Thanks for leading men to healing and balance
Duuuude! I love this podcast! This podcast, as well as Aubrey’s, has caused me to really look at my current or slightly past belief paradigm. From plant medicine to parenthood to what it looks like to be a real man to open relationships, you guys have really challenged me. I did my first ceremony in March, thanks in part to listening to you, and went from a really broken man to on the mend. There is and will always be plenty of work to do but I am in a much better place now. Seriously dude, I went through some really dark times and would often contemplate how I would end my life. I haven’t felt that way since March. I owe you guys a debt of gratitude for being such a positive influence in my life. Thanks for playing a part in not only saving my life but also being models of a life worth living. Sincerely, Jamie Davis
How onnit Kyle kingsbury podcast helped me
First and fore most the diversity of knowledge that floats around this podcast is incredible. To be able to learn about spiritual practice, relationship information and nutrition alone has been wonderful. Keeps everything fresh. About 5 years ago I was miserable, overweight and had a substance abuse problem. I started learning about self optimization through David Aspray, Joe Rogan and found Onnit. Once I dove even deeper into podcasts I found the onnit podcast and it resonated with me on everything I was working on with myself. Now I’m not only mastering myself I’ve inspired lots of friends and acquaintances. I’m so stoked to be learning every month, week and day just through this container. I’m absolutely grateful that you guys hold this space for us.
Changed my life
Before I started listening to this I wasn’t eating very healthy, I was training but wasn’t taking it very seriously, and kind of just walking through life. Now I eat all organic Whole Foods everyday, for every meal. I kill my training no natter what. I now see every aspect in life as a spiritual practice and it has given my life meaning and purpose. I’m living with more love and joy in my heart. I’m attacking every day with intention and purpose. I’m convinced I’m on my way to being my best self. Thank you
You help me with real tags to riches stories.
Thank you.
Tremendous personal growth
Jack Stachler
No other podcast challenges me to become the best version of myself like your podcast does. You are a jack of all trades. Your wide range of interests and knowledge inspires me to dive deep and do my homework on topics that I want to learn more about. You are excellent at asking deep and thoughtful questions therefore your conversations go way beyond surface level. I love the wide variety of guests on your show. Plus you have some of the best sponsors in the podcast game. Keep up the good work.
I love it!
Emily Jens.
You know how I know you’re completely legit?? Because of your bad A wife!!! You clearly know what’s up. I love your style and outlook on life! I feel like I handpicked you before I came to earth to be a teacher and reminder to me not to take life too seriously and just smile and have fun uncovering all the mysteries and truths and hidden keys and gems to love and health and happiness that we hid for ourselves before we came here like a treasure hunt! Cuz why wouldn’t we have created a bunch of treasure bombs and miracles to find and use along our path of life. This place is the best! Thanks for always reminding me and not taking things to seriously! And if you ever do, I forgive you haha keep it up my dude.
Personally and Professionally
Zack Schafer
What’s up Kyle! Had to stop by and drop 5 star review for you. I appreciate all that you and all your tribe (Aubrey, Aaron, Godsey, etc.) do to spread awareness, knowledge, and authenticity through yourselves and the guest you give us access too. Not only have you helped me change my own life, you’ve help change the lives of others. I work in inpatient Psychiatry and I take the lessons and learning you share to not only make myself for fit for service, but deliver it to some of people in this world who need it most. Whether it’s taking them through a binaural beat nasal breathing meditation, teaching them about nutrition, and helping reframe their philiopshical outlook on the themselves and their lives...I do my best to absorb the teachings you provide, embody them, and deliver them to to the mental health community. Much love man! Thanks for all you do and giving everyone permission to be the best selves 🤙🏻
Honestly changed my life
JT aka JusTTrouble
Given the verdict of moderate ulcerative colitis a few years ago I thought life was going to be spent in anguish. Listening to the Kyle Kingsbury podcast, and all the fantastic people that come on has changed how I view my life and my future. I was in a terrible place mentally before, but Kyle convinced me to take control of things things I can control in my life by implementing the guests suggestions - I have never been in a better position to thrive. I have implemented many things such as: Paleo lifestyle, intermittent fasting, keto, yoga, get more sun, cold showers, Hiit, probiotics, fish oils, CBD, MEDITATION, inspecting my poo, being truly open minded and my favorite not being afraid to show love when I feel it. I plan on continuing to do more like DNA testing, hunting/wilderness survival, and other medical plants. I am now addicted to getting better! I really can’t express enough gratitude towards Kyle, his guest, onnit, and the whole tribe. Sending love to “y’all” and the all the listeners. Thanks again JT Bailey ps Sooo many great book suggestions given and I have never been told I was a good reader or writer
Broaden your Mind
This podcast spans across many disciplines, topics, and genres. I can fully appreciate someone who does their own research, and advocates what works for them but is not ignorant enough to think it will work exactly the same for anyone else. Kyle and his expert visitors review their paths, their experiences, and forms their advice based upon this ... it is refreshing that none of these people are arrogant enough to believe they have it all figured out. We are all on our journey and adding new tools along the way gives us the greater ability to grow and transform. Coming closer to our higher selves so one day when we look back we can acknowledge our commitment to discovering our true nature. Thank you for helping me sharpen even more of my tools!
Spot on
Any preconceived notions I may have had about what to expect in this podcast were smashed by Kyle's approachable nature through knowledge, humor and vulnerability. I was pleasantly surprised by an interesting mix of guests, the solid scientific underpinnings of many fascinating topics, and a well-woven connectedness to earth and others. As hokey as it seems, this podcast, particularly the frank discussions of plant medicine and psychedelics, has rippled into my life in some profound and prophetic ways. I'll be listening fo sho....
Very educational yet entertaining podcast!
One of my favorite podcasts! Kyle explores pretty much every aspect of what being a human means and how to optimize your life as much as possible. Topics anywhere from nicotine to financial tips! I look forward to listening every week!
Love it!
Jennie spring
Very interesting podcast.
A Wealth Of Health
If you want to get any part of you let health dialed in, joints , gut , sleep, if you want to Go Right, this is your Podcast.
Highly informative, superb podcast!
Kyle's interview approach is one of deep curiosity and he always has the listener/viewer benefits in mind. It's honest, forward thinking and the production quality is superb. I anticipate it will become one of the major podcasts for many topics related to human health, performance and experience in the months and years to come. Full disclosure: I'm grateful to have been a guest 2X now, but I do indeed listen to all the episodes. My favorite thus far are the Peter Attia, Will Ahmed and Ramit Sethi episodes and the one with Kyle and his wife Natasha Kingsbury on family and relationships. While content out there is pretty canned. Not this podcast!
A unique perspective on life
Kyle provides a unique perspective on health, fitness, and life that you won’t find anywhere else. What I enjoy most about this podcast is that Kyle combines the traditional masculine virtues of strength and leadership with a vulnerability that gives him the deftness to navigate everything from mental health to exercise to philosophy. I don’t always agree with Kyle’s views, but I appreciate that he always has something interesting and relevant to contribute to the cultural conversation.
Kyle continues to bring the best content to our ears
Jack Laudani
This podcast is a must listen. Kyle’s a humble and knowledgeable guy who really embodies what he speaks. He connects through me by speaking about his vulnerabilities and keeping his lessons simple and applicable. He keeps me entertained weekly, bringing top notch guests every week. You can learn many knowledge bites every week from this podcast and you can apply it to your life at any time. Learning some of these lessons as a 23 year old guy is really helping me navigate through life. If you want to optimize any part of your life I recommend getting started right away and tuning in. Guy is a beast
Kyle is the man
This podcast has quickly turned into a favorite of mine. As a 23 year old he is someone I really look up to and love diving in with him in these awesome podcasts
Big pimpin
Kyle is the Mac daddy of podcast hosts and thoroughly love his show! So pumped about it and always have a great time listening to him and his guests! WOO!
I love this podcast, From parenting, to plant medicine, training, to nutrition, all great subjects all great conversations 🙏
Best of the Best
One of the best podcasts out there!
Powerful, insightful, refreshing
I just listened to your back-to-back episodes with Natasha and Christian and very much enjoyed it. The raw openness is powerful, insightful and refreshing. What a gem of a discussion. Very much looking forward to the next Q&A!
Great show!
Brandon James Duncan
This is one of my favorite podcasts now. Kyle does an outstanding job and keeps getting better.
Great information!
jim to jon
Great information! I liked this podcast when it was associated with Onnit. I’m excited for the new transition Kyle is a great host!
Kyle, your podcast is awesome man!!! Keep it up!! Always enjoy listening to you and your guests.
I had the honor of meeting Kyle Kingsbury in 2018, at a master kind event in Santa Monica. Mr.Kingsbury presented with such authenticity, I was drawn to discover more about his personal practices. This podcast surpassed my expectations! The podcast delivers practical advice that you can instantly implement into your life. Most importantly, complicated biological/scientific functions are broken down in a manner that is easy to digest! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
You can relate
Kyle is open, willing to listen and learn from his guests and hits topics that effect me on the daily such as nutrition, learning, spirituality, maintaining myself physically and nurturing relationships with all of those in my life. Kyle may have been know for his toughness as an MMA fighter in the Past, but sign up for this podcast now as you can be witness of the early chapters of Kyle the great thinker and minds of our times! Keep on Keeping On!
Amazing, informative, and groundbreaking
If you haven’t already listened to Kyle’s podcast WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? Get going! This man is so down to earth, humble, and hilarious. His guests are always top notch, and his Fanny pack game is the strongest I’ve ever seen!
Kyle’s show is GOT binge worthy!!!
Thank you for being so open about your life and experiences. Kyle is a wealth of knowledge in so many things! This guy is a great soul and I’ve been listening everyday, even if for only 20-30 mins here and there. He’s a great Instagram follow, too!!!
Honest, real and raw
I haven’t listened to any other fitness podcast that has made me saying to myself time and time again “that’s so me!!!” Or “I’m working way harder then I needed too.” Really needed this podcast to feel less anxious or worried about my passion for fitness. This is an absolutely great podcast. Hit subscribe. And definitely don’t miss out on this amazing show.
Not as good as it could be
Every time you are in great conversation with someone you cut it off at a hour. Disappointing. I’d up your podcast game... if conversation is going good, keep it going.
Good content can’t stand the swearing
Seems unnecessary considering the subject matter.
My favorite show!
Every single episode is amazing and full of great information. The guests are world class, and the conversations always keep me interested. Kyle’s mindset and approach to new ideas is refreshing!
Kyle is Kickin It
Love this podcast, It’s such an incredible source of positive motivation mentally, physically and spiritually.Love and appreciate your work,Kyle.
Very informative
I wasn’t sure at first if I would like Kyle’s podcast because I had a story about him in my head. I gave him a chance and really appreciate what he brings to the table and his thoughts on health and wellness. As a chiropractor and body worker I have learned a lot from him and his guests. Keep up the great work!
Kyle is one of the best out there. He’s helped me a great deal.
Kyle is the true definition of a wellness warrior
Josh Trent
This show is a beacon of truth in our world. Huge heart and mind expansion from being your guest and getting the opportunity to share my lens with your community! Amazing questions, Kyle, getting the soul to soul with you at Onnit will go down as one of my favorite podcasts ever brother. - Josh Trent, Host of Wellness Force Radio
I could listen to Kyle talk everyday
Natasha Kingsbu
Oh wait, I do😆 Love this podcast. Love the content. I look forward to every Monday mornings run/listen.
Outstanding Podcast
I love this podcast I think Kyle kills it every episode with great guest and informational topics. Keep up the awesome work!!
Keep up the great work! You all put out great content with great guests! Love it
Must follow
Great host, great guests, interesting topics and real life conversation.
Different; not for the better.
the big swede
This used to host really interesting discussions about sleep, nutrition and fitness, but now seems to be just a coupla dudes who think their opinion is extraordinary. Want to hear how one guy go into 5min detail about how he cooks his steak? Then this is for you!! If not, then keep searching.
Relaxed, Informative & Rad
Flying Dutchman 69
Kyle keep up the good work, I’d like to see some more guest(s) come on to discuss mitochondria function and how it relates to some many metabolic syndromes, energy levels, etc.
Not Impressed
Aubrey, your excessive use of the "F" word make you sound classless, tasteless and ignorant. I do not hear other motivational speakers talk as low class as you.
Kyle is an EPIC teacher full of WISDOM !!!!
Bono laws ya
This is my new favorite podcast! Kyle is one of the most balanced and awesome people you will ever meet - with as a host I can listen to a podcast even if I don’t know his guest because of his humorous prose and knowledge he brings, he brings out the best in everyone he interview. It is people like Kyle that will help our world WAKE UP at a quicker rate. Much love - BELEZA
Thank you Kyle!
I get so much inspiration listening to this podcast! Listening to Kyle's stories motivates me to seek out what makes me feel alive, and to take care of myself so I am optimized. Keep up the good work!
Kyle Kingsbury
M. Paul Norton
podcast has been outstanding since Kyle took over!
The way to a better mindset
This podcast has been so helpful it many areas of my life! It’s starting to change the way I think about my health and fitness as well as the way I view the world around me. Keep it up 👍🏻 thank you Kyle, Aubrey and all the great guests!
Podcast God
Aaron Alexander | Move Med
As a fellow podcast host/guest on Onnit, I especially appreciate Kyle's easy going and highly informed approach to conversation. Love this dude...
Very valuable podcast
Time spend listening to this podcast is always well spent. Kyle is the man, the onnit podcast has been awesome since he has taken the reins. I recommend this podcast the anyone interested in health and wellness.
Kingsbu is one of us!
I love listening to this podcast, it’s like Rogans but pretty much all focused on physical and mental health and well-being. He’s someone we can all relate to. Love it!!
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