Combatting Socialist Education? | Guests: Samantha Sullivan, Tim Carney, Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman | 3/4/19
Published March 4, 2019
123 min
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    Hour 1: President Hickenlooper, what?! …The most trusted name in news – The BBC? …Why do schools struggle to teach the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? ...Only 11 percent of respondents to a poll think the two-party system is working well, but hardly anyone will vote third-party …New revelations about Michael Jackson continue to shake his fan base to its core …Why did so many parents allow their children to be victimized by the same man? Hour 2: BlazeMedia Content Manager Samantha Sullivan joins the program to share her story of how she defended her faith against the onslaught of progressivism in college …Glenn offers his advice on talking with children who question the existence of God …Parents can make a world of difference for their children by remaining vigilant and becoming informed …A South Carolina father wonders if he has failed his children, who are now straying from the faith – Glenn reassures him that he has not …A North Carolina mother tells her story of how her family stood up to an anti-Christianity professor and were ultimately successful. Hour 3: Author Timothy P. Carney joins the program to discuss his book ‘Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse’ …The American Dream involves more than just economics, it involves the social interactions and institutions within our communities …Driving churches out of the public square has been incredibly detrimental for the middle class ...Filmmakers Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, who co-produced the film ‘Unplanned’, join the program to explain what inspired this powerful pro-life film …Everything about ‘Unplanned’ was intended to be as authentic as possible – Down to the cast, which included real abortion clinic practitioners.
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