Great podcast for curious and reflective listeners
Love this podcast. I truly think it has made me a better person.
Tinged by unobjective disrespect
I listened to his Machiavelli podcast hoping to learn more about this fascinating figure, but was immediately turned off by his (what I would call) opinionated rant about the Church at the beginning. I’m not sure if his other podcasts are like that, but I just found it unobjective and disrespectful to those who practice Catholicism, Christianity, or really any religion.
A fantastic podcast for introducing philosophy
Relatable, well-explained & thorough introductions to each author. Love the author’s approach. My one personal request would be that you cover more theorists that are women or people of color. Catherine MacKinnon, judith butler, edward Said, gayatri Spivak, franz fanon, Frank Wilderson, etc Thank you for your hard work on these & hope your podcast gets the exposure it deserves. I recommend it frequently to others.
Amazing podcast
I’m only on the third episode and I know I’m going to listen to all of these. Excellent information presented in a cohesive and clear way! This is every philosophy student’s dream podcast.
Shake up your world view
The Human Condition
This podcast is a delight, and has taken listeners through so many phases in philosophy in history, right up to helping introduce incredibly complicated, often inaccessible post-modern philosophers to modern listeners with ease and humor. I’ve always had a hard time understanding the ideas of modern philosophers especially, because the style of writing is often designed to gate-keep the general public out. This podcast does an incredible service to introducing listeners to valuable ways of understanding the modern world, including the political and economic systems we are living in today that is causing a lot of grief — from “fake news” to capitalist backlash to understanding fascism and what the human condition is and what it means to live a good life. I have never supported a podcast on Patreon before but this podcast changed my worldview and gave me so many small nuggets to delve deeper into that I really feel like this got me farther in understanding some difficult problems with the world. I thought I needed a therapist but what I really needed was… a philosopher! (And hey, Patreon is WAY cheaper!)
Very Interesting!
Lady Coco Rose
So much information but easy to follow and entertaining at the same time! Keep up the great work!
Best Philosophy Podcast
Such an easy to follow and interesting podcast. Never have found a philosophy podcast this entertaining! Much respect for someone whose been doing this for years
Good at first.
I started listening to the show when it first began and was with it for quite some time. It was great. I did like seeing how the sound quality and his discussions progressed. I enjoyed the wide range of topics the show presented. I stopped listening to the show about two years ago when it became bland and focused primarily on one subject, namely political philosophy. It is an important topic but the themes and ideas between the philosophers on the subject become repetitive. I check back every once in a while to see if there’s any refreshing material but that’s not the case. I gave some innocent criticism about this show on twitter once, about how the show seems to be steering in the same direction and lacks variety to give some constructive feedback and the very next episode Mr. West recorded a line directly related saying that people with this kind of criticism are simply shallow or have a lack of knowledge, which is a very narrow outlook on his part. The host makes comments like this throughout the episodes with other comments he has received in emails, etc. The host needs to know that ignorance does not equal lower intelligence. The point of the show is to give information in an easy, quick, and accessible way for people in a hurry looking for intellectual stimulation. This is like his gossip on a media platform. He has difficulty handling criticisms. He’s also a beggar of donations. Mentioning how someone can donate here and there is permissible and understandable, as someone may just know not. But there are several times Mr. West explicitly asks for donations, pleading to not have to go back to the warehouse work he once endured. If people truly enjoy the show, they will seek out a way to help if they know that the show is run by donations. They will look for the official website that has all of the information and links provided to help donate and keep the show going.
On podcast 4 now. I don’t get entertained easily but this is great information and entertainment. Thank you!
My favorite a podcast!
Stephen has a terrific and relaxed teaching style mixing top notch insight with humor. I’ve learned a great deal about the history of philosophy from his podcast and each episode leaves me with a great deal to ruminate on. Best of all listening to his podcast makes the hours at work fly by!
Really interesting and highly engaging!!
Always wanted to learn about philosophy, but I’m more scientifically oriented in school and haven’t had the opportunity, and this podcast was exactly the sort of resource that I needed! All concepts are well and plainly explained with lots of background, giving each episode not just depth, but breadth too.
I love this
Stephen West is amazing. This is my favorite podcast. I absolutely love his style. He’s so poetic. Never abrasive. Just great historical information without a political agenda. Keep it up Mr West!
Enjoying and learning so much!
Mom in action
I recently discovered the Philosophize This podcast and am now listening to it nightly before going to bed. I had previously watched all of the Crash Course Philosophy videos on YouTube and was hungering for more-and something that would go more in depth—but not too in depth if you know what I mean. Stephen is funny and interesting which makes his show enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend to all those who want to deepen their understanding of where so many of our ideas and processes originated.
Great for anyone that wants to think!
Complex subjects delivered in an easy and fun way. Addictive, you will find yourself devouring hours of Philosophy and wanting to learn more! Mr. West introduces Philosophy in an outstanding way, and Philosophy can change your life for the better!
Great podcast!
Informative, interesting, useful to understanding life, - I think this is the best podcast that you didn’t know you’d enjoy. I’d suggest giving it a try!
Philosophize This!
Existence By Proxy
I am a recovering philosophy major turned watchmaker. While working on timepieces, I have listened to this podcast catalogue twice. Stephen West has a natural gift for taking a complicated philosophical subject matter and presenting it in a concise manner. This is proof of Stephen’s proficiency. Not only do I find his explanations clear and succinct, Stephen manages to keep the material engaging and full of the life and excitement that philosophy should be explored with. I owe his efforts, and intend to do what I can to support them.
Favorite philosophy podcast
Stephen West’s humor, candor, and exhaustive understanding is a gift to learning and my mental health. Thanks!
Fantastic podcast
Great to learn about life’s questions, big and small!
This show is a perfect way to begin learning not only Philosophy, but the origins of deep thought and it’s progress to this point. The fact that it’s done chronologically helps to connect the dots between thought-life in each societal era. I’m a young business owner and as soon as I reached some semblance of success I found out money doesn’t make me happy. Religion doesn’t do anything for me either. Material things are great but only for a minute. I didn’t know where to start when I decided I wanted to search for knowledge so I typed in philosophy and this came up. The fact that someone in my position wouldn’t have had this in 2010 makes me sad because it’s a blunder trying to learn without uprooting your life. This is helping me make a decision on what I want to do with my life so thanks Stephen West.
I have never been interested in philosophy, but wanted to learn a bit since many of my students study it. I like the way it’s explained. The presenter is relaxed, not pedantic and quite funny. Great work! Thanks for teaching me something new!
My favorite podcast
I’ve listen to the series more than once.
Best podcast ever
Been listening for 3 years now. Stephen is brilliant. Changed the way I looked at the world and made me a significantly more thoughtful and reflective individual.
always thought philosophy is useless! it only took me first episode to see how awesome this is! this is actually a whole different way of looking at thr world. idk how to describe this, you must give it a try and decide for yourself. one thing i’d like to note is he does an awesome job conveying those old written stuff, and old quotes in today’s english and today’s reference! its almost impossible for me to understand what old philosophers meant when they said those things!! Thank you for doing thiss!!
Love it!
Just discovered this podcast and find myself binging it. Would love an episode or two on Edmund Burke at some point!
Best possible use of your time
poppy and sleep
I’ve been listening for the past two years now and the ideas explained in this podcast have had a very tangible effect on my life. It has made me take a hard look at my choices, thoughts, actions, and the world around me. I feel as if it has helped me to jump off the train track life I was living and take a broader perspective on life. Keep producing more!
I love you Stephen
i recently finished all of the episodes so far and i’m legitimately scared that they will thin out and not be produced as frequently anymore... where do i go from here? i’ll miss learning philosophy from your voice and style in particular, please make more Stephen. heck even if you’re more interested in some other random topic than philosophy lately, just make an episode to talk about that or whatever you want, just let us hear your voice lol. you could make a whole podcast only reviewing various brands of glue, you could make a commentary podcast of The Bachelor and i would listen to the whole thing. quantity over quality is what we need because the quality is inherent in you. just relax and talk into a microphone more pls. when i graduate & find a job i will subscribe to your patreon, maybe that will solve this problem.
Extraordinary teacher
Philosophy gets a bad reputation for a lot of reasons, but one common barrier for those who want to engage in it is that it is too dense and far removed from real life. This podcasts is an extraordinary way to dip your feet in a lovely subject while being taught by a great teacher. It won’t cover the close terminology to have careful conversations, but it will cover big ideas in a lively way.
Stephen West is an excellent teacher
Having majored in philosophy at NYU, I’ve had a lot of excellent philosophy teachers. But Stephen West is one of the best I’ve had. His teaching is all more impressive when you realize he’s self taught. Bravo Stephen. Keep it up. You’re doing us listeners a great service.
I love that the podcast covers philosophers in chronological order. You’re always hearing references to past philosophers, so you get an idea of how interconnected philosophy is and who influenced who. The overly humble host is amazing at breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible ones. And his frequent dad jokes never fail to crack you up. 6/5
Amazing podcast! Really makes you think I love it!
Helpful supplemental tool
I listened to the podcast when I took "Ancient Greek Philosophy' in college to learn about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. It helped me understand the themes and background that influenced these philosophers in ancient Athens; highly recommend.
My favorite podcast
Such a good narrative and storytelling... I strongly recommend it.
Quality podcast
I’ve been looking for something like this. Stephen can take something dense and inaccessible and make it understandable. I have a moment of deep insight during almost every podcast. Thanks for making me a better human.
Exceptional Podcast
I wanted to wait ‘till I listened to all episodes before I write this review, but I couldn’t help it. For the past three months I’ve started my morning with listening to Stephen’s voice and this amazing journey in philosophy. I followed Stephen’s advise to listen to these episodes from the beginning and what a wonderful and mesmerizing journey I’ve been engaged into where wisdom reign supreme and knowledge is infinite. Thank you Stephen for creating this masterpiece that one day will be recognized as the most enlightening podcast ever , and thank you for giving us a glimpse of what the great philosophers throughout the centuries have produced and contributed to our understanding of this world. Keep them coming, we are forever in your debt.
Principal approved!
I am a school principal and have used this podcast in so many different ways. For one, It’s been a means of reflection and introspection of my own way of thinking, learning and viewing the world. It has also helped me shape the purpose behind the work we do as educators and how we reconcile that with the many views held by the families in the community we serve. Aside from all that, this podcast is simply fun to listen to and has set a gold standard for short, engaging and relatable content around complex topics. Well done and thank you!
great podcast!
thank you Stephen, great podcast.
Better than a college course
A friend recommended these podcasts. I’ve been wanting to find a podcast on philosophy and this is perfect! They're fun with anecdotes relevant to our time. Keep’m coming please!
Love this podcast
I’ve been a Patreon supporter for a year or two. Such a fan of these episodes, even started a lunch group to chat about the latest episodes with friends. Much love, keep em coming!
Great host
Always a feel good podcast.Thank you for helping me expand my ideas and general knowledge
One bite at a time
The Philosophize This Podcast does an impressive job of breaking down the philosophy elephant into digestible bites. I’ve found the topics self-reliance, civil disobedience, the banality of evil of particular interest for our current time. The ideas have certainly added a lot of color to my discussions with friends and family. If you’ve always been interested in philosophy, but never could find where to start, then stop looking.
The best podcast if you want to question everything.
I’ve been listening to philosophize this for years and I cannot understate how much it has changed my life. Philosphy is important and this podcast is proof.
Thought provoking!
Makes you stop and think
My favorite podcast
I’ve recommended this podcast to anyone who has mentioned podcasts around me. It’s soothing knowledge attainment that on most occasions, is totally encapsulating. So I wouldn’t say this is something you just want in the background, passively listening. This is a podcast in which you are active, learning, relating, hypothesizing, and always questioning. I went through a pretty exhaustive list of philosophy podcasts and this is easily the best, but it’s also moved to my all time best because it’s chill, funny, and informative with no boring banter. It took me 3 years to write this review because I’m lazy, but it’s been my favorite for that entire duration. Thank you SW for creating something that has really changed my life and something that I continually look forward to (no pressure) :)
Not only teaches you, but entertains you as well! The only podcast other than Hardcore History that I can get into. I highly recommend, West will make philosophy interesting for anyone. Glad he takes the time to do this!
Great Pre-Writing Warm-Up
So happy see a Hannah Arendt episode. This podcast is perfect for getting my brain moving just enough. It’s been a part of my pre-writing ritual for a while now - first for my masters thesis and now as I prepare to re-enter the field.
Amazing Primer - Great Listening
Big fan of this podcast as a way to tap into philosophers’ thinking during the day to day, and to gain some additional perspective beyond the day’s headlines. Thanks, Stephen!
What a treasure trove.
Grant Martin1995
I’ve listened to a few episodes over the last year or so and decided to start from the beginning and listen all the way through. Really helpful and a great way to sharpen your mind and understand world views other than your own.
Amazing podcast
This is such an amazing podcast, not only if you have an interest in Philosophy but also if you just want to learn more about the world! It will really change the way you think and broaden your horizons. Stephen is a great and engaging speaker and always makes sure to try to explain complicated theories in a simple, down-to-earth way. Give it a listen! You won’t regret it.
The best podcast I’ve ever listened to
Amazing amazing work! Really brought me into philosophy and I LOVE IT. I’m hooked thank you so so much for the work you’re putting into this and keep it up!
Thank you so much, Stephen! Really appreciate your work! I’ve been listening to the podcast for at least 6 months now, starting from episode 1 up to renascence, thus far, and it gets better at every episode. Also wanted to say that I actually enjoyed the sound effects the episodes had in the beginning!
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