Couldn’t listen continually for 2 mins.
Informative and helpful.
I appreciate the chatty approach to the podcast. Listener questions are helpful. And honest appraisal of cars & features are appreciated. I like the videos too. Well done.
There are better car podcasts
This is mildly interesting, but much too chatty and low on actual information. Try "Colley on Cars" for far more informative podcasts as well as being entertaining.
I watched 3 episodes and every time they discussed a vehicle i found them to be talking about things that weren't very interesting. To much personal opinions - not enough facts..
The best
This is my favorite of any podcast on any topic, bar none. I just wish the published more consistently and frequently. I could listen every day on my commute.
Interesting and informative :)
I've learned a lot from this, and it's also funny and entertaining.
No volume control
I love the discussions, however, I also annoyed and turned off by the lack of volume control by the speakers. When listening in comfortable sound levels, Constant LOUD laughing by the hosts, close to the mike is unnerving!! This is specially true when listening through earphones. The loud blasts of laughter negates the positives of the program Please instill Better volume control protocols.
"I'm having trouble controlling the volume of my voice Tina."
I give up!!!
The only thing I don't like is how the main guys voice will modulate to a very soft whisper to a loud roar. I love listening to you in my car while I commute but I can only hear half of the things the main guy says. I tune the volume up he talks loud, I turn it down he talks soft. You know how the announcer Chris Berman has two different voices. That's what it feels like. -The title comes from that Will Ferrell skit with Tina Fey. -
Thoughtful discussion and interesting cars
A pleasure to watch, thoughtful discussion about the most interesting cars hitting the market. I wish they would show a bit more video of the cars in action, maybe some short in-car videos to bring the driving experience to the viewers.
Love the show
Superb Podcast! I look forward to it every week. These guys LOVE cars, and have the credibility and credentials to offer unimpeachable advice and commentary.
Talking Cars with Consumer Reports
Plotinus's Raven
Ever wonder what CU engineers personally feel about the cars they test? This video gives you the lowdown. I love hearing the testers' subjective responses, whether enthusiasms or loathings. They provide an affective window into the otherwise dry and objective reporting of the magazine. Whether you love cars in general, or want background on a recently introduced model, this podcast should please.
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