November 8, 2019
On this SEGA Talk, we discuss two games: 1991’s Puyo Puyo and 1993’s Westernized version Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine! Learn about the developer Compile, the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode that inspired the game’s bosses and hear Barry rant about Eggman versus Robotnik. Try the games for yourself! They’re both on the recently … Continued
March 12, 2015
We got a fairly large podcast going on this week with lots to discuss. Starting off with our special guest, Elizabeth Silvas who tells us a very touching tale of her near death experience and how Sonic saved her during a troubling time in her life. Next, we discuss the brand new mobile game from … Continued
January 23, 2015
[MP3] In our 30th episode, we discuss the highs and lows of 2014. What was the best moment for Sonic fans and which was the lowest point of the year? Join Jason, Alex, GX and special guest, Evil Dr. Reef. Also, extra special guest, Spanish Sonic! Also, try out our new game, “If Platinum Games … Continued
November 24, 2014
[DOWNLOAD] It’s time for another episode of that OTHER Sonic podcast on Segabits, Sonic Talk!  This week, Nuckles87, GX and Shigs discuss all things Sonic Boom. From the cartoon and comic to Shattered Crystal and go into great detail on Rise of lyric. You’ll hear our personal thoughts on the game and whether it’s a decent … Continued
September 19, 2014
[MP3] It’s Dreamcast month here at Segabits, so being a Sonic podcast, we’ve decided to look back at the Sonic Adventure series. Me. Nuckles87, GX Echidna and special guest Evil Dr. Reef look back at the Adventure series from its Dreamcast beginnings up to Sonic Adventure DX on the GameCube. Which in the series is … Continued
June 18, 2014
[MP3] Well, better late than never! This episode was supposed to go up about two weeks ago, but since I had to report on E3, things got super busy and I just didn’t have the time until now. We’ll be doing another one on E3 and Sonic Revolution soon, but for now check out our … Continued
April 3, 2014
[MP3] (iTunes Link coming soon) Now with 100% more of Sega’s beloved Aaron Webber! In this months Sonic Talk Aaron, Shigs, Nuckles87 and Sonic Revolutions’ own Shayne Edwards discuss the Genesis Era of Sonic. Games include Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Sonic 3-D Blast, Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix. … Continued
February 18, 2014
[ MP3 Download ] [ iTunes ] Now with 100% more Mike Pollock! Yes, we got Dr. Eggman himself in an interview later in the show. In the meantime, we got five, count’em FIVE folks on the podcast with the clearest audio we’ve ever had. (Goodbye Skype recorder and good riddance.) Our main focus of … Continued
December 21, 2013
[ MP3 Download ] On a special holiday edition of Sonic Talk, me, Nux and GX get into a long discussion about Sonic Lost World along with our experiences with the PS4. Also, we have an interview with Aaron Webber about the game as well. This interview was done before the fix so some complaints … Continued
November 5, 2013
[ MP3 Download ] [ iTunes ] FINALLY! After 3 tries, we finally get episode 24 out the door. We start with Nuckles87 getting a little too excited over finishing a level in Sonic Lost World. We talk a bit about what we’ve been playing. Alex goes into a rant on TSSZ and Ken Penders … Continued
September 19, 2013
This week, Nuckles’ Laptop is brutally engaged in Mortal Kombat with his 3DS case (With Mortal Kombat music playing over it). We discuss more on the Ouya since I have one now, making your animal characters swear at others in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and why Blinx: The Time Sweeper isn’t nearly as bad as … Continued
August 8, 2013
We got some communications problems in this weeks Sonic Talk. Makes for some humorous moments though. In this episode, we talk about the latest movies we’ve seen and our time at the San Diego Comic Con. We also talk about the controversy surrounding the dark, violent dialogue in Sonic Lost World and speaking of dark … Continued
March 21, 2013
[Download] Youtube Link Sorry for the late post this week, I’ve been extremely busy. I mean, who’s gonna find and arrest Rex Fury in Lego City or hunt down the great Jaggi in Monster Hunter? Someone has to do it. But don’t worry, we got a great show this week.
February 13, 2013
[Download] It’s time for an all-new, slightly different Sonic Talk. We’re cutting waaay back on news discussion and just bringing up two to three main topics per episode along with the usual what we’ve been playing and Comic discussion. It’s my way of..well…ATTEMPTING to keep the conversation flowing well. Also, those of you with sensitive … Continued
January 8, 2013
[Download] We have a great show in this week’s Sonic Talk. Not only does GX Echidna return, but he brings Evil Dr. Reef with him. It’s a Sonic Talk/Spindash combo! We skip the news and head straight into our 2012 retrospective of all things Sonic. While there wasn’t a major Sonic title out this year, … Continued
December 11, 2012
[Download] So Shigs and Nux did record another pocast ’tis true. They talked about the new gaming system known as the Wii U They discussed some news, comics and racing that’s transformed. While Nux sang off-key, which for him is quite the norm. An a heeyy nonny nonny! Show notes after the break!
November 17, 2012
An early show this week as we are just two days away from the release of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed! With that in mind, I talked to Brand Manager Aaron Webber with some final questions on the game that I didn’t get to ask Steve Lycett. I also talk with him about Super Monkey … Continued
October 24, 2012
These past two weeks, I’ve hardly played a thing on disc as so many great games have been making it to the download scene. Now, Sonic’s got a few downloadable games out or coming out himself. This week, we’ll be talking to Community Manager Kellie Parker and Brand Manager Mia Patrino on Sonic Adventure 2 … Continued
September 17, 2012
UPDATE: [Youtube link] [Download] We’re not waiting for you “rush to the interview” people to cut through our podcast this time. We’re starting with it first! This week, we got none other than Sumo Digital’s executive producer, Steve Lycett along with design director, Gareth Wilson! We’ll be chatting with him on all things Sonic and … Continued
September 2, 2012
[Download] The internet is a very confusing thing to me sometimes. It carries a ton of data at insane speeds over phone lines and even wireless. The same kind of phone lines that we’ve been using for decades to have conversations. SO WHY CAN’T WE HAVE A PROGRAM THAT ALLOWS US TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS THAT … Continued
August 29, 2012
[Download] FINALLY!! Yours truly learned how to edit audio and has a double dose of Sonic Talk for you this week! Sorry about the lateness of this episode. We recorded this just days before We left for the San Diego Comic Con and it took us forever to get it out. This episode has a … Continued
June 7, 2012
Sadly this episode is a few days late due to E3. But hey, I hope you guys are enjoying all this E3 content that is coming. The main man Ken Balough is back on Sonic Talk this week to talk to us more about Sonic 4: Episode II, now that the game is already out and we all … Continued
May 22, 2012
Welcome to a new episode of Sonic Talk with a subtitle everyone (but me) hates! This week, we talk about the possibility of an Episode 3, F4F’s new Modern Sonic statue, the speed that the summer of Sonic tickets sold, Sonic Universe #40 and why Ian Flynn’s Eggman is the BEST Eggman out here. After … Continued
May 1, 2012
In this special episode of Sonic Talk, Shigs and Nuckles87 are joined by Sven Joscylene AKA Dreadnux (Sonic Stadium, Spong) to talk all things All-Star. All three of us have gotten our hands on the game and will be discussing it at length along with what our choices would be for racers and courses. Tell … Continued
April 24, 2012
Shigs and Ian at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Flynn Lives! This week on Sonic Talk we got a very special guest as Archie Comic writer Ian Flynn is in the house. In case you don’t know, Ian Flynn is the writer on Several Archie books including The New Crusaders, Mega-Man, Sonic Universe and of course, … Continued
April 18, 2012
Sorry for how late this episode is and we have no extra guest this week. But we’ll make up for that next week with IAN FLYNN!! For now, it’s just me and Nux talkin’ all things Sonic. This week, we talk about the Sonic 2 HD fiasco, the reboot rumor, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 4-2 … Continued
March 12, 2012
Here it is folks! Only our fourth show in and we got our first big guest. Sonic 4 Brand Manager, Ken Balough! He’ll be answering some of your concerns about the upcoming Sonic 4: Episode 2. But that won’t be until the middle of the show. In the meantime, Nuckles 87 and I are joined … Continued
March 6, 2012
A less tired Jet joins us again as we talk up all the latest scuttlebutt in Sonicdom. From Sonic 4 Trailer, to Antoine’s explosive personality to more of Penders wacky hi-jinks! Make sure to listen in for a big announcement about next week’s show! [powerpress url=”″] [Download]
February 20, 2012
Because of some big, exciting Sonic news last week, we decided to do the second episode a week early! Unfortunately, it won’t be available until NEXT Monday unless you pre-ordered in advance and even then you get it with a small amount of memory and a crap game but you can’t resist because they put out all … Continued
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