November 24, 2015
Why check my Spanish listening skills? There really is something very strange about what happens to people when they embark on the task of learning Spanish. In our experience, the vast majority of students only want to read and write most of the time. Of course, we know fine well... Read more »
November 22, 2015
Des in Spanish. In this podcast Cynthia and I realised something very important. That was that the verbs with DES in Spanish don’t always have a logical explanation to them. Of course, we have the same kind of verbs in English, only in English they tend to have many and... Read more »
November 19, 2015
Lo in Spanish. So, just what is Lo in Spanish and what does it mean? Well, to answer the first question, LO is what we call an indirect pronoun. What that means is that it is a shortened version of certain Spanish words and we use it to speed up... Read more »
October 15, 2015
What is so special about the verb Poder in Spanish? Well, that’s an interesting question. A more appropriate one, however, would be: What’s so special about the verb To Be Able in English? Because to be frank, it’s quite weird and very irregular in English. That’s not to say that... Read more »
October 8, 2015
What is the Definite article in Spanish? Good question. Before we start to talk about how to use it, we had better clear up just what on earth it is. Actually, when you think about what it’s called, for once the grammatical name that they’ve given it actually makes sense.... Read more »
October 1, 2015
Spanish Prepositions….What the devil are they? Basically, these words are the glue that sticks sentences together. They are words like: with, without, for, from, between, to, along with many, many more. They are the words we use in our own mother tongue with grace, heightened ability and class. However, when... Read more »
July 16, 2015
Spanish Culture and Gestures. I recall one of the very first times I went to Spain to visit my wife’s family and was introduced to her ‘tía Maribel’. Maribel was chatting animatedly with me and mid flow, without any warning she stuck her two fingers up at me. My immediate... Read more »
June 16, 2015
Let’s help you to know how to say ANY in Spanish.   What’s really interesting is the fact that in English we use ANY in a couple of ways. We have this way: 1, Do you have any glue in your workshop? and then there’s this kind of ‘any’: 2,... Read more »
May 12, 2015
Your Listening Spanish Test. In this Podcast we offer you a story about a concert that we went to in Barcelona. It was a show put on by Mónica Naranjo to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Mónica has probably the best, strongest voice in the whole of Spain and yet during... Read more »
February 20, 2015
The confusion around Spanish Pronunciation One of the most confusing issues with Spanish pronunciation is knowing how we should pronounce the Y and the LL, closely followed by the B and the V. In this podcast we cover the correct way to pronounce these letters according to what is called... Read more »
January 6, 2014
Learning grammar is so important for any student of the Spanish language. In fact, it’s a vital part of building up your listening skill. However, there comes a time when the grammar needs to be put to one side and the real work of listening to a genuine conversation in... Read more »
December 31, 2013
Learning Spanish Conversation In the past One of the most frequent reasons we hear for people learning Spanish is so that they can have “a chat” with the locals in their favourite holiday resort.  Naturally, “a chat” can mean many things to many people and there are different levels of... Read more »
December 29, 2013
Easy Spanish? This may sound like a cliché and let’s be clear, what we are saying here is NOT the following: Easy Spanish in one weekend! Easy Spanish with 300 words! Easy Spanish without verbs! or even Easy Spanish whilst you sleep! and the best we’ve seen, Easy Spanish without... Read more »
November 30, 2013
What is the Spanish Conditional Tense? The Spanish Conditional tense is a frequently used and important part of Spanish grammar. Its job, in essence, is to give a sense of what could be, what should be, or what would be possible. An old English teacher of mine called it the... Read more »
November 30, 2013
An Adverb? Before we look at what a Spanish adverb is, we had better examine just what an adverb is. These are probably one of the little understood parts of English grammar. In fact, so misunderstood are they that they are often omitted from spoken language. An ADVERB is, as... Read more »
November 14, 2013
Here and There in Spanish. Have you ever been confused by the different words for Here and There in Spanish? There are certainly more than you might imagine. Perhaps you have heard a Spanish speaker say: “Ven aquí.” only to hear another say: “Ven para acá.” Or have you heard... Read more »
November 13, 2013
Have you wondered how to say, AGO in Spanish? Just as in English, in Spanish there is a specific way to say: “Ten years ago.” or, “Three weeks ago” At first, it might seem a little confusing, given that Spanish speakers put the “Ago” in a different place to us,... Read more »
November 10, 2013
Spanish Accents in Strange places. Maybe during your Spanish language learning journey you’ve noticed that there are some words that are spelled the same yet one of them has an accent or tilde and the other doesn’t. Many times the accent barely changes the pronunciation, if at all. The most... Read more »
November 7, 2013
Putting Emphasis on your Emphasis. A student of ours had some Spanish pronunciation problems when he once tried to buy some sugar in a shop in Spain and spent a good while repeating the same word over and over again with no success. Finally, defeated, he left the shop without... Read more »
November 4, 2013
For any serious student of the Spanish language, asking; “What does QUE in Spanish mean?” is probably one of the most fundamental questions that they seek answers to! Not long after you begin your learning journey, you begin to notice the worrying frequency in which QUE, or QUÉ, or LO... Read more »
December 22, 2011
Now that you have these important verbs under your belt, so to speak, listen to us using them all in general conversation. This is your chance to get tuned in and develop your ‘ear’ for the Spanish language. ¡Buena suerte! Remember, a wealth of additional information about this Spanish lesson... Read more »
December 15, 2011
Did you know that there are more irregular Spanish verbs than there are regular? That’s why you must catch this podcast. Come and join us as we continue helping you to get to grips with four more vitally important verbs that will help you move your Spanish forward at LightSpeed.... Read more »
December 8, 2011
In this Spanish lesson for beginners we help you learn four important Spanish verbs and their, at times, strange structures. You simply can’t get by without these ones! Listen in as we coach you step by step through their usage and help you become comfortable with their conjugations. As always,... Read more »
December 1, 2011
If you’ve arrived this far…¡Enhorabuena! Now it’s time to review everything we’ve covered by putting it into conversation. Why not challenge yourself and see how much you can pick up the first time! Loads more information can be found, as always, in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets available now. Video of... Read more »
November 24, 2011
Who? What? When? Where? How? Without these and all the other Spanish question words you simply cannot ask the questions that will lead you to a wonderful Spanish conversation. Join us for this Spanish podcast for beginners to hear some handy ways to commit them to memory forever. Don’t forget... Read more »
November 17, 2011
Although the weather isn’t quite as important a subject for some as it is for others, this is an absolute must for any Spanish student. Come and join us as we help you learn how to describe every kind of weather from freezing cold to baking hot! Of course, all... Read more »
November 10, 2011
Do speakers tell time in Spanish like we do, or do they have a totally different system? Listen to this Spanish lesson for beginners as we explain their straight-forward process and show you what it means when you say things like “It’s seven less fifteen.” For your greater understanding, all... Read more »
November 3, 2011
Did you know that all Spanish naming words are either masculine or feminine? Did you know that there’s no rhyme nor reason to it? So, how on earth do you know whether a word is masculine or feminine? Listen in on this Spanish podcast as we show you how to... Read more »
October 27, 2011
Are you confused about Spanish sentence construction and Spanish word order? You don’t need to be. So many students think it’s more complicated than it is. There are actually only a couple of important things to learn. Join us in this beginner Spanish lesson as we help take the confusion... Read more »
October 20, 2011
Two different verbs to say the same word. How confusing! Don’t worry, in this beginner Spanish lesson we explain how these two similar yet very different verbs work. Listen in and learn how knowing things, people and places are dealt with in the Spanish language. Here we help you understand... Read more »
October 13, 2011
Talking about likes and dislikes is not only one of the key parts to Spanish conversation but is also a fabulous conversation piece for any serious student of Spanish. In this Spanish lesson for beginners, we help you learn the basic structure of the verb “to like”. Watch out for... Read more »
October 6, 2011
To be or not to be? These two verbs form part of one of the most important areas of your early Spanish learning. Just as in English, you will find them liberally throughout the Spanish language and there are few sentences that don’t need these verbs. The issue is, there... Read more »
September 29, 2011
Being able to use the future is fabulous in conversation as well as a fundamental part of your Spanish learning. Here in the eighth beginner Spanish lesson at LightSpeed Spanish we help you learn the basic structure of “going to go” which is the most common and certainly the most... Read more »
September 22, 2011
Many students of the Spanish language shy away from counting in Spanish because they feel that numbers are too difficult. This is far from the case and the truth is that learning numbers is as important as any other aspect of the Spanish language. Especially when it comes down to... Read more »
September 15, 2011
Someone once said that questions are the answer and in your Spanish language learning journey this is very true. To really be able to instigate a conversation in Spanish, you need some great questions. People love to be asked interesting questions and in this free beginner Spanish lesson we help... Read more »
September 8, 2011
No matter what some people tell you, if you really want to speak Spanish correctly and be understood well then you must “dominar” the verb conjugation. This just means that you must know how to take a verb like, “to eat” and break it down into the separate people, like... Read more »
September 1, 2011
In this beginner Spanish lesson we firstly help you introduce yourself by correctly offering your name and then we show you how to ask someone for their name and introduce a friend. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner students make is introducing themselves incorrectly. You’ll find out that, normally,... Read more »
August 25, 2011
In this our third free Spanish lesson online for beginners, we continue to help you polish your Spanish pronunciation and gain greater speaking confidence by teaching you the rest of the Spanish alphabet. Listen in to discover how to develop your “R” sound so you talk like a true Spanish... Read more »
August 18, 2011
In this Spanish beginner podcast we cover the essential sounds that will help you sound like a native Spanish speaker. One of the greatest hurdles to overcome in your learning journey is developing an authentic Spanish accent. Starting right at the beginning is vital if you want to avoid getting... Read more »
August 11, 2011
Greeting in Spanish. Text books and real life. Many students of English learn that when English speaking people greet you, they say the following: “Hello, good morning. How do you do?” Anyone who has ever lived in an English speaking country will know that this is rarely the case! Mostly... Read more »
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