July 2, 2020
It could be Wrestlemania all over again. The card could have featured nothing but Steamboat/Savages. But it would be all for nought as right now the wrestling world is a little distracted. A few years ago, the TV and Film industry started calling out its unsavoury and inappropriate behaviour towards women with the MeToo movement. Now this has reared it’s ugly head in the squared circle. All it took was...
June 30, 2020
Where in the world has Natty been? Well, he’s been inventifying – that’s where! Bumperpodcast 380
June 30, 2020
This guy helped us put a man on the moon…but man does he have a shady past. Wernher Von Braun is the REASON NASA worked but he was also a card carrying member of the Nazi party! How deep does his involvement go? Was it on paper or was he doing some really bad shit? How did he wind up in America? Find out all this and more with this...
June 30, 2020
The boys are back on the Skype to talk all things wrestling. Its been a week, & there is a ton to cover. We put a bow on the #SpeakingOut topic with a few more firings & promotions closing, then we turn our attention to Tessa Blanchard & Impact. Cover some Impact, then move onto COVID 19 in wrestling before we are joined by Bobby Vala from Valaverse to talk...
June 28, 2020
On this week’s show: NASCAR Hoax, White Voice Actors, WWE Covid and #SpeakOut fallout, Statues coming down again, if it’s white it’s got to go & much more. Top 10 #80sMovieQuotes & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 318
June 27, 2020
Jay has the night off, so Chops and Phil tackle the ongoing #SpeakingOut on the social media gimmicks, reviewing the weekly shows including the ongoing NJPW Cup 2020 tournament. Previewing the upcoming AEW “Fyter Fest” event and the legacy of the finally retired Undertaker. Talking about the Tessa Blanchard / IMPACT SAGA wrestling and the effects it will have on her career. This weeks Throwback is the KOTR PPV from...
June 26, 2020
When death metal veterans Insatanity announced their comeback full lengther “Hymns Of The Gods Before”, we got excited. When it was announced they signed onto good friends of the show CDN Records for it, we were thrilled. When we managed to get bass/vox Chris Lyle on the horn, we went delirious! During our chat with Mr. Lytle we discussed the aforementioned record as it was hitting the racks at that...
June 25, 2020
Its the go home show to AEW’s Fyter Fest. The gang talks about the #SpeakingOut movement, Sammy Guevara, and all the terrible stories we’ve heard for the last week. Once we put a bow on that, we cover AEW Dark, then dive into Dynamite from June 24th 2020. Its a jam packed episode full of Tag Matches, Press Conferences, Lumberjack Matches and more. If you’re an AEW Fan this show...
June 23, 2020
Charles Lee was almost the biggest hero of the American Revolution…but he was kind of a jerk. He picked fights all over the place, talked trash about George Washington, got captured by the British in a whorehouse, may have committed treason and got a court martial at the Battle of Monmouth. Enjoy the wild story of Charles Lee while comedian Joe Carney lends us some “voices.” American Loser
June 23, 2020
This week we get into the #SpeakingOut movement. We are 100% for it, and we are upset about the whole situation. We spend a good 50 minutes on it, if you are tired of hearing about it, please skip those 1st 50 minutes, we understand. We get silly & talk MLW, New Japan Cup, and the 1st 3 nights, talk a little AEW & Kevin’s TOP 5 List rocks our...
June 21, 2020
On this week’s show: Ad Icons removed, Statues torn down, Pro Wrestling sex scandals, UN Endorses Antifa, BLM is Marxist, Chick-fli-A goes cuck & much more. Top 10 Worst Father’s Day presents & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 317
June 20, 2020
The boys tackle the huge #SpeakingOut threads on social media while reviewing last weeks “Backlash” PPV as well as the all the weekly programming. This week the Throwback is fantasy warfare rebooking the Honkytonk Man’s 64 week IC Title run 30 years ago. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 361
June 19, 2020
Deceased are up to their old tricks again. Going through their vast discography it’s obvious they’re not afraid of the odd cover tune. As evident by their “Rotten To The Core” and “Cadaver Traditions” cover comps. So now with the “Ghostly White” album cycle in the books, good friend of the show Mr. King Fowley, is putting their down time to some good use. Thus “Rotten To The Core…2.” So...
June 18, 2020
Its the June 17th Episode of AEW Dynamite. The crew breaks down the show from the Tag Title Opener to the Tag Team Main Event #1 Contenders Match, and everything in between. Everyone is impressed with the newest addition to the women’s division, disappointed with 1 of the tag matches, and very happy with the Star of AEW. Find out all of this & much more by listening to the...
June 16, 2020
Strap in… this one is a wild, bumpy and at times overwhelming ride. Orson Welles is a man of every talent. He’s been called the boy genius, the problem child, the master of the medium, the bullshit artist, the God of the Damned and a one man American Institution. His story has ZERO uninteresting parts. He feuds with billionaires, gets badmouthed by Nazis, marries Hollywood starlets, gets exiled to Europe,...
June 16, 2020
The Finals of the IC Tournament have come to an end, and we discuss the winner. Coming in hot off of the WWE Backlash PPV. Matt is all sorts of fired up about the Street Profits & Viking Raiders, we talk the PPV, the Paul Heyman firing and much more. NXT is next up, as we talk last weeks show & some news and notes. MLW, AEW & Impact all...
June 15, 2020
On this week’s show: Antifastan in Seattle, Dennis O’Neil, Shows and movies cancelled, Soprano’s ending, Racist healthcare & much more. Top 10 movie characters named John & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 316
June 13, 2020
The boys review last weeks NXT IYH event, NXT & AEW weekly shows, preview this Sunday’s “Backlash” PPV as well as the upcoming NJPW cup tournament. Paul Heyman out as RAW producer, can Bruce Pritchard bring the brand back to respectability? This weeks Throwback was WCW’s “Great American Bash” from June of 2000. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 360
June 12, 2020
Danish legends Pretty Maids have been on our radar since their ’84 debut. The band always stuck out amongst the underground as they were one of the few bands hailing from Denmark. Throughout the 90’s, as hard rock bands took a hit, Pretty Maids continued to thrive. And are still killing it today. PM’s latest live album “Maid In Japan: Back The Future World” is still fresh on the racks....
June 11, 2020
Kate, Matt, Danny and Anthony are back to talk AEW Dynamite from June 10, 2020. We catch up on what’s been going on the last week in our lives, talk a little NJPW, and then dive right into AEW. AEW Dark kicked off AEW this week, and we were very happy with the results. After some talk about Dark, we go all in on Dynamite. Its a full show on...
June 10, 2020
Recently the world of wrasslin’ suffered thru an anniversary of one of it’s darkest chapters. May 23rd will always go down infamy as the day we lost the great Owen Hart. To coincide with this tragedy, “The Dark Side Of The Ring” series used this for it’s highest rated episode yet. WNIC has chosen to use this anniversary to celebrate the awesomeness that was, and still is, “The King Of...
June 9, 2020
America is a democracy! Sure? We’ve never had a monarch! Right? Well today we’re telling the story of Joshua Abraham Norton…Emperor of America and Protector of Mexico….in a 100 PERCENT true story we tell the story of the unofficial ambassador of San Francisco while we also sneak in a little history of the 49′ Gold Rush. Emperor Norton is not an episode to be missed! American Loser
June 9, 2020
Matt. Kevin and Tony are back for another episode of your favorite show. After some banter, we dive into NXT In Your House, with a detour to the Drake Maverick situation, before wrapping up. Some news and notes, MLW, NJPW, Impact and WWE as we prepare for Backlash. Plus we talk the Finals of the Greatest IC Tournament. Its a full, fun, action packed episode. Shining Wizards 484
June 7, 2020
Choppy’s back!! Just in time to talk all things AEW, NXT and NJPW returning soon. The boys then preview this weekends NXT “In Your House PPV” and this weeks Throwback is WCW’s “Capitol Combat” from May of 1990. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 359
June 7, 2020
On this week’s show: Riots, Looting, Fire, Madness & much more. Top 10 ruin a band name by changing a letter & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 315
June 5, 2020
We always dug the idea of split albums. It showcases two artists for the price of one and aids in the discovery of great new artists. Even better are you dig both artists. Better still when both bands are fronted by someone you’d call “friend”. Metal meister Matt Harvey is fronting a fistful of great bands. His most notable being Exhumed and Gruesome. “Twisted Horror” is an awesome new split...
June 5, 2020
The Shining Wizards are joined by members of D-Generation Why Ryan Arthur, Anthony and Danny Russoniello, and Phil Raia from the Turnbuckle Throwbacks for the Shining Wizards Draft 2020. Quarantine Content 003
June 2, 2020
Another Monday Night, Another Wizards Episode. Kevin has never heard the Hart Foundation Killer Bees promo so we find that, talk some 80’s wrestling, some Smackdown & the Jeff Hardy story before Guy Evans, author of the Nitro Book calls in. We talk about the process of the book, his favorite people to talk too, and if there will be a follow up book. After that we get into some...
June 1, 2020
Part tall tale, part hero, part jerk but all “Loser” comes this week’s installment of the podcast. Mike Fink is a hard guy to get the facts on but the stuff we did find helped us gather some ideas about the “Half man/ Half Alligator” and as we try to put together the mysterious of how a drunken river pirate brawler got a ride named after him in DisneyLand. Enjoy!...
May 29, 2020
During the 80s “Satanic Panic”, a certain Australian hard rock band came under fire for their monicker. Fast forward years later and California powerviolencers ACXDC took the concept and ran with it. We got stoked when the grinders signed on with Prosthetic Records and jumped at the opportunity to speak with vocalist Sergio Amalfitano. At that very moment the new album “Satan Is King” was being put out on the...
May 29, 2020
This week the tragic passing of Shad Gaspard, the week in wrestling news including the Owen Hart Dark Side Of The Ring Episode. Then a preview of this weekends AEW “Double Or Nothing” PPV. This weeks Throwback is ECW’s “Hardcore Heaven” from May of 2000. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 358
May 28, 2020
Its a busy week in AEW. We break down Double or Nothing, briefly touch on AEW Dark, break down the rankings for the week and then cover the Post Double or Nothing AEW Dynamite Show. Wild 6 Man Tag Action, Brian Cage makes his singles debut, A tag team match with the winner getting a title shot next week, the new AEW Women’s Champ defends the title, a battle royal...
May 26, 2020
Natty loses his glasses and falls into a desperate hunt to find them. Was he successful? Listen to find out! Bumperpodcast 379
May 26, 2020
For Memorial Day, we’re happy to give you a mega sized episode of American Loser. LP is LIVE in studio with us for a topic we’ve been waiting to cover for months. At the time of his death, Smedley Butler was the most highly decorated Marine in American history. He pretty much conquered small nations, whooped asses, fixed problems, ran Philly, found a dead body part of Stonewall Jackson, earned...
May 26, 2020
We are back to cover AEW Double or Nothing. Tony lost a bet to Matt, so he has to wear a Lucha Libre match during the show, which looks as silly as it sounds. The gang talk about Double or Nothing, Tony & Kevin are on the fence about Brian Cage, Matt loves everything they did, and the boys have some good debates about the show. Talks get serious as...
May 24, 2020
On this week’s show: Joe Biden and Black People, Shad Gaspard, Hanah Kimura, The Snyder Cut, Eddie Haskell, AEW Double or Nothing, Vote by mail fraud, Church arson & much more. Top 10 Movie/TV title mashups & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 314
May 24, 2020
The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back and previewing tonight’s AEW Double or Nothing event in Jacksonville, FL. Jeff and The Trendsetter will give you their predictions on all of tonight’s matches as well as the latest headlines in AEW. High Spot Podcast 190
May 22, 2020
German metallers Lord Vigo should be on your radar for a number of reasons. #1. We recently played them. #2. Their unique monicker really stands out. As does their unique epic doom meets NWOBHM sensibilities sound. #3, and most importantly, they’ve got an awesome new album “Danse De Noir” on the racks courtesy of the good folks at High Roller Records. So now’s the time to get vox/(studio) drummer Vinz...
May 22, 2020
It’s amazing how one woman’s reproduction choice can shake up the wrestling world. Of course, it helps that it’s the industry’s biggest star. Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement and title vacancy, for good or bad, got tongues wagging and forum boards lit up. And your “Four Horsemen of The Apodcalypse” have an opinion…or four. It also inspired this episode’s discussion topic of the three fundamentals of a pro wrestler. As well,...
May 21, 2020
Ant, Kate, Ryan, Danny & Matt are back to cover the go home show for AEW’s Double or Nothing. We break down the matches, Mox vs 10, MJF vs Marko Stunt, Jake/Arn Showdown, Fenix vs Orange Cassidy, Britt/Nyla vs Shida/Statlander, & Sammy vs Hardy, plus we talk Promos, dive deep in to the Women’s Division & more. We also preview the PPV this Saturday Night and we make our picks....
May 19, 2020
Everyone loves mysteries and ghost stories…this one is kinda both. The curious case of the Mary Celeste is intriguing and raises the hair on your arms a little. We cover the story from the very beginning to the unconventional end with plenty of creepy stops in between. We cover the superstitions of both old and modern sailors….LP returns next week and feel free to check out our Patreon to get...
May 19, 2020
They boys are back & ready to rock. They talk about the Greatest IC Tournament and some NWA before 1/2 the Wildcards & Member of Strictly Business Royce Isaacs joins the Boys. Talk quickly turns to True Crime, and who we are fascinated with. We turn our attention on the NWA, The Wildcards, Billy Corgan & much. Plus Royce has his own true crime podcast dropping soon. After Royce we...
May 17, 2020
On this week’s show: Jerry Stiller, Fred Willard, Becky Lynch, Alberto Del Rio, Star Trek, Toucan Sam, Gov says you will take the vaccine or be quarantined & much more. Top 10 Awkward Funeral songs & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 313
May 15, 2020
Slasher Dave is probably most familiar to our listeners as the mainman behind the amazing Acid Witch. But every great artist has a strong versatility to their art. So when Dave’s not killing it with his main gig, his alter ego Slasher Dave creeps out. Dave’s love of all things Horror is never more evident than with the cool sounds this project conjures up. SD’s music is his own instrumental...
May 15, 2020
Tony had a conversation with Dave over the weekend, and Dave happened to mention that he had an early version of the script to “No Holds Barred,” the movie that became a classic to wrestling fans in the late 80s. You know the one, starring Hulk Hogan and “Tiny” Lister as Zeus? Anyway, he suggested to Tony that they actually read it and do some analysis. The guys don’t read...
May 14, 2020
Matt, Kate, Anthony, Ryan and Danny are back to discuss AEW Dynamite from May 13, 2020. It was a hell of a show, we break down each segment, talk a little AEW Dark, Cody & his truck, tag team action all over the place. The ladies shined. Mike Tyson!!! Jericho, The Inner Circle, The Elite and much more. Plus its Kate’s Birthday, Danny doesn’t know who the Killer Bees are...
May 13, 2020
LP calls in via Skype from South Florida (we hope he will be back up here in Jersey soon) to tell us the tale of the now infamous “30 Million Dollar Sandwich”… the story supports small businesses, involves Homer Simpson and of course a wiseass from New Jersey. American Loser Bonus
May 12, 2020
Natty is completely overwhelmed – and is trying to figure out how to become more whelmed – while avoiding being underwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in – but, he’ll try his hardest! Bumperpodcast 378
May 12, 2020
Gus Grissom was an American fighter pilot and one of the original “Astronauts” for the early days of NASA. Enjoy this legit one of a kind story that is criminally under told. LP calls up via skype in the bonus content to talk about the “30 Million Dollar Sandwich.” American Loser
May 12, 2020
We are back with another action packed episode. We talk WWE’s Money in the Bank, and what we thought of the new concept. We cover Shining Wizards Picks, the Money in the Bank Match & more WWE in the first hour. Prince Nana joins us to kick off the second hour, to talk about the book he is working on, the Embassy, the impact of an African American owner in...
May 11, 2020
The worlds of pro wrestling and heavy music have always been close bedfellows. Not only just as cool ring entrance music (i.e. the ominous tones of”Iron Man” as the Roadies stormed the ring), but a multitude of other aspects as well (i.e. Erick Rowan’s T shirt collection). All the way to wrestling terminologies making great band names. Huh?? Well, case in point – “Piledriver”. As awesome (predominantly) 80s Heavy Metal...
May 11, 2020
On this week’s show: Little Richard, UFC 249, Money in the Bank, Power Hungry government and judges, Cops just doing their job & much more. Top 10 Famous Moms who killed their kids & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 312
May 9, 2020
The boys are trying to figure out this whole streaming video thing covering all things current including this weeks weekly shows as well as previewing this weekends “Money In The Bank” PPV. This weeks Throwback is WWF’s “Insurrextion” event from May of 2000. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 357
May 8, 2020
Once we sat down with grindcore/powerviolence trailblazer Chris Dodge (Spazz, Depise you, Infest), we knew this was going to be a unique episode. Apart from all these amazing projects he’s plied his trade with, Mr. Dodge has left his mark on a variety of other aspects in the aggressive music community. So we sat down and had one helluva chat with the man. We discussed all his musical output, hailing...
May 6, 2020
LP calls in from South Beach to give us some nuance about Washingston’s personal spy network known as “The Culper Ring”. It’s a skype call so the quality isn’t the best but it’ll have to do til we can get him back up in Jersey. Enjoy this bonus episode and thanks for listening. American Loser
May 5, 2020
Back in action as best we can! Kahuna and I are holed up in an undisclosed location and bringing you a “Loser” to behold. The legendary Nathan Hale, the first spy to die in service of America. The story contains all the classic elements…some dumb shit, some cool stuff, some Loser-ceptions and of course…a Jersey connection. Enjoy guys, we’re happy to be back. American Lose
May 5, 2020
It’s a first in the Skype era of the Shining Wizards as we have our 1st guest Thunderheart J George. Everyone is doing ok, Matt is heated about the neighborhood people who don’t understand what the stay at home order is. Talk turns to J George teaming with the Warlord, which Version of Mabel did we enjoy most, the King of the Ring 95, 99 & SummerSlam 95. Plus some...
May 4, 2020
The Squad has returned! Phil and Lou break down the history of the Saturday Morning Cartoons. Ghetto Geek Squad
May 3, 2020
On this week’s show: America starts to reopen, Sports trying to comeback, Government takes even more freedom, Biden and words don’t mix & much more. Top 10 Debut albums & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 311
May 3, 2020
Still Quarantined, the boys still doing the show remotely covering all things current including the rumor of the WWE possibly selling the ranch to EPSN and that famous mouse? This week Throwback is the introduction of AJPW legends Toshiaki Kawada vs Mitsuharu Misawa epic rivalry. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 356
May 1, 2020
In what will forever be known as Bloody Wednesday, Jeff and The Trendsetter talk about one of the most shocking days in WWE history. The day that WWE released over twenty-five wrestlers & staff due to the pandemic in the United States. The Jersey Wrecking Crew are joined by Brad Shepard to discuss the current state of the WWE especially after the XFL filed for bankruptcy in the same week....
May 1, 2020
You have to strike while the Irons are hot. As this episode first goes to air, US death metalllers Unmerciful’s latest platter “Wrath Encompassed” will only be a week to the day on the racks. So we had to get bassist Jeremy Turner on the horn. We discussed the band’s switch to Willowtip, his live work with Cannibal Corpse, and quizzed him about any potential King Diamond jokes. But I...
April 30, 2020
Matt, Kate, Anthony & Ryan are back on this chilly Wednesday Night to talk about the latest edition of AEW Dynamite. The Semi Finals of the TNT Tournament Take Place, and we find out who faces off in the Finals at AEW Double or Nothing. We talk about the NO DQ Tag Match, Wardlow, Brodie Lee, and what the road to Double or Nothing looks like. Plus lots of laughs,...
April 28, 2020
Lockdown continues, and so do the Skype shows. Kevin has been watching a lot of wrestling, Matt read an Al Snow Book, and Tony can’t say out of facebook groups. We talk some AEW, MLW, Impact, WWE & so much more. Who we like in the finals of the TNT Tournament, the AEW Rankings, MLW Fusion & what the future holds for MLW, Impacts Rebellion, WWE, Money in the Bank...
April 27, 2020
On today’s Bumperpodcast, Natty talks about how things are going, and then Pig shows up to talk about his new ‘Hanging out with Pig’ which is being live-streamed on Facebook (, Youtube, and Periscope. It’s kid friendly fun! Bumperpodcast 377
April 26, 2020
On this week’s show: Kim Jong Un, Protesters getting arrested, Government and cops out of control, mass surveillance, Listener Covid-19 updates & much more. Top 10 Add a Wrestler to a TV Title & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 310
April 26, 2020
Jay becomes an Uncle for the first time and has the night off so Chops and Phil open the show talking a little music, showing love to Triple H on 25 yrs of service to the “E” and review this weeks programing. This weeks Throwback was WWF’s “Backlash” PPV from April of 2000. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 355
April 25, 2020
Traditionally, post Mania the WWE/F had a tendency of doing a lot of housecleaning. It wasn’t uncommon to see a handful of personal receiving their “future endeavors”. This year there was a record number of releases. In one day, one after another were shown in the door. So much in fact the name “Black Wednesday” was born. Endless to say, your Four Horsemen of the Apodcalypse are none to happy...
April 25, 2020
Just as we’re off and running with our inaugural episode, the fit hit the shan! We’re immediately expelled from our awesome Atomic 29 and banished into Skype Hades. But you’re four Horsemen of the Apodcalypse shall persevere. This same situation is also messing with our beloved sport. Just in time for Wrestlemania! Now the biggest night of the year has come and gone and this year’s ‘Mania will never be...
April 24, 2020
This week we have another veteran we should’ve had on a long time ago. Ash Thomas is a multi instrumentalist who’s been tearing it up in the underground since ’93. Most notable (past?) projects include Crucified Mortals and Archeron. Today Mr. Thomas is killing it with killer outfits like Hell’s Headbangers Faith Xtractor and Shed The Skin. As well as Surgikill featuring Steve O from the legendary Impetigo! With his...
April 23, 2020
Another Wednesday Night, another Dynamite Review. Matt, Kate, Danny & Anthony cover the latest episode of Dynamite. Kate is back after her battle with COVID-19, Matt missed the show, so the Crew leads Matt through the show. Cody’s Promo, the TNT Championship Matches, Wardlow, Brodie Lee, Kenny Omega and much more. It’s an in depth look at AEW. AEW Dynamite 4-22-20
April 21, 2020
The boys are back at it again, talking all things from the week of wrestling, plus they are working with a new system, Hot Mic. We talk about Black Wednesday, the surprise releases, & where we think those folks are heading. A little Money in the Bank talk, AEW, and Wrestling Twitter After Dark. We get some news and notes out of the way, plus we talk about what we...
April 20, 2020
On today’s Bumperpodcast, Natty talks all about the new dog door that he installed in his house. Or that he’s trying to install in his house – and all of the ridiculousness that has happened because of the dog door… Bumperpodcast 376
April 19, 2020
On this week’s show: WWE Black Wednesday, Protests at state capitols, Trump’s reopen the country plan, Government surveillance, Gates Vaccine, Listener Covid-19 updates & much more. Top 10 Songs w/cities in the title & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 309
April 19, 2020
The great quarantine of 2020 continues as the boys remotely cover all the weekly shows, The WWE doing their yearly housecleaning and Phil reviews this weeks “Dark Side Of The Ring” episode featuring the Jimmy Snuka incident. This weeks Throwback was the “Great American Bash 86” tour video. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 354
April 17, 2020
Whats in a name? With their chosen monicker, no doubt young death metal guns Creeping Death have received more than their share of detractors. But to write this outfit off as mere clones would definitely be wrong. In a short period of these Texas bashers are really starting to come into their own. Creeping Death made waves last year with their debut full lengther “Wretched Illusions”. On eOne, no less!...
April 16, 2020
Another Wednesday Night with Degeneration Why. Matt is joined by Anthony, Danny, and Ryan. They get into the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. Talks turn to Jake Roberts & Lance Archer, the TNT Tournament, the Moxley vs Hager No Holds Barred Match, and much more. Tons of COVID 19 talk and the affects it’s having on AEW and the world of wrestling. Plus Double or Nothing, the WWE Release’s today,...
April 14, 2020
The boys are back together, and while the world is in chaos, they bring you your weekly wrestling talk! WWE is designated as “essential” in Florida and they plan on bringing more live shows. Impact taped some shows for the future, AEW keeps moving on, and MLW stretches out its tapings from Mexico. Was it a mistake for Shanya Baszler and Rhea Ripley to come up short at WrestleMania? Who’s...
April 12, 2020
On this week’s show: Freedom killed by tyrants using the virus as an excuse, Virginia passes more gun laws, CDC inflating numbers, UFC 249, Pussy Galore, Listener Covid-19 updates & much more. We fancast Batman Villains & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 308
April 12, 2020
The boys review this years Wrestlemania 36 card and last week’s weekly, Phil explains why Vince Russo isn’t fully the blame for the infamous “Brawl For All” Tournament. This weeks Throwback is the revamped first episode of WCW’s “Saturday Night” show from April 4th of 1992. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 353
April 10, 2020
Horns Up! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Wrestling Night In Canada! The concept is simple. Four good old Canadian boyz from the same heavy music scene discovered they had a mutual love of pro Wrasslin’. And each brought their own fandom skill set to the ring apron. So a revelation later, the Four Horsemen Of The A – pod – calypse were born! But every great story has an...
April 10, 2020
On today’s Bumperpodcast, we have a very special guest. The Easter Bunny hops by to discuss basket regulations and his height. He’s 6’7″ – which is HUGE!! Bumperpodcast 375
April 10, 2020
“Heavy Metal finds a way”. We’re paraphrasing here a bit but the sentiment remains true. With all this crazy covd stuff going on, our beloved genre is still finding ways to entertain us. At the forefront are our good buddies with Reaper Metal Productions. RMP mainman Reaper (d’uh) is no stranger to the show having graced us in the past discussing his various musical projects. Now RMP has a myriad...
April 9, 2020
Degeneration Why is back with another AEW Dynamite Post Show. We cover everything from the show, from the Jake Roberts Promo, to the hype for Mox vs Hager, the Tag Match with The Best Friends vs Kenny & Michael, Brodie Lee, Lance Archer, and the 1st Quarterfinal Match of the TNT Championship Tournament. Plus we talk a little Dark Side of the Ring, where AEW will be once these tapings...
April 7, 2020
The Two Man Army is back, and after discussion of Kevin being a groupie, and Tony’s coverage of the loser leaves MLW match between Mance Warner and MJF, the show is all about two nights of WrestleMania 36. Shining Wizards 475
April 5, 2020
The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back to preview WrestleMania! This year’s event is so big that it will take two nights to cover the show of shows! Jeff & Bryan talk about the loaded lineup, as well as discuss life after WrestleMania for many of the WWE Superstars. Sit back and relax while High Spot Podcast tries to bring you back to some sense of normalcy the next two nights....
April 5, 2020
On this week’s show: WrestleMania, Gotham High, Tyrants taking more freedoms, Dumbasses not staying home, Listener Covid-19 updates & much more. We give our Top 10 Video Game Characters & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 307
April 3, 2020
Welcome to our Big 6-0-0!! Normally we make a hububaloo about these milestone episodes. But with everything going on in this crazy world we’re pretty much just focused to maintaining our due course. Besides it’s episode 666 thats going to be be the Big One!! That’s not to say that we’re half assing it though. The members of Ritual Dictates are no strangers to Metaldom boasting current and ex members...
April 2, 2020
Matt, Kate, Anthony & Danny fire up the Skype and talk about the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. They talk about the TNT Championship, all the matches, the vignettes, & what we think the future holds for AEW & Who wins the 1st ever TNT Championship. It’s also WrestleMania week, so we talk a little about Mania & what the wrestling world is doing during this crazy time. Its a...
March 31, 2020
The Two Man Group comes back with a little Skype action while the quarantine is in full effect. Kevin and Tony try to make sense of the upcoming card for WrestleMania, spend some time covering AEW and MLW, and play some off-the-wall WrestleMania trivia. Plus, teasers for the Round of 32 Shining Wizards Cup results! Shining Wizards 474
March 29, 2020
On this week’s show: Jon Jones, Teddy Hart, People blaming fans for movie and comic book failures, WrestleMania changes, more sports postponed, Listener Covid updates, government checkpoints and freedom being taken away & much more. Top 10 Songs that made you who you are & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 306
March 28, 2020
Chops has the night off, so Jay and Phil work out the show remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic running rapid here in NYC. Reviewing all the weekly shows, Certain WWE superstars quarantined off of this years Mania, and Phil explains why he thinks this years Mania event might leave a lasting impression considering the circumstances. This weeks Throwback is WCW’s “Uncensored” PPV from March of 2000. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 351
March 28, 2020
On today’s Bumperpodcast, Natty talks about how nightmares happen because of a lack of a labeling system in your brain. What?! Bumperpodcast 374
March 28, 2020
Kevin joins Tony on Skype with coverage of the second round of the Shining Wizards cup, the Dark Side of the Ring episodes on Chris Benoit, and some breaking changes to WrestleMania. Shining Wizards
March 27, 2020
For veteran Metallers, Thrust should have a special place in your Metal heart. During the early/mid 80s underground Metal explosion, Thrust’s Metal Blade debut “Fists Held High” was part of that first wave of wicked records that paved the way. The mainman behind the outfit is axeman Ronnie Cooke. Mr. Cooke is an Iron Man of the Metal world and after all these decades he continues to kill it. In...
March 26, 2020
We are all quarantine but we are all watching AEW. Matt takes about 45 minutes to figure out how to set up the Skype with Kate, Anthony & Danny. Once we get that up and running we talk all about the AEW Dynamite Show from Wednesday March 25, 2020. We talk about WWE, contrast and compare, and just have a good time talking wrestling. Check it out & enjoy. Shining...
March 25, 2020
We are doing the show over Skype again. Teasing the Shining Wizards Cup 2020 Round 1 results, ya gotta tune into the youtube page to find out who made it to the Round of 32. Talk turns to Wrestlemania 36, pre taping Mania and what to expect. AEW from last week was huge and we talk about the debuts of Matt Hardy & Brodie Lee, plus what the future holds...
March 24, 2020
The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back with a brand new episode of High Spot Podcast. Joining the show this week are Brian Fritz of The Sporting News & Jeremy Gomez of Generation Championship Wrestling. The guys talk with Brian about WWE’s decision to go forward with WrestleMania and the differences between AEW and NXT. Plus, Jeff and Bryan chat with the owner of GCW about life after having to cancel...
March 22, 2020
On this week’s show: Kenny Rogers, Pre-TapeMania, Coronavirus shuts down even more places, looting, government powergrabs & much more. Top 10 Shows to stream and binge & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 305
March 21, 2020
Choppy returns as the pandemic begins to smother New York City. The boys talk about the effects of the COVID-19 virus and how they are dealing with it. This weeks news includes the empty arena weekly wrestling shows, Wrestlemania a 2 day event this year, NJPW talking about a yearly U.S. show to counter “Wrestle Kingdom” and Phil announces the new date for the 80’s wrestling con. This weeks Throwback...
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