Interesting and in-depth
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these episodes. I especially like the background and context setting that Niall does every episode. Looking forward to hearing more topics from industry experts. I haven’t found this podcast to be particularly biased, but it’s probably a pitfall of the “single interviewee” concept—it’d be nice to do some of these topics with a panel with varying perspectives.
Not what I was hoping for
I was looking for a podcast that gave informative updates about the US healthcare and as a manager or a doctors office something to lee me in the loop. Some interviews were interesting but not what I was looking for. It’s very progressive, and topics are pretty niche from a pro big-government point of view.
Another liberal echo chamber
Doc Pettit
This is not really a podcast about healthcare policy. It is a political podcast aimed at disparaging Republicans, President Trump, the wealthy, and anyone else deemed undesirable by the liberal elite in America. However, if you are a social justice warrior and it stepping out what privilege, redistributing the will of the greedy one percent, then this is the podcast for you.
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