Insanity Society? | Guests: Jeff Giesea & Dr. Will Reilly | 3/13/19
Published March 13, 2019
123 min
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    Hour 1Venezuela, in the heart of darkness?  Hypocrisy, is the reason the media and Hollywood are the enemy? Who is IIhan Omar? Her very shady past as a former Immigration fraud? "One is human, the other is not"?  Hour 2Is it time to break up Big Tech? Twitter is leading the way on censorship? Is it 1984 or A Brave New World? The Protections and platforms of Social media? Google controls 90% of what we search for? Open platforms have been great for democracy.  Hour 3'Hate Crime Hoax: How the left is selling a fake race war'. Author, Dr. Will Reilly joins to explain? The Art of False Narratives? Labeling and partisanship isn't for everyone? Glenn Beck and Three days with Tony Robbins?
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