The March to Socialism Continues? | Guests: Chad Felix Greene & Shayna Lopez-Rivas | 2/19/19
Published February 19, 2019
124 min
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    Hour 1 Bernie Sanders declares he will run for President in 2020?...Who wants Medicare for all?...The Left are running against their own cure?...Superman 2 style Criminal Justice for all?..."Who needs the Ethiopians anyways?"...Why aren't we doing 'These Things'?...Glenn does homework with his son?...Sacco & Vanzetti, propaganda that changed the world?...Hobby Lobby and Sex things? ...The Pat Gray puppet show? ...The Machine is Broken? Hour 2 "Hate Crimes Are Trending Down, But You Wouldn’t Know That From LGBT Media"...Gay journalist Chad Felix Greene, Senior Contributor at The Federalist joins to explain?...The Art of the Hate Crime, Hoax? ...'Victimhood' is the New trophy to go for? ...The Latest gun background-check legislation would not have stopped Parkland tragedy... Shayna Lopez-Rivas, Gun Rights Activist joins to explain...What is HR8?    Hour 3 Student loan debt is in 'Serious Delinquency'...The average student is $41,000 in debit to the government?...The Good News is, poverty is way down world-wide...Maximizing profits, is Curing patients a good business model for the future? ...Surrendering to the algorithms gods? ...Free Market Rewards for All? It's time for Louis Farrakhan theater, titled 'Wicked Jews'? ...Reporting, from out of the closet?
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