So Much for the Shutdowns | Guests: Matt Walsh & Joe Green | 6/5/20
Published June 5, 2020
126 min
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    Did anyone actually believe COVID-19 was as deadly as they said? Apparently, large gatherings are just fine when they’re for the “right” cause. Rep. Maxine Waters calls the riots an “insurrection,” and we have a law for that. “Church of Cowards” author Matt Walsh joins to discuss the truth behind Black Lives Matter and the riots. And a white man named Tony Timpa died in a very similar way to George Floyd, so why haven’t we heard of him? Glenn wants to hear how you’re feeling after two crazy weeks. Glenn looks into how police brutality is unacceptable and on the rise, but so is racism against white people. Store owner Joe Green armed himself to protect his store from looters and joins to tell the story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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