversity in wellness, her thoughts on the landscape of social media influencers, her complicated relationship with technology, her major breakup and how she got through that time, her new book, and more.
August 1, 2018
we talked about Death, loneliness, fear of not having enough time, body image and food, the law of attraction, time scarcity and time abundance, plus so much more. It was a different conversation than anything I was expecting and I loved every second.
July 25, 2018
my compulsion of  using spirituality and personal growth as "spiritual entertainment" without actually implementing it, we get into comparison, and the thin line between self care and self indulgence, plus he gives some of the best relationship advice I’ve ever received.
July 18, 2018
I loved learning about the hospitality industry, how she navigated a having rare cancer in the prime of her career, her experience with the medical industry, and how she used her cancer as a learning opportunity to discovering food as medicine, shifting her perspective on death, intuition, and listening to her body. We cover tips for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis, in the hospitality industry or wanting to be as well as for being a patron, networking,  and seeing things from a new lens.
July 11, 2018
I've listened to countless interviews with him and read most articles he's written. In the days where I was overly addicted to wellness I'd scour the internet for the latests health information for hours falling down wormholes on what foods to avoid and super-foods to splurge on. Ironically, when I met Dr. Lipman in his office for this interview we didn't focus our time talking about what foods to avoid but rather we talked about how the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves doesn't have to do with food at all.
June 15, 2018
my fav books, movies, clothes, music, hair, etc. + updates. LOOK at the shownotes for this one. so many links!
June 13, 2018
I serendipitously met today's guest therapist and co-founder of Soho Parenting Lisa Spiegel at an event she led The Wing. It was the day before I was leaving for a work trip and I felt particularly overwhelmed and incredibly anxious. I happened to be working late at the Wing that night and as I was wrapping up an event began in the room where I was vigorously typing--ironically it was a discussion about anxiety. Hundreds of overwhelmed women just like me packed into the space to listen to Lisa speak about anxiety, tools to help manage it, and ways to prevent it. With over 30 years of experience as a therapist, Lisa listened intently to every question asked, making the packed room feel like a small support group, she guided us through Life Force Yoga breathing techniques, and offered practical tools to take with us. After her talk I basically rushed the stage to thank her--her calming presence was just what I needed that day. Luckily she also agreed to speak with my on my podcast. On one of the first nice days of spring I visited her Manhattan apartment and we chatted with her for hours. We covered her career trajectory,as well as her self-care tips, sorting through the darkness of the world, motherhood as self exploration, women supporting each other, the importance of slowing down, the value of therapy and how to find the right therapist for you, Internal Family Systems, anxiety,  journaling, indecision, feeling feelings, tuning into your body, divorce, parenting, and so much more. Lisa is a delight and I learned so much from her in this episode and know you will too.
June 6, 2018
Rarely have I rationed a book—savoring every last chapter and not wanting it end. Usually I sprint to finish a book for the sense of completion but with today's guest Kayleen Schaefer's book Text Me When You Get Home I clung to every last line, not wanting it to end much like a good conversation with a best friend. After hearing Kayleen on NPR and another podcast, I was sold on the topic of her book and eager to read it. As I gushed to her in this episode, her book far exceeded all my expectations. The hybrid memoir explores female friendship through the lens of Kayleen's personal experience with everything from mean girls in middle school to going from a 'boy's girl' to meeting her best friend Ruthie and discovering the importance of female friendship in her life. The book explores how female friendship is portrayed in pop culture, how it's evolved throughout history, and the how little value our societal systems value it. I loved every ounce, from Kayleen's vulnerability telling her experience, to her thorough historical research, to her pop culture analysis. While I started this conversation by gushing over the book and flushing out many of my favorite concepts with the author, we eventually cover her robust career working in magazines, her move to NYC from Texas, her thoughts on creativity, her process of writing the book, her thoughts on friendship, and where she sees the future of female friendship evolving. Kayleen was as delightful to speak with, as she was to read.
May 30, 2018
We chatted about female friendship, the evolution of food culture and her role in that, food culture and trends now, what a day in the life of a editor in chief is actually like, career transitions (Dana was EIC for 21 years before leaving in 2017), the power of story and her new love of podcasting, food as pleasure and connection, her advice to mentors and mentees, and so much more. I loved everything about Dana and it was a delight to have her on the podcast.
May 22, 2018
I started listening to Trevor Hall back in 2009 when my yoga studio played him in a heavy rotation. His music soon made its way onto my own playlists when I started teaching yoga myself. Beyond his music he's one of the most wise, peaceful, and dynamic people I've met.  We talked about music as a tool, meditation, surrender, learning vs. applying practices, saturn returns,  using astrology for self-awareness, traveling, staying grounded, relationships as mirrors, culture, connection, indecisiveness, and more.
May 16, 2018
I've closely followed Jenna and watched listened as her career has expanded from director of audio at BuzzFeed to starting her own company Pineapple Street Media.  In this episode, we talk about risks of entrepreneurship, following your dreams...while also being realistic, criticism and how to use it beneficially, parenting, and of course podcasting at length, since she's one of the greatest audio producers and story tellers of our time. Her company has produced podcasts with Hillary Clinton's campaign and the New York Times.
May 9, 2018
We talk about her robust and meandering education and career path, food as an experience, modern philanthropy models, how the restaurant industry can open doors for anyone, accidentally plant based food, opening a restaurant, work/life balance, angel investing, intuition, relationships and love languages, mentorship, women in business , and way more. I loved having this cozy, long conversation with her in beautiful cozy apartment surrounded by her family, friends, and snuggly dogs and hope it's the first of many.
May 2, 2018
I started this podcast when I was 22 years old. Last Monday I turned 28. I've changed in both extreme and subtle ways over the last 6 years and most of that trajectory has been documented in the last 200 podcast episodes I've recorded. I think we change extra quickly in our twenties, at least that's been my experience. At 22 I thought I knew basically everything. At 28 I'm pretty sure I know nothing. Since I began this podcast my body, my relationships, my career, and even my location have all changed drastically many times--the one constant through all of this for me has been this podcast. Recording conversations with people who fascinated me and asking them questions about whatever I was currently wrestling with taught me more than I ever anticipated. When I listen back to the episodes I can always tell what I was grappling with or contemplating based on how I guided the conversation. Over the past five years and 200 plus episodes we've covered  topics I've personally been curious about or wrestling with--things like body-image, sex, entrepreneurship, feminism, writing, moving, and creativity. I've learned so much and been so inspired by everything I've learned from hosting this podcast. This week since it's my birthday, I take a break from hosting and my dear friend Sacha Jones takes over and interviews me. This has been an annual tradition on the podcast where each year during the week of my birthday I spend the week as the guest and use the time to catch up with everyone listening. Think of this episode as a "state of the podcast" of sorts where I'll give updates not only on my personal life, but also I reveal the big project I've been working on since January and the future of this podcast including what you can expect in the coming months for Let It Out. Hope you like it!
April 25, 2018
She's known for yoga yet we barely touched on yoga and instead focusing on her winding path to where she is now including  her eating disorder in her teens, how she stumbled into the career she's in now, all the way up to  her decision to go on to grad school for psychology. We talked about food psychology, the value of therapy, the complexities body positivity, being a social media influencer and what that even means, sustainable self-love, comparison in social media and beyond, journaling and writing, and much more. I loved meeting Claire and I think you will too.
April 18, 2018
She recently moved to the state I recently moved away from Michigan, so we started off chatting about moving, having ‘stuff’, big life changes like a move and eventually get into talking about partnerships (from husbands to business partners), motherhood, and get into talking about productivity, money, and even real estate investment, and her rental business.
April 11, 2018
This week's guest is a delight. I met her on her visit to NYC at the end of last year and loved speaking with her about everything from pilates and the fitness industry to motherhood and her struggle with infertility as well as navigating career transitions and finding spirituality that works for you
April 4, 2018
I could have spoken to him for hours but in this conversation we spoke about social media, moving to New York, his meandering career of both full time and freelance work,  community, art, being yourself in your work, marriage, success, self-help, and more.
March 30, 2018
I've been following their food blog since 2012 so it was the best getting to meet, interview, and taste something they made. We talk about cooking, design, blogging, essential oils, creativity in the kitchen, being a mother/daughter team, moving to America, and so much more.
March 28, 2018
I spoke with Kimberly Johnson of Magamama on rethinking sex, the fourth trimester of Pregnancy, the Me Too Movement, slowing down, feeling feelings, the intricacies of vaginas, and way more.
March 21, 2018
We sipped a tea infusion she made us (Lacy’s also an herbalist) and chatted for hours about everything from bodies and food to style and design to relationships and finding partnership to authenticity, envy, feeling feelings, labels, boundaries, and of course debunking myths about manifestation. She’s the real deal; kind, genuine, smart, articulate, and beautiful. I loved this episode.
February 21, 2018
Deenie has worked for Vogue, written for Refinery 29, and been featured in the acclaimed New York Time's Modern Love column. Our conversation covers much more than merely her career path to becoming a successful writer-- on the  we talk about the uncertainty that come with freelancing and traveling and how she handles lacking routine and self care, and my favorite part of the conversation which was where we talked about relationships, marriage, and how she knew her husband was the one. Be sure you're subscribed on iTunes and on my email list so you know when we're back with a new season of Let It Out until then enjoy this long meandering episode.
February 14, 2018
After a long intro with my boyfriend talking about long distance relationships, Valentine's Day, communication I spoke with my friends Abbi and Ksenia about how they each found entrepreneurship,  the feminine side of business, expanding into your best self, feminism, friendship, creativity, speaking up for what you want and more!
February 7, 2018
This week I spoke with one of my favorite people Jill on mindful living, grounding in presence, stripping layers, motherhood, body image, dealing with the tragic illness and death of her mother at a young age, mindful eating, embracing the divine feminine, motherhood and much more.
January 31, 2018
We talk about  feeling feelings, decision making, body image, motherhood, publishing a book, her big ‘upper limit problem’, shame, female friendships, numbing mechanisms, the importance of letting it out, personal development overload, values, social media, connection, comparison, relationships, actually doing the work and not just consuming the advice, and more. At one point she says she wants to adopt me as her little sister and all my dreams came true, give this episode a listen for that alone.
January 24, 2018
In the episode we discuss access to healthy food, living a healthy life - the why, what Sakara means, starting a business from scratch, passion vs. mission, the joy factor, mind-body connection, finding balance in life, being busy vs. being efficient, what it's like to work with your best friend and so much more. Enjoy the episode.
January 17, 2018
When I mentioned I was having a skin expert on the podcast in the listener facebook group I received more questions than I ever have. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks, talks, and wants to know more about skin. We feel with it, we see it, and it is the biggest organ we have so it makes sense. This episode is hyper focused on the topic of skin but we cover so many issues related to it. Including acne - why it’s not just for teenagers, blending natural remedies, how to handle a big pimple, winter skin, LED facials, micro pinning, rosacea, and skin trends. Dr. Fishman is so smart, experienced and knowledgable in her field in both traditional and natural remedies. This conversation was focused and specific yet we covered so much in a short time.
January 9, 2018
Our conversation flowed as if we were old friends covering moving, vulnerability, social media vs. real life, living wholeheartedly, advice for interviewing, embracing silence, the beauty behind not having it all figured out, focus, coaching for creatives, following your curiosity, and much more. She revealed what's next for her as she navigates her life and career post and her role at The Great Discontent.
January 3, 2018
We discussed  yoga, feeling at home, the importance of fresh food, easy ways to eat fresh efficiently, five elements in the world and how they manifest in our body, why ayurveda avoids using garlic and onions and nightshades, and some specifics about owning a restaurant in New York City when you mission is both taste and health.
December 27, 2017
We discussed mentoring relationships, entrepreneurship and millennials, why we should do things outside our comfort zone, personal growth and challenging ourselves, the importance of startups/entrepreneurs for economic growth, an inside look at indie film making, parenting as children become adults, working in film production, advice for cold calling/emailing, how we cut off our connection to opportunity around us, having time vs. making things a priority, body image and being more than your body, and so much more. I loved this conversation and I think you guys will too.
December 20, 2017
I loved every second of our heart warming conversation that covered her entire life-story including being raised by her southern tarot loving grandmother, touring with Stevie Nicks, losing her beloved grandmother, art school, fashion school, and eventually discovering her passion: soul tattooing. We discuss self-care, tapping into your intuition, why we need to slow down, how we hold energy in our bodies, the importance of being comfortable in your body and skin, being embodied, grounded, connecting to breath,  feeling empowered, breath work, flower medicine, and much more. Ash is magnetic and this is one of my favorite conversations I've ever had so I'm so glad it was recorded.
December 13, 2017
We're both pretty sleepy and loopy by the end which makes the episode weird and special. We discuss community, being 'familiar strangers,' in-person connections, the Potato Method, what pilates is, and it’s history, the combination of pilates and art, impostor syndrome, feeling bad and that being okay, depression, the problem with the term ‘body diversity,’ and so much more.
December 6, 2017
Two-hundred episodes of this podcast seems like a huge milestone I'm pretty proud of. This week's conversation with guest Sahara Rose is a long one, yet I never wanted it to end. We take a deep dive intro her wellness speciality: Ayurveda (she literally wrote the Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda). She fully breaks down Ayurveda is, including what doshas are, her top Ayurveda tips utilizing it in daily life, dharma, how chakras connect to it, shamanic shaking, tongue-scraping and more. This episode is robust and packed with ancient wisdom that Sarah has modernized brilliantly. Her advice on family is one of the best answers I've gotten on that subject  and she tells a magical story of a meaningful coincidence that changed her life and mine once I heard her tell it.
November 29, 2017
We had a tangental conversation as usual where we covered working with your best friend and tips on how to keep both the friendship and business strong as well as their advice for  being an entrepreneur in a field you aren’t an expert in. We discussed what health and wellness means to them, their thoughts on family, relationships, and spirituality.
November 22, 2017
We spoke about how she being unexpectedly fired from her job which ended up leading to her successfully make a career out of her passion for healthy recipe development and love of desserts. We talk about slowing down, the importance of presence, her start in blogging, how she made it her career, changes in Instagram,  discipline vs. perfectionism, lessons from entrepreneurship, working from home,  how her relationship to food and her body has evolved over the years, and much more.
November 15, 2017
This episode starts and ends with me catching up [gushing] with you about how I've been feeling lately and sharing some things I've been too nervous to share on the podcast before. Then I interview entrepreneur Karen Behnke founder of my favorite make-up brand Juice Beauty. She is honestly was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've ever interviewed for this podcast.
November 8, 2017
We spoke about her story of how she came to this work as well as got into how-to apply it using me as a guinea pig. We spoke on facing your darkness, calling out all your lies, what a lie lists is and why it's helpful in personal growth, time management and developing a relationship with time, and getting clear on your dreams.
November 1, 2017
I stumbled across Minka Brooklyn soon after moving to New York. It was one of those very Brooklyn places I was very thrilled existed and couldn't wait to check out now that I lived in the city. Aki, the founder was kind, nurturing, and sweet right off the bat. She gave me a tour of the space and a full treatment of Reiki and flower essences, both of witch I had never experienced. I knew immediately I wanted to now more about Aki, her story and the genesis of her holistic healing wonderland, Minka.  We recorded this conversation a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon in her cozy office. We talked for hours on everything from holistic healing to her fascinating story of immigrating from Japan at 18, moving to New York, dealing with depression, motherhood, and entrepreneurship.
October 25, 2017
The conversation flowed with ease and meandered into a million directions from intuitive eating to making big decisions, uncertainty that comes with them, self-care, body image, eating disorders, comparison,  self awareness, and career transitions. I caught up with Jamie in a really pivotal moment in her life, she's in a new romantic relationship and about to move away from the east coast for the first time. I can't get enough of Jamie, we had dinner last week and her chill energy, sound advice, and earnestness is magnetic.
October 18, 2017
Today's conversation is one of the rare (yet becoming more frequent for me) occasions where an internet friend becomes a real friend live on the podcast (over Skype in this case). I've been getting to know Christine for years through being entertained by her Vlogs, discovering new music & brands through her favorites videos, style tips from her daily uniform series, and feeling inspired from her apartment tours & intimate interviews on YouTube. She was ever bit as thoughtful, earnest, and wise as she comes off in the hundreds of YouTube videos. While Christine went to film school and began on YouTube when she was just 18 she's an eclectic creative who has interests ranging from home decor to film photography to make-up to design.
October 11, 2017
While I only met Tero Isokauppila for the first time this summer when we recorded this conversation in person while he was here in New York, we've been friends on the internet since early 2013. Tero's from Finland and founded the popular superfood mushroom brand Four Sigmatic over five years ago. While I've loved Four Sigmatic's products ever since I was one of the first bloggers in America to try them, my knowledge on the fungi kingdom, foraging, and the benefits of utilizing mushrooms was limited until this conversation. Wellness wise, we got identifying adaptogens, how to use powerful herbs, ‘mushroom hacks’, and why not all water is created equal. He answered everything I was curious about in the fascinating fungi kingdom. Beyond mushrooms we had a great conversation where we discussed everything from entrepreneurship,  inclusivity in the wellness industry, the importance of family, cultural and education system differences in other countries, his life growing up in Finland and moving to the States, his thoughts on living in New York City, and his journaling, reflection/gratitude practice.
October 4, 2017
Her expertise of the human body and her feminine approach to chiropractic are unmatched. She's a chiropractor and founder of Midtown Manhattan's Urban Wellness Clinic, where sure curates a team of exert healers from a personal trainer, to an acupuncturist, to a masseuse. It was her dream to built this clinic in New York and we get into the goal setting and visioning of how she made that dream reality.  We discuss ways fitness can be harmful to the body, reprograming bad body patterns, the body working holistically, the importance of breathing and belly breathing, “tech neck”, bio hacks for everything from walking, sitting, and looking at our devices.
September 27, 2017
Nicole is so impressive to me. Not only is she a single mom of two, author, and founder and CEO of a start up, Splendid Spoon she is beautiful, present, articulate, and so engaging whenever I speak with her. We covered being a single mom, navigating a divorce, entrepreneurship, single tasking, feeling our feelings, living from your heart vs. head, food as medicine, career transitions, mindful eating, motherhood (and how 'you birth your own healer'), New York City, style tips (I love her style) and way more. I loved this episode.
September 20, 2017
We recorded this a few weeks ago live at The End, a coffee shop in Brooklyn that is home to the unicorn latte and many other magical plant alchemy drinks. It's such a special place to me which I explain in detail in the episode but I discovered the adorable coffee shop months before moving to NY and then serendipitously met the owners and this week's guests Bret & Madi only a few days after moving. We not only get into how Bret & Madi came together to start The End and their first business the Montauk Juice Factory, but as usual the conversation meandered all over. We got into pleasure, specifically the power of “pleasure over pressure,” their love for Montauk, creativity, tapping into your own highest vibration, inclusivity in the wellness industry, social media, community, and so much more. I loved hosting this episode more than any other one I've ever done. I hope to do more live episodes all around the city because this was a blast, hope you can feel that when you listen.
September 13, 2017
I've loved Latham for years. She was one of my first ever guests and her saying yes to doing my podcast back in 2013 when I was getting started gave me the confidence to keep going. You'll quickly hear why I adore her. She is present, genuine, smart, articulate, and kind; all of which comes through in this episode. We talked for almost two hours about everything from her meeting with Oprah to living in NYC  to the value of surrounding yourself with beauty.  We talked about cultivating a supportive community of women & the importance of supporting other women. One of my favorite parts of the interview was her definition of feminism which is my favorite I've heard so far.
September 6, 2017
This conversation is rich--we covered our addition to our phones and occupying ourselves, vulnerability and connection, family, ambition, and of course  the inception of Frank & Whit beginning with a beard oil. I had a blast recording this episode. Chris and his wonderful wife Lisa came to NYC for the weekend and we not only recorded this 2 hour long conversation but talked even more over some rad meals at some of my favorite places in the city. Enjoy this conversation with the man behind Frank & Whit and if you want to try them use the code: KATIE for 20% off.
August 30, 2017
This episode feels so cozy to me. Listening to it brought back all the joy I felt when we recorded a couple weeks ago in Ruby's beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Sitting across from her surrounded by lush plants, shinny crystals, and cool photography-- I never wanted to end the episode and after two hours of flowing conversation it was truly hard to leave. Ruby is one of those people you meet and immediately want to be around and listen to. Not only does she have a soothing voice (complete with a British accent) with it she tells stories of her life in London as a fashion and lifestyle journalist, spews fascinating spiritual and astrology facts, antidotes of falling in love and moving to New York City, starting her online magazine The Numinous, and musing being a Material Girl in a Mystical World.  I'm proud of this conversation and how it effortlessly meandered into such interesting areas. We of course talked about her journalism career where she interviewed everyone from Lady Gaga to Claire Danes but also things I've never heard her discuss before like her eating disorder recovery and how she met and fell in love with her husband. We talk about how she found a career that she loves and fills her up as well as how she got into astrology and what the process of writing her book was like and what sharing it with her family was like. We get into the mystical vs. the scientific and where she is now with spiritual activism at the core of all her work which means taking all this mystical knowledge and using it for good in the world. I adore Ruby, her message, book, and this conversation. Hope you like it too and let me know.
August 23, 2017
A few years ago I was a mess around food and my body. My entire life revolved around what I was eating next. If I wasn't preoccupied with my next meal, I was thinking about what I'd eaten earlier and what that meant for what or how much I'd allow myself to eat later. On the rare occasion I wasn't thinking about food, googling gluten-free-dairy-free recipes, or checking out another vegan restaurant's menu I was thinking about my body and how I was terrified of it changing in a way I wasn't comfortable with. I'm embarrassed to admit all of this but that was my internal reality until I found the work of today's repeat guest Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel showed me there's another way to live. She taught me why I and so many people fall into an obsession with thinness and therefore dieting and consequently food, all as a result of thinness as a standard of beauty in our culture and the pervasive diet culture that has created. She taught me about fat phobia and how I had internalized it. She taught me about intuitive eating and deconstructing my diet mentality to listen to my body's hunger and fullness signals. She taught me about emotional eating and how it's not wrong, rather it is merely a coping mechanism and a response to years of deprivation with food. She taught me to diversity my hobbies away from wellness alone and to instead focus my attention on my career, creativity, and relationships. Most of all, she helped my to finally stop fighting food and work on making my life as a whole really beautiful, not just my body. We talk about all this and more in today's very long, robust episode. As I mentioned in the inro, I took Isabel's flagship program in 2014 and it honestly really helped me. She's launching it again and that means her free video training series is available for a while so watch those videos here  to see what you think. And enjoy this episode with my friend and mentor IFD.
August 16, 2017
I stumbled across today's guest Sam Zabell's podcast Adulthood Made Easy while doing research before my interview with Ashley Ford.  Sam had Ashley on her podcast a few months before I did and as I listened to that episode I knew I wanted the articulate and curious host Sam to also be a guest on my podcast. Sam moved to New York City to pursue a career in magazine writing after studying journalism at Northwestern. She found herself not only writing for Real Simple Magazine, she also hosted their podcast Adulthood Made Easy.  This conversation was recorded in her Manhattan apartment. We talk about podcasting, life in your 20's, relationships, body image, side hustles and hobbies, living in New York and so much more. If you enjoy this episode let us know over in the Facebook Group. Also a quick reminder about the upcoming LIVE PODCAST recording I'll be having at The End in Brooklyn. Come be a part of the conversation. Being able to record these episodes live has been such an incredible shift for me.
August 8, 2017
Today I have Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, sisters and co-founders of Ellebox as well as a podcast listener Q&A in the intro of this episode making it a very packed nearly 2 hours. I know it's been a while since I've done a Q&A episode, so I thought I'd add some in to this episode.  I'm not an expect on anything but I did very earnestly answer all the questions I received.  This episode feels like a big sleepover where I get to chat with you guys through your questions in the beginning then my interview with the co-founders of Ellebox feels like girl talk too.  I love Ellebox and believe in what they are doing but after this interview with the CEO sisters my love for Elle box hit new heights. You'll get to hear some about Ellebox and how it came to be but also we discuss growing up, periods, family, feminism, moon cycles and more! Hope you love this episode and if you haven't already tried Ellebox they are offering a FREE BOX to all listeners who want to try it out, so there's nothing to lose.
August 1, 2017
This episode makes me so happy. From the experience of the recording to the interview itself, I'm so proud of this conversation and excited for you to hear it.  I talk with the amazingly wise psychiatrist and founder of Positive Prescriptions Dr. Samantha Boardman. We spoke for over almost two hours on an array of tools the uses to help her patients and wisdom she accrued over her years as a practicing therapist in New York City. Dr. Sam radiates a kindness and has an energy that is so pure and inspiring. In re-listening to her episode I was inspired all over again. Her website, Positive Prescription is dedicated  to sharing inspiration around tweaks and changes people can make that are life-enhancing and resilience-building. We discuss many of these little changes and additions people can add to their lives to enhance the good and joy in the everyday. Everything she offers is all science-backed, research-driven, actionable, productive and digestible. I hope you get something valuable out of this episode, I know I've already applied much of what she shared into my own life.  And let us know what was your biggest take-away over in the Facebook Listener Group! and sign up for her weekly dose which I also love.
July 26, 2017
This episode is a special one. Some of you may remember Anjie from her episode as a guest a couple years ago. I originally met Anjie through my good friend Sacha Jones (who has been on the podcast twice as well). Since our original introduction Anjie has helped me feng shui and bring good energy to two of my apartments in Detroit. When I finally found my new place in New York City, I knew that having Anjie give me an in-person consultation would make everything feel more cozy. When I reached out to her she had the amazing idea of recording the consultation to share on her podcast. I thought this would be a great way for you guys to get some fun feng shui tips too while learning more about me and where my life is at now that I'm officially moved. In this episode you will hear Anjie give me advice on the best way to lay out the room and what elements I should have to cultivate good energy that aligns with this new stage of life. I hope this episode is fun and inspires you to find ways to create beautiful spaces in your home and other areas of your life. Thanks for listening guys. You're the best.
July 19, 2017
We talk Health vs. Hedonism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Only Childisms, Cooking, knife wounds + More!
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