Informative and Entertaining
Not fake news, very informative, and will make you laugh sometimes when the real world just makes you want to cry. Subscribe to these guys, you won’t regret it!
Love the Podcast
I’ve been long-time radio listener of the Glenn Beck Program. Typically my schedule cause me to miss the radio show. I love the podcast, however, because it distills the shows to the best segments, removes the commercials and lets me enjoy the show and commentary in a fraction of the time.
A fusion of entertainment and enlightenment!
They always seek and speak the truth. That’s so rare anymore.
Used to be Open, honest, & still well-spoken
Approximately two years ago this was the narrative for my 5-star review: As a progressive listener I like to check out opposing viewpoints. In the last year or so Glenn Beck has made it a priority to speak to and understand people from the other side. He’s not perfect and he still fails to understand some issues, but he makes a gallant effort to. A great orator and moderately humorous. Mormon, really?? As of 2019: Now he is just another spin job artist for Trump and all of the objectionable things that Glenn knows it wrong about him. I hope this doesn’t take too much of a toll on you Glenn. You are compromising your integrity and jeopardizing your well-being. I understand that you are probably just looking out for your interests but personally I am sad for you. I hope it’s not a coincidence that you took a break in the midst of Trump betraying our allies, the Kurds and sentencing them to death. The attacks started in less than 2 days. Another impeachable offense that severely damaged international relations. He needs to be removed before he does something far worse. ISIS is probably a huge fan of this move. They just took off their head coverings and replaced them with MAGA hats.
Fantastic Always New Information
You must listen. Insights that you won’t hear anywhere else.
My favorite show driving home from work
Option Liker
I just want the day’s news, with some laughs and lighthearted fun, and honest analysis. Some other shows are great at one of these, but this show is great at ALL of them. Thanks for keeping me informed but not bored or angry!!!!
Appreciate the Saturday interviews
The Saturday interviews are so enlightening. I love Mr. Beck’s perspective and mission to interview interesting persons from all walks. The Tonia Joys interview was so good.
nitas tunes
Watched for years. We need truth and You always give it to us. The special last week was amazing‼️
Sold your soul
Trump could screw your wife and you would still bow to him
Glen. Beck
Love him
Best interview of a former Jihadi wife
Glenn is an excellent interviewer and I was fascinated by the young woman who spoke of her years in a jihadi marriage. It’s a must hear hour.
Truthful News & Facts
One of the very few places left to actually get the truth about politics!
Ukraine video
Watched your video today on YouTube. Thank you for your insight. Could not get through on YouTube to comment. Thank you for all of your work exposing the corruption that exists in a select few of our own government swamp people. We may not be perfect but we strive to do that best for our country.God bless President Trump and God bless the USA.
Thank you for the Ukraine Scandal
Glenn Beck is one of the most trustworthy media person that I know and love. Great Job on Ukraine Scandal special tonight! Thank you!!!
Great Podcast
Dang jello
My daily go to podcast! Thanks
Glenn Beck lies and provides false information in his podcasts
Samuel Ryan Campbell
He said on his Chernobyl episode that the only way to get radiation sickness is to physically touch something radioactive. The truth is that this is false, and radioactive objects emit gamma rays that penetrate clothes and suits. Thanks for the lies Glenn!
Normie garbage
Hey glen do everyone a favor and stop breathing
I learn so much! Thank you Glenn!!!
Annabelle - Happy Mom
Every time I listen - I learn!! Please do more podcasts!
ky. listener
I’ve been listening to Glenn for more than ten years. Always consistently smart, truthful, and heartfelt.
Roger in Rutherford
I love the simple and entertaining way our national issues are presented by Glen and Stu.
Wise old Colonel Sanders
Steven book nerd
Beck is great logical and sensitive
5 stars
The voice we need! Listen to it everyday
Why did you
Take down my last testimonial regarding the show Glenn? Please be reasonable Glenn. I did not think you liked censoring speech? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I love how Glenn has his team search out the truth even if it doesn’t agree with them. You want the truth it’s here!
Surely honest questioning.....
Have the courage to listen and maybe even question what you thought you knew. Glenn and Stu will give you the news and commentary and as the world looks like all is lost they’ll bring you back from the edge. Like watching the Notebook, but before it ends it goes into the last ten minutes of Blazing Saddles.
Only listen in short spurts
I like Beck but can only take in small amounts. Too much doom and gloom and he is hell bent on cozying up to and parading around with his sodomite friends.
Decide for yourself
S Ja'Real
This is the best place to come and get information that can be used to make your own decisions. Glenn does a great job of providing sources and references of what he’s presenting. The rest is up to the listener to do their homework. That’s what I’m looking for.
Amazing convo with Jamie Kilkein
Palm life
Really enjoyed the Jamie Kilkein sit down. There needs to be more conversations with the other side... when they aren’t crazy!
5 stars but 50% content and 50% advertisements
5 stars but 50% content and 50% advertisements
Better than ever!
Ryan K. Sager
Great podcast!
Glenn Beck Saturday Interviews
The Glenn Beck Saturday interviews are outstanding, thought-provoking, challenging and not shouting at people. Love to listen to them while working out or working around the house on Saturday. A great break from the noose of the week.
The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightment
My favorite podcast. Very entertaining and informative. Big on humor and satire. A conservative perspective but in dialogue with the left when possible.
Best news source
The best source for news. Really makes connections between different stories to show the big picture. The Saturday in depth interviews are also very interesting
Friday’s podcast
Two “best of” podcasts. That’s fine, but the only thing I really wanted to hear about was Mike Lee’s rebuttal of the Tucker Carlson story. You said you’d talk about it “in just a sec” and then, after a break, you talked about American holidays. Wry disappointing.
Don’t always agree but he always makes me think
s. boden
Constitutionally sound and principled based commentary. I enjoy the team. Glad to find another sick twisted freak
Excellent Podcasts
Glenn conducts riveting interviews with very interesting people. Left, Right, or independent, it’s amazing to hear a respectful discussion with such differing views. He educates with kindness, and learns from those who speak from their heart. He teaches all to question with boldness, and never take freedom for granted. I Love Glenn, Pat, Stu, Jeffy, and Kieth! They provide Laughs and learning on a daily basis, and I rarely get through a day without them. Still missing DOC 😢 RIP. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment Team Blaze🙏🏻💖 God Bless!
Always Interesting
Matt in MO2
I’ve listened to Glenn for many years and it’s been interesting to see how his views have evolved over the years. I love the wide range of people he has been interviewing recently, both left and right leaning with good discussion...
Tim Pool podcast
Drop 2015
I think this is one of the most interesting interviews I have ever heard Glenn Beck conduct, and he’s produced quite a few Must Hear moments.
A Talk Radio Master
Glenn is a highly talented, intellectually curious and often insightful entertainer, entrepreneur and interviewer. In his podcasts, he digs deep and has a lot to offer. For his radio program, he is a bit more red meat, though still often very funny. The only irritant with Glenn is his lack of knowledge of minor facts and dates. His opinions and insights are often really good. His minor mistakes make me roll my eyes sometimes, but it is live radio and not easy to do. Glenn is like an old friend I have listened to for nearly 20 years. Still great.
Sharing truth, thoughts and fun
Tim Pool
The podcast (Episode 48) with Tim Pool is a must-listen to! More and more traditional "leftists” are starting to see the ball players on the field (“Field of Dreams” reference). Maybe there’s hope.
Great show
Good commentary and gut busting comedy
Glenn Beck
I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck for well over a decade, through his days with CNN and FOX and then on his own. He, Pat and Stu are the most factual “news” folks out there and they’re amazingly fair. I highly recommend this show!
Very informative and fair but....
Apparently 1 minute = 2+ minutes for Glenn... How many ads do you guys need? This is why I don’t watch you on the BlazeTV app even as a subscriber. I go to podcasts and fast forward through all of those ads... your show is actually only about 1 hour 15 minutes. The rest of the show is ads!!! Proof: show live on the BlazeTV app is 3 hours... Podcast is about 1 hour 40 minutes with ads being read by Glenn, thus actual show is even shorter as noted above. I understand need to pay bills but this is excessive at BlazeTV. That said, I do like the content presented in the show.
A fair view
A fair view of what’s going on
Glenn Beck and The Blaze
This is literally the only place to get the pure unfiltered truth. Brilliant commentary from constitutional conservatives. This will be the only news outlet to help maintain our freedom as we know it. Stay healthy Glenn! America needs you!
Glenn Beck program
patriot pat
Been listening to Glenn for years there is no one I trust more for accurate information and truth Really enjoy his podcasts as I miss his morning radio show due to work Also love Pat ,Stu and Jeffy
Fantastic Show
Glenn never fails to give a thought provoking, honest show. Thanks Glenn and Stu for all of the work you do. I never miss a show!
I love me some Glenn
Johnny aka Big and Strong
Love Glenn Beck, he is truly a good man. Entertaining and usually spot on with his issues.
Straight up, straight up!!!
Mr. Beck is, pretty much, a serious thinker. I am not a religious person, but, the politics of it all, I find he's usually dead-on!!! Me? A firm believer in OUR founding and OUR Constitution! Liberty & Freedom at ALL cost! Thanks for talking to Gavin McInnes, Nick DiPoalo, Tom Fitton, & Mr. Reagan. Just awesome! God Bless America! 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸
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