Thank you!
I love this podcast. I need this podcast. Thanks, Vish!
Great stuff
JL Mayer
Love this podcast! My favorites are episodes on Fugazi, the more Fugazi in the world the better!
Love it
Nate Rumble
Great podcast
great podcast, wide range of guests, we need more stuff like this.
love the alan vega memorial
A guy who doesn't "game"
long time listener, but this was great. thank you
One of the best podcasts out there
Reuters B
If you're even remotely interested in music, look into this podcast. Vish Khanna is a friendly, engaging interviewer and his guests are a joy to listen to. Can't recommend it enough.
My kind of podcast. Don't stop. I'll keep listening.
Excellent array of topics covering the arts by a smart host
Swordfish Maltempi
I’ve particularly enjoyed the musical acts Vish has covered, and interviewed. It’s difficult to find a capable host willing to shine the light on the artists that are heard on Creative Kontrol. Dom NY
Vish is one of the best interviewers out there.
TOP NOTCH PODCAST !! It's like FreshAir for Indie Bands. I listen to every show even if I don't know the artist. 9 times out of 10 I'm familiar with the artist but I always listen and learn something cool I didn't know, have a chuckle or two, and more than half the time I end up checking the music out live or buy the records. And I don't even live in this mystical place in Canada he calls 'Gwelf'. I live in Portland. GREAT SHOW!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
Interviews with the best
This podcast seems to be the be all end all of interviews with indie/underground artists. Mostly musicians, some writers, dancers,etc. All are fascinating. What a treat to have this podcast!
Malkmus Interview
Great interview with Malkmus. Awesome to hear your son singing Pavement! My 15 year old daughter also listens to pavement. She likes Carrot Rope and Major Leagues. I try to get her into Gold Soundz, Trigger Cut, and Frontwards, but I guess those cuts are too deep. Keep up the great work. I hope Malk gets to hear you guys singning that was pretty cool.
Great Show
Normally I hate remote interviews, but this is a really entertaining podcast by someone who seems to know a lot about his guests.
Great Name Guests, sometimes good results
Khanna pulls in a "Who's Who" of indie rock, but he doesn't always click with the guests. In some shows he puts the interviewees on guard by asking unecessary questions that might get their dander up (like pressing Steve Albini to talk about Courtney Love). Other times he doesn't seem to have much to ask them and ends up focusing on something he is interested in, rather than trying a topic that could get the guest talking (like asking Mark Arm about a Nirvana re-release (?). This can become a really good show if Khanna creates a comfortable space for the interviewees to talk and allows for discussions that flow outside of promotion of the latest album or tour.
Great Podcast!
Very insightful interviewer! Definitely does his homework and asks interesting and original questions that his guests probably aren't used to. Highly recommend this!
excellent show!
If you love great music and the stories behind it you will love this show! Vish, unlike lots of other interviewers, knows his music , does his research and produces great interviews.
You'll like this the Kreative Krontol podcast. Vish interviews some of my favorite musicians from Sonic Youth to Jesus Lizard. This podcast is in my constant rotation now. Much love.
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