October 12, 2019
Dead AirPods; Amazon workers watch footage you let them watch; Dominos loses ADA case; Postmates IPO delayed; Waymo driverless cars are coming, maybe; tech sabotages public safety; Bezos makes it so; Facebook fines pile up; D-link router flaws; Twitter targets ads with phone numbers; scrubbing social media; proper escalator use; Diet Coin. Show notes at
October 9, 2019
Catalina; 23andMe making some guesses; Waymo comes to LA; Deepfakes laws; Russian hackers modify browsers; Picard & The Expanse; IT Chapter 2; Bill Gate's brain; Dead Can Dance; Ali Wong; Han Solo Carbonite Roaster; Disney+ ruins childhood memories; Debbie Harry; Felicia Day; Apple turns someone gay; the origins of Sweden; feedback loop. Show notes at
October 5, 2019
WeWork, a struggling non-tech company; cutting scooter brakes; drone-ramming drones; self driving cars, not in my backyard; TikTok says no to political ads; Words With Friends data breach; Google's bad facial recognition tactics; ghost protocols; Yahoo inside job; Fitbit; Undercover out; Microsoft putting on the pressure; we have no idea how this works. Show notes at
October 2, 2019
Meat, the new eggs; Facebook leaked audio; Kickstarter says no unions; Musk breaks laws with tweets; online child sex abuse explosion; tech breaking the border; new iPhone hack; uBiome down the toilet; Stranger Things, the Good Place, Mr. Robot; Harry Potter meets Superman; Amazon book price nonsense; feedback loop; Autoblow AI, surprise! Show notes at
September 28, 2019
Adventures with Apple; Goop isn't science; Facebook gives up on fixing itself; Uber looking for a pivot, still bad; Amazon wants to write facial recognition rules; tech unicorns not doing well; Match sued; burner emails; right to be forgotten, forgotten; Doordash hack; Ring wants in; DNA data guidelines; all the Alexas. Show notes at
September 25, 2019
MoviePass R.I.P; The Daily Show Rip-off; DeepFakes are coming fast; Cloudflare plants trees; AI burns the world; Be Indistractable; Bluetooth gone wild; Snap Conjures Voldemort; Girls named Fred; McDonalds goes AI; Twitter cures financial scams. Show notes at
September 21, 2019
Hot Apple OS update talk; Wells Fargo stablecoin; naruto run; Alexa crowd-sourcing; Facebook oversight board; Amazon pledges to combat climate change; AI stereotypes; Walmart takes on health care; Descript audio deep fakes; medical information out in the open; private surveillance networks; Fitbit; PortalTV; stand-up specials; Dark Tower, Battlestar Galactica return; oh, Elon. Show notes at
September 14, 2019
WeWork overvalued; scraping isn't hacking; Milo & Ryan; Uber layoffs; California disrupts the gig economy, Uber says see you in court; Kickstarter fires union organizers; Facebook warns uses may be unsettled by iPhone privacy change; Replica; stingrays & the White House; simjackers; Jeremy Renner; WeWALK; Spotify acquires Soundbetter; drone coasters; Mountweazels. Show notes at
September 11, 2019
More MIT Media Lab; that Equifax settlement; Facebook's cheating, er dating app; please regulate us, says Microsoft; AI coming for small tasks; Walter Mosley quits Star Trek; the Spy; Whitney Cummings; vinyl rising; Korn's podcast; robot priests help your soul; feedback loop. Show notes at
September 7, 2019
MIT & Epstein's money; Google & children's privacy; fixing YouTube; Facebook's bad year continues; Yahoo data breach settlement; mental health info sold; facial recognition changes; AI deepfake detection funding; Google's GDPR workaround; ad traction & retargeting needs to change; USB4 is coming; Will Smith in the Matrix. Show notes at
September 4, 2019
Uber & Lyft take a hit; teens & screen time; Apple privacy; Jack Twitter gets "compromised"; Pinterest takes on "vaccine hesitancy"; Amazon brings chaos; Moviepass lays off 1/3 of staff; open-source AI; The Cure's Pasadena Daydream; grumpy ol' Neil Young; the OA; Tony Hawk; drone fishing; feedback loop. Show notes at
August 31, 2019
Jason’s morning security encounter; Apple fires contractors; Uber & Lyft take more from drivers than they say; BeauBer; Peloton’s insane prospectus; iPhones have been hacked for years; crimes in SPPPPAAAAACCCCCEEE; biometric boarding scans; open-source self-driving; self-lacing shoes, with AI! Show notes at
August 28, 2019
Messing about with Google; cutting down facial recognition towers; studying digital technology's societal impacts; questionable benefits; ISS has better internet than we do; trusted partners; Another Life; the Great Hack; Star Wars news; Breaking Bad; Your Undivided Attention; Death Row owned by Hasbro; Instagram influencers; Mary Ann; feedback loop. Show notes at
August 24, 2019
CEO shenanigans; the Silicon North; robotexts are coming; that Instagram post; Palantir employee uprising; DoorDash & Scotty Labs; Apple Card & rubbing alcohol; exposed adult site data; MoviePass continues to mess up; DNA data woes; iPhone jailbreaking is back; Blind; the Matrix is reloading; robots in space. Show notes at
August 21, 2019
China retaliates against Cisco; CEOs change corporate accountabilities; banks look to blockchain; IRS wants its crypto-cut; Uber cuts balloons; Facebook moderators in India get pay hike; News tab will be people not AI; Idiocracy coming true; Mrs. Maisel; Jett; the Boys; Stranger Things; Apple media news; Carlin book; Standard Ebooks; biohacking; feedback loop. Show notes at
August 17, 2019
Snooping to improve "AI"; podcasting music; AI exaggerations & lies; WeWork's insane IPO; Google employees "refuse to be complicit," sign petition; robocalls; biometric data exposed; Rekognition; hacking cameras; Null license plate; mission statements; smart home mess; fridge tweets; Mac apps; drinking with Geoffrey. Show notes at
August 14, 2019
Ch-ch-changes; no self-driving cars; Taco Hotel; Tesla surveillance; Verizon sells Tumblr; HarmonyOS; Nein, Deliveroo!; turning off the experiment; social media censorship; manual switches; Lord of the Rings; Football; the Boys; the Family; Nein, Sampling!; Shirley Manson; Atomik Vodka; don't self-administer CRISPR; feedback loop. Show notes at
August 10, 2019
Microsoft is listening too, but are we really surprised; 8chan goes peer-to-peer; we need to revisit safe harbor; the techlash has come; a potentially bigger Facebook class-action lawsuit; Amazon warehouse workers do PR; Uber lost billions; ride sharing makes traffic worse; Yelp & Grubhub play dirty; new MacBook & subscriptions; smart lights; hiding from gadgets with gadgets; group sex app leaks location; PacMan Ghosts are AI? Show notes at
August 7, 2019
Stop the ladies in the tube recording you; we've had enough, 8chan; Google whack-a-mole with paywalls; "AI" bar systems; e-scooters not so green; Snap wants more money; millennials have no friends; the -yawn- MCU; Sackhoff rules; Idles; spider people; more popcorn SciFi; Blackout; scamming Amazon; feedback loop. Show notes at
August 3, 2019
Google and Apple about face on creepy voice recording; Lyft bikes go boom; Facebook reads your mind; YouTube is racialist; Domino's hates the blind; Tesla hates dogs; The FTC hates Amazon and Apple; The best furry ever; Bronies say farewell; Ringworm! Show notes at
July 31, 2019
You have a moral obligation to claim your Equifax money; Uber layoffs; Facebook lied, shocking; Github blocks some foreign developers; Bird loses money, wants more; mobile consolidation; YouTubers unionizing; Tesla streams; anonymizing data does nothing; robotic hands; Sony crowdfunds; Amazon cancels Lore, renews Expanse for season 5; Another Life; Japan approves animal-human hybrids; entitled Tesla owners; feedback loop. Show notes at
July 27, 2019
Food poisoning & the Canadian flu; the harsh Faceapp truth; San Fran plan to fix inequality; Tinder rebels against Google; drone down; neuroscientists take on free will; Picard is back; the Orville goes to Hulu; inheriting text and chat data; Google's useless confidential mode; BlueKeep exploit being sold; to DNA test or not to DNA test, that is the question; feedback loop. Show notes at
July 20, 2019
We were just kidding, guys; Baader-Meinhof redux; Libra, paused; AI takes over poker, Rubik's cube; Elon Musk wants braiiiins; Apple goes peak podcast; Netflix growth lower than expected; streaming TV costs are piling up; all finances of Bulgaria hacked; Faceapp tempest in a teapot; Dohm; Prime Day deals; Airmail, 1password go subscription; Brian gets DeepBeetlejuiced; Wiener gum. Show notes at
July 17, 2019
YouTube's toxic feedback loop; e-scooter death; Facebook's $5 billion wrist-slap; Assange's war room; FBI social media surveillance; streaming eco-footprint; AT&T sued for location data; Jessica Jones; the Grand Tour; Eric Idle; getting to the Moon; interdimensional insurance agent; the Solar War; psychic apps; storming Area 51; feedback loop. Show notes at
July 13, 2019
AI in music; Amazon upskill training; Microsoft vs Slack; running your home like a business; Tesla code stealer; T-Mobile arbitration terms of service; be a plumber; the internet cops are here; Zoom; license plate readers; satellite surveillance; Google recordings leaked; flying cars & hair straighteners; Marpac sound machines; Firefox; investing in Lego. Show notes at
July 10, 2019
Apple to fix keyboards; Amazon owns everything; ICE mines driver's licenses for facial recognition; Congress wants to halt Libra; Uber and labor unions meeting; bad optics; Chinese surveillance apps; AI recreates the universe, we don't know how; Running from Cops; Spotify Bacon; Stranger Things; Shaft; Blade Runner bar; Howard Stern; crypto ponzi; immigrants taking American jobs; Something Awful; 8chan; predictive policing; feedback. Show notes at
July 2, 2019
China shuts down podcasts; deepfakes & deepnudes; free TV; we don't own anything; Huawei; outsourcing the important things; Black Mirror; Picard; id Software; Sandman; Pessimists & Cops; Children of Time & the Traveler; Arby's Megetables; NASA tapes; check your beer; feedback. Show notes at
June 29, 2019
Civic duty; Bill Gates calls for regulation of platforms; Jony Ive; Reddit & Twitter reign in Trump; border crossings; facial recognition bans; Facebook's digital ID push; NASA hacked; heartbeat recognition; secret surveillance scores; aggression detection; doomsday preppier profiles; sous vide; robocalls; if we only had a brain. Show notes at
June 26, 2019
Regulating Big Tech; cost of an ad-free internet; Facebook class action continues; Amazon pays no taxes, AT&T gets tax breaks, no repercussions; Google's Be Internet Awesome; gaming Maps; new Firefox; Spotify wants its money back; the Chef Show; Pessimists Podcast; Alien III; Vertigo Comics; Children of Time; can't stop the CRISPR; all the beer; feedback. Show notes at
June 22, 2019
Are phones making us horny; Quibi & Kodi; Slack IPO; YouTube considers change; is the problem content moderation or people; Comcast breaks law 445,000 times; porn-id brexit; Cellebrite breaks iPhones; LinkedIn scans; ransomware payments; Apple & Best Buy; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; Roli LUMI; Ikea smart blinds. Show notes at
June 19, 2019
Questions about Facebook crypto Libra; going low tech to fight surveillance; photoshopping women into tech; Meeker's trends; Jessica Jones; lyric battles; the reality of being a musician; CDs are back; Huawei; Fall, or Dodge in Hell; the impossible whopper; Musk quits Twitter, not really; feedback loop, we killed ThinkGeek.  Show notes at
June 15, 2019
Rosy retrospection & validation; income disparity; the platform excuse is dying; what did Zuck know & when did he know it; Uber's path of destruction; Fiverr goes public; express yourself; content moderation & irony; we told you so; Amazon Alexa & consent; eavesdropping apps; #notellmotelchallenge; deepfakes, Lyrebird & laws; hacked minidiscs. Show notes at
June 12, 2019
Yet another streaming service; broadcast regulation & the internet; gaming the algorithm; Airdropping kids; busting deepfakes; Maker Faire needs help; Ghostbusting Lebowski; bizarre bundles; the spice will be flowing; Mars (of which the Moon is a part); Beebs vs Cruise; feedback loop. Show notes at
June 8, 2019
Politicians don't understand big tech; more e-scooter madness; Uber-copters; Facebook internal revolt; YouTube's baffling enforcement of it's policies; the no-tell motel challenge; iPhone fraud; police building surveillance network with Ring; sign-in with Apple; Oura Ring; mobile browsers; mecha-hand Bezos. Show notes at
June 5, 2019
Tech don't care; more unintended consequences; FTC, DOJ mull tech antitrust; blitzup bop; Hyperloop, scaled down; Apple news; iTunes is dead, finally; YouTube's pedophilia algorithm is a feature, not a problem; Deadwood wrap-up; Good Omens; Britpop; Factfulness; feedback loop. Show notes at
June 1, 2019
Space nets; Amazon goes to NYC; FCC takes on robocalls; selling your data; Uber eats bigger than rides; Cameo celeb shout outs; running out of spectrum; gaming Wikipedia & Google images; database of banned bar patrons; what's on your iPhone doesn't stay there; the Alexa forget loop; Pokemon sleep; Duet; Cryptokitties & dapps; tech philanthropy; freedom gas. Show notes at
May 29, 2019
Power washers & smart hotels; orbital junk; Zuck says screw you, Canada; Amazon's small supplier purge; ba-Zynga; Google's shadow work force; robocall bill; Deadwood; GOT BTS; Rim of the World; The Church on the Cure; History of Horror; Cory Doctorow; Ark Encounter rain damage; self-entitled Cha Cha Matcha; functionally extinct; feedback loop. Show notes at
May 25, 2019
Facebook removes billions of fake accounts; CrossFit leaves FB & IG; Apple privacy-preserving ads; Amazon investors reject all that's good and holy; gamifying work; security fatigue; how is GDPR doing; Snapchat's SnapLion; tracking on the tube; delivery robots; disrupting dining; $800 million pizzas; Dave's got trouble, right here in River City. Show notes at
May 22, 2019
Gmail tracks your purchases; Instagram influencer data scrape exposed; don't advertise your criminal services; China may be getting drone data; the Big Bang, Game of Thrones finales; Rammstein & Bad Religion; Chernobyl, Succession & Downton Abbey; Everything is F*cked; logical fallacies; Murderbot Diaries; Man Gooped, duped; getting into cybersecurity; feedback loop. Show notes at
May 19, 2019
We lose our spirit animal; do we really like privacy; where's our manuals; Twitter sets policies; Wing delivery in Finland; smart walls; Señorita needs a Margarita; San Fran bans facial recognition; end to end encryption, cryptocurrency not as safe as you think; Alexa Guard; Quora; mobile podcasting gear; smart strollers; boozeless bars; spice up your life. Show notes at
May 16, 2019
Uber's unsurprising IPO; airport facial recognition; Facebook steps up for moderators; Google backs out of the cloud; Amazon get cash, cashiers; fear-based social media; Amazon's automation plan; be a delivery entrepreneur; Game of Thrones; the Wandering Earth; old man's festivals; Adam Savage; the Daily Stoic; feedback. Show notes at
May 9, 2019
The big business of loneliness; high decibel drones; pseudo science; living with smart devices; Amazon & big business; Alexa eavesdropping; Facebook reads your posts; AI Clippy; Microsoft news; Netflix tweets; bundle battles; the Predator; Daniel Suarez; humans are horrible; Winterfell's Starbucks; feedback loop. Show notes at
May 6, 2019
The dark of war; unionization efforts in tech; Facebook’s new push to “privacy” & problems with “AI”; Google’s voodoo doll avatars; bored lonely angry stupid; conspiracy correlation matrix; Latch problems; no more getting lost; respect my authority!; what does delete & privacy mean; Apple iPad & pencil; sound machines; the case against dark mode; wood wide web. Show notes at
May 2, 2019
Slack warns investors; Sinemia calls it quits; Facebook's White Walkers; drone parts delivery; give us our walls; Land Rover crypto; Twitter is not America; the Long (very dark) Night; Endgame; the Orville & Gotham finales; surveillance capitalism; magical realism; ads in spaaaaaaaaace; feedback. Show notes at
April 30, 2019
How to hide from AI survelliance; Amazon tracking workers; Facebook hit with 3 privacy fines in one day; Twitter Jack meets Trump; Slack goes public; FB $5 billion FTC fine; Instagram & influencers; Musk's Tesla promise; Google Wing drone delivery approved; Amazon Alexa privacy issues; bad passwords; loud restaurants; Cryptokicks; eviction fluids. Show notes at
April 25, 2019
Capitalism in crisis; viva la revolution; shutting down social media; rejecting Silicon Valley education; Facebook antitrust case; Alexa, let me tell you about my mother; firefighting drones; the Spiderverse; punk podcasts; ex-goth President; feedback; more eggs; 555; AI beer; San Fran's poop patrol.  Show notes at
April 22, 2019
Ethics alone can't fix tech; 20 years since Columbine; India leads the world in internet shutdowns; the tyranny of Arial; UK porn block; Pinterest is a legit business, guys; Mueller report on CD-ROM; Facebook forgot millions of Instagram passwords were unencrypted; Google dragnet; Hover; universe's oldest molecule; dead pig brain functions restored; by Grabthar's Hammer! Show notes at
April 18, 2019
Flickr login freedom; scooter body counts; Star Wars goes VR; Facebook VR avatars; EU passes copyright law; UK pushes privacy for under 18s; tour Amazon fulfillment centers; we get more dystopian every day; Apple wins in Spotify's battle with songwriters; the alt-Hoff; Game of Thrones; Disney+; Love, Death & Robots; growth hacking; QR tattoos; feedback; Hi, iFixit! Show notes at
April 15, 2019
Lyft & Uber IPOs; Amazon minimum wage challenge; Google Calendar & Hangout spam; China calls bitcoin "seriously wasted resources"; drone delivery is a go; Assange arrested; robocalls & ringless voicemails; hotel data leaks; Amazon is listening; Activision is tracking employee sex lives; Spotify & Hulu; BBEdit; Adobe alternatives; Clean My Mac; black holes; moon crashes; space is hard & dangerous. Show notes at
April 11, 2019
Is it good or bad, again; big telecoms suppressing fast internet; accountable & ethical AI: Facebook tracks you after deactivation; Lyft threatens Morgan Stanley; sharing Netflix passwords; Tesla Sentry Mode; bye bye app economy; shoe gazing returns; Shyamalan fail; Zucked; burning scooters; get a job, Influencers; feedback. Show notes at
April 8, 2019
Amazon & Whole Paycheck; AI ethics; the Internet Archive; political texts; Australia's knee jerk reaction;; Snap ads; Tesla's autopilot; scooter news; privacy for plants & birds; bumbling Chinese spies; malware created cancer nodes; more exposed databases; eradicating stalkerware; Scrivner; Apple's charging mat killed; burrito blankets.  Show notes at
April 4, 2019
Remembrance of internets past; what is tech ethics; Lyft stock rises, tanks; EU won't wreck internet; Zuck asks for government help; Google employee backlash; Apple shifts to rentier creep; YouTube lets YouTube go wild; the Dirt; Twilight Zone; the Cure; the Fourth Realm; things have changed; you don't own your health data; feedback. Show notes at
April 1, 2019
Social media & memory; Facebook bans white nationalism; HUD charges FB with discrimination; Article 13; hedge funs don't believe in Lyft; Twitter considering labeling Trump; the gloaming web; ditching credit card numbers; Grindr a national security risk; AirBnb hidden camera problems; Wasabi; love on the old school internet; Kale. Show notes at
March 28, 2019
Digital shabbat follow-up; AI for the American People; Psychedelic Warlords; podcast news; Alexa in the hospital; LA fights for e-scooter data; burn out in China's Silicon Valley; drunk shopping; McDonald's big data buy; YouTube cancels big-budget originals; the Dirt; Apple's services; art matters; manufactured nostalgia; time keeps on slipping away. Show notes at
March 25, 2019
Our 6 year anniversary; Florida Man meme; escooter fatalities; everything is good, no wait bad; FCC's commenting problem; Myspace blanked; Moviepass does not understand unlimited; Patreon goes Pro; EU fines Google, again; Clint Watts; AI art & memories of KPT Bryce; Facebook's plaintext passwords; Bill & Ted; the fall of Theranos; Apple product drop; Digital Minimalism; Shabbat Shalom. Show notes at
March 18, 2019
Continuing Facebook fiascos; unionize, podcasters; the devil's skates; Apple takes Spotify to task; who's worse, Zuck or Dorsey; Telegram rises; a "dirty little secret" IBM scrapes legal photos; BreedReady Chinese databases; a year after Cambridge Analytica; DARPA's open source voting system; Harry Potter-Go; Leo-based infographics; breakthroughs in sound; tactical sporks. Show notes at
March 14, 2019
CDC studying e-scooters; Warren's Tech Antitrust Plan; Facebook fighting on all fronts now; Apple's video service; Lucky Palmer Luckey; inside Twitter's health plan; Amazon ousts merchants, caught selling counterfeits of books, again; Shockwave gone; cash in stores; Carolla; Umbrella Academy; the Spy & the Traitor; hipster fail; Tim/Apple double & triple down. Show notes at
March 11, 2019
Amazon gets subsidy to move into Arlington County; scooters sued in San Diego; UK requires age verification for porn; the last time unprofitable companies went public; almost half of AI startups have no AI; Airbnb buys hotel company; US & Mexico tracking journalists; Facebook's pivot to privacy; Alphabet's cybersecurity; charging stands; transient anuses & penis enlargement; good ol' Tim Apple. Show notes at
March 7, 2019
Net Neutrality back on the table; Lyft growing, losing $1 billion; Workism; Google wage equality's surprising twist; China's social credit score in action; Tesla's Model 3; Jibo out; YouTube culture; winter is coming; Discovery & the Orville; New Order; podcasting industry changes; alcohol, coffee and fat is good for you; feedback. Show notes at
March 4, 2019
E-Scooter braking problems; Facebook's clear history tool & "stablecoin"; FTC takes on tech, finally; Amazon pulls out of Seattle; government finally looking at "we're just a platform"; get those lithium-ion batteries off of planes; some Star Wars tangents; what big data actually can predict; TikTok gets fined for the children; cooler tracking and a call to action; lint in your port; Luminar; BBQ Fyre. Show notes at
February 28, 2019
Unintended CRISPR consequences; YouTube, Bill Gates takes on anti-vaxxers; facial recognition regulations; (not an ad); scooter software glitches; HoloLens; Ev out from Twitter; BMW's AI; the horrible lives of moderators; Vice; Clear & Vivid; Abducted in Plain Sight; hand jobs; Grumpy Old Marxists. Show notes at
February 25, 2019
Digital ads take over traditional; Zuck explains ad-free Facebook isn't simple; NASA bringing drone traffic control; Trump brings us... 6G?; latest list of dildos that steal your personal data; a peek into Chinese surveillance state; Google's forgotten microphones; Emojis in court; GetFact; Consarn Dad-Sizzle St. Boogar! Show notes at
February 23, 2019
On Twitter, delete = set visibility to zero; Open Markets against monopolies; AI fake faces; Google's shell corps; UK wants to regulate Facebook; don't give Instagram your credit card; RIP Oppy the Mars Rover; Oscar screeners; Netflix completes Marvel purge; Darknet Diaries; hygiene guide; feedback loop; Disintegration is the best album ever. Show notes at
February 19, 2019
Regulation matters, mostly; Facebook multi-billion fine; Amazon pulls out of NYC; rejecting side hustles; conversational Twitter; not all fun and memes; Blizzard layoffs; 500px hacked; police & Ring Neighborhoods; smartwatches; LoveSync; cilantro rice & air fried steaks; vintage magic kingdom photos. Show notes at
February 14, 2019
Living without the tech giants; what does delete mean with Facebook; America first in AI; Paris sues Airbnb; Mars One is dead; more scooter disasters; Generation Wealth; MASH; Carolla news girl podcasts; Deadly Class; John Twelve Hawks frees your mind; people don't trust the blockchain. Show notes at
February 11, 2019
Facebook fatigue; scooter injuries; Bezos Fire Stick; the Grammies & Oscars out of touch; facial recognition self-regulation; Silicon Valley tax avoidance; Snap, Twitter & manipulating the numbers; bounty hunters accessing GPS data for years; Germany takes on Facebook; screen-recording apps; bug bounties; China's privacy conundrum; bacon, eggs & the 101.  Show notes at
February 7, 2019
The American dream; Google raking it in; self-aware robot overlords; Snopes checks out of Facebook; your brain off social media; Slack goes public; Russia outlaws fake news; the end of crypto; self-driving parking; Gotti; Jim Jefferies; Sex Education; Russian Doll; Crash test girl; Load of Goop; feedback loop. Show notes at
February 4, 2019
Cutting out the big five; Apple spanks Facebook & Google; nothing seems to hurt Facebook; people really don't care about their privacy; execs scoot out of Lime; Buzzfeed's unpaid UGC; get some sleep and don't detox; Japan's hacking IoT devices; xDedic shut down; global police after DDoS buyers; smart lightbulbs; Okillly Dokilly. Show notes at
January 31, 2019
Facebook furor; Davos reveals our AI future; data saving except for ads; Huawei charged; electric scooters are dangerous, shocking; scoot scooping; Net Neutrality benefits don't exist; the Punisher; Ted Bundy; the Passage; the Dropout; the Traveler; Digital Minimalism; reply all apocalypse; let them eat cold goat. Show notes at
January 28, 2019
The tech revolt; Netflix stats; Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Gannett lay off journalists; flagging fake news; Moviepass is back; Rekognition is biased; Pledge Music out of other people’s money; Facebook’s “facts”; the Cyber Diplomacy Act; Facebook Show notes at
January 24, 2019
Unintended consequences; targets & metrics; scooters & word salad; Google GDPR fine; DNS hijacking; resistance is futile agains social media; WhatsApp fights fake news; Facebook ethics; no escaping Amazon; Fyre fyre burning bright; new shows; YouTube channel mergers; check out the big hands on Brad. Show notes at
January 21, 2019
Seriously, that new Slack logo; Apple & Microsoft fight the good fight; YouTube bans dangerous pranks & challenges; Tidal, like everyone, fakes stats; Netflix price hike; Google trolls the EU; Snap falls, again; the MegaBreach; Oklahoma's not OK; feds can't force phone unlock; voice automation in cars; pink-slipped robots; your package is here. Show notes at
January 17, 2019
Worldwide data grabs; sunscreen & science; I am the eggman; Bird censoring; WeChat about Chinese dystopias; now that's a spicy CRISPR tomato; AI translation; Bird Box challenges; suing Bandersnatch; inst@famous; Clear & Vivid; Star Trek timelines; approval junkies; fully immersive toilet experiences. Brought to you by Go to for up to $5 off your first purchase. Show notes at
January 14, 2019
Patreon isn't just a platform; wherefore art tho, fiber internet; mommy blogging; Amazon ad strategy; ghosting government style; data suckers; bounty hunting phones; Amazon Ring whistleblower; Apple trolls at CES; Ikea expands their IoT; Air fryers are the new Instant Pots; Antimatter podcasts; Millennial burnout; peeing on Cheerios. Show notes at
January 10, 2019
Sparking joy & saying thank you; AI happiness nudging; 23andMe makes a deal with a drug giant; German leaks; Apple to become a service; WeWork rebrands; Travelers; Aquaman, Ocean's 8, The Predator; A Simple Favor; Starbuck is back; smells like litigation; Space Odysseys; skateboard sharing; smart condoms; people are horrible. Show notes at
January 7, 2019
Drone crazy; BanderBirdSnatchBox; Ellison's questionable home decor; Apple in China; Facebook philanthropy; shocking, most of the internet is fake; deep dive into non-lethal force; earthquake apps; Childhood's End; the cable guy; #Watergate & PLATO; grumpy is good for you; sometimes you get sad. Show notes at
December 24, 2018
Holiday cheer & good wishes abound in our final episode of the year; Netflix slides into your DMs; for once, Facebook made sense; WhatsApp moderation problems; Target targets Amazon; Pinterest goes public; copyright infringement; defining cybersecurity; a weasel, a baguette & the glitch in the Matrix. Sponsored by eero! Get $100 off the ‘eero base unit and 2 beacons package’ and a year of eero Plus, by visiting and at checkout enter gog! Show notes at
December 20, 2018
Facebook's bad policies continue, but hey, blockchain; Russian social media influence; Wikipedia's "nuclear option"; Verizon writes off Oath; Grumpy Old Birds; secondhand MP3s; Alexa Guard; teasers & trailers; 2010; WallCoin; glitter bombs & Bambi.
December 17, 2018
Dipping into the genetic pool; Airbnb regulations; Lyft & Uber's bad business models; Bird is not the word; taxing texts; piracy gone wild on YouTube; crypto's very bad year; Facebook screws up, again; employee spying; Taylor Swift facial recognition crowd monitoring; Boomoji boom; printers still suck; blue light is blinding us. Sponsored by Hover. For 10% off your first order go to Sponsored by Hopsy and use promo code gog. Show notes at
December 13, 2018
A whopper of a deal; walled gardens coming down; app tracking data; Uber has a whistleblower; learning to code; AI dystopia or utopia; bird in the water; Russell Brand; Avengers; Anchorman – Jason loves lamp; Def Leppard & Depeche Mode; a real mechanical Russian turk; feedback loop. Show notes at
December 10, 2018
We learn something new about an old friend; Predictim doesn't; Australia passes stupid encryption law; Tumblr bans porn; Facebook has been doing exactly what we all thought they were; robots gone wild; license plate tracking; quantum crackers; Face ID spoofing in furs; instascam of the week. Show notes at
December 6, 2018
We're good for you; can you quit Amazon; touchscreens full of feces; Tesla's troubles; Buster Scruggs; Bodyguard, Homeland & Ron Burgandy; Christmas songs for Goths; moron DJs twerking; more scooters; a real use for the blockchain; hot browser talk. Show notes at
December 3, 2018
Come on bring the rage; tech enters meatspace; Tesla logs a billion miles; Google, Amazon & Microsoft employees push back, wherefore art tho Facebook employees; Airbnb "invents" hotels; fake science; Marriott 1/2 billion breach; your mattress has a privacy policy; Montgomery Scotch. Bought to you by Betterment. Our listeners can get up to 1 year managed free by visiting Show notes at
November 29, 2018
Facebook admissions; everyone's an influencer; fake trumps real; Russia fines Google; holiday tech talk; GPS as a tech prosthetic; Elon goes to Mars; Ohio wants your bitcoin; no collusion; Singularity Trap; ban billionaires; normalizing new age; pooping legos. Brought to you by Privacy. Get up to $5 off your first purchase. Signup in under a minute with your debit or checking account at Show notes at
November 22, 2018
Our 300th episode; Amazon's amazing deal; science FTW; data leaks don't cost enough; Instagram crackdown; Apple Maps and sharing map data; Snap's new spectacles; Bitcoin has new low; Justified Ancients of Mu Mu; Tay-tay; Lower Decks; Narcos; Patriot; adulting; but her emails. Brought to you by Privacy. Get up to $5 off your first purchase. Signup in under a minute with your debit or checking account at Show notes at
November 19, 2018
Self-driving car futurism; Facebook's REALLY bad week; Lime car dump; cities dance for Amazon; Snap subpoena; Indiegogo changes the model; WeWork starts a school; Bitcoin hard fork selloff; Kars4Kids breach; creepy holiday gadgets; ya basic, Microwave; Amazon turns over Echo recordings; back your data up, moron. Brought to you by Hover. Brought to you by Hopsy. Go to and use promo code gog. Show notes at
November 15, 2018
Twitter on fire; deep fakes going mainstream; get rid of that red dot; Amazon to sell (most) Apple; Snapchat still hemorrhaging employees; Iron Fist; Salt Fat Acid Heat; more Star Trek is coming; fires destroy movie & TV history; HotnHairy72; Threatin rocks! This episode is brought to you by Privacy. Use Privacy virtual cards, and get up to $5 off your first purchase. Signup in under a minute with your debit or checking account at! Show notes at
November 12, 2018
That doctored video; LA is burning; #GoogleWalkout working; Big Blue on the 'chain; Facebook discovers lying; Ev Williams is a hypocrite; Bird corrals; Amazon: kill & replicate; USPS Informed Delivery; you can tell by the way they walk; Microsoft sounds facial recognition warning; Dubai's flying motorcycles. Show notes at Sponsored by eero! Get $100 off the ‘Eero base unit and 2 beacons package’ and a year of eero Plus, by visiting and at checkout enter
November 8, 2018
Oh, Facebook, not again; virtual goes brick & mortar; internet freedom in decline; Google walkout for "real change"; humans are getting botlike; Bird suing cities; House of Cards; Daredevil; Spotify banks on podcasting; Robert Greene; the Winklevi; HQ trivia; spice up your life! The Grumpy Old Geeks prefer Private Internet Access for all your VPN needs! - Show notes at
November 5, 2018
We take the red pill; scooters killed Kenny; WeWork while WeDrink; scanning actors; AI stories; the sun giveth, taketh away; Wyden's smart privacy plan; Siri on Helium; smart thermometers; truth machines at the border; turn off autocorrect; instascams; adulting classes. Show Notes at This episode is brought to you by Hover. For 10% off your first order head over to and get your domain on!
November 1, 2018
The digital gap; alt-right on the blockchain; Twitter's still too late; Silicon Valley vs the homeless; Google & Amazon employee rebellions; radicalizing the world; Daredevil; Discworld's punk-rock Watch; Massive Attack Banksy tour; Muderbots; bottled air; feedback loop! Show notes at
October 29, 2018
Blockchain as a service; Tim Cook vs the Data Industrial Complex; class action lawsuits against scooters, social media; Tesla's Boring good week; self-driving ethics; let Google teach your kids; Trump's phone; jQuery zero-day; pop-up elections; Bing; Shreddies. Show notes at
October 25, 2018
Apple data; Lime life; AI, Silicon Valley & ethics; holistic cybersecurity; drone armies; salaries on the blockchain; Disgraceland; Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage & Netflix; Quincy; coddling the American mind; Dungeons & Dragons; Lestat; Assange; Orinoco Flow. Show notes at
October 22, 2018
Disambiguation & this week in dystopia; Disney drones; streaming leading to piracy; Amazon poaching eBay; Facebook's pivot to video lie; Uber Works; virtual empathy; a real use for blockchain; Apple vs Bloomberg; whisper mode; insects are disappearing; don't look, Marion! Hover: For 10% off your first order head over to ButcherBox: For FREE bacon, FREE shipping, and $20 off your first box, go to enter promo code gog. Show notes at
October 19, 2018
Nice guys finish last; Legend or Loser?; RIP Paul Allen; Russians scrape faces off Facebook; IRC turns 30; your DNA is out there; Magic Leap may be a leap, someday; Good Omens; Music Modernization Act; Pod Save America; 99 Cents; My god, it's full of stars. Sponsored by Hover. For 10% off your first order go to Sponsored by ButcherBox. For FREE bacon, FREE shipping, & $20 off your first box, go to promo code gog. Show notes at
October 17, 2018
Reddit dumpster fire; fitness trackers on bananas; Google has AI Principles!; Amazon's sexist AI; Lime's sour grapes; scooter hacking; SnapTV; a billion points of hacked data; more Bloomberg & China; lady in a tube security & lack thereof; brutalist web design; should this thing be smart? This episode is brought to you by RXBAR. For 25% off your first order, visit and enter Promo Code GOG at checkout. Show notes at
October 11, 2018
SpaceX launch; police use Fitbit data; IoT privacy, botnets & California; Google+ gone; your Smart Speaker friends; Facebook Portal, Verizon's lies; Bird delivery; SnapCrap; Mr. Bean; Jawbreaker; Banksy; listener feedback; we have reached peak stupid. Show notes at
October 8, 2018
California vs Everyone; Presidential Texts; Coinbase; Ponzi schemes on the blockchain; Uber income; Path shuts down; the Mandalorian; forced face unlock; China's chips & dips; Instagram location; Alexa audio hacks; Russians vs Star Wars; giant skull asteroids. Show notes at This episode of Grumpy Old Geeks is sponsored by eero! Get $100 off the ‘Eero base unit and 2 beacons package’ and a year of eero Plus, by visiting and at checkout enter gog!
October 4, 2018
Leave Facebook, if you dare; Amazon wage increase; Musk SEC settlement; CA sued for Net Neutrality Bill; Devil's Triangle; shoe gazing supergroup; Tea & booze with the Dames; the Notorious RBG; Joan Jett; Molly's Game; Blockchain for Brexit, Lettuce & Life; Incept: Web 4.0? Show notes at This episode is brought to you by Hover. For 10% off your first order head over to and get your domain on!
October 1, 2018
Migraines & wet brains; the mess of measurements; SEC sues Musk; Stories, stories & more stories; DNA playlists; blockchain voting; Uber wins then loses; workers lose then win; Assange out; OpSec; facial scanning; Facebook's shadow contact info & network breach; instascams! Show notes at
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