Time To Turn Back? | Guests: Mike Lee & Adam Andrzejewski | 4/9/19
Published April 9, 2019
120 min
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    Hour 1 A Means to an end, of disruption? It's time to turn back to God? ...Senator Mike Lee joins to talk about his proposed Family Leave and Working Family Flexibility bills? Glenn tells the Senator why he disagrees? ...Illam Omar on 9/11 "some people did something"? She thinks American Muslims were the victims of 9/11? Hour 2 The art of Tactile touching? Is Joe Biden finished or not? ...Coming back to the Church? ...An Important Must See All Week on the Blaze TV? ...Creepy Biden photo update? ...Headlines from The Future? ...Bags! Bags! Bags!?  Hour 3The biggest college scandal of them all? Adam Andrezejewski joins to discuss the Hollywood Higher-er Scandal? More student loans defaults coming soon? ...Is a audit of the Fed coming in 2019? ...AOC's  modern monetary theory, you can 'always print money'? ...There's a New teen suicide crisis, but why?
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