Amazing podcast! Really makes you think I love it!
Helpful supplemental tool
I listened to the podcast when I took "Ancient Greek Philosophy' in college to learn about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. It helped me understand the themes and background that influenced these philosophers in ancient Athens; highly recommend.
My favorite podcast
Such a good narrative and storytelling... I strongly recommend it.
Quality podcast
I’ve been looking for something like this. Stephen can take something dense and inaccessible and make it understandable. I have a moment of deep insight during almost every podcast. Thanks for making me a better human.
Exceptional Podcast
I wanted to wait ‘till I listened to all episodes before I write this review, but I couldn’t help it. For the past three months I’ve started my morning with listening to Stephen’s voice and this amazing journey in philosophy. I followed Stephen’s advise to listen to these episodes from the beginning and what a wonderful and mesmerizing journey I’ve been engaged into where wisdom reign supreme and knowledge is infinite. Thank you Stephen for creating this masterpiece that one day will be recognized as the most enlightening podcast ever , and thank you for giving us a glimpse of what the great philosophers throughout the centuries have produced and contributed to our understanding of this world. Keep them coming, we are forever in your debt.
Principal approved!
I am a school principal and have used this podcast in so many different ways. For one, It’s been a means of reflection and introspection of my own way of thinking, learning and viewing the world. It has also helped me shape the purpose behind the work we do as educators and how we reconcile that with the many views held by the families in the community we serve. Aside from all that, this podcast is simply fun to listen to and has set a gold standard for short, engaging and relatable content around complex topics. Well done and thank you!
great podcast!
thank you Stephen, great podcast.
Better than a college course
A friend recommended these podcasts. I’ve been wanting to find a podcast on philosophy and this is perfect! They're fun with anecdotes relevant to our time. Keep’m coming please!
Love this podcast
I’ve been a Patreon supporter for a year or two. Such a fan of these episodes, even started a lunch group to chat about the latest episodes with friends. Much love, keep em coming!
Great host
Always a feel good podcast.Thank you for helping me expand my ideas and general knowledge
One bite at a time
The Philosophize This Podcast does an impressive job of breaking down the philosophy elephant into digestible bites. I’ve found the topics self-reliance, civil disobedience, the banality of evil of particular interest for our current time. The ideas have certainly added a lot of color to my discussions with friends and family. If you’ve always been interested in philosophy, but never could find where to start, then stop looking.
The best podcast if you want to question everything.
I’ve been listening to philosophize this for years and I cannot understate how much it has changed my life. Philosphy is important and this podcast is proof.
Thought provoking!
Makes you stop and think
My favorite podcast
I’ve recommended this podcast to anyone who has mentioned podcasts around me. It’s soothing knowledge attainment that on most occasions, is totally encapsulating. So I wouldn’t say this is something you just want in the background, passively listening. This is a podcast in which you are active, learning, relating, hypothesizing, and always questioning. I went through a pretty exhaustive list of philosophy podcasts and this is easily the best, but it’s also moved to my all time best because it’s chill, funny, and informative with no boring banter. It took me 3 years to write this review because I’m lazy, but it’s been my favorite for that entire duration. Thank you SW for creating something that has really changed my life and something that I continually look forward to (no pressure) :)
Not only teaches you, but entertains you as well! The only podcast other than Hardcore History that I can get into. I highly recommend, West will make philosophy interesting for anyone. Glad he takes the time to do this!
Great Pre-Writing Warm-Up
So happy see a Hannah Arendt episode. This podcast is perfect for getting my brain moving just enough. It’s been a part of my pre-writing ritual for a while now - first for my masters thesis and now as I prepare to re-enter the field.
Amazing Primer - Great Listening
Big fan of this podcast as a way to tap into philosophers’ thinking during the day to day, and to gain some additional perspective beyond the day’s headlines. Thanks, Stephen!
What a treasure trove.
Grant Martin1995
I’ve listened to a few episodes over the last year or so and decided to start from the beginning and listen all the way through. Really helpful and a great way to sharpen your mind and understand world views other than your own.
Amazing podcast
This is such an amazing podcast, not only if you have an interest in Philosophy but also if you just want to learn more about the world! It will really change the way you think and broaden your horizons. Stephen is a great and engaging speaker and always makes sure to try to explain complicated theories in a simple, down-to-earth way. Give it a listen! You won’t regret it.
The best podcast I’ve ever listened to
Amazing amazing work! Really brought me into philosophy and I LOVE IT. I’m hooked thank you so so much for the work you’re putting into this and keep it up!
Thank you so much, Stephen! Really appreciate your work! I’ve been listening to the podcast for at least 6 months now, starting from episode 1 up to renascence, thus far, and it gets better at every episode. Also wanted to say that I actually enjoyed the sound effects the episodes had in the beginning!
You’re a precious gift to the examined life.
Sir Yayo South Shore
I just found your podcast and I am starting from the beginning to the end. Thank you for your selfless labor.
Can’t appreciate it enough
I’ve been listening to Philosophize This for a week now. The first episode that was attractive to me is Simulacra and Simulation. Then I started scrolling and found the 4 episodes of Nietzsche which was phenomenal.
Enjoyable and enlightening
Pyodi 1004
I’ve been wanting to learn more about philosophy for a long time now, and this podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I started at episode 1 and it’s been the perfect walk-through. Stephen is super knowledgable yet still silly enough to make it fun to listen. Thanks Mr. West, for making all of this information so accessible and entertaining.
Long time listener, first time commenter
It’s amazing how much of an affinity I feel for each philosopher’s worldview explained here in this amazing podcast. With each passing episode, I feel I get closer to learning the essence of who I am, or can become. “Palpating the unknowable” as Deleuze would say. Thank you, Mr. West for delivering the goods so eloquently.
Love the Show
I just started listening to this podcast a week ago and am in love with it. It feels like every word is like a pearl. You don’t want it to fall without any attention. Very rich and quality material. Thank you so much.
Just wow
This is beautiful! I love this podcast it’s my new zen. I’m learning so much. Thank you
The Hardcore History of philosophy
monkey fab
Well done. Very down the middle “just the facts, ma’am” but with style. Smooth like a 18 yo scotch. Would love to have a beer with this guy. Again, very impressive at how he keeps his personal views mostly out of the shower of information and ideas. Well done Sir.
Absolutely brilliant
This is not just the best podcast on philosophy, but one of the best podcasts. I feel my brain is being fed delicious morsels of food in every paragraph. I’m amazed at Stephen West’s consummate skill in distilling a morass of complex thought into digestible, provocative podcasts. May SW prosper and flourish. Stay safe, Stephen.
This is my favorite podcast
I wish every podcast was as clear, thorough, informative, stimulating, funny, and had as charismatic of a host as this podcast does... I studied some philosophy in college, and I really appreciate the comparative metaphors and dialogue of this podcast. If you want a challenging and fast past mental exercise, listen to Philosophize this!
I love this podcast
I love this podcast. I once stumbled over the allegory of the cave and I didn’t really understand what it was saying. I found this podcast which sparked my interest in philosophy. Honestly, I didn’t know what philosophy was about or what it was. This podcast introduced me to a part of me that I never knew was missing. Thank you to the creator(s) of this podcast 🙏
Best of the best
Sorin Nedelcea
I listen Stephen West podcast for few years now, finding out about it from Joe Rogan podcast. Amazing guy and great learnings you will find in such a short time. The thing that I love about his podcast is what I call “gold nuggets”, ideas that you can get in short time, not having to spend an entire day of reading books. As Nietzsche said “It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say on a whole book”. I just finished 30 min running and listening his last podcast! Great job, keep going!
I bumped into this podcast a couple of weeks ago and have gone through all the episodes. Truly amazing work. Few things are harder to do than to condense the complex and do it with depth and clarity — and you have done it consistently. Bravo!!!
New Episode!!!
Thank you Stephen for your amazing art! Listening to your podcast brings me the satisfaction of learning something new every day.
Great Podcast
Thank you for this podcast.
For anyone wanting a fun approach to philosophy, and life!
Hippo gorge
This is a great for a philosopher— and the rest of us. If you ever wanted to learn about philosophy, picked up a book and not understood any of it, try listening to this! This will make you really think without expending all your thought trying to understand what’s being said. With silly analogies that actually work, as well as explanations of complex ideas, this podcast is definitely worth a listen!
Best informative podcast I have ever listened to
This podcast is the best. I usually find myself going through its episodes 3 or 4 times. Beside his lovely voice and his excellent way of explaining philosophy, Stephen West is doing something remarkable that needs to be done more often. As in any other field there are specialists in philosophy and there is the public who is not familiar with the concepts. In every field it is vital to find a way to inform the public of th important concepts and ideas in that field. This is more crucial in philosophy since it is a field that deals with personal and social life of humans in every level. What he try’s to do in this podcast is closing that gap between the experts and the public and develop philosophy geeks everywhere, which I am happily one of them. As any other podcast, it is obvious when listening to it, that the more Stephen west does this podcast the better the show becomes. But the show exceeded my expectations and gained my admiration somewhere around the episode where he talks about Thomas Hobbes ( eps26) and this is mostly because after that episode, the podcast turns into something organized, with a clear purpose, and a clear path. I have caught up to the latest episode as this moment that i am writing this review. And I can just say it’s been quite a thrilling ride. He definitely does his research, puts the time, and comes up with a plan for each episode. I have been recommending this podcast to all my friends religiously. And am quite happy to be a fan of the show. If you want to have a glimpse of what this podcast is really about maybe it’s best to skip the initial episodes and start with Thomas Hobbes. However, I am sure that after some time you will go back and start again from the beginning.
Irresponsible message during a PANDEMIC!
An episode of this podcast (which I used to enjoy) was released the same day the US death toll from COVID-19 rose to more than 2,000. Here’s what was said that made me unsubscribe: “This person might look out on that same dangerous world and think ‘look the world I was born into is danger. What am I going to do, hide from it my entire life? No I’m not going to live my life viewing other people around me as merely catalysts of danger. Something to avoid. There’s more to life then spending my life cooped up inside feeling safe just because I happen to still be alive. I’m going to go out and live, and if it’s my time to go at some point, at least I can go knowing I had a good run.’” I would urge every person who cares about the health and safety of their community, country and people in general to unsubscribe and stop contributing.
Through the struggles
This man got me through all my 18 months of being in placement n taught me more than any of my teachers combined
Definitely worth the listen and I’m only on the 2nd episode. Interesting and mind engaging. From your intro it sounds as if they will only get better.
Great for the lay person
I listened to this on a recommendation and it has been a well-paced introduction to philosophy for me
Stephen, thank you for creating accessible content about a challenging topic! I’ve been trying on my own forever to learn more about philosophy but everything I’ve tried reading or listening to is very dense. You make it fun and easy! Plus, I feel very smart :) so thank you again for creating this awesome podcast. Truly amazing!
I'm going to UP my contribution
Steven: I'm going to UP my contribution. I don't have a problem with advertisements. I listen to Tim Ferris and he does ads for the first 5 minutes or so - and some of the ads are worth knowing about. Bottom line is I hoping you NEVER stop your podcasts. I also listen to Sam Harris, and he does an RSS feed which works out really well - people that subscribe get some extented podcasts. Works great. Your podcasts changed my life in so many ways I can't count them all. I'll never stop supporting your work -hang in there, do whatever you need to do to stay on the air.
Great Podcast
Talin StrongBlade
Very accessible podcast on the big thinkers of Philosophy. The host is knowledge and down to earth and explains complex topics well. A joy to listen to.
Favorite Podcast
Andy J. Miller
What a gift this. Thank you!
Best philosophy class
This is the philosophy class I wish I had in college. Very thoughtful and lays out the philosophies well.
Philosophy at its Best!
I have listened to this podcast since it’s inception and I’m hooked! This takes what could be a very dry topic and delivers it in a way that makes me want more. Thanks and great job!
I love this podcast!
Busy daddy-o
I love this podcast. Topics are dynamic and easy for novice and philosophy students alike. It’s easy to listen to, covering a lot of topics ranging from the well-known to somewhat obscure. The downside is episodes don’t come out fast enough.
My Favorite Podcast
I’ve listened to each episode at least three times... learn to think about the world differently, and understand yourself along the way!
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