June 10, 2019
With GoT officially wrapped the full ToB crew sat down to catch up on all the stories we’ve been neglecting over the past couple months. Multiple casting confirmations, including a new Batman for both the small and big screens, Idris Elba joining Suicide Squad, and, somehow, James Gunn’s return to Marvel Studios. All this plus at least a million new movie trailers, and what seems like a never-ending stream of Star Wars news. Time to get back to business, enjoy.
May 29, 2019
For the past nine years we've shared a piece of our collective Sundays and we weren't quite ready for that to end. A week removed from the finale the ToB crew got together to record another Live show and discuss the season with the benefit of a couple nights' sleep. After a quick overview of the season, and series at-large, the conversation naturally turned to the characters; the people and interweaving events that made the show so endearing.The dour bastard boy with a white wolf and a secret destiny; the scrawny little girl changing names and faces until finding her own; the man without honour who had to lose his sword to earn his knighthood; the one they called a half-man who rose above the bitterness and shaped the history of Westeros; the crippled boy, full of dreams, who traveled to the end of the world and back again; the naive, enchanted young lady who became a formidable political force, commanding nations, demanding respect; the bitter lioness who held too tightly, smothered her cubs, and poisoned a country; and of course, the prodigal princess who ignited the world only to fall victim to the corruption she fought against Turns out the show went longer than expected. Turns out it's hard not to.If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts, and check out to become one of our latest patrons.
May 22, 2019
Here we are at last: Journey's End. After nearly a decade of plots and betrayals, wars and magic, politics and prophesies the Song of Ice and Fire has come to an end, The final season has been nothing if not controversial, but still represents the culmination of a series that captivated countless fans around the world, and has irrevocably influenced all our lives. This has been a transformative experience both for us personally and for pop culture in general. We truly appreciate the tight, vocal community we've stumbled into and look forward to finding new and better ways to engage with you all. Tyrion searches for, hoping never to find, the remnants of his family; Jon comes to terms with the devastation of King's Landing; Grey Worm protects Dany's interests, with the unflinching Iron Fist of a zealot; the Mad Queen proclaims her final solution; Tyrion abandons his role as Hand of the Queen; Dany finally reaches her ancestral throne; Tyrion helps Jon see an unpleasant reality; and Jon Snow, the Prince who was Promised, sacrifices his true love to protect the realm. All things must end, as all men must die, and yet.. The road goes ever on and on...
May 15, 2019
The penultimate episode of each season is typically cataclysmic and, being the final season, S8E5 really took this trend and ran with it. While this will likely prove to be one of the most divisive and, to some, unforgivable episodes, it was nothing if not surprising. I don’t wanna get into it here, but the condensed nature of this season is having some serious repercussions. Dany is betrayed once again, the Northern army camps outside King’s Landing, Tyrion pleads for one last chance at peace, Arya and the Hound infiltrate the capital, the Lannister brother share a solemn farewell, Qyburn tries to protect his Queen, the Iron Fleet burns in Blackwater Bay, The Hound finally faces his fraternal nemesis (foe if you’re into alliteration), the Lannister army surrenders to the invaders, and the bells of King’s Landing ring desperately for salvation, before all hell breaks loose… Arya struggles to survive the calamity, the Northern army gives in to their bloodlust, a wounded Jaime comforts Cersei, while the city without honour crumbles, as Daenerys Targaryen, first of her name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, burns them all.
May 8, 2019
With the Long Night averted we all needed an episode to decompress, surviving characters included. The episode opens with the aftermath of the battle as the remaining characters light funeral pyres, hail the victorious dead, and prepare their depleted forces for one last fight. Jaime and Brienne play a drinking game, Daenerys recognizes Gendry’s usefulness, Tormund challenges basically anyone to a drinking contest, Dany demands Jon keep his true name secret, Sansa forswears herself in front of the Heart Tree, Arya reunites with the Hound, Tyrion defends Dany’s leadership qualities, the Northern armies honour their promises to Dany, Varys hatches a desperate plot, Cersei is offered a final chance at peace, and Dany is punished for her clemency.
April 30, 2019
As far back as the Season 1 prologue the White Walkers have been an omnipresent and insidious undercurrent of the series; while the Great Houses squabbled over precedent, weddings, trials, and subterfuge, the Army of the Dead was slowly building power in the North. Now their time has come. The Long Night, the Battle for the Dawn, the greatest battle sequence ever put to film, call it what you will the episode delivered an intense and harrowing experience. From the final fiery charge of the Dothraki, to the iron will of the Unsullied foot, to the relentless, merciless onslaught of the Army of the Dead, the episode is filled with the epic battle sequences we’ve come to expect from director Miguel Sapochnik, as well as some intimate character moments in the face of insurmountable odds. This is Day battling Night, Hope in the face of Despair, Life vs. Death… Ice and Fire.
April 23, 2019
ToB is back to breakdown Season 8 Episode 2: “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, which proves to be a predominantly light, genuinely heartwarming, and endlessly joyful episode; a rarity among GoT episodes and feels almost too good to be true.. Jaime receives a cold welcome in Winterfell, Dany questions Tyrion’s value as the Hand of the Queen, Brienne vouches for the Kingslayer, Theon vows to protect Bran, the remnants of The Night’s Watch reunite in Winterfell, Arya celebrates life in the face of imminent death, Dany opens up to Sansa, Tormund tells a campfire story, Jon reveals his true identity to Daenerys, Jorah once again wields a Valyrian Steel sword, and Brienne earns a title befitting of her character… all whilst preparing for the greatest battle of their lives. This is the deep breath before the plunge and it is a celebration of the characters, relationships, and story that has brought us to this point. Game of Thrones Theme: Orchestral Cover - Rihards Libietis Orchestra If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts, and check out to become one of our latest patrons. Don’t forget to head over to and use code: babble10 for 10% off your order of their fabulous GoT Character Socks
April 16, 2019
Here we are at last, the much-anticipated Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 "Winterfell" has arrived. Eight years of intricate storytelling, twists, turns, betrayals, plots and schemes have been leading up to this point (I know, plots and schemes are the same thing).  This is the beginning of the end and, with so much riding on it, the first episode manages to exceed expectations while maintaining an impressive pace and plenty of heart.  Daenerys' army arrives in Winterfell, the Army of the Dead encroaches on the North, Euron delivers the Golden Company to King's Landing, the Northern Lords question Jon's leadership, Tormund and Beric explore the home of House Umber, Arya reunites with Jon Snow, Dany admits to the execution of Sam's family, the Night King leaves a grisly warning at Last Hearth, Jon (finally) learns of his true parentage, and Jaime comes face to face with a ghost from his past.  Game of Thrones Theme: Electric Guitar Cover - Kfir Ochaion If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts, and check out to become one of our latest patrons.
April 9, 2019
We’re only a week away from the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones. It’s a sad and unfortunate reality. I know you probably want to soak up as much GoT over the next 6 weeks as you possibly can, and luckily ToB is here to help.
March 27, 2019
With a cold gust of wind, and snow the season 2 rewatch comes to an end. Just in time too, because the eighth and final season looms large on the horizon. Julian and Daniel look back at season 2 as a whole and discuss the details of this finale. A finale that capped off what was widely considered to be one of the shows worst seasons. Though it’s hard to deny that it was sometimes rocky and poorly paced, Game of Thrones’ sophomore season still has a lot to love, especially on a rewatch. With hindsight, and a deeper knowledge of the world, certain moments shine bright as they drip with subtext and foreshadowing. All the more casting a larger shadow on the season’s less than stellar scenes. In the season 2 finale Tyrion is stripped of all his power, Littlefinger is gifted a castle, Varys recruits a new spy, Jamie and Brienne are questioned on the road, Sansa is released from an obligation, Robb makes a questionable decision, Stannis has regrets, Theon rallies the troops, Arya stays with her friends, Bran says goodbye to an old friend, Jon earns some respect, Dany is tempted by ghosts of her past and future, and Sam stares death in the eye (for some reason).
March 20, 2019
With the War of the Five Kings ravaging the Riverlands, Stannis brings the fights to the Lannister’s front door in the first of the series’ full-episode battle sequences. Tyrion rallies the city’s defenders, Davos leads the royal fleet into battle, Cersei drinks, The Hound loses his nerve, Sansa comforts the ladies of the court, Cersei drinks, Bronn springs Tyrion’s trap, Stannis climbs the walls of King’s Landing, Tywin meets with the Tyrell forces, while Cersei prepares to take one final drink.
March 12, 2019
Having missed the latest trailer by mere hours last week, the guys start off with some brief reactions to this and some other Season 8 news before diving into the the episode. Yara arrives in Winterfell, Jon reunites with the Halfhand, Tywin marshals his forces at Harrenhal, Robb forsakes his vow, Catelyn releases her sworn enemy, Tyrion prepares for the siege of King’s Landing, Arya gives Jaqen her final name, Dany hides from the King of Qarth, Cersei threatens to harm Tyrion’s lover, Jaime probes for kinks in Brienne’s armour, Davos is named Hand of the King, and Osha keeps Bran and Rickon safe in the crypts. Game of Thrones Theme: Double Bass Solo Cover - Teseoguitar If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts, and check out to become one of our latest patrons.
March 6, 2019
Theon loses his prisoners and his cool, Jon and Ygritte butt heads, Tywin enjoys Arya’s company, Robb receives Cersei’s envoy, Ser Alton helps Jaime escape, Dany desperately searches for her dragons, Cersei teaches Sansa the joys of womanhood, Xaro Xoan Daxos stages a coup, Catelyn defuses tensions amongst the Northmen, the Wildlings capture a valuable prisoner, Pyat Pree reveals the dragons’ location, Catelyn meets with Jaime for the last time, and two small bodies are hung above Winterfell’s gate. Plus, with February come and gone, we announce the winner of our first Patreon giveaway! Huge thanks to all those who have contributed to the show, past and present, we hope to do much more of this kind of stuff going forward. Game of Thrones Theme Cover (feat. Brooke Wilson) - Blazé: If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts, and check out to become one of our latest patrons.
February 28, 2019
Things start to ramp back up this week as the Ironborn take Winterfell, damning Theon in the process, Jon meets a new wildling, Littlefinger visits Tywin at Harrenhal and nearly blows Aria’s cover, Jaqen H'ghar grants another wish, Marcella is shipped to Dorn, a riot breaks out in the streets of Kings Landing, Danny negotiates (poorly) for ships in Qarth, Robb continues to court Talisa, and Osha helps the young Starks escape.
February 20, 2019
King Renly’s campaign comes to an end, Dany mingles with the Qartheen nobility, The Night’s Watch reaches an ancient stronghold, Cersei withhold’s valuable information, Stannis absorbs the remnants of his brother’s army, Arya serves at Twin’s war council, Tyrion visits the Alchemist’s Guild, Xaro demonstrates his ambition, Jon embarks on a covert mission, and Arya whispers her first name to the God of Death.
February 13, 2019
Robb wins another surprise victory but Sansa pays the price, Tyrion offers Joffrey a belated nameday gift, Littlefinger arrives at Renly’s camp with the Lannister’s terms, Daenerys travels to Qarth, Arya is brought to Harrenhal and quickly adds new names to her list, Talisa chastises the King in the North, Catelyn is reunited with Ned, Tywin chooses a new cupbearer, the Baratheon brothers meet one final time, and Xaro Xoan Daxos invokes Sumai… whatever that is. Game of Thrones Theme Cover by Allan Preetham If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts and head over to to become one of our latest patrons.
February 6, 2019
Picking up immediately following last week’s cliffhanger, Episode three maintains the slow-burn and deep character work that make Game of Thrones so endearing. Craster evicts the Night’s Watch, Catelyn meets the full chivalry of the South, Tyrion conspires to forge a new alliance, Brienne earns her place in Renly’s Kingsguard, Cersei torments Sansa over dinner, Balon reveals his war plans, Varys poses an iconic riddle, Arya loses another mentor, and Theon… Theon is just the worst New bonuses announced for Patreon subscribers! Check it out and help support the show to get fun extra bonuses (Including additional ToB content)! Head over to for all the details and become one of our very first patrons. Game of Thrones Theme: Piano Cover ft. Igor Kratovic - Smart Classical Piano If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts.
January 30, 2019
Its week two in the ToB rewatch series, Julian and Dan are back to breakdown Season 2 Episode 2: “The Night Lands”. While the season is still building momentum this episode focused mostly on some much appreciated character development… mixed with a bunch of naked people. Yoren defends Gendry from the Gold Cloaks, Varys makes his presence known, Sam tries to save Gilly, Rakharo returns to the Khalasar, Craster gives the gods their due, Arya reveals herself to a friend, Theon receives a rude awakening, Janos Slynt is duly rewarded for his service, and Westeros’ two newest kings draw up their battle plans. New bonuses announced for Patreon subscribers! Check it out and help support the show to get fun extra bonuses (Including additional ToB content)! Head over to for all the details and become one of our very first patrons. Game of Thrones Theme: Violin Cover - Duo Laruan If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts.
January 23, 2019
ToB Breakdowns are back! We aren’t patient enough to wait for Season 8, so the ToB crew is back for a Season 2 re-watch series! We all know how smoothly 2 leads into 8, right? Julian and Dan got together to breakdown Season 2 Episode 1: “The North Remembers”; which somehow manages to touch base with all major story arcs without feeling too erratic. Joffrey celebrates his name-day; Tyrion embraces his new position in the capital; Jaime tries to provoke Robb; Jon meets a true Northman; Bran acts as de facto lord of Winterfell; Cersei accepts Tyrion’s help, out of desperation; and Dany makes her own desperate decisions. Fair warning: this episode went a little long, but it’s been awhile since we’ve had the chance to talk GoT… We also have a very special announcement to make! We’re launching a Patreon! A new exciting way to help support the show and get fun extra bonuses (Including additional ToB content)! Head over to for all the details and become one of our very first patrons. Game of Thrones Theme: 11 Instruments - One Man Band Cover - TheMultiplayer
August 6, 2018
With the first appearance of dragons, season one of Game of Thrones comes to an end. Julian and Dan sit down to discuss all the nitty-gritty details of the show's first season finale as the youngest Stark's have visions, things get even worse for Sansa, Arya becomes Arry, Tyrion gets a new job, Jon tries to desert, the Lannisters retreat, and Danny acquires three new friends.
July 31, 2018
A day late but never a dollar short, Julian and Dan break down the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones' inaugural season. The guys discuss how the iconic ending overshadows a stellar episode in which Ned puts family first, Catelyn brokers a deal with Walder Frey, Tyrion meets a new friend, Robb wins a major victory, Jon receives a gift, Drogo falls ill and Danny makes a difficult decision.
July 23, 2018
With three new shows in three weeks I think we can officially call this a new a streak. Unfortunately, it won't last long as we're quickly coming up to the end of this season one rewatch. This week, Julian and Dan tackle the eighth episode of the season: "The Pointy End", which finds Ned in the Black Cells, life getting tough for the Stark girls, Rob raising an army, Danny having a crises of conscience, and Jon facing a new threat.
July 16, 2018
Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence; so we'll hold off until our S1E8 breakdown before calling this a new streak, but we're back for the second straight week to break down more Game of Thrones goodness for you! This week Julian and Daniel discuss Robert's last wishes, Ned's continued blunders, Jon's vows, Danny's brush with death, and much more!
July 10, 2018
After a long, and unexpected, hiatus Julian and Daniel are back to break down the second half of Game of Thrones season one. Our most sincere apologies for dropping off the face of the known world. In this episode the guys discuss Ned's reinstatement as Hand, Robert's boar hunt, Tyrion's trial by "combat", and Drogo's gift for Viserys. Plus, Lookout for a special message to begin the show laying out the plan for the rest of the season. Cheers!
March 15, 2018
Tyrion finds himself on the Eastern Road, Ser Barristan stands vigil for the fallen knight Ser Hugh, after losing to Ser Loras a furious Gregor Clegane goes berserk, forcing the Hound to intervene, Bran attends his world history class, Arya stumbles across ancient Dragon skulls in the dungeon, Yoren warns Ned of Tyrion's abduction, Robert issues an assassination order, Ned abandons his role as Hand, Jaime confronts Ned and Jory outside Littlefinger's brothel, and the first observable blow is struck.
March 7, 2018
Tyrion visits Bran with a gift, Drogo's Khalasar arrives in Vaes Dothrak, Ned follows Jon Arryn's trail, the Hand's tourney begins, Jon protects a new recruit at the Wall, Ser Hugh rides against the Mountain, Viserys vents his frustration, Sansa hears the story of the Mountain and the Hound, and Catelyn confronts Tyrion at the Inn at the Crossroads.
February 28, 2018
Ned meets the Lords of the Small Council, Bran wakes up with no memory of his "accident", Catelyn and Rodrik try to sneak into the capital, Daenerys learns that she is with child, Jon embarrasses the other recruits, Arya refuses to forgive Sansa for the tragedy on the Kingsroad, Jorah rides for Qohor, Tyrion meets with the Commanders of the Night's Watch, and Arya meets her Dancing Master.
February 21, 2018
Julian and Dan are back to break down Episode 2: "The Kingsroad" in which: the Royal procession prepares to leave Winterfell, Dany tries to cope with the Dothraki lifestyle, Tyrion decides to visit the Wall, Jon Snow bids farewell to the Starks, Robert and Ned butt heads over the Targaryen threat, and Sansa finally meets her prince, only to see his true colours on the Kingsroad.
February 14, 2018
Surprise! Happy Valentines Day, Game of Thrones friends. With the final season not set to premiere until 2019 the wait for season 8 feels unbearable. Fortunately, Julian and Daniel are here to ease the pain and deliver some Game of Thrones goodness during this "long night". Join the guys as they break down every single scene from Game of Thrones inaugural season, and bath in the nostalgia of what became the start of a phenomenon.
September 12, 2017
This week's episode includes our review of Marvel's The Defenders. A short 15 minute, spoiler free review of Netflix's latest superhero fare. This is an excerpt from The Tower of Babble Podcast. Our news and reviews show covering a broader range of topics in the geek world. If you're looking for more ToB content; this is it.
September 5, 2017
The 7th and penultimate season is over and it's time to look back and reflect on the season that was. Julian and Daniel discuss the season as a whole and give their overall thoughts on the state of the series. After that it's time for predictions, speculation and prognostication as the guys turn their gaze to the future and look ahead at what might happen in the 8th and final season. But it doesn't end there! Fan questions are answered, prizes are awarded, donors are thanked and much more in what is the final ToB Breakdown of the year!
August 29, 2017
That's it. Another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone. With this year's finale now behind us, the question becomes did they stick the landing on what has been a somewhat rocky season? Julian and Daniel sit down to provide an answer to that complicated question and in the process dissect every detail of this week's extended 80 minute episode. An episode that saw Danny and Cersei finally meet, Tyrion make a plea, Sam and Bran come to a profound realization, Sansa and Arya put aside their differences, Jaime's and Cersei part ways and, Jon and Danny consummate a budding romance. Oh and The Wall fell.
August 22, 2017
Game of Thrones storms back from last week's disappointing outing with an action packed episode that also featured some great character moments and a shocking ending. Unfortunately it also spent a lot of time on the much maligned conflict between the Stark sisters. However, with this episode coming in as the longest in series history at 70 min, it's easy to look past the short comings as they used that extra time to showcase another thrilling action set piece.
August 15, 2017
Last week we were treated to one of Game of Thrones best episodes of the series. This week we got "Eastwatch", an episode that many would agree took a step back from the lofty heights of last week. Julian and Daniel break down upwards of 20 distinct scenes that saw Danny set an ultimatum, Jon make new friends, Jaime and Tyrion have a meeting, Cersei reveal a secret, Sam depart from Oldtown, Sansa and Arya bicker and the return of a long lost character. Oh and Bran sent some ravens.
August 8, 2017
Marking just over half way through this penultimate season HBO delivered one of the best episodes of series this week. Not only was it perfectly paced it also came with a stunning surprise ending that had us on the edge of our seat. This episode saw Cersei pay down the crowns debt, Bran receive a gift, Arya return home, Jon offer advice to Danny and, Jaime's army ambushed.
August 1, 2017
It's episode three and the season's pace won't let up. Julian and Daniel breakdown this week's hectic episode wherein: Jon and Davos travel to Dragonstone, Melisandre takes her leave, Sansa leads the North in Jon's absence, Euron presents his gifts to Cersei, Jon refuses to bend the knee, the Three-Eyed Raven comes to Winterfell, Cersei savours her revenge, the Unsullied lay siege to Casterly Rock, while Jaime launches a siege of his own.
July 25, 2017
Game of Thrones really picked up the pace as they set up some exciting character meetings and toss a wrench into the works for Danny. Julian and Daniel dissect the latest episode in which all the major parties prepare for war. Daenerys assembles her commanders, Arya meets an old friend, the Lannister's rally their remaining allies, Jorah receives a prognosis, Jon and Littlefinger visit the Winterfell crypts, Arya meets another old friend, the Greyjoy's sail for Dorne, Cersei faces the Black Dread, and the King in the North prepares to meet the Mother of Dragons.
July 18, 2017
It's been a long wait but Game of Thrones has finally returned. With that comes the return of the Tower of Babble Breakdowns with Julian and Daniel here to break down every detail. Let's jump right in. This week Arya continues her revenge mission (and chats with a pop star), Cersei and Jaime take stock of their situation, Jon and Sansa prepare for war, Dany reaches Dragonstone, The Hound has a moment of clarity and Sam... washes chamber pots?
May 13, 2017
Surprise! Julian and Daniel are back for another off-season ToB Breakdown episode. HBO just announced that it was going forward with a Game of Thrones spin-off (probably a prequel). Four different writers plus George RR Martin himself are involved in putting together speck scripts for four different possible shows. The guys discuss possible time periods for these spin-offs and debate the value of exploring past events and characters. Quick Reminder: Our season seven GoFundMe campaign is in full swing and has reached 30% of its funding goal. Huge thanks to all of you who have already donated but there's still a long way to go. Luckily there's still lots of time. So head over to and help us improve the show! If you can't afford a donation you can be just as helpful and supportive by remembering to Subscribe and leave a nice review on iTunes.
April 8, 2017
This time last year we were gearing up for another season of Game of Thrones. Looking back, we didn't know how good we had it, because a year later we're still waiting until July before we get back to Westeros. We've been feeling the withdraw like a milk of the poppy addict and we're sure you are too so we sat down to preview the coming season to ease the pain. We discuss everything we know about season seven, dissect the teaser trailer and then make some story predictions. To close out the show we lay out our plans for our season seven GoFundMe campaign and come hat in hand asking for your patronage. If you've been enjoying all of our Game of Thrones Breakdowns for the last several years and have been aching to give back, here's your chance! Help us improve the show by heading over to and you'll receive some awesome rewards!
December 14, 2016
Subscribe to The Tower of Babble Podcast: iTunes: Stitcher: GooglePlay: RSS: With the end of the year comes new hopes and aspirations. Well for those of us a part of the Tower of Babble Podcast Network our New Years resolution is the same as every year. To provide the highest level of entertainment every single week and to strive to improve every show. So we hope we can convince you to come along for the ride. With Game of Thrones still a couple months away we encourage you to join us over at The Tower of Babble Podcast. The show that started everything we do and one in which we provide new content every week all year round! Look for the links to subscribe in the description or head to our website: In a segment cut from last week's Episode 88, the guys discuss the 90's sitcom Friends. But more to the point, what happened to the traditional television sitcom that was the staple for many people growing up. The Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends of the world seem to be gone. Why? They also chat about Star Wars and debate the merits of reading over listening to an audio book. Enjoy!
October 13, 2016
Welcome to the Tower of Babble Network's latest podcast: Westworld: Tower of Babble Breakdown. This is a show where in we will be discussing the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy created, HBO original series, Westworld. We will review and and recap each weeks episode while discussing possible theories and having in-depth conversations related to the show's characters, concepts and more. We are excited to announce this new show to you, Game of Thrones fans, because we know how much you appreciate quality television drama. Westworld is right up our, and we hope your, alley. Its high concept sci-fi fun with amazing acting and we cant wait to talk more about it. That being said, this is the only Westworld themed content you'll see on this feed after this episode. It will remain Game of Thrones focused. However, we do encourage you to join us on this Westworld journey by subscribing to the podcast over on iTunes.
July 5, 2016
Julian and Dan are back for a Game of Thrones Season Six Bonus Episode! After last week's finale there was so much to discuss we couldn't fit it all into one episode. So this week we're here to recap all the main storylines from season six, answer a bunch of questions from the listeners and look ahead at season seven. We also give our predictions on where all our favorite characters will end up and examine the list of directors who will be helming the (possible) penultimate season.
June 29, 2016
Game of Thrones' tenth episode provided a climactic and emotional season finale, putting a nice little ribbon on every major plotline. The Babble Boys fought through some pacing/continuity issues (as well as a wicked hangover) to delve into this gigantic episode in another live edition of our ToB Breakdowns. Cersei proves she's still a force to be reckoned with, Sam arrives in Oldtown, Arya enjoys sweet, sweet vengeance, a new King in the North is declared, Bran FINALLY completes the Tower of Joy vision, and Daenerys sets her house in order before FINALLY setting sail for Westeros. This week's Game of Thrones theme isn't a theme at all. In homage of the great score used in the season six finale I chose to use a track from the season six original soundtrack. The piece is called "The Light of the Seven", composed by Ramin Djawadi.
June 21, 2016
It's that time of year again. The traditionally epic episode nine for the latest season of Game of Thrones is upon us and it's a doozy! "Battle of the Bastards" was billed as the largest battle Game of Thrones has ever put to screen and it surpassed all of our expectations. It may very well be the most impressive battle of this scale ever seen on television period, let alone just on Game of Thrones. But it wouldn't be GoT if they didn't throw in a curveball or two. We all expected a clash in the North but how many of thought you'd see some dragons rain down fire from the sky as well? Bet you didn't see that coming! Or that Jon would make some terrible strategic mistakes? Well maybe that one was easier to predict. That being said, as amazing as the spectacle was, there were some important story and character developments to explore and Julian Meush and Daniel D'Souza are here to unpack it all and delve into every detail of this nearly perfect hour of television.
June 14, 2016
The ToB Crew sit down to discuss the latest episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. Season six, episode eight: "No One", is quick to squash a few fan theories and moves the remaining pieces into position for next week's massive "Battle of the Bastards". The whole affair is jam packed with a lot of fun moments but it's the emotional beats that stood out the most. Particularly one scene between Jamie and Edmure, who finally gets some dialogue that is well worth the wait. Tyrion gets to tell some jokes before his plans come crashing down. Arya fights back against The Waif. Cersei plans hit a significant roadblock. The Hound goes hunting while Brienne and Jamie have a touching reunion. We dissect every detail while untangling the web of theories and predictions surrounding the approaching season six finale.
June 7, 2016
The ToB crew is back to unpack the season's seventh episode "The Broken Man"; another somewhat slower but still enjoyable episode. The titular character monopolizes the episode, though there is still room for Jon and Sansa to go on a recruiting spree, the High Sparrow to target the Queen of Thorns, also, Jaime arrives at Riverrun to offer terms, Cersei admits her mistakes, and Arya discovers just how dangerous Braavos can be.
May 31, 2016
Julian and Dan get together to break down Season 6 Episode 6: "Blood of my Blood". The episode offers a slight change of pace, though not an unwelcome one, as we touch in with some overlooked or underappreciated storylines that are quickly becoming more interesting. Bran flees the carnage of the White Walkers, Sam and Gilly arrive at Horn Hill, Arya makes a fateful decision, the Tyrells march on the High Sparrow, Tommen and Margaery make a deal, Jaime is sent to Riverrun, and Daenerys rallies her newfound army.
May 24, 2016
It's episode 5 and this season just keeps getting better and better. Julian and Dan breakdown this emotionally charged episode, which has proven to be another classic for the series, and one of our favourites to date. "The Door" is everything we know, love, and have come to expect from a Game of Thrones episode; combining political intrigue and genuine human conflict with a world of fantasy, magic, and mystery. Arya is faced with a new and dubious mission, Jon and Sansa plan to retake the North, the birth of the White Walkers is revealed, Jorah is given his final command, Tyrion invites a new ally to Meereen, the Ironborn hold a historic Kingsmoot, and, while testing his new abilities, Bran provokes an ancient enemy.
May 16, 2016
Julian and Daniel sit down to discuss the latest episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. And boy what an episode it was! Stark children are reunited, plots are hatched and Khals are burned! It was certainly a busy episode and one that had more happiness and joy (Sorry Osha!) than we've in some time. Beyond all of that, the gripping story in the North continued to escalate while Dany's took a drastic step forward. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the less than thrilling plotlines in King's Landing and Meereen. Regardless, we dissect them all. (Except for the Theon and Yara scene. We forgot about that one entirely. Which should speak volumes about what we think of that plotline.)
May 9, 2016
Julian and Dan breakdown the season's third episode "Oathbreaker", which is once again bookended by the North and features the fallout of Jon's resurrection, Sam's voyage to Oldtown, the highly anticipated Tower of Joy sequence, more grasping for power by the remaining Lannisters, a couple small council meetings, Daenerys meeting the Dosh Khaleen, some classic Varys, Rickon and Osha returning to Winterfell, and Jon dealing with the oath breakers at Castle Black.
May 3, 2016
Season 6 Episode 2 continues with the fast pace that episode one introduced and, in true Game of Thrones fashion, incites more questions than it answers, although it answers some pretty big ones. Julian and Dan sit down for a full breakdown of the events, their potential outcomes, and some wild speculation over where these story lines might take us next. Bran dreams of his home, while Cersei is held prisoner in her own, the loyalist's hold their ground at Castle Black, Tyrion braves the dragonpit, Ramsay assumes power in the North, Sansa and Theon part ways, Balon Greyjoy is surprised by a rude homecoming, and the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch comes home at last. Game of Thrones Theme: Western Cover - BenDan Productions
April 25, 2016
It's Game of Thrones season once again, and this year's premiere episode happily lines up with the Tower of Babble's third birthday! Julian and Daniel sit down to quickly get up to date and lay out some expectations before jumping into one of Game of Thrones' best season openers yet. This episode picks up almost immediately where last season ended and catches us up with Jon's remaining brothers at Castle Black, the aftermath of the battle for Winterfell and Sansa and Theon/Reek's escape, Jaime returning to King's Landing, as well as turmoil in both Dorne and Meereen, Daenerys' long walk to Vaes Dothrak, and a little Red Woman magic to give the episode its name. Happy Anniversary ToB fans! Thanks for listening!
June 18, 2015
It has come to that time once again, another season finale for Game of Thrones. Season five has seen its ups and downs but the tenth episode really left us with a sour taste in our mouths. Julian and Daniel sit down to discuss all the major plot points this week as well as give our take on what we think might come in season six. The show left enough loose ends that the speculating and theorizing for the next ten months will be excruciating. Last but not least, we delve deep into the major event that concluded the season and talk about how it effected us as viewers (or in Daniel's case, a reader) and whether it was the right note to end a season on.
June 10, 2015
Julian and Daniel sit down to discuss the penultimate episode of the season. Typically Game of Thrones saves some big moments for their ninth episodes but did they do enough to top last weeks snowy showdown beyond the wall? Stannis makes an impossible decision, Jon returns to The Wall, Jamie makes a deal, Arya comes face to face with her past and Dany gets some unexpected help. The guys break down every major plot point but surprise even themselves with how much their opinions of this episode differed. One thought this weeks offering was a pretty big disappointment and the other thought it was on par with some of the best of the season. Listen in to found out who's on which side. Which side are you on? Leave a comment below, reach out to us on twitter or shoot us an email with your opinion on this weeks episode. Game of Thrones Theme: Flute Cover - Bevani Subscribe and rate us on iTunes to give us your feedback! For those of you new to the podcast, we don't spoil anything past this episode and would ask you to leave any spoilers out of any comments or questions. Thank you.
June 1, 2015
Apologies for the late post last week. To make up for it we woke up extra early Monday morning to record this weeks Game of Thrones ToB Breakdown. And boy was it a doozy of an episode. Tyrion and Jorrah make their case to Dany, Arya becomes someone else, Sansa learns a secret, the Boltons strategize, Cersei is asked to confess and Jon arrives to Hardhome just in time to face off against the army of the dead. Game of Thrones Theme - Boyce Avenue acoustic cover Subscribe and rate us on iTunes to give us your feedback! For those of you new to the podcast, we don't spoil anything past this episode and would ask you to leave any spoilers out of any comments or questions. Thank you.
May 28, 2015
Sorry for the delay on the post this week. On the bright side, we fixed the audio issues. This week Julian and Dan sit down to discuss this seasons busiest episode and touch on the fallout from last weeks controversial scene. This week Jon leaves for Hardhome, Sam grieves a death of a friend, Stannis weighs a tough decision, Sansa asks for help, Bron and Jamie are caged, Jorrah and Tyrion reach their destination, Dani indures the fighting pits, Ollena and Littlefinger do some more scheming and Cersei gets some comunpance. In an effort to get the podcast out as soon as possible I didnt include a new Game of Thrones theme cover. We'll be back to our regular format next week.
May 19, 2015
Game of Thrones brought some controversy this week, and as is typically the case with any controversy, made for a great discussion. Julian and Daniel sit down to discuss all the outrage and vitriol as well as the rest of the events of the episode, which included; Arya delving deeper into the world of the Faceless Men, Tyrion and Jorrah running into a bit more trouble, Jamie and Bronn reaching Myrcella, Cersei's schemes in Kings Landing and Sansa's wedding in Winterfell.
May 12, 2015
This week Julian and Daniel discuss how Daenerys' deals with the attack on Grey Worm and Ser Barristan, Jon's plans for the Wildlings, Stannis finally leaving Castle Black, Sana's old/new home and Jorrah and Tyrion's voyage into Old Valeria.
May 5, 2015
This week Daniel and Julian discuss Cersei's power grabbing, Tommon's innocence, Jon's temptations, Stannis' humanity, Bronn and Jamie's voyage to Dorne and unrest in Meereen. Some popular fan theories are also discussed (in a non-spoiler fashion of course) and much more in the weeks Game of Thrones: Tower of Babble Breakdown. Game of Thrones Theme: Electric Guitar Cover by Kfir Ochaion Subscribe and rate us on iTunes to give us your feedback! For those of you new to the podcast, we don't spoil anything past this episode and would ask you to leave any spoilers out of any comments or questions. Thank you.
April 28, 2015
The season's third episode features some of our favourite Game of Thrones moments so far this season; Cersei and Margaery continue to butt heads in King's Landing, the new Warden of the North arrives in Winterfell, Tyrion and Varys reach Volantis, Brienne and Pod get to know each other, and Jon demonstrates his style of leadership.
April 21, 2015
This weeks features something never before seen at any of the Tower of Babble podcasts, a special guest. Our resident Game of Thrones expert is out with Daniel D'Souza on vacation so I turned to the next closest thing, my friend and avid book Game of Thrones book reader, Cliff Fewings. In this weeks episode we discuss the arrival of Aria to Bravos, Cerci trying to consolidate power, Jamie's plans for Dorne, Dorne's plans for the Lannisters, Jon's new job and Danny's continued challenges. Game of Thrones theme: North Cape A'Capella Cover
April 14, 2015
Following what seems to be a Game of Thrones trend, the season opener serves as a sort of refresher; catching us up on all the major plot lines (minus Arya). The Lannister twins mourn their father, Tyrion arrives in Pentos, Daenerys faces the trials of leadership, Varys outlines his plans for Tyrion, and Jon tries to reason with two would-be kings.
June 17, 2014
Season 4 ended off with a bang. Following last weeks battle at The Wall we catch up with almost all the key players before they all take a ten month break. Jon meets Mance, Stannis makes an appearance, Bran reaches his goal, Danni makes a tough choice, Brienne meets The Hound, Cersei makes a stand, Jamie helps his brother and Tyrion confronts his father.
June 10, 2014
Traditionally the ninth episode of every Game of Thrones season delivers something epic. Season 4 does not disappoint with "Watchers on the Wall". Even with all the other amazing moments we've already seen this season. We see giants riding mammoths as the wildling army finally reaches The Wall. This episode never leaves The Wall as Jon learns some lessons in leadership, Sam becomes more of a man and Ygritt sharpens her arrows.
June 3, 2014
In an episode featuring the amazing showdown between Oberyn and the Mountain its disappointing that the rest of the episode didn't live up to those heights. Full points go to the big fight with Tyrion's life in the balance, meanwhile Littlefinger continues to scheme, Sansa grows up, Arya reaches the Eyrie and Daenerys looses an adviser.
May 21, 2014
Tyrion finds a champion, Aria gets more revenge, Jon suggests a radical plan and Littlefinger uses the Moon Door.
May 13, 2014
As is typically the case with Game of Thrones, they followed last weeks plotting episode with one that marks another change to the status quo . Tyrion's trial is really the show stopper this week but we also get some great scenes with Danny, Stannis and finally catch up with Yarra and her attempt to save Theon/Reek.
May 6, 2014
This weeks episode didnt have a lot of plot development but we did get some great character work. Tommen gets crowned, Cersei pines for her daughter, Aria water dances, Sansa meets her aunt and Jon takes on the mutineers.
April 29, 2014
Jaime pays his brother a visit, Margaery learns the truth of Joffrey's murder, Brienne is given a new mission, Jon recruits a ranging party and Craster's final son is born.
April 22, 2014
One week after the royal murder we aren't much closer to finding the truth. Margery laments her luck with husbands, Tywin gets his hooks in Tommen, Oberyn is brought into the fold, the Hound is still a bad guy and the Nights Watch get a new mission. Everything is discussed in this weeks Tower of Babble Game of Thrones breakdown. Today's Game of Thrones theme was The "Smooth" Version by Scott Bradlee ft. Dave Koz
April 14, 2014
Any fears of season 4 being slow were quickly put to rest after this weeks episode of everyone's favorite wedding show: Game of Thrones. "A Lion and the Rose" didn't waste any time getting us back into the throw of things in Westeros. We catch up with those we missed last week and watch as a mystery unfolded before us. Game of Thrones might have returned to HBO last week but now its officially back!
April 7, 2014
The return of Game of Thrones for its fourth season brings with it the latest Tower of Babble Breakdown. Daniel D'Souza and Julian Meush sit down to discuss the latest from Westeros and beyond. While we catch up with most of the major players, we also mourn Ice, sympathize with Jamie and root for Aria to retrieve something she lost. It looks to be a whirlwind of a season and we're looking forward to discussing every moment of it here at the Tower of Babble.
June 11, 2013
The 3rd season has come to an end, and with it comes our breakdown of the finale. It was a busy episode, with all the major cast making an appearance, so we have lots to talk about. We also touch on how this season holds up against the previous ones and discuss possible bonus episodes.
June 4, 2013
What an episode! Julian and Dan try to come to terms with what happened in the aftermath of "The Reins of Castamere"​. Daario proves himself to Dany and her captains, Robb and Catelyn arrive at the Twins, Jon must make a difficult decision, Bran discovers a new power, Edmure meets his wife
May 22, 2013
Dan and Julian return to discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones: "Second Sons". This weeks episode centers around a wedding in Kings Landing, the latest from Dani and what's happening at Dragons Stone.
May 14, 2013
Another week another episode of Game of Thrones and still short 1 member of the ToB crew. Julian and Dan breakdown the latest from this weeks episode of Game of Thrones: S3E7 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair". This time over skype! ​Jon walks south of the Wall, Robb receives good news, Daenyres sets her terms for Yunkai, The Hound finds a prize, and Brienne faces a dangerous enemy.
May 8, 2013
1 member short this week, the ToB Crew breakdown the latest episode of Game of Thrones; "The Climb". ​Robb renegotiates with the Frey's, Theon's punishment continues, Jaime receives some good news, The Lannister's plan their weddings, and Jon and the Wildlings ascend the Wall.
May 2, 2013
The Hound faces judgement, Jaime has a moment of clarity. Jon goes spelunking and The Lannisters plan a wedding. While Robb's crown grows a bit heavier. We take a look at this weeks episode of Game of Thrones in advance of this weeks Tower of Babble Podcast.
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