This podcast has taught me so much and is so entertaining and funny. I definitely enjoy listening
Wow Lurch sure is great.
Kiele S.
Wow isn’t Lurch great. What a cool guy. Just pure awesome. Podcast definitely needs more Lurch. Wish I knew someone as cool as him.
Great podcast
I love listening to the podcast and watching the YouTube topic and how to videos and watching the documentaries. I am always checking my podcast app for new podcasts that drop from LAB. The interviews and topics are spot on and the content keeps improving. Thanks for all that you do!
All product plugs no content
mat tel
Too much fluff, bumper music, product plugs. The content is disorganized and poorly presented, so they spend all their time talking while saying nothing.
This used to be great. But tons of advertisements killed it for me.
I think the show is Missing good content. They used to have great ideas for topics and lately just been 70% sales for rack system/Ciro and 30% on the real topic. Honestly, Popeye is why I listen. If he’s not on, DELETE!
This podcast is a full time commercial.
production guy
Nothing but pimping their paid content or what they sell in their store.
Too much marketing
Biker Guy2
They might eventually talk about motorcycles, but I gave up. Too much marketing and self promotion.
Law-Abiding Biker Podcast Review
An excellent podcast for the motorcycle enthusiast whether a Harley Davidson rider or any other motorcycle. The crew does a great job on trying to help motorcycle riders with routine maintenance and new gear.
Best motorcycle podcast episode ever
davinater gavinater
I’ve been listening many motorcycle podcasts for long time , and I have never heard more useful episode then 03.05.2019 recorded episode of low abiding biker podcast. Highly recommend for every motorcyclist, and motorist out there. Thank You guys , highly appreciated, life saving tips !
Two Wheels Two ears
If you ride, This podcast is a must listen. Ryan and the crew discuss equipment, safety, riding tips and a whole lot more. It is delivered in a humorous and educational manner. A big thanks goes out to the hard work these guys put into each episode.
wyoming rider
El Granke
by far the best motorcycle podcast. well produced and entertaining. once you listen youll be hooked.
Great podcast.
Ryan and the guys do a great job with this show. Between just BSing around and putting out great information it never gets boring. Looking forward to hearing new and to catching up with old shows.
Great Podcast!
I just started listening to this Podcast. Coming from a current LEO I absolutely love that you recognize LEO’s. I am just getting into biking and can’t wait to listen to all of these episodes!
My Favorite Podcast
If you ride motorcycles or are interested in them, this is a podcast for you. On those long drives across South Dakota I enjoy to listen, learn, and be entertained on all-things motorcycles. I've never met this crew but have to say they are a dedicated bunch of law-abiding bikers. The podcasts and videos are awesome. The videos helped me become confident witht he use of the Harley Boombox/GPS system. Thanks Ryan and crew for your hard work and dedication!
Simply Awesome
Fun , entertaining and educational. By far the best motorcycle Podcast available. Law Abiding Biker website, Youtube and Podcast is a cycle enthusiast dream come true.
Best motorcycle podcast out there!
Entertaining and packed full of good information. Been listening every week scene they started.
Not a Harley guy but......
Enjoy their salty fin conversations
Worth your time!!!
Lots of great material about Harley Davidsons and Motorcycles in general. If you want to learn more about your hobby, this is the place to go. Great pod cast and totally Worth your time!!!
Love it!
Never laughed so hard listening to a pod cast and I learned a few things about my Harley.
Largest waste of one hour or more of your time
SFC B 1971
If you have a lot of time to waste to get 15 minutes worth of information then this is the podcast for you. They sit around jacking each other and telling themselves how great they are before they actually tell you something worth listening to. If you actually pay for one of their videos, you are an idiot. There are much better videos out there by actually mechanics that will show you how to do some work on your Harley. FixMyHog is so much better and are real mechanics. They won't tell you that you don't have to worry about torque if you don't want to like these guys will.
Brotherhood of Freedom, Chap 5 Michigan
Gary "MAC" Mckinney
Discovered the Podcast a month ago and have been playing catchup with older shows. Enjoy the product reviews, lifestyle topics, and ride stories. Keep it up. MAC
Wind Therapy
You guys have helped me & saved me so much money. Such a valuable resource for so many, happy to be a patron & help support such an awesome show!
Great podcast
WIsco Harley
The best motorcycle podcast out there. The hosts cover a variety of relevant topics and make motorcycle talk interesting and funny.
Good Entertainment
Every entertaining. It's like hanging out with a group of guys who like motorcycles. Bikes aren't the topic 100% of the time, but that's ok with me.
Great motorcycle podcast!
A great bunch of guys talking about bikes and other motorcycle-related topics. This by far is the best motorcycle podcast I've come across and would highly recommend it to any motorcycle enthusiast regardless of what you ride, although many topics are geared toward the cruiser market, particularly Harley-Davidsons. Owners of other brands shouldn't be deterred from tuning in.
Awesome job!
I found this podcast last week and have been binge listening ever since. I've been listening to podcasts for a couple years because of the windshield time I put in. I'm loving all the LawAbidingBiker media. Keep up the good work!
Combination of The View with motorcycle info
All episodes have some content that inform. Some episodes get into a great amount of info, others are derailed (good or bad depending on preference) with casual conversation (hence reference to The View). Kinda like a morning radio talk show. Sometimes good humor to keep things from getting too serious, which can be a good thing. Good for entertainment and info. Sometimes the humor can be childish which most times I like. My one gripe is that if a podcast is described as an info session, then a good amount needs to stay on topic for that session. If not then state that in a summary intro.
Great PodCast
I enjoy the podcast, great guys with motorcycle engines for hearts!
Great Podcast
Keep up the good work, and thank you for keeping the streets safe as well as keeping it real. Steve
Waste of time
This podcast STINKS!!!! There's nothing worse than guys that think they're funny and they're not. They're either yapping about nonsense, trying to be cool, or trying to sell your something. They should just sit in a garage and talk to each other.
Great Podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts. This is a podcast for riders who are not 1% garbage and who ride because we love to. Check them out on YouTube also. Great vids on fixing your hog.
Great podcast.
This is a great podcast very informational. Thanks LAB CREW!!!
A Must Listen
If you're a biker, you should check these guys out. Ryan Urlacher "The Hi-Tech Redneck" runs things and host the podcast, and "Lurch", Big Daddy Kane, "LD", "Oscar", "Jake Justice", "Chewy", "Popeye", and more guys join in and help him out a lot. I hung out with them at Sturgis this year and they are really good guys. If you check out their videos, and listen to their shows where they talk about all things related to bikes and the community, you will be amazed how much you can do yourself with your bike. After listening to one of their podcasts I can't wait to try something myself. And their videos on YouTube are top notch and thoroughly cover each topic. They won't leave you wondering how to do any step. And almost all of them are free! It's amazing how much money I have saved this year by learning to do it myself from these guys. You gotta check them out!
Best podcast ever!
I just recently started riding Harleys and was looking for an informative podcast about the 99%, the law abiding biker community. I started listening to Ryan, Lurch, the real Lurch aka Ed and the rest of the boys and I have to say that this podcast has the best audio quality of any podcast I have listened to! They are very funny, informative and talk about many subjects that I am interested in. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who owns a Harley Davidson! Keep up the great job guys! A special thanks to Ryan who puts in countless hours to put out a quality program that we can all enjoy.
Very informational
A fun informational motorcycle podcast. Great group of guys.
Well done.
Ryan and crew do a great job covering a wide range of motorcycle topics and reviews. So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy.
Great Podcast!!
Very Informative...
Could be great
Reaper 6
Way too much immature banter and for 60 minutes only about 10 has anything to do with the proposed subject matter. Very disappointed. Don't bother
I can ride my bike with no handlebars
First off...Thanks a lot of getting that stupid song in my head. Love this podcast they truly represent the law abiding biker. They also have a good time doing it and also have an awesome sense of humor, love it! I look forward to the SOA podcasts to see what is being talked about. Second, as a current metric owner (99 Roadstar) I can appreciate their willingness to talk all kinds of bikes, but I love the Harley reviews as I am in the market for one as I speak. (Gotta get me a road king...love 'em). Keep up the awesome podcast
Major Suckage
I read all the great reviews for this podcast and bought the hype. However after subscribing and downloading about 65 episodes and then listening to them I found after about 3 to 4 episodes this a total waste of time that I'll never recover. Each episode is around a hour long with 95% of that time spent on mindless banter and verbal diarrhea. They never discuss anything worthwhile, only fart jokes and how great they think their club is. If this was designed to inform people about and draw people to riding motorcycles then I got to say it's an epic failure. It's definitely a failure at an attempt to be entertaining.
Awesome Show
LAB is putting out info all the law abiding bikers need. The podcasts are a good mix of humor, information and stories. That's what I want to listen to. LAB keeps up to date on issues such as recalls, which I can tell you really came in handy lately after a dealer was a little sketchy. Having done radio work myself I can say these guys are pushing themselves to get better every time and that is something any listener can appreciate. You want dirt bike or race info, well maybe you can find that somewhere else, but if you want humor, a story and to feel like your along for the ride this is your home. Keep up the good work. Signed, Big Daddy Kane.
This is a GREAT podcast. I cannot possibly list everything I have learned listening to these guys sitting around BS ing.
Unfortunately limited for something to claims to be for all Law Abiding Bikers
This really should be called the "Look at Me I own a Harley Davidson" - Podcast. Now I don't have anything against Harley's except that they are really crappy off road and in the backcountry. However, last time I checked, those categories were included in the 99% of Law Abiding Bikers. If you own a Harley and want technical advice, I think these guys probably have some great info and videos that they are happy to sell you. In the meantime, while you are waiting to hear all of the "Content" that is promised, be prepared to spend 95 % of your time listening to how terrific these guys are about providing content, about how cool all of the technical equipment they are begging you to help them buy is, about all the ways you can donate to their cause, and about what great riders they are. Early on there was some good conversations and tips about forming a motorcycle club although I think it is ironic that these LEO's want to distinguish themselves from 1%'s and then they try sooo hard to look just like them. Unfortunately, they claim to be representing the majority but the reality is, if you don't think Harley's, tattoo's, and drinking are cool, then their probably isn't much here for you. Certainly there are other motorcycle podcasts out there that actually talk about industry news, events, results, products, and something other than Harley's. I had great hopes for this podcasts because the promises were so enticing. Unfortunately, it just hasn't delivered much meaningful conversation or dialogue. Certainly not enough to fill more than about 10 minutes a week.
Great Podcasts
Stumbled upon the Law Abiding Biker youtube videos recently and as fellow LEO and new Harley owner found the videos great and informative. Answered a lot of questions/ideas I had about my 2014 Street Glide. Once I found that you guys had a Podcast (which I have never listened to Podcasts or even had the app installed) I started listening and have enjoyed every show. Great to hear the info and advice you guys pass on. Keep up the good work fellas!
Great podcast!
Lots of great, no BS, information.
The greatest podcast EVER concerning club riding & harleys in the NW USA
This podcast typically has an ensemble cast, working under Ryan (the Prez). His skillful guidance keeps his co-hosts on track, eliciting clever comments and intelligent conversation on a wide variety of subjects. Ryan's copious (COPIOUS) show notes add another dimension to the audio content. His co-hosts include Cuz, LD, Lurch, Popeye, Oscar, and a few others. The Hi-Tech Redneck coagulates it all into a great podcast. Carry on lads.
Good chemestry between the hosts with a nice change of topics. Great job guys.
Great show. Entertaining and informative.
Awesome podcast
I Stumbled across this podcast and am now addicted to it, great content great information. Keep up the great job wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Awesome Podcast
Great show! One of my must listens. Thanks for putting out a great podcast for the Law Abiding. Stay safe!
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