Thank You
Perfect Driver Matthew Anthony
I became a fan of Basskleph’s Tech House around 2010-2011 watching from afar as he evolved and navigated through the industry. It inspired me in both my Perfect Driver and Matthew Anthony projects. Today I’m so happy and thankful to see him sharing his knowledge to the masses. His stories, experience and interviews with successful producers bring clarity to my own musical journey. These conversations have been missing for a long time so thank you for doing what you do.
Great Pod and Episode!
Straight Slammin'
Bass Kleph is rad Producer, Mentor, and now an incredible Podcast host! This is a must listen! - Funkhauzen
Listening to stories of artists and how they grow is inspiring! Keep this podcast going! :)
Awesome podcast!
Taylor Jaymin
I look up to you and Touvan a lot and I'm stoked you got him on the show. So much great advide on producing techniques and work flow. I actually did your RTMS course and now am mentoring with Travis and it's taken my music to the next level. New releases coming soon. Keep up the good work mate! Cheers, Taylor Jaymin
Thank you Bass Kleph!
You always come up with things to help music producers further their craft and have that professional sound. Thanks so much for your feedback and advice. I’ve learned a lot. These podcast gives us another layer of the cake to success!
Recently jumped into the world of podcasts. it’s mainly been for comic book stuff. i haven’t found many that are directed to music producers, let alone one that was recent in the last few months. Thank you dude, hit a review & subscribed from a few seconds into the first podcast. Major respect and thank you none the less!
Best podcast for musician producers and artists
Stu has consistently been an important member in the community. From offering priceless products to offering valuable tips on not only his website but through emails, youtube videos, and now podcasts; you can't go wrong with anything from him. As a mentor student of his, I've easily cut my learning curve by YEARS, and am finally gaining the confidence that anyone pursuing a creative passion should have. This podcast mirrors the unfiltered advice that he offers during our sessions and there's honestly nothing like it out there in the podcast world currently. Highly, highly, recommend this podcast to anyone who is pursuing music production or is just a musician/artist in general.
Learn from the best!
Sol State
Bass Kleph is the man! He's totally obsessed with the craft of music production and mixdown. As a mentor student of his, I've watched him anaylze hundreds of tracks. His ability to hear and easily fix the smallest details - musically and technically - is truely amazing. Watching him fix songs over and over makes me trust his decesions 100%. This means you can really trust what he says. I sure do. Therefore, I couldn't think of a beter guide for a music podcast. Way better than your average YouTubber/Podcaster. It pays to learn from the best!
DJ/ Producer
DJ Shoez
Bass Kleph does it again! This man has proven to be the leader in supplying producers with the tools needed to become successful. From his Road to Mainstage, to Mentorship programs, and now this! This podcast is filled with amazing information perfect for newbies and pros! You take a deep dive into the brains of some of the best musical minds in the industry and get to learn directly from them. This is my new favorite podcast by far!
Look no further...
Kirk Boese
What can I say, Bass Kleph has made dance music possible for me in the past year or so... Based on the first podcast, I can't wait to see my growth and development for myself and many other produers that subscribe... Do yourself a favor, scroll over to, sign up for his courses.... Music can be fun, you can enjoy it, and yes you can do it for a career! Many thanks Stu! Iamdjkirk
Review of Producer Talk with Bass Kleph
Gen Alekandrov
First off, wanted to thank Bass Kleph for an increadible interview with Hook N Sling. This is something that most producers would never do let alone to benefit the up and coming producers. Really appreciate it man. The quality of the questions was super useful and definitely was in mind for people that are at the leve lof wanting to become world class producers and need the insight into what it takes to become a professional in this industry. The questions were carefully curated that covered everything from how collaborations work to more technical questions but done in a very easy going manner. Bass Kleph is an excellent interviewer and helped Anothy to open up a bit and talk about what's it like to be everyday in shoes of a world class producer. I am not sure why some people had negative things to say but my personal opinion this was one of the best and most insightful interviews I've heard in a long time. Thank you Bass Kleph for taking the time to put an outsanding podcast.
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