iPS 226: Give Cloudkit a Chance
Published January 11, 2018
40 min
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    Eric Sadun

    Gui Rambo

    Jaim Zuber

    In today's episode, the iPheaks panel discusses Cloudkit, and many technical details about the cloud-based service. In short, Cloudkit is a cloud syncing solution and works similar to a database. Gui mentions the reluctant users of such type of service, some important discussion with the security and privacy.  This is a great episode on understanding the framework of Cloudkit and the technical structure of this cloud service, how data is managing when documents are updated, Change Tokens, costs, and much more.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Gui describes CloudKit
    • Why does it mean to use the Cloud
    • Storage
    • Storage facility - in Carolinas.
    • Data from the apps to the Cloud
    • Schema-less
    • Issues with login and see other peoples data
    • Creating a data object
    • Framework - Cloud-kit
    • Thinking of the cloud as an extra disc drive.
    • Error oriented programming
    • Real world use, and conflicts with document revisions
    • Nightmares syncing issues
    • Change tokens
    • Server Record Change
    • Options  for Local and Server version
    • Text merging
    • Register subscriptions
    • Costs and development
    • Cloudkit is essentially free and has 3 different database
    • Private
    • Web clients  or android
    • Local caching mechanism
    • Can I use CloudKit with a web or Android app?
    • and much more!







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